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I originally wanted to reduce dark circles using...

I originally wanted to reduce dark circles using juvederm however i was convinced by the doc that the hollow of my eyes needed treatment to which he suggested Radiesse. Juvederm i was quoted $600 for a syringe & Radiesse $1400 & was told Radiesse would last up to 2 years (crap!).  He told me it would be a one off procedure but after the first session he was already suggesting i need more, meaning more money in his pocket no doubt.

It is advertised that this procedure is virtually pain free, which is a complete lie, it is very painful & what they call the follow up "message" is more like being punched in the face.

After the swelling went down i can not see any difference at all except for a lump under my right eye to which the doctors said was only swelling.  However he pressed down so hard on my face to move the production, after telling me it was "only swelling"!

This product is a complete rort & if the doctor had of told me from the beginning i needed more than one syringe i would have not bothered.  For the amount of pain & expense it is not worth it.  This product is marketed well & pushed by the doctors & is nothing more than a money making scam.  I feel completely ripped off & doctors should be sued for false advertising.

yes i bet you're making lots of money out of this scam which are leaving patients very unhappy just read the feedback the majority say Radiesse is NOT worth it!!!!
RubyRed I am thinking of getting this and yeah lots have been harmed. I DO wish there were a money-back policy. That said, I still am researching and hoping that the right injector, not the substance itself, is what makes this filler worth it. Otherwise wouldn't they all have said it sucked? And no I do not work for Radiesse but I am someone thinking of getting it (once I find the right doctor that I don't have to fly across the world to find!!!) That's why I am looking at both bad and good reviews.
All I can go by is my past experience. I have injected, literally hundreds of patients and have had favorable outcomes. I do have one thought for you to consider. Aesthetic medicine is much more than a science; it is an art, as well. Admittedly there are some excellent doctors who are not artists with their injections. Not only should you find someone with experience, but also someone who has favorable outcomes, through pictures or references. I hope this is helpful. P.S. FYI- This is not my only "likelihood." We have a very successful cosmetic surgery practice.
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