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Ok ladies so I have schedule my date for the tummy...

Ok ladies so I have schedule my date for the tummy tuck. I am super nervous since that's a longer recovery period. I went today for my 3 week post op appointment from the Lipo and ended up scheduling the tummy tuck. If any of you have done the tummy tuck or know of someone who has, please please please let me know

My surgery is scheduled the day before you on 4/11, so we will be recovering together. I'm nervous as well, I think that's normal. There are many tummy tuck reviews on here and tons of recovery information. I think you will find this all very helpful. Are you going to post pics?
I made a mistake my surgery is actually that day 4/11. I didn't even know he did surgery on Thursdays. We will def be seeing each other lol. I am more nervous about the recovery and not know how much time I should take off from work. How long are you takin off?
I'm a stay at home mom, so work is EVERY day. I am having a friend stay for a few days and my husband will be here the first 5 days before he has to go back to work and I am supposed to start getting back to driving carpool in a week. May have to put that off depending on how I'm feeling, meds, etc. I think that most people I see on here take off 2 weeks.

Hello my beautiful ladies. So today I went for my...

Hello my beautiful ladies. So today I went for my Pre op appt. Felt like I was there forever since he had Univision and a bunch of other camera ppl there. The more I heard about the famous drain, the more I got scared. It's a week and a day away and I'm extremely nervous. I'm guessing this is normal, I'm more scare about the recovery since I am only able to take off from work for two weeks. Luckily hubby is taking my youngest, 6 months old, to another state for two weeks. The doctor said There will be major difference immediately since I have all this hanging jelly, YUK! Even with the jelly belly, I am very please with the curves he gave me in the back which is noticeable in the front as well. I was told to get pads, laxative, and sleeping pills. I can't stress it anymore how scared I am about the drain, yikes!

Two more days until my tt. I'm nervous, excited...

Two more days until my tt. I'm nervous, excited and some what depress. I'm nervous that I won't get the results I'm expecting. I'm scare about the recovery since one of my kids will still be in the house with me. Ill just keep praying for the best and hope I join the flat side safely.

Gm!!!! The big day has come and I'm freaking...

Gm!!!! The big day has come and I'm freaking nervous. I'm waitin for the dr to mark and we can get this surgery started. I had a lot of nightmares last night, I guess it was because of how nervous I was. My surgery was schedule for 8;30 am and it's 9:30am and I'm still waiting. Ill let you all know how it went once I go over to the no jelly belly side lol
Looking good .
You'll get over the anxiety. Good luck!
Thank you. Feeling much better

I must say this recovery is not easy. This is my...

I must say this recovery is not easy. This is my third day post op and I'm hoping it gets better within the next few days. Im doing my best to not be in much pain but its not as easy. I send my youngest away to smooth things out, I still have my oldest 4yrs old, I was alone with her earlier and couldn't even get her a piece of bread. I had to call my sister to come stay with me until tonight. I can't wait for this pain to stop. :-(
your waist is tiny! just keep looking in the mirror its all worth it in the end so they say
I hope so!!!! Thank you
just418 thanks for your comments I know dr.Robles is a good doctor I'm just nervous about going down there and about not making it alive ride now some body I know is in coma in DR she went to do a lipo with dr, Mayen and everything went bad she's been in coma for the past 4 days so that situation scared me a lot , I like dr. Yager job but is to much money anyways I'll see what I can do I'm planing my surgery for march next year

Hey ladies, well today I'm doing much better. I...

Hey ladies, well today I'm doing much better. I was going to takeoff my garment but right then my cousin came to see me so I didnt want to show all of this on front of him. I go tomorrow to get my drain taking out and I am scare as shit. I been watching YouTube videos of people getting their drains taken out just so I can know what to except. I've been drinking apple cider vinegar with lemon every morning to bring down the swelling......... Hope everyone is doing well.
I had my right drain taken out on Monday, it wasn't bad at all. It felt good because of all the irritation. I still have my left drain in and I'll be 3 weeks post op 2moro. Needless to say I'm so ready to be drain free!!
That's good to hear. Were your stitches taken out yet?
And if you did, did it hurt?

So I took out the drain today....... OMG! I think...

So I took out the drain today....... OMG! I think I said every curse word in the world in English and Spanish. I only took about 2seconds but damn that was not a good feeling. I'm glad to hear that some of you didn't experience that. I was already scare of the drain coming out so this experience was exactly what I expected. Lucky it was extremely quick. That tape from the stitches was remove, that to me was not that bad. I feel so much better after all of that. I honestly feel like I can take over the world right now. I love the new CG I received, it feel more comfortable and I feel more support. Hope everyone has a bless day, ill be putting up pics of today in a few mins
Just looked at your pictures, you look great!!!!
Wishing you well today!!! you'll be just fine. Take two tylenols right before you leave it is said to help. I forgot to take them but I think it's worth the try. You are too early in recovery to worry about uneven sides etc. Keep in mind you may be starting swell hell. You look really good so don't worry and just heal! All the best to you hun! Keep us posted.

You ladies will not believe what just happend to...

You ladies will not believe what just happend to me. I am pregnant. I have been so depress today. I can't believe after I spent all this money, I am pregnant now. This has been one of the worse thing I've had to deal with. I don't know what to do. I feel like breaking down. I've cried so much today. I am not a believer of abortion, that's why this is so hard me. I am going to keep praying and hope god can give a sign on what to do. Hubby is very hurt, we said we are not having no more kids and once this happen it we both felt different about it. Mind you hubby was told a few years he will never have kids again, so for this to happen, it makes us wonder why?. He said he needs sometime to himself. I don't know what to do. I can't believe this would happen one week after getting a tummy tuck b
Just want to let you know he really did a good job your results are looking nice to me. I don't know if you took a test and maybe it was too early to tell, I just hope all works out for the best.
I am sooooo sorry to hear the good/bad news...you LOOK AWESOME and the doc really HOOKd you up...OMG...keep us posted!!!
OMG wrong timing. when i just had my surgery they made me take a pee test. did you have that ? theres no way i can be pregnant i had the stop the flow procedure. best thing ever. i have 4 kids both boys and girls and feel i would jus end up with something i already have so im sure i wouldnt have it. choice is yours of course . :-{

I will like to say THANK YOU to all you ladies. I...

I will like to say THANK YOU to all you ladies. I hope none of you would ever have to experience something like this. The worse part is that my belly is getting flatter and the curves are more noticeable. This makes things so much more difficult on what to do. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm waiting for a sign. I wish you all the best and once again Thank you! Happy healing ladies.
I hope all is well with you. I just came across this review and I must say that God does work in mysterious ways. You've been blessed with a bundle of joy into both your lives. Hope your fine and this only means you should be about to give birth sometime in January ? Any way God bless you sweetie.
Thank you sweetie!
Hey girlie, it's been a while since I've been on here just wanted to know how are you doing? Hope all is well!!!
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