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I am a 36 year old mother of two girls. I have...

I am a 36 year old mother of two girls. I have wanted a tummy tuck ever since my youngest was born almost 11 years ago and I was left with terrible stretch marks and a muffin top. I'm at my desired weight of around 138, and I work out constantly, but can never see my real results because they are hidden under what looks like 90 year old skin! I've struggled with this decision because I don't want my girls to have body image issues, but I'm finally ready to do something for me for once. Yet I'm still feeling a little guilty and a lot worried about what everyone will think about the boobs. I wish my parents were happy.... They say they are supportive.... At least hubby and close friends are supportive!

I'm going for a preop appointment this Thursday....

I'm going for a preop appointment this Thursday. Starting to really get nervous! I need to remember to do so many things before my surgery on April 4th. I'm so scared I won't get it all done. Dogs need a bath, floor needs to be swept/mopped, bathrooms cleaned, etc, etc. That's what keeps going through my mind. Luckily my girls will be an awesome help I'm sure.

Well, I went to my preop appointment today. The...

Well, I went to my preop appointment today. The countdown has begun! One more week! I need to post my "before" pics now and take my measurements. I have all my prescriptions at the pharmacy, and I have a ton of instructions to read over. They told me to drink lots and lots of water and stay hydrated. She said that was the most important thing. They took pictures from every angle of me in the nude. Awkward!!! Anyways, I'm excited and nervous. Glad they gave me some Xanex to take the night before. They told me to take one that morning too, and to try not to drink anything when I take it, but I can take a sip if I need to.

Two more days! I've posted before pics of my...

Two more days! I've posted before pics of my breasts, stomach, and thighs. Feels weird to put pics on the internet when I don't want anyone at all ever seeing me like this!

Day 3.... Not pleasant. Thigh lipo hurts worse...

Day 3.... Not pleasant. Thigh lipo hurts worse than anything, and nobody warned me about how much draining there would be. Much, much more than I thought! I took off the compression garment to shower for the first time. I wasn't in there long before I thought I would pass out. I guess it was a combination of being out of compression and the effort of bathing. I keep hearing day 3 and 4 are the worst. Just let me get past this!

I've posted a one-day post op. its now day 3 and...

I've posted a one-day post op. its now day 3 and I'm pretty swollen. more pics to come...

Day 4.... I slept 6 hours straight last night, so...

Day 4.... I slept 6 hours straight last night, so it was rough to get out of the recliner this morning. ive been trying to get up every couple hours and move to prevent blood clots. But I'm feeling pretty good now! I went ahead and took pain meds just in case. Maybe I will try to wash my hair and put on some makeup today. I think that would make me feel better! I will post some more pics today. I'm still feeling puffy, but trying to drink lots of water to flush everything out. I'm having to use my stomach muscles a little more than I think i should because my thighs are so bruised from lipo, so it hurts to get on and off the toilet. Still no BM even though I took 2 correctol yesterday.

I've added day 5 pics. I guess the pictures don't...

I've added day 5 pics. I guess the pictures don't really show how swollen I feel. If I could just have a BM I would feel so much better! Trying MOM tonight after taking 3 correctol over the last 2 days. I think I'm just scared to go! (I know, TMI lol)

And by the way, I know I still have stretch marks...

And by the way, I know I still have stretch marks on my breasts, but I'm super pleased at how they filled out with the implants and they are not as "indented" so they are quite as noticeable. My incision is somewhat high, but I think he was trying to get as many stretch marks as possible. I'm okay with that. If I never wear a bikini, I'll be fine. I'm just so thankful I won't have a muffin top and won't have to tuck my stomach skin into my jeans when I sit down anymore!! Woo hoo!!
Also, if anyone is considering this, PLEASE make sure you have someone there with you 24/7 for at least 2 days - 4 would be more ideal. You will be surprised at how hard it is to get in and out of the recliner and to get a bath. You wear out really quickly. I have a high pain tolerance, and this was bearable, but it was no joke for sure!!

Oh my goodness, I cannot go to the bathroom!!!...

Oh my goodness, I cannot go to the bathroom!!! I've tried milk of magnesia and dulcolax for three days. I feel like I'm going to explode. I'm scared I will mess something up if I try too hard to go!! It's Monday, and I havent been since the morning of my surgery last Wednesday!!!

Day 7: Woo hoo! Bathroom issue resolved. I think...

Day 7: Woo hoo! Bathroom issue resolved. I think the key is to stop taking those pain meds. Just Tylenol for me from now on! Feeling pretty good today, justl stiff after sitting for a while, and it kinda hurts to sit down, but once I'm down, I'm good. It's gonna be a good day!

So, the drain tubes come out tomorrow. I can...

