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I am in pretty good shape and work out at least 4...

I am in pretty good shape and work out at least 4 times a week and watch what i eat. My abs have always bothered me and I wanted them to be a little less flabby before my upcoming wedding this summer. I booked an appointment for both my lower and upper Abs but decided to just go for my lower abs instead to see how ht procedure goes.

The Aesthetician used the large head on my lower abs. When she first suctioned my stomach in, I went in complete shock. I honestly felt like my intestines/ muscles had been suctioned into the applicator. It wasn't as painful as it was scary, coz my entire lower stomach was completely pulled in. Even though I went numb after a while, I was too sh!t scared to move. Breathing was kind of difficult. I watched a tv show on m laptop to distract myself throughout the whole process. When the applicator was taken out, it was icky more than anything else. My stomach was basically frozen in place and it was disgusting. I felt like a frozen chicken that had been left out of the freezer to thaw. I swear i almost felt it crunch when the aesthetician started massaging it (ugggh repress repress repress).

It's been three days since I had the procedure done and the numbness is almost gone. My nerves have started going crazy and seem to fire off at random. I got a little itchy earlier today but i think the worst is yet to come. I am sure this is much better than getting an invasive procedure, but it's obviously not a walk in the park. It's too early to predict the results but i am convinced it will work. It's a solid technology supported by actual research. It's a brilliant way to kill fat cell and I am really impressed by the people who developed it. Having said that, I don't think I can ever go through this procedure again. I'll write an update in a few weeks

Yesterday (Day 4), was really bad. I woke up in...

Yesterday (Day 4), was really bad. I woke up in the middle of the night because of the pain. I was in pain all day. Felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing me with needles. The pain varied in intensity and occurred in small bursts all over the treated area. Because the pain wasn't continuous, I was also palpitating, probably from the anticipation of getting stabbed. My uncle has shingles so I finally know how he feels like. I'll try to be nicer to him, next time we meet. I called up the spa and the doctor there prescribed 300 mg of Neurontin twice a day for 7 days. That's 14 pills in total. I usually avoid pain medication like the plague so I haven't touched them yet.

Day 5: Woke up at 5:00 AM because of the pain. Tied a scarf around my waist to provide some support. Helped a little. While getting dressed in the morning, I wore panty hose with a control top, under my pants (it's too cold). My stomach is compressed and feels a little better than yesterday. I've brought the medication with me to work, in case I break down (I am basically on the verge ). I read online that ppl use it for recreational use. hmmm I see potential of making some money off of these :p

I took two of the nerve blockers today and they've...

I took two of the nerve blockers today and they've made no difference :( I would advise ppl to ask for a prescription when they get this procedure done and start taking the medication at the first tingle!
Yesterday I took one neurontin in the morning and the pain was tolerable. I had a three hour flight in the evening and mid way through the flight the pain got really bad. I think it's because i was in a sitting position for so long. I took another pill in the evening and slept really good. no waking up at 5 am in pain. It's around 11 am day 7 and the pain is back. I have a wedding to attend this evening = drinking so I won't be taking any more neurontins :(. hope i can survive the day...

Day 9: The pins and needles pain is now gone. The...

Day 9: The pins and needles pain is now gone. The treated area is still in pain though and just feels weird when touched. At this point I certainly can't be touched there at all so I am still recovering. I had my last Neurontin Saturday night and I don't think I'll be needing any more ( I hope). It's obviously too early to notice any difference right now, so i will write another update in a few weeks.
I had cool sculpting done on my luv handles 6 days ago. I have had pain of varying degrees everyday. I am fairly fit, but seem to have accumulated fat around my middle that I can't seem to diet or exercise off. I don't generally bruise easily and did bruise quite a bit. I am still numb, have transient itching and dull to moderate pain all the time. I am most frustrated that I seem to be bigger in the treatment areas than before! My skin/fat hangs over my clothes worse than ever!! When will I get back to the pre-op me??? --I know the fat destruction takes 2-3 months, but how long before I will be back to normal? I understand some inflammation is involved, but for how much longer? I wish someone at the doctor's office had mentioned compression...I actually bought a girdle at a vintage store on the 4th day and it really helps with pain while I'm wearing it. I don't wear it more than about 3-4 hours a day, as I am not sure if it will effect my circulation and healing. Can someone comment or answer me on these points?
I had Coolsculpting done in Florida about six months ago. I also developed severe discomfort after the procedure and was prescribed neurontin by the doc. I asked him why he didnot prescribe at the time of treatment and he said that the incidence of this type of pain is extremely low - about 1 in 2,000. He felt that prescribing a powerful drug like this to everyone getting the treatment would border on malpractice. I spoke to my general practitioner and she told me the same thing. The discomfort was gone in about seven days and luckily I love my results.

Hi Soniak, thanks for sharing your experience with us. How are you doing now, is the pain any better?


It's been over 7 months since i got this done. I...

It's been over 7 months since i got this done. I had been super excited about it since i was the perfect candidate for this procedure (over all skinny with a pouch). It really pains me to say it didn't work for me at all. I had really high hopes for this procedure as the technology made sense and really convinced me. Not sure what i am going to do now :( i've considered liposonix, but am not as convinced by it.
I'm on day 8. Pain is really bad. Doctor prescribed noro and motrin but it really doesn't work. Doctor told me if the norco's didn't work they would give me the neurotin. But I'm a little afraid it will effect the outcome the results. As I have read that some prescriptions can effect it. Can Anyone who took neurotin give me some feedback? Thanks so much. This posting has been helpful.
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I was seen by an Aesthetician with whom I had a 30 min consult before the procedure. She was very thorough and answered all my questions. During the procedure, she explained everything to me and allowed me to be comfortable with the procedure before moving ahead with it. At the end, I was given a massage on my treated area and they let me hang around for a while and were in no rush to get me out the door. The Aesthetician even called a cab for me which was very nice of her. Both the Aestheticians at the spa were really nice and professional. My only qualm is with the doctor , who should have prescribed me the medication with the procedure instead of me having to call back. because from what I've been told, once the pain starts, the medication isn't that effective (which is also what i am experiencing right now)

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