Lipo and Fat Transfer to Butt or Bbl -

I alway wanted a smaller waist and a bigger butt...

I alway wanted a smaller waist and a bigger butt so after having my forth child I finally went through with.
I researched for years and finally decided on a clinic in beljum.....
but after all that research I changed mind and went for the cheapest option which was Poland. I couldent find any reviews online but I was getting desperate I decided to book in at a clinic through a agency, which I had been emailing back and forth with for a few months and after seeing a few before and after pictures which looked really good... I know this is not the way I should have done thing.

well I travelled with my sister. who had a tummy tuck and liposuction whith fat transfer to her hips.
we got on the plain at aroud 5 am... do not use wizz air the worst air line ever.
the agent who we had been in contact with joanna was on holiday the week we traveld, this was really warring for me but we did not pay a deposit so I wasn't that warried.
any way they arrangd for a taxi to pick us up from the airport and told us how much it should cost to get to our hotel so we dont get riped off.

we always said if the clinic was not up to scratch we would not go through with it, but I was pleasantly surprised.
it was spotless and so modern I have been to privet clinics in the UK non which compered tp the standard of this on.

the sergon was professional but he dident seem happy with the price I was given by the agent and tried to compare it to the UK. I thimk this was a due to a lack of communication between them.

every one at the clinic was really nice I have photos wich I will try to post at some point...

its 4.45 am in the uk at the mo so i'll finish this a some other time I just wanted to make sure I started as ive been trying to do so for months. .... long I know!!

lipo poland

ok were was...
wow I just notice how many spelling mistakes have made....

anyway on the day of the sergery the nurse gave me some per anesthetic as my sister went in for her
lipo and tummy tuck, they druged me up so I would fell comfortable how nice of them.
the surgen marked me up befor the med kicked in...
I showed him exactly what I wanted to look like I took my wish pic's with me Kim K and nickky M.. say no more.

the whole thing took 4hours and he removed 2.6 liters from my stumach, back rolls and flanks.
he said he would use all the fat for my bbl BUT he only gave me 400cc in each buttocks!!,,

when I wake up I was in sooo much pain they had me laying on my back, my butt was on fire I was crying my little eyes out... I dont even cry giving birth trust me I am one tough cookie.

they gave me pain relief intravenously they were realy good when it came to keeping us comfortable. they put a catheter in after surgery so we wouldent have to get up to go to the bathroom for the first 24 hours.
so far we were over the moon even though it cost me £300 more then they said it would I was still happy.

swollen like a mother @#!! and stuck in doors thanks to the most racist cuntery in the world.

the next day I was swollen like a ballon yeah a hot air balloon. ..
they had give my a XL compression garment I was only a uk 12 and it didnt even cover my back.
we ahad to stay I poland for seven days after.

this was the hard part poland is they most racist country I have ever been to thank god we were in the capital where people only gave us dirty look of discuss like how dear we come to there shit whole of a country.
you see me and my sister are of persain with me you can not tell what race I am I just look white but my sister is a tananorexic on the sun beds every 24/7 she thinks she is one of those only way is Essex girls...
one day on the news the was a group of young black men one the beach they where attacked by around 30 skin heads who beat them to an inch of there lives.. no one tried to help or stop it the police just watched until the polish men were tied and left..
I have to add this to my review even though this has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery because if any one decided to go to ploand because of my review I would want them to know what to expect.

Pics of after lipo


I think I looked better before

Don't want a TT as I might want more baby's one day...

Before pics

Some pics of me before the lipo and weight gain, as bbl didn't work I've been trying to gain weight to get a bigger butt:-)

I want more lipo

I was planing on getting more lipo on my whole back and arms. I am book for the 26 of March.

I know if I want to leave my kids again, I have 4 aged 9,8,2 and 1


More photos

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I am sure we just meet all the wrong people lol! every one at the clinic were lovely they gave us 5 star treatment. my review should have been more on the clinic then on poland as a country. ...
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I'm so sorry to hear about your experience not only with the lipo, but with Poland :( My husband and I are headed there next week (we are from the US), to visit some friends, visit Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, and then down on to Prague. I'm sorry you feel that it's a racist country. I was thinking I would get a spray tan before I go…but maybe not lol. ;)
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Remind me never to go to the doctor who messed your already good body! I always say if you want it right go to the source or the bbl (Brazil) or somewhere where it's just about close! I am planning on a bbl in the Dominican republic this fall!! I will keep checking your page and seeing how everything is going for you!
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thanks babez, I am now looking innto Dominican Republic I sooo wana be a duran doll
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Do you have any idea when your going? I'm currently trying to get a quote from Duran. I've had previous lipo and fat transfer which did nothing to my booty dr gave me "300CC" eAch which now I doubt because I didn't even have drains in :|.... I'm 5'5 about 145 I've lost so much weight and now I'm trying to gain for my bbl :|
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I know my plan is for end of September- October. I'm still waiting on Duran, Yilly and Baez (who might be off my list as a last option because robles is pretty good).. 300cc sounds like a mosquito bite lol When are you going?
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Hey Doll, I'm going July 28, 2014. That's was the soonest she had available. How long ago did you contact Duran? I'm still waiting on a quote but I made an appointment because I'm certain I want her to do my surgery. I love Yilys work but per the reviews seems like she's getting a bit sloppy. My main concern is the after care :|. & yes 300CC is nothing :( now I know lesson learned.
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Tomorrow will be a week since I emailed everyone and so far only 1 reply! So I will email through realself for an quote! I meant to say end of August-September but I hope someone replies sooner than later!
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When I called the office yesterday the receptionist said "Dr.Duran only replies on weekends". I'm hoping she gets back to me soon :)
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Keep in touch and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!
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Will do :)
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Congrats! Looking forward to pics and updates
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