So, the drain tubes come out tomorrow. I can literally feel them under my skin by my ribcage. I am freaking out about it because people have told me horror stories. I saved a xanex for the occasion. Other than that, i feel great on day 8! It's hard to believe how far I have come in a week!

I'm adding a pic of the back of my thighs, day 8

I'm adding a pic of the back of my thighs, day 8

Day 9: got the tubes out today, what a relief!!!...

Day 9: got the tubes out today, what a relief!!! Just saw my belly button for the first time too (really the first time in 13 years). So, I have to wear my stage one binder still, go back in 2 weeks, and then change to my stage two binder. I may cheat on that and wear stage 2 sooner. Now I'm going bra shopping, cause the one I bought before surgery is too small!

Day 12! I went back to work today and wore my...

Day 12! I went back to work today and wore my regular work pants! My legs are sore if I sit too long, so I did some standing up while I processed payroll :) The lipo has still been the worst part. My legs look terrible, and all the bruising has moved down even to my calves. But this too shall pass. I'm having a twinge of pain in my stomach incision that feels like a stitch in there is not quite right or something, but the pain subsides when I flex my stomach muscles ?? Weird. If it keeps up, I'll call the doctor. :) I woke up at 3 a.m. and haven't been back to sleep, and it's 9:00 p.m. so I'm pooped!!!

Well, tomorrow it will be 2 weeks. New pics below

Well, tomorrow it will be 2 weeks. New pics below

It's 3 weeks today. Feeling totally normal except...

It's 3 weeks today. Feeling totally normal except when I sit for more than 30 minutes or so, I'm stiff for a few seconds when I stand up. I can stand up completely straight. The lipo in my thighs still hurts. Bruises are better but still looks gross. Hurts to rub lotion on them! I will wait one more week to post pics - that will be one month. I'm so ready to exercise! Oh, my stomach muscles had spasms the other night when I stood up after sitting. So, I've been taking a muscle relaxer at night to prevent that. No fun.

Well, its been 3 1/2 months now. I need to put...

Well, its been 3 1/2 months now. I need to put more pics up. Things are healing fine. I still have a couple stitches that are trying to poke through on my stomach, but its a minor irritation. My scars are super red right now. They look worse than in the beginning, but it is smooth. I'm giving myself a year for improvement. I've been putting maderma scar gel on it every day unless I have on the silicone strip. I use that occasionally. I settled into a 34D bra. I can wear a 36C as well. Victoria Secret is the only place I can find that fits ok. Expensive, but i got about 5 good ones, so I take good care of them lol. I've been going to my boot camp classes, and I still swell some, especially when I overrated at a meal. I gotta get control of that. The look has left my thighs super lumpy. I'm hoping for great improvement there, but they are much smaller. I don't like the equator my hips are so much bigger than my thighs. I'm going back to the doctor August 8th, so I will ask about getting some lipo there when I go back.

It's been five months now. I'm going on Wednesday...

It's been five months now. I'm going on Wednesday to have some fat sucked out of a dog ear I have. He's going to take a little off both sides with a needle that he uses for transferring fat (smaller than a lipo needle hopefully!). So, my legs are still lumpy from the lipo as you can see from the pics. My breasts have made their way into their permanent location. My stomach really has a six pack that I'm hoping will show up better really soon. I've been working hard on it. You can feel them, but I guess I've got to work on my diet so you can see them. There's no more pain, but I'm still completely number all the way down the center of my stomach. It's a bizarre feeling. I have a little numbness in the tops of my thighs too. I was hoping to have a lower scar, but clothes fit soooo much better now. I'm happy with the results! I'll post more after they fix my doggy ears. Maybe in a couple months.

On 9/19, five months after my mommy makeover, I...

On 9/19, five months after my mommy makeover, I got a revision done in the office. I had a little bit of dog ears. He cut out the dog ear on the left and did lipo on both sides to flatten it out. I posted a picture of it all bruised up right now. I'll post some more after it heals!

Getting a revision on 9/24/13

Well it's been about a year and a half since my initial surgery. The lipo on my legs never "healed" and my scar is really high, so I'm getting it redone by the doctor for free. I just have to pay for the anesthesia. I've posted some new pictures below, and you'll see why my thighs need to be redone. I think too much fat was taken out in my opinion. He said he will take a small cannula and go the opposite way than he originally went, and not actually suck any fat. But he will probably suck some fat up around the top of my hips to even things out, cause now I'm kinda shaped funny in clothes - skinny legs and bigger hips. I'm happy with the way my scar healed on my stomach, but when I'm in a public swimming place, I wear shorts to hide the scar cause it's so high. I'm nervous about getting the lipo done again cause that was definitely the worst part, but I'm hoping it will even things out some!! I'll post after pics in a few weeks.

