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Guys , i have suffered with ice pick scars for...

guys , i have suffered with ice pick scars for over 15 years,,,ive tried everything and spent 1000'sa i didnt have . i found a method finally,,,,im so excited to share with all my fellow acne scared friends. i know how devistaing it can be and what an effect is has on self confidence. its call tca cross peel ! oh my god it is a miracle! i want to help everyone who is suffering from this terrible scars :( they put the solution into the ice pick scar it makes a frost , scabs then fall off ...the skin grows to the suface of your reg skin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 oh god answered my prayers finally wish you all well please contact me if i can give you any advice ....

Hey I also had my session of TCA Cross method done on Feb 19. I ordered a TCA Cross kit and did it myself. I have a bunch of ice pick scars too, they are like pores- well a magnified pore- i have like 20 on each cheek, when you smooth makeup/foundation on those areas you know they don't fill, because obviously the scar is a dip in the skin, so you have to smooth the makeup in it.. anwyays, it's now day 5 after the cross treatment, when i apply makeup now there are less dips in the skin, and/or are shallower. It's quite amazing, it's a simple treatment, it's inexpensive, and clearly very effective!!!!
I just discovered it this month or last month via forums, and decided to try it. It's awesome!
At the moment I still have some healing scabs, as the TCA acid (100%) causes coagulation in the depressed scar wthere the TCA us applied, hence the coagulation is seen as a scab. but since icepicks are so small (1-2mm) the marking/scab is hardly a big deal, it's not dramatic enough to merit being locked up in the house.. you can simply spackle a little power/concealer and you're good to go. so i'm still in the later phase of 'healing' from the teatment, but i can already see really impressive results. For sure I'll do another session/treatment in about 4-6 weeks.
I agree with the original poster, it's a treatment worth sharing! I'm sure in N.America the reason its less discussed/promoted is because there isnt enough money for the medical professions to share such a 'cure'. lasers don't work for acne scars. I spent thousnads on fraxel and PROFractional lasers and doctor performed glycolic peels- This is the real deal.
Thanks again! I'm doing some research on it and it does look pretty promising! Ive got olive tone skin so the risk of scaring is high I've also been taking hylouronic acid capsules past few weeks they are supposed to plump up the skin a bit. I really shouldn't be concerned about this at my age but the skin on my face is changing so rapidly. Crazy hormones man, they age u! I hate 2 say it but best to stay away from birth control, it imbalances u
Hi i did the fraxel...fraxel made me look a little younger it hurts ..and you walk around red not saying its bad...but, for ice pick scars it does not work.. i spent over 14,000 on my face and have the same frigging scars i started with. The tca cross works it is a quick procedure. they get a tooth pick. put, the solution in the hole
the hole looks like it gets little bigger..but, soon after one week i noticed they are CLOSING ....some times if the ice p scar is larger you need to sessions ,,,ill be honest after first week i was kinda upset because they looked red so, looked like i broke out almost,,,like i said its been 2 weeks and some are closed already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im noticing the holes grow from inside the skin and grows to it reaches your face !!!!!!!!!!! and the red went away all ready ! tomorrow im going to take a picture of my face i want you to see how its healing. my doc is in usa its called AGAPE, i can get you the numer the doc namd is paul ..maye he will speak toyou aout it tell him christine rozen told you aout it say your good friends with me maye he wont charge you as muchn...tell him the truth where you live but, your willing to come here if the price is resonable. ") hope this helps @

Hi guys how your all well. yesterday i had my...

Hi guys how your all well. yesterday i had my second treatment with TCA cross..for my ice pick scars. I had one session about 6 weeks ago...i did see a difference with once, the doc told me we are 65% done with my face ...There were a few ice pick scars that were deeper so, the first time ...only worked little but, most of little ice pick scars went away with first application....wish me luck on second application . I think the worst part is sitting home for a couple of days :( looks terrible ....once the scabs fall off i also notice the pigment is darker so, doc wants me to bleach out the scar
Hi cristine and friends,
Glad to see you guys have had help with your skin and found something that works! I understand there are different procedures for different problems but how did your dermatologist get it wrong so bad? $3.5k for a treatment that did nothing then a $300 treatment that fixed 90% of your problem.... Wow it seems like luck has a big part or something? Oh well I'm glad it all worked out in the end!

Glad to hear an update from you! How are things feeling? Did you stock up on DVD's for your time in?


Hi guys 03/22/2012 Well i had second tca cross...

Hi guys 03/22/2012
Well i had second tca cross done last friday.......out of 30 little -to med ice pick scars i have about 6 left.....One thing i noticed with this procedure .....some scars heal right away looks like i never had a scar there !!!!!!!!!!!!! unbeleivable ! but, some if the solution is inserted with just a tad bit more solution the chemical will scar you more
please make sure if you do have this procedure done that you go to a Doc who is experienced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this chemical is extremly dangerous if in hands of some who dont know what there doing. anyhow, doctor told me my face is 65 % done...I didnt realize that i needed 4 sessions....but, i really really do see the difference when i look into the mirror the deeper scars are what we are working on now. in 3 weeks i am going back for 3 rd session....the worst part i think is keeping vasaline on your face for a week !!!! oh gets in your hair not working at the time so, made it alot easier for me to deal with .....hope this helps everyone :) please email me with any questions god bless
Was it $800 per session?
Was it $800 per session?
TCA Chemical peels is not the same thing as a TCA Cross...different concentrations

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