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I had been noticing that there was, what one could...

I had been noticing that there was, what one could only describe as, a turkey neck appearing on me. I tried many expensive creams and potions, but, to my dismay, nothing worked. I am 56 and have always looked younger than I am. But, with the neck and jowls staring their decent, I began looking older than I was.

I had been seeing the Lifestlyle Lift, advertisements for about 3 years, and was intrigued. I even cut one ad out of a magazine and kept it. About three years later I saw the ad on TV. I wrote down te number and called. I was in the next day for the free consultation. I had a wonderful and caring counselor who took me step by step through the procedure. She had had a Lift just 7 weeks prior to our meeting. She looked fabulous! She made my appointment with the same doctor that had done her! I was so excited.

Many times I had taken a photo of myself from the side...YIKES! Each time I would delete it and feel just awful about myself. Like, the times when men in traffic would see my longish blond hair and pull up beside me. Only to turn away or floor it! That was an awful feeling. I'd go home and cry.I have never had to worry about my looks before. I had been a model, an athlete, and showed horses. However, when my husband of 10 wonderful years, passed away, my weight had dropped to below 100 pounds. I am 5'8". When it was over and done I weighed 90 lbs. It destroyed my skin. When I began to put the weight back on, it was toneless. That's when my neck went as well.
So, the date came for my Lifestyle Lift. I had been put up in a nice hotel for 2 nights, courtesy of Lifestyle Lift, and was close to the doctors office. It was all very well planned out.

The procedure took a couple of hours and the pain didn't set in until that night. But, whatever they gave me for the procedure knocked me out for almost a full day. Thank God! It is a painful thing to have done...I won't lie. But, I basically healed within 7-10 days. At 5 days I looked good enough to go out!. I was so thrilled that I sent my picture at 5 days, to my counselor! There are no visible scars and I'm thankful every single day for the Lift! I look at my profile now and am so happy that it's back to 'normal'! I don't hide my neck with scarves and I don't dread traffic jams where I'll be looked at. In dressing rooms I'm no longer afraid to look in the mirror and I've been asked out several times. YAY!

Hi Seagreen! You look great - at least 15 years younger. I'm so sorry about your husband passing. In your photos you look very youthful and happy, and I think that means that you have come to terms with your loss. I think doing something to help yourself look better is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad for you!
Thank you so much! You are so sweet to mention my husband. Everything is still holding and I'm still happy that I had the procedure. I may be getting the Laser Resurfacing done. I' looking for people's results now. I'm having a hard time finding any "New" reviews. Your comments were so nice and caring...thank you :) Seagreen
you are welcome! I had the laser done - it takes care of fine lines and recovery is quick.

It's been about 51/2 months since I had the LL. I...

It's been about 51/2 months since I had the LL. I couldn't be happier with the results. My healing time was about 2-3 weeks and no swelling or discomfort :) I have nothing but respect for my Doctor and what he did for me. Please don't bother with the negative remarks...because I'm happy!!

It has been about 5 1/2 months now with no...

It has been about 5 1/2 months now with no problems! I'm extremely happy with the job that was done on me. I don't care for negative remarks and will not respond to them. This was the best thing that I've done for myself in a long time!
you look beautiful...
Oh! I should add that I too had the lift-unfortunately did not last the first time but they did a revision and I am nearly 2 months along and am doing well. Sure does make one feel better about ones' self! I was at the point that I no longer wanted to be seen in public....
Geez I don't think you look anywhere near 50! Try mid 30's, you are gorgeous and look so elegant. I know what you mean about the blonde hair- I too have long blonde hair and a decent figure so would get noticed from behind and then have to endure the disappointed looks when I turned awful. I am sorry about your husband, that must be terribly difficult to bear. Best Regards to you-

It's been about a year and a quarter and I'm still thrilled!

It's been well over a year and the surgery has held nicely. I am so glad that I had this done. It's hard to imagine what I'd look like by now if I hadn't had the surgery done! Yikes:-) I feel a bit of a pulling sensation under my chin but I don't mind it at all. In fact, it reminds me that it's still working wonders and that nothing has given. I don't look younger but I definitely look better. Maybe I actually do look younger, but, I don't know. I am more confident and that I do know.

a photo 12/2013

This was taken at Christmas. Although it's front and center and not from the side, I think that it shows well enough, that there is no extra chin.
You do look great! I am so jealous of where you live I was born at Alta Bates hospital 54 years ago:)
Looking fantastic.
Thank you so much. At 57 yrs old it's nice to hear:-) I appreciate your kindness.
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