Revision done

I was down for about 4 days after the revision. The tummy tuck scar is lower, but I really can't tell how my legs will look yet because they are still swollen and bruised. I'm going to have to have doggy ears cut off - again...

Took out my own drain tube!

I forgot to mention that I needed my last drain tube taken out before I went back to work Monday, and I asked if I could take it out myself. Wow, I don't recommend that! It was so weird cause I could feel it coming across my stomach as it was coming out and I forgot to "unplug" it so there still wouldn't be suction. Thought I would pass out! But I got it done!
Dr. Paul John Syribeys

He took time to make sure of what I wanted and to reassure me of my concerns. Their staff is super nice and welcoming! price was all inclusive.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Any pics of your scar revision?
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It's great that he did all your revisions for free so far out! Best wishes to you!
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Yes I feel very fortunate! I did have to pay for the anesthesia but they even cut me a deal on that!
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Congrats on the revision! I'm hope you will be happy!!!
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Thanks! I can't wait to see how it all settles!
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Also did you drop weight after your TT first time to bring out more definition? Looks like it didn't affect your TT tightness.
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I didn't drop any weight. As a matter of fact, I have gained about 6 pounds since my first go round. My butt and hips have gotten a little bigger but my thighs didn't since he sucked all the fat out. That's why I felt like I was shaped funny in clothes about a year afterwards.
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Wow ur tummy transformation is amazing. Quick question. Did you ps (first time around) do any fat excision or lipo on tummy ? The reason I ask is my tummy shape is like your before tummy (perhaps extends out more than your did). I'm wondering how your doc got it so flat right after surgery? Was it a TT with stitching muscles together or was there any fat removal too? I always wonder why the belly protrudes out for me after the kids..doc said muscle separation but I can hold the skin and I can tell there is fat in there too that doesn't respond to exercise etc.
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I had a tummy tuck with stitching my muscles together. I didn't have any fat removed from my tummy, but he cut off the part that was the fat pooch. That's another reason why I believe the scar was so high. He removed some fat from my flanks, but not the stomach. I work out like crazy too. But the stitching helps tremendously. It hurts like a mother for a while, but it's totally worth it!
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Thank you soo much! This makes me feel somewhat relieved. I hope my results come close to yours :-)! Congrats and hope everything works out for you!
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Wow u look amazing!!!!!!!
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You look really are really flat I can tell you have been working out. Your scar is high but it looks really flat and smooth and I would take that over low any day. You are an inspiration to keep up on the gym time to get that definition we are all wanting. Thanks for posting & including pics. I will be 4 weeks PO tomorrow and I like reading posts of progress as time goes by. Thanks
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Your welcome. Good luck with your healing. You will see so much more changes in the next few months!
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You look great! I know you are glad you did it
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You look great!!! Wow! I am still pretty swollen but your tummy looks so flat!
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Thanks :) I have been wearing a stage 2 garment during the day that I bought from, and its really tight (takes forever to pull that thing up!). I wear that all day, and sleep in the one the doc sent me home in. I think thats been my saving grace.
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Well whatever you are doing girl it is working for you! Hope to see some new pics soon!
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Yes, it hurts very bad, but its getting a little better every day. I can tell its going to be a long time before I see the full effect. It's very lumpy and hard where he did the lipo.
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I have the same thing with the pulling just above my belly button to the left the muscle pulls a bit and I'm not sure why either. Does the bruising on your thighs hurt because it looks very painful...I'm so jealous I wanted to get the lipo on my thighs but didn't want to spend the extra money.
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I know the feeling Mel in Ga! This website was a life saver, because it made it so much easier to know what to expect!
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So happy for you WRmom. I have a friend that used your dr. a few weeks ago for BA... she loved him too. You look great! I have a consult next monday in ATL... So ready to go but nervous also.
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Yes, mom2twoboys, every time I drop something or see something on the floor, I'm like, UGH! But it's getting better every day. I shopped at Target for a while by myself today, and it was so nice to get out! I bought some maderma scar treatment and started it on my belly button tonight. Doc said I can take the tape off my TT incision, but the nurse told me I should keep it on longer after he walked out. So, I'll use the maderma during the day on my scar, and wear the silicone thing while I sleep I guess. We'll see when the time gets here!
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Your legs look painful!!!! If you did a lot of stuff yesterday, you may feel it today--or at least that is what I noticed with myself. I also found that doing things where I have to bend over make me feel the worst a few hours after I do it....let's just say there are a lot more toys on the floor in our house than normal.
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I can definitely feel the drains! My skin is really thin, which is why I had so many stretch marks I guess. I'm all bloated right now. I felt good today, so I probably did too much by folding clothes, cleaning the kitchen, and showering. It doesn't sound like much, but at one week it feels like it!
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You can feel those tubes? That is crazy! I promise, getting the drains out was not was a relief! Glad you are feeling better :)
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