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I will write more soon. Because page refreshed and...

I will write more soon. Because page refreshed and cancel all what I already wrote :( now I add some picture... ;) But I already can say I am very happy I decided to do it. Dr Osuch had a consulttation with me by emails. It costs me nothing! But no money made my decision ;) I already saw on realself a review of his lip lift job and it was looking great.
Jolka Are u going to apply anything in ur scar ! Or u gona leave it to heal and then u gona use something 4 it !
In my opinion Scar will be really barelly visible.... i can say it because i see how it is nicly healling :) if it will be a bit red i think a bit fluid should help a lot :) Dr said that put any cream and gently massage I can start after one month :) i am going use "bio oil" or any good cream :) xx
Jolka congrats it looks great!! I emailed Dr Osuch a couple of weeks ago and still have heard nothing back :( Maybe I have emailed the wrong account! please could you message me a link? How much skin did you have taken away? Cannot wait to have this done now! xxx

4 days post surgery

Still look to the mirror and check my new face :) no any problem with incision, healling good: I think, but I avoid a smiling and mouth expression because I am too worry to pull my lip down and loose my lovely pouty lip! Skin is still stiff but not hard at all. Swollen gone or is very small.... Next update I will do after my stitches removing, 7th May ;)
jolka88w Could u show us ur photo in face book ... Plz plz @_@ Wana see how pretty u are *_*
Great and clean work! Might you be able to post a current pic of your mouth open? I'm looking to have this procedure done later this year!
Hi just wondering, I've heard some people say their nostrils "flare out" more now because this procedure. Do you find any difference with your nostrils or nose? Thanks!!

day 9

I still avoid mouth expression. I think skin is already stick to rest of musles but a scar place is still healing so I am woory to pull it. Tuesday 6th I will remove stitches at my GP... but i am happy because somr my upper teethis exposed!!! :)
I put honey on my scars from day of stitches removal not massage just put on like cream. It's up to you but please read internet reviews especially where doctors use on burns victims under dressing to help skin heal and reduce scarring. Honey is also a natural antiseptic so will also kill bacteria in the wound.
Also I want to say please buy Medical Manuka Honey for your scar, it is the best product ever for scaring as I have had eye and nose surgery and now have no scar at all. It also speeds up recover, you can find it on Amazon I think x
But are you sure i can start to put some even after 2weeks post surgery....? Because doctor said i can start use any creams and gently massage after 1month....

stitches removed

Hi ! :)
I removed my stitches... everythink I think heal nicely :) it is pink but people at work even havent noticed I inscision under my nose but they are suprised I dont move my upper lip proper :) it is still stiff if i try gently smile... i know i am manage to do it but lip is stiff and feel like it is easy to brake my scar... so i am careful... :) i prefer wait longer than shorter time and not to cry later :D
5mm or 5,5mm ;) this was our decision... i said i want bigger change and i think that 5mm minimum... he said he think same after look at me and when i showed what i want :) i just took a mirror and lift my lips by my fingers... and i said that i want my cupid bow lift more than sides .... :)
How many mm of skin did you have removed? Was it your decision how much or the doctor's?
you are such a pretty girl before surgery. Not super pretty. Doctor did a lovely job for you. Constructive criticism 'Everything has a price' as we know. In my opinion, the lip lift has made the two little lines that go up from your top lip to your nose look much flatter. Im sure it would really enhance the 'upturned sexy look of your lips if you ask your Doctor to inject some semi-permanent or permanent filler into these line..they are called PHILTRAL PILLARS (they look like pillars on a building) Look at this little lines or philtral columns on your before & after pics.. Its not a big deal, & to repeat myself, you look super pretty. However, It would definatley give a lovely 'finish' to your lips. And these column of lines brings peoples attention even more to your lips. Happy pretty days!! :))

smile 2weeks post

It is already 2weeks post surgery... Yesterday I thought I will try to start smilling a bit to my mirror.... The wound/scar tissue area is still stiff and hard... I can normally up my lip to do a kiss but it is funny feeling like a something touch you under your nose...
Anyway I see that when I am smilling my lip is not liffting up /rolling out like before...
before my smile showed all my teeth, like a normal full smile... now my lip is "frozen" and hard... :( look more like stupid face than a smile... before my nostrils were going outside when I was smilling, now my nostrils doesnt move because probably a scar stiffness...
I HOPE.... :(
Girls... What is your experience? Do you think my smile will back to normal with the time?
I add picture to see what I mean... I know my teeth are not pretty and straight but I prefer to see them when I am smilling.... :(
NYKC Oooh my god i found some obe same me .. Tell me when u plan to do it ?
How r u now dear I hope everything ok with you
Hi :) I am ok thank you :) my lip is more flexible every day so I think my smile will back to normal :) but today still look unnatural and even I feelsome pain when I try to smile too much and to full ;) but as I said every day a bit better :) I stop to look like after botox injection to my lip in while when I am talking :P because my lip start move normal xxx but I think it still need more time to full recover and flexibility...

