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I had the procedure on thursday last and today is...

i had the procedure on thursday last and today is monday. i came home from hospital at lunchtime with my right side drain still attached, lots of pain in the back from sleeping on it, used high strength pain killers and wheat packs. couldn't cope without these. a little better each day but miserable a lot of the time. tears this morning. my husband has come around and is being very good now after not wanting me to have it. you really need to want this operation badly to take it on i feel. a bit like having children, you feel you will never do it to yourself again, also my views on euthanasia have been reconfirmed. if it stayed like this indefinitely, pull my plug!!
will post again tomorrow.
I had tears on and off for the first ten days and I am attributing it to the anesthesia and recovery. Hang in there, it DOES get better. Day 9-10 I started to feel so much better. In fact I had to remind myself not to overdo it!
it is good to know that it will end soon. the weather is gorgeous so that is one positive when i wake up and look out the window. it must be a wonderful feeling to feel well once more. we really don't appreciate our health until times like these. and yes, then we tend to overdo it and have a relapse. i have piano students that i am meant to recommence teaching the week beginnning november18th but we will see. thankyou so much for your support!

one week on

hi, i have been home for 7 days and am able to move around a lot more in terms of moving my legs and arms to help me to move in the bed. i find the best things are to all someone strong to take both my hands and gently pull back until i am sitting up to help me sit and then get out of bed. no other way reallly which is a big part of this which no one seems to give advice for. the nurses are not allowed to so this for health and safety reasons so you are left to your own very limited resources. I am keeping up the pain meds (very important) my umbilicus is still draining since the drain tubes were removed so the skin around that area is becoming irritated from the tape being pulled off whenever i change the dressing (hourly). this is my biggest worry at the moment. i don't want the fragile skin to break down. am off to see my surgeon this a.m. to check this. apparently the compromised blood supply to the area is the cause of the difficulty in healing. i am resting more and letting others do things for me. movies to take my mind of things.

two and a half weeks

hi there again,
well i am a lot more cheerful this week. my tummy feels weird through the numb parts and shooting nerve endings (not painful just weird) my hips and thighs are still very swollen (i think that is why they are mostly numb also) especially the left one. much easier to move around and get in and out of bed. i have a four week check up scheduled and aim to be able to ride my new horse by xmas day. (six week mark). i will be carefully recommencing my job teaching piano this coming week. my stomach looks flat but the lipo will need less swelling to really see the difference there (another xmas present) but the doctor says it will take 3 months (end of january) to see the full results. hang in there everyone and spoil yourself for these months!!! you need to.

3 weeks post op

hi again
i am now 3 weeks post op and moving around pretty well. i still walk with a slight stoop and a shuffle. whenever i try to stand erect i can feel the suture line pull and i don't like this. the tape keeps it nice and together and i don't to compromise this. my hips where the lipo was are still sore and swollen. it is hard to believe that it will take 3 months for this to disapate. i have returned to my part time job and find it difficult to manouever getting in and out of the car. but not impossible. still sleeping in the guest bedroom as i can't imagine sleeping in the same bed as someone else yet. i need the space to get really comfortable. don't really need pain meds but it helps to have some sleepers sometimes. i have my 4 week check up next monday. i will post befores and afters when i have my afters. i haven't taken any pics of my own inbetween. i can carefully roll onto my sides to sleep. can't ride my horse until xmas i have calculated. that will be 6 week mark. i have a stomach band which i got several years ago and the port had to be repositioned and it hurts as it is attached to the muscle that was sutured. i hope this pain will go away eventually. bye for now

4 weeks in

tomorrow is my check up with my surgeon. my right hip is taking longer to 'settle down' than my left and is bright red and sore, and also sore along that end of the suture line, i am guessing it is still more swollen around that area. my left hip is not nearly as sore and is not red at all really. i am wondering which parts of me are still swollen and how much i can expect to thin down in the next 2 months. belly button has well and truly stopped draining but still a scab inside which i am too scared to move. will also ask if i can ride my horse yet. it is not the riding which worries me but the falling off!

not sure

hi , i had my 5/6 week check up yesterday and dr toma said my shape looked very nice. that was my waist from the frontal view (my sides coming in) but my husband says he has to say that. however i can see a nice shape developing but i am swollen still everywhere according to dr toma so i can't really confirm definitely that it was worth it until at least 3 months are up. also the full results are seen after 12 months so that is why i can't tick the 'was worth it ' box yet.

6 week check up

hi everyone, i saw my surgeon yesterday and he says i am going on well but still swollen everywhere. my abdomen feels weird and lumpy but apparently this is the swelling and is normal. i had some after pictures taken and have an apointment for the 12 week mark when most of the swelling should be gone but can keep reducing for up to 12 months. i wish you could see the end result (12 month mark) before deciding to have the procedure. it would let you know that yes it will be worth it.

6 1/2 week update

hi, i am hoping to get up (and down from) my horse and just walk around the paddock with someone leading me. she is very quiet but falling off doesn't bear thinking about. my hairdresser noticed that my abdomen is looking flatter (the first person to say anything) and i am going out to a xmas party on thursday and am hoping to feel more self confident there.
Hi Susan, I'm also from warrnambool and am considering rob for an abdominoplasty, and I was wondering, was there much of a wait? Was it performed at sjog? And if you don't mind, how much did it cost?? thanks!
Hi susanjane - did you get up on your horse? How did you go?
hi again, i used a mounting block and got my daughter to hold the bridle so rosie didn't move forward. it was fine walking around on her and then i got my daughter to hold her head again as getting off is a little more tricky than getting on. have to stand up in one stirrup and then feel behind for the block (it was there) and i got off carefully and safely. i am going for a longer ride in about a week along the roads and i will wear my body protector in case i fall off (heaven forbid!) thanks for asking!!

3 month before and after pics

hi, today i had my after pics for my 3 month check up. here are the befores and afters:

befores and afters

here are my befores and afters at the 3 month mark.
Hi susan, your right in saying. Make sure its something you really want, its a long process and anything can happen. I thought going in id feel ok at 3 weeks but couldn't lift till 6 weeks but I still dont want to risk it. I too have a horse he's an old boy we dont do too much strenuous exercise but I dont feel I have the muscle strength to get on still so numb. Good that you can give it a go. Love to see some more pics. All the best for your recovery

befores and afters

i have been unable to upload the pics as 7 mega bites is way too small for even one before and after. sorry!
hi, there was no wait at all, it was at st john of god, it cost about $8,000 but i had lipo suction as well, i have no insurance so i had to also pay for the hospital which is $1,000 per day and i was there for four days. let me know if you need any other info.

befores and afters

front before and after

one pic at a time

front before

one more pic

front after

another pic

before back

before back

before back
hi, just saw your post, i'm not too good with technology. i have had 2 short rides and 1 longer ride with my very quiet 16 year old mare. still, i was very nervous. i have a good mounting block and have her trained to stand still there while i get on and especially when i get off. my surgeon was happy to hear that i didn't fall off. i only walk. he was worried about the jolting. i just had to make myself ride. i am 12 weeks now which is a good stage to tackle things like that. how are you going now?
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