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Tummy Ready....;) - Walnut Creek, CA

I am a 27 year old mother of four, ages 12,7,4 and...

I am a 27 year old mother of four, ages 12,7,4 and 3. The pregnancy took a toll on my body, ruined just about everything. I lived with it for a long time, knowing that one day when I could afford it I would finally get my mommy makeover. And the time has come!! I've lost 10 pounds and have kept it off for about a year and the tummy tuck next step in getting my body back.

I had my first consult on Feb 9 and I have to go back to set everything up on the Mar 2,to schedule my TT on Mar 29 and I cannot wait! I just want to get it done asap!! I am so glad that I came across this forum! It has been so helpful with advice and just knowing that there are others out there that are going through the same things makes me feel much better!

Well here i am. one day before my surgery. i go in...

Well here i am. one day before my surgery. i go in on 3/29 at 615am. i'm a little scared. but whatever. i'm getting things ready for my family for the week...like food a meau plan for 7 days. washing for the kids....whis me luck...

Ok.... I'm back I had my Ty done this morning....

Ok.... I'm back I had my Ty done this morning. Everyone was very nice...I had a wonderful experience. I was in pain afterward,but they were right on it. Pain 8. I'm home in bed writing. My husband is wonderful ;')
I will have photos later...possible the next 2 day. I'm so excited to see my new tummy.

Here I'm post 2days. Had to get some new meds...

Here I'm post 2days. Had to get some new meds vicdon was makin me itchy. So on percorit. And know I can sleep a little. I still have 2 drains. Yes very uncomfortable.

Having a little set back. Throwing up. What can I...

Having a little set back. Throwing up. What can I eat to take this meds..... I'm scared to fOr Anymore pain meds

Hello my friends, I'm doing good. Still...

Hello my friends,

I'm doing good. Still leaning down, backache. Yes...this tubes r not fun to have. 3days post. Very little draining today. Very light not bright red anymore. I'm a little tired. Not so Mich pain but discomfort. I go to the doctor Monday 4/4. My hubby want take any pics for.me to post. So I'll have to do it later.

This drains are the pitts...uggg......no poop in 3...

This drains are the pitts...uggg......no poop in 3 days...what can I take??? Stomach fills full

Go...mom...I feel I can go on...I'm tryin to...

Go...mom...I feel I can go on...I'm tryin to wing myself off the pain meds...I'm taking tynoel...I have a follow-up 2morrow hoping to take the drains.out if not both else one

Just left the doctor office....no more drains.....

Just left the doctor office....no more drains...yahoo....I can walk now.. not that bad when he pulled the drains out...I can shower 2morrow..my tummy looks gd...wow. i'll be posting pics so....thanks

Here it's another day. I find myself cooking...

Here it's another day. I find myself cooking for the family yesterday...i think to much to soon. My back was killing me. i go around to posting pics 7 days post out surgery. 1 week today whooohoo. still swell can't stand straight.

I'm so upset....I'm crying 7 days post op...

I'm so upset....I'm crying 7 days post op.I try to help and end up doing to much and my husband upset with me for helping now that I try to tell him I did to much and my right side swelling and hurting again. Know I don't have any help cause I told my husband to leave if he wasn't goin to help then why is he here. My kids are hurgery and I'm tryin to help him cook and he gets mad....know home alone with four kids and no help great...

Well I'm back 2 weeks today. Still a little...

Well I'm back 2 weeks today. Still a little swollen my left side my nervous and left leg tingling. It feels weired is this normal to be numb and tingling ? I go to the dr 2morrow I'll ask. I can't stand straight yet, my back still hurt a little. I'll up load some pic later

Post op 4 weeks in 3 days. I guess I'm...

post op 4 weeks in 3 days.

I guess I'm still swollen on the sides. I have posted some new photos. On both sides are puff and im not happy. I hope its just swollen and i dont need lipo. I asked my ps the day of the surgery and he side i didnt need it. I go back to my ps in may i hope it not as swollen...

I'm 6 week post op. My birthday is this...

I'm 6 week post op. My birthday is this weekend, for some straight reason I'm scared to go out and buy me something to wear. All my cloths are a little to big at the waist. I don't know what to do?

I'm 8 weeks out. Can I take a bath? I'm so...

I'm 8 weeks out. Can I take a bath? I'm so ready.... I need you guys advise.

Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

He's a wonderful Doctor. His staff was excellent. He's the best at answering your questions and any concerns u may have. I'ce received a call from his staff about how I'm feeling. I just can't say anything but nice things.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I too am using this Dr. Do you have any updated photos?
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My PS allowed me hot baths/tub at 8 wks. It sure felt great. A good way hopefully for you to have some 'me' time and relax! Hope all is well - my prayers/thoughts are with you.
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Regarding taking a bath...I saw my PS at 6 weeks and asked about swimming and hot tub. He said it's fine as long as you have absolutely zero sore spots or scabs on your incision...100% closed!
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Thanks. I love baths....lol
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im dealing with swelling too still. it goes up and down during the day or by what i eat =/ i told my PS i wanted her to smooth me out a little bit because i didnt feel enough was taken out above my left side of my insicision and she said yes at the 6 month mark she will do smart lipo on me.
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How are you doing? There's a lot to juggle with healing and keeping up with family and I hope you are doing well and better each day.
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Oh my...I am so sorry to hear this. You need to have a strong support system at this time and not be on a personal emotional roller coaster ride. I am so sorry to hear this. Keep your chin up and focus on your recovery.
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Thank u ladies.....everyone
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Sorry to hear about the April 5th post hang in there:) I know it can be tough.

My hubby did what he could I had to let go of my battles, yes he cooks messier yes it's not what mommy would have made and yes he Is not going to fold the laundry but mommy needs recouping still:) we had our Incidents but I bit the bullet and said thank you and I need you, I need your help,:) however it works for now:) I hope you guys are better :)
It's am emotional roller coaster doing something for mommy for a change. Always doing everything taking kids to school breakfast dinner laundry projects soooo much
Breath...this time it's ok to do for you:) just until you heal.
(ouch double sneeze while typing this)

Your looking great :) keep resting super mom:)

Keep your head up :)
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Thanks.... Your right I need to just say thank and be quiet. I just wanted to help but I guess with a little to much, stepping on his toes
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No not be quiet that would be hard. Lol But maybe daddy cant ever get it ad perfect as us mommies :)
We had a moment and he left I was more miserable without him home :) so I've had pizza delivery for them and chinese food delivery because my husband got tired of cooking haha but he makes sure to throw in some salad :)

Hope everything Is going well:)
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Well he said he will come back but the marriage is off. I'm lost for words. I just wanted to help out... I don't know what to think at this time... All I can just do is cry ladies.... I don't know what to think :(
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Oh:( I'm sooo sorry that's an underlying issue :(

That's the last thing you need during healing I though he just went out for a bit , totally misunderstood :(

My heart goes out to you and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers

Again I'm sorry this Is so not the time for him to have done this but stay focused on your beautiful children and healing yourself:) 4 beautiful babies you made:)
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cant wait to see your new tummy!!!!
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So how are you feeling now?
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I had the same problem, but used Dulcolax and it did the trick. I have been regular since then, which is good! I didn't like the drains, but they are necessary and you are going to just have to hang in there! Once they are out, the worst is behind you. Keep positive! When is your next appt?
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My next appt on MondAY... The mom worked for me..but my stomach still upset
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Hi mommy,

Glad to hear you are home and doing well.   Yes, the drains are not fun but very temporary so hand on a while longer.   You will feel much better when they are out. 

As far as the poop thing...you must go so try the MOM.   That got me going and kept me going for as long as I was on the pain meds.   Everyone's body is different and what works for one may not work for another but give it a try. 

You will also feel better once you go.  Being all full of pooh puts pressure on the inside...but I don't need to tell you that..LOL

Keep us up to date on how you are doing.
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Eat papaya !! Trust me, it works! Eat like 2 or 3 if you havent gone in 3 days !!
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I am not sure what actually worked for me to pooh, but then I ended up with the shits and that is not fun, trying to run to the bathroom. MOM gave me rumbles and cramps, prunes were tasty, not sure if they worked. Pineapples and pineapple juice. And I was drinking tons of water, still am. I really hope something works for you and soon. It wasn't bad at all when I eventually went.
I am struggling with a tickle in my throat and it keeps making me want to cough. UGH, that is annoying.
GOOD luck to you! :)
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I am 6 months out and 4 jean sizes smaller. Just keep thinking positive thoughts because it all worth it!!
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Hello Thomama2008, not sure if you are stil on here, but what size were you before your surgery. How much weight do you thnk you have lost because of it. I refuse to buy any clothes until way after my surgery...do you have any current pics of your tummy?
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Have you tried applesauce?

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No, but I'll ask my hubby to go to store. Can I have chicken noodles soup?
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Glad to know you're doing well so far. Keep your positive attitude and keep up with your meds for the next couple of days...you will do fine. :)
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