26 days post. VIDEO

I feel more comfortable with my lip every day :) slowly my face back to natural expression :) still feel stifness in central point under my nose in while I smile but no really pain... only a small discomfort because I start think about this how I look when I am smilling :) but when I check to the mirror it looks very normal :) and still will be better with time when stiffness completly will gone :) I think so ! :) I add a video today as I think it is dhow more than pictures...
Irregularity of my lips is my natural "beauty"... same as my funny teeth ;) nobodys perfect :D x
dear jolka did u measure ur lips after lip lift i think it wAS 18 mm and now ??
Straight after surgery was 13 and now is the same :) so 13mm. And yes it was 18 before ;)
Jolka, Your LL looks great. Did I understand U to say that U put honey on the scar area? The Dr. did a really good job with the contouring of the incision. I also "dig" (does anyone remember that term) that U posted a video........Bravo! Please give us another update as U heal. U are appreciated. Many Blessings to U.

2nd June

My scar is whitening more every day... stil pink but lighter :) more important is that stiffness is near gone :) I bought DERMATIX gel at Boots pharmacy (30 pounds per 15g tub but it is worth it)... I apply gel morning and before going to bed, sometimes I add some at day timr as well to better healling... I am very very glad of my results but I think that to my imagined perfect look I still would like to remove 3mm more in the future only in my central lip area (cupid bow) :) I will talk about it when I will decide to do nose job in the future (only bone, no lower part of my nose)... but anyway my face look much nicer now. My Doctor had done great job! It is only my own imagination of myself that I think to lift more a cupid bow... And I think it is goodthat dr removed only 5mm because it is very naturall looking and it let me decide what to do next... :) So I hope everyone understand what I mean... MY lip lift is done succesfully! :)
I personally would have went for cosmetic dentistry FIRST. Then worry about a lip lift.
Paris, I think your comment is rather rude. Firstly, there are many people who are extremely grateful that she has shared her experience on this site and secondly...at least she's showing her true self and not some stupid picture of how she would like to look! She is a very beautiful young girl! I think the word should be 'gone' and not 'went' for. Get yourself sorted girl and stop being a bitch!
Paris... I know my teeth are no perfect... they are worse after my wisdom tooth grown... iis a lot of things I would like to change but money are not growing in the park or forest ;) and my teeth look more awfull at pictures in normal life nobody really see this problem... I hear all the time I have a beauty smile (of course I think I dont and that my teeth are a bit bad now)... when I say to my friend "I dont like my unstraight teeth" they always ask "where????" and start look at my mouth very carefully to see what I meant... so it is not too bad... but of course I think about Invisalign but it mean save around 2,000 pounds... but lip lift cost me only 600... lol


I show this picter to tell you how important is find a god doctor or specialist with every little cosmetic procedure with your body/face...! It can change your life in better way and make you happy ...or it can make you sad and you will never look at yourself with smile like before... wish all of you all the best xxx
Let's get back on track ladies. Still no reply to my emails from Dr ousch, it's been over on month. Has anyone got a reply from this clinic? It seems odd they don't reply to anyone, making me wonder .....
Iam searching for good doc and i didnt find yet .. All my friends and my sisters also scared me .. They said how u will accept a scar under ur nose!
Still waiting after two weeks!

2,5 months post

I just add dome picture with scar... I apply DERMATIX gel on my scar every day... my scar is pinky but it is normal in my opinion because my all scars are pink first :) even after mosquitos scratching :P

Anyone notice I have anything done (I mean SCAR) :) and I would like to say that I DONT COVER MY SCAR WITH ANY MAKEUP, even NO LITTLE BIT. I dont care if someone maybe one day will see it :) maybe it sound stupid but I really like my scar :) but I see it is slowly whitening all the time ;) :(
Girl, those new lips look **awesome** you are so officially my wish pic for lips!!
Aww! Thank you xxx hope your wish comes true xx :)
You do have a beautiful result. Very sexy. There is a fine line between getting that sexy pout and looking like a rabbit. Your doctor seems to be an artist and certainly knows that line.


Hi some picture to look how my scar looks after 5months post surgery. I still use a bit of "Dermatix" gel under my scsr before bed time. Pics are withouth make up on my scar but are taken in hallogens bathroom lights (bright light). Red/pink colour gone. My friend who saw me last time in May said yesterday "ohhh I see your scar gone completely" :)
so cute!! One of the best on this site.
I LOVE your result. I'm trying to contact this surgery but they are very slow and brief in their responses. How did you arrange the whole thing?
Oh and sorry also, did you require a pre-op assessment or was photos enough?
Dr. Piotr Osuch

Very nice, warmheart person. I feel very comfortable with talk about this what I want. Dr Osuch is one of best surgeon in Poland. Polish tv station invited him to few of polish documentary programs about plastic surgeries. English language is no problem. I am glad I had my procedure done with him :)

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