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I will write more soon. Because page refreshed and...

I will write more soon. Because page refreshed and cancel all what I already wrote :( now I add some picture... ;) But I already can say I am very happy I decided to do it. Dr Osuch had a consulttation with me by emails. It costs me nothing! But no money made my decision ;) I already saw on realself a review of his lip lift job and it was looking great.

4 days post surgery

Still look to the mirror and check my new face :) no any problem with incision, healling good: I think, but I avoid a smiling and mouth expression because I am too worry to pull my lip down and loose my lovely pouty lip! Skin is still stiff but not hard at all. Swollen gone or is very small.... Next update I will do after my stitches removing, 7th May ;)

day 9

I still avoid mouth expression. I think skin is already stick to rest of musles but a scar place is still healing so I am woory to pull it. Tuesday 6th I will remove stitches at my GP... but i am happy because somr my upper teethis exposed!!! :)

stitches removed

Hi ! :)
I removed my stitches... everythink I think heal nicely :) it is pink but people at work even havent noticed I inscision under my nose but they are suprised I dont move my upper lip proper :) it is still stiff if i try gently smile... i know i am manage to do it but lip is stiff and feel like it is easy to brake my scar... so i am careful... :) i prefer wait longer than shorter time and not to cry later :D

smile 2weeks post

It is already 2weeks post surgery... Yesterday I thought I will try to start smilling a bit to my mirror.... The wound/scar tissue area is still stiff and hard... I can normally up my lip to do a kiss but it is funny feeling like a something touch you under your nose...
Anyway I see that when I am smilling my lip is not liffting up /rolling out like before...
before my smile showed all my teeth, like a normal full smile... now my lip is "frozen" and hard... :( look more like stupid face than a smile... before my nostrils were going outside when I was smilling, now my nostrils doesnt move because probably a scar stiffness...
I HOPE.... :(
Girls... What is your experience? Do you think my smile will back to normal with the time?
I add picture to see what I mean... I know my teeth are not pretty and straight but I prefer to see them when I am smilling.... :(

26 days post. VIDEO

I feel more comfortable with my lip every day :) slowly my face back to natural expression :) still feel stifness in central point under my nose in while I smile but no really pain... only a small discomfort because I start think about this how I look when I am smilling :) but when I check to the mirror it looks very normal :) and still will be better with time when stiffness completly will gone :) I think so ! :) I add a video today as I think it is dhow more than pictures...
Irregularity of my lips is my natural "beauty"... same as my funny teeth ;) nobodys perfect :D x

2nd June

My scar is whitening more every day... stil pink but lighter :) more important is that stiffness is near gone :) I bought DERMATIX gel at Boots pharmacy (30 pounds per 15g tub but it is worth it)... I apply gel morning and before going to bed, sometimes I add some at day timr as well to better healling... I am very very glad of my results but I think that to my imagined perfect look I still would like to remove 3mm more in the future only in my central lip area (cupid bow) :) I will talk about it when I will decide to do nose job in the future (only bone, no lower part of my nose)... but anyway my face look much nicer now. My Doctor had done great job! It is only my own imagination of myself that I think to lift more a cupid bow... And I think it is goodthat dr removed only 5mm because it is very naturall looking and it let me decide what to do next... :) So I hope everyone understand what I mean... MY lip lift is done succesfully! :)


I show this picter to tell you how important is find a god doctor or specialist with every little cosmetic procedure with your body/face...! It can change your life in better way and make you happy ...or it can make you sad and you will never look at yourself with smile like before... wish all of you all the best xxx

2,5 months post

I just add dome picture with scar... I apply DERMATIX gel on my scar every day... my scar is pinky but it is normal in my opinion because my all scars are pink first :) even after mosquitos scratching :P

Anyone notice I have anything done (I mean SCAR) :) and I would like to say that I DONT COVER MY SCAR WITH ANY MAKEUP, even NO LITTLE BIT. I dont care if someone maybe one day will see it :) maybe it sound stupid but I really like my scar :) but I see it is slowly whitening all the time ;) :(
Dr. Piotr Osuch

Very nice, warmheart person. I feel very comfortable with talk about this what I want. Dr Osuch is one of best surgeon in Poland. Polish tv station invited him to few of polish documentary programs about plastic surgeries. English language is no problem. I am glad I had my procedure done with him :)

