Can't Wait but Pretty Scared

I have just discovered this site...and I'm reading...

i have just discovered this site...and I'm reading most of your opinions and descriptions of yours journeys and I find it very helpful to reasure myself that I'm making a right decision to finally do it. I'm 27 and i have been struggling with my enormous and quite low hanging breasts since I was 14...
Honesly i'm embarresed to even take a picture of my breasts not to mention posting them, but maybe with time I will...or i guess i definitely will ;)
I had my consult in september 2013 and I'm scheduled on 27th of June...It's a loooot time to think it trough and make sure it won't bring more bad than good.
I'm sooo glad that I came across this site and it will be a pleasure to "meet" you all

getting closer

I had a call from the clinic rescheduling my procedure to the 5th!! So it's almost a month earlier. I am working my ass off to lose some waight and excercising 40 min a day to be in shape for the recovery time.
I actually become less stressed about the operation, maybe it's just defensive reaction, supersading the real emotions sleepin deep deep inside.
I have an 5 hour drive to the clinic and I am concerned about driving back day after... I am prepering myself by buying a proper pillow, but somehow i doubt that it will atually help that much. Enyone know if the pillow supposed to be rather thick or soft? And another question, does it help or disturb the operation if the breast muscles are trained. I've been doing some pushups to get my boobs a little higher...
I read the stories almost every day and it really helps when you do not know what to expext. Most of you were not in a lot of pain, but also have not that far ride to the doctor's...
Thank you all for your stories! I love this site

stressed out

My surgery getting closer and the more I read about the anesthesia the more scared I become... I am allergic to almost everything (except food) and I have never took a lot of medication to know if I am allergic to any of it. I read about the possible allergic reaction to some components of the drugs that will be used in general anesthesia and the one that terrified me most was anaphylactic shock that can lead to death... Is there anyone here who is allergic and it didn't cause any problems?

Some medications may rise the level of histamine in the body and when someone has low tollerance for histamine may experience bad consequences. I hope that everything will be fine, but still I am thinking about resignation cause I am worried about the well being of my kid. And definitely she is above all of my wants and needs.


I'm getting anxious but still doing it. I took the blood tests and all the other tests that my doctor told me to take and waiting for the big day. I will post before and after pictures when I get on the smaller side;) It all became so real that I can't think about anything else all day everyday :D
dr Krzysztof Potocki

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Congrats on your decision to reduce! Think you'll be glad for sure. I'm 51 and wish I did it a long time ago. My daughter is 29 and contemplating it...trying hard to convince her. She wants to, but is scared (hasn't had kids yet etc). All I can say is...GO FOR IT! It's worth it! Read lots of reviews, ask lots of questions. You can do it :-DSuzy
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Thank you for the support and I am really happy for you that you've made the decision;) I have been scared to make one but I took the first step by scheduling my consult and it all went from that point. When it comes to your doughter, I think that it is better to wait untill she has a baby...After the surgery she might have some problems with the lactation. During my pregnancy I gained 27 kg (about 59 lbs), my boobs growed from E to K and it was almost impossible to fit the nipple into my baby's mouth but I was using a breast pump and it helped a lot. I guess that when your doughter will get pregnant she will also get big in the breast and the breast reduction will be more effective after it. But I also know that it is a big problem because I wanted the reduction since I was 18, and I defenitely did not think about the 'having kids issue'.
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Ya, my daughter definitely thinks about the baby issue. I ALREADY did my reduction in Oct 2013...SO GLAD. That's what got my daughter thinking again. Whenever she is ready, I'll help her thru it. Best wishes to you, I really think you'll do fine. HUGS :-DSuzy
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Hey Princess - great name! Friends inspired? I am really similar to you - I am 27 and felt this was for a long long time. I still get nervous posting photos of my breasts, even though I eventually decided to. I saw my surgeon in September and eventually chose Feb (yesterday) for my date, so I have just got out of hospital today. Sometimes you need longer to get your head around the idea of it! You'll be so glad you did it and welcome to the site!
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I was just reading your update;) Yes, I loooove friends and the one when Pheobe was changing her name is one of my favourite so I used it as a nickname;) I actually took some photos yesterday but I am still not sure enough to post them yet. I was really concerned about the nausea you've experienced...cause this is one of the conditions that I really truly hate. I even managed to get through my pregnancy without vomiting once;) And it was not an easy task;) Wish you a pleasant recovery and please keep posting 'how you doin' ;)
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It's a great episode! One of my friends had a delivery ordered to her house under that name when we were teenagers and her mum had no idea so turned the delivery away! Fond memories... Well if you don't feel comfortable posting photos then you really don't need to :) Take from this website what you need, even if it is just reading? Nausea wise, I think I was just super unlucky. They actually went to efforts to make sure I didn't get it but I think most people don't get it! And once I was sick, I felt loads better! And even with the pain/swelling etc it is only for a short period and you get to enjoy the results for the rest of your life! At the moment, although I haven't seen them yet, the pain relief from my back and shoulders is almost worth it in itself! But it's a really big decision and I frequently doubted myself, even the day of the surgery! Eventually my head got tired of thinking about it so I just did it. I'm sure you'll be happy with your choice :)
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Congrats on your decision. I'm 51 yrs old and had mine done in OCT 2013. I'm so glad I did. Best wishes as you prepare and wait for yours. Ask lots of questions here on RS, the women and doctors here are terrific and have seen everything. Take care and keep checking in ;-)
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thanks HappySuzy, this site as well as all the members are really helpful. I'm happy to hear that you don't regret your decision, and I hope I wont regret mine. You look great and it seems like you handled the recovery time quite good.
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Hi! Welcome ....this site is awesome!!!. My surgery is scheduled for 2/24/14....I'm 7 days pre-op and will try to post my recovery as accurate as possible to help you understand what to expect. This is a wonderful place to learn everything you need to about getting prepared, surgery, and recovery. Enjoy!!!
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Thank U so much...I am happy for you and good luck! I am looking forward to your updates
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Good luck with your journey. I am two weeks pre-op the stories and information the other ladies have posted to this site has helped me immensely. Keep in touch please.
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thanks, I truly agree that this site is a storehouse of knowledge and experience and so far I think that I am making a good decision, but still, I'm scared that I might not wake up from anesthesia... That's like my biggest fear
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