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Hello, I live in the UK and have emailed this clinic. How long have you guys waited for a reply? I'm looking to get a lip lift too I love your results.
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Hi. I'm in the UK too and also wanting to use this clinic in Poland but they never replied to me, I emailed them several times. Perhaps if you get a reply you could let me know. Thanks
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Hey, it's been over a week and after reading a few comments it seems it's challenging to get a reply from them. I don't understand how this can be good for business? If anyone else can recommend a European doctor who is excellent with lip lifts it would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, I would just like to let you guys know I sent a message to the clinic about 2mths ago and I have still had no reply. I am now considering lip lift surgery in the U.K. I have been in touch with a clinic in Manchester and a couple in London. I would be most grateful if anyone could recommend a good surgeon with lots of experience in lip lit surgery in the U.K. Many thanks.
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I saw two good stories regarding lip lift in uk but i forgot the doctors name ... Be sure to cut enough skin because all ladies here wants to cut more and say not enough .. Good luck dear
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I was one of the first to contact Piotr Osuch after Jolka and I gave up because his communication was so bad. I have been to see Caroline Mills in the UK this summer who performs a lot of lip lifts (as one of the things she specialises in is facial feminisation surgery) and when combined with other surgery costs about 800-1000. (On it's own it costs about 2,200)
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Hi, could you forward me her email address and phone number please. I would like to book a consultation. Could you also tell me were her clinic is. I am most grateful for your recommendation has I have found there is not many surgeons in the U.K. with much experience in performing a lip lift. Many thanks
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Hi Meldog 1992. Are you happy with your results? Would love to chat to you for some advice about Caroline Mills if you have time, my email is NYKC@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you
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. Mr basim Matti of 30 Harley street London Uk .
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. Mr basim Matti of 30 Harley street London Uk .
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Hey Meldog, did you (or anyone here) try to phone Dr. Osuch? I'm wondering whether it would be worth me flying out to Poland and pitching a tent (lol) as it would cost no more than traveling to London for me and i've seen more feedback regarding his work than this specific UK surgeon.
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You have a very sexy result. Your surgeon was very precise with his measurements. You look very natural without that rabbit look. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.
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hi my name is daniela and im from colombia so im sorry for my english , i really like your scar i wanna ask you before you did the cirgury you could show your teeth?because i wanna do it because i dont show my teeth at all! so i wanna know if its possible show it with a liplift - thanks .
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Hi Daniela. No,I didnt have any upper teeth show before lip lift... thisprocedure I exactly wanted to lift my lip and show a bit upper teeth :) yes it is right procedure to do it but you need to say to your surgeon that you want lip lift cause you want show a teeth ... surgeon will know then that he need to cut a bit more skin... it is important to say what you want :) xxx
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Hi, I think you look amazing and would love Dr. Piort Osuch to do my lip lift and upper and lower eye lift surgery, however I have rang the clinic and I am struggling to communicate. Can you please advise me on how you arranged for a consultation etc. Do you have an email address? I would be most grateful for any advise you can give me. Many thanks Pam.
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Your results look very nice. Have you noticed any signifigant change in your nose after this procedure?
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No i didnt :) it is same as before :)
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Your lip lip result is one of the best that I have seen on this site. Your doctor is very meticulous, ABSOLUTELY no nasal distortion and he centered your cupids bow perfectly. Both of the above characteristics, are hard to find. You must be so happy.
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jolka really u helped us alot thank you very much dear :)
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Hi Lulu.. I know you are realy afraid of scarring after lip lift... but I dont know you ever heard about lip suspension lift technique without cut any skin... just doctor use special saturates under your skin ;) here is a link: https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/plastic-surgery/procedures/lip-suspension
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My surgeon also does one type of lip lift under the lip in the mouth for top and bottom lip, so no outside scar. He calls it F.A.T.M.A. http://www.drhaworth.com/procedures/fatma%3Fpage%3D13
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I never hear about it thanks alot for ur help
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Anon FATMA is not a lip lifting (lip shortening). it is only fat transfer to lip what give only visual effect of "lifting" :P it is same what filler injection but using a own fat what give more natural results than filler as restylane or juvederm :) but any fat transfer or filler injection doesnt short a distance between vermillion and nose xxx :*
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My doctor does a surgery called F.A.T.M.A. where he does an incision within the inside of the mouth. It involves cutting the inside of the mouth tissue and ads fat to pull up the lips that are curled under from my understanding. I tried to past picture of his site but if you cut and past this link it will show you how he does this surgery. http://www.drhaworth.com/lips/ F. A. T. M. A. "FATMA (fat transfer & mucosal advancement) are actually 2 procedures rolled into one. This surgery produces permanently fuller lips with your own tissue, combining rearrangement of the tissue just inside your mouth with fat transfer. These procedures act by working synergistically to create fuller lips that either technique cannot produce on their own. As we age, many people will notice that their lips tend to thin out. However, the situation is actually more complex than simple attenuation of lip tissue. The lips loose support from the teeth (since the actual bony skull retracts in shape pulling in the teeth along with it), invert or roll inwards in the process while the actual width of the mouth gets wider. FATMA directly addresses these very pathophysiological issues by rolling out the lips while narrowing the oral aperture. Dr. Haworth reserves FATMA for those patients with very thin lips that tend to be inverted or roll inwards towards the teeth. No amount of filler in these types of lips can produce significantly fuller lips that appear natural. FATMA is performed under sedative anesthesia and takes about 1.5 hours to perform on both the upper and lower lips. "V" shaped flaps are first strategically planned on the outside of the upper and lower lip and their design then transposed to their mirrored position on the inside of the lips." These are then delicately elevated as tissue flaps and rearranged from a "V" shape to a "Y " shape to roll out the lip itself. The surgery does result in obvious swelling for 2-6 weeks, so patients choosing to undergo this must plan their schedule accordingly." I think it is a combination of fat transfer and surgery in the inside of the mouth. I agree it does not shorten the distance between the upper lip and nose. It does make lips curl up without any shortening of distance and ads volume. I would do this one if the distance between the lip and nose was not a big issue, or if your lips are inverted. He has before and after pictures on the link above. I don't know if other doctors do this procedure. oOjolaOo I am like you and care about the distance between my upper lip and nose:)
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Oh ok :) now I understand more what you mean :) yes it is nice... I watched dr Haworth website many times and I see he very often do a lip lift first and next step is FATMA :) I could have a nice benefit with FATMA now I think as my distance is shorter :) but before lip lift it could made a duck face to me because my natural lip was very straight ( zero pouty lip)... anyway I can forget because travel to Los Angeles is quiet hard for me as I ned visa to travel to USA :( but I am planning put some filler only to my cupid bow :)
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