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Ultherapy - Walnut Creek, CA

I am turning 50 in a couple of months and wanted...

I am turning 50 in a couple of months and wanted to have a little lift to my jowl area so I thought Ultherapy would be a good option for me since I don't think I'm ready for a lower face lift yet. My friend had it done and I went with her. She got about 24 shots of lidocane in her face as well as a vicodin and xanax to help with the pain. She got immediate results and was very satisfied with the procedure. She had it done at a med-spa with a nurse practitioner for $3,500. I prefer to always have procedures done by a doctor so I did some research and found one in my area that would also charged $3,500. At the initial consulation he said they didn't use Lidocane, just the pain pill and xanax but when I came for the procedure he said that they had started using Lidocane shots as the patients complained too much about the pain. They numbed my face with numbing cream and I took my own pain reliever and a muscle relaxer as that is what I use for a chronic pain condition. I am very happy they put the numbing cream on because my friend did not get the cream and I think the shots hurt more than the Ulthera. I also brought my IPod and listened to music during the procedure which helped a lot.

The procedure was very painful around my cheek bones, temple and forehead but didn't hurt at all on my neck and lower face area. I think the pain would have been to much for me had I not had the Lidocane. The zaps last for about 3 seconds each so I tried to do breathing techniques and counting and get through the hard parts. I did get a couple of bruises but nothing dramatic. My face was also quiet red so for me this would not have worked as a "lunchtime" procedure. I'd say more like a weekend procedure as I was a little red and bruised for a couple of days. It has been one week today that I had it done and I went in for a follow up with the doctor. I can't tell much of a difference myself but he says that he can see a tightening of the skin and to be patient, that I will see results in a few months. So, so far I can't give it a resounding thumbs up or down...we'll just have to wait and see. The pictures I will post are of the day of the procedure before I went and then this morning. I am not wearing make up and I tried to get the same angles as well as I could. I'll post more photos as warranted. For now I guess I'd say if the money isn't a huge issue for you then go ahead and do it. Just be sure to get the numbing cream, Lidocane, a pain killer and anti anxiety meds and bring your IPod. I also advise to have all procedures done by an MD if possible because you are dealing with your face and why risk any harm being done by someone not as knowledgeable about the inner workings of your face. At my consultation the doctor told me I would be given a pain reliever and anti anxiety medicine. He said they did not use lidocane

Hi, I wanted to fix a spelling error and also...

Hi, I wanted to fix a spelling error and also remove the last line which was supposed to be deleted but I cannot figure out how to edit. Am I allowed to edit my posts?

P.S. remind me to never post pictures of myself straight out of the shower! How unflattering.

I'm considering Ultherapy and am so glad you have posted here. Please keep updating so others, like me, can decide if it's worth it. I hate to have a facelift at 50, but I certainly do need help.
I will post every week to let you know how I'm doing. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I really want to stay away from the knife.
I had ulthera, done on my whole face one week ago today. It was V E R Y painful. I was actually crying it hurt so bad. At first they were not going to give me any injections to numb my face but gave me a Tramadol, I couldn't take the pain, I think I ended up getting about 30 injections at least. I am still very sore and have a few black and blue areas, one on my cheek is about the size of a silver dollar. The part that was the most painful was the areas near bone, the jaw, cheekbones, and temple areas. I don't notice a difference yet but I am optimistic about it. A couple of people said they see some difference but I am not sure. If so it is ever so slight. I really don't know if I could ever go through this again though. I sure hope I have good results.

Here are pictures at 13 days out. I'm not really...

Here are pictures at 13 days out. I'm not really sure how much of a change I see. I think I see a little change but I don't want to lie to myself. I'd say in the pictures my neck looks a little tighter and maybe the jowls a little sharper. I'm cautiously optimistic.
Yea! Thanks Megan. I don't even know if I can trust my friends because I think they don't want to hurt my feelings, so I really appreciate an unbiased opinion. :)

Ok, so I was feeling the same way as you Misslpc1, I thought I could see a slight change in your before & afters, but wasn't sure if I was just biasing myself because I knew which ones were your before & afters...so, I opened all 6 of your before & after (sides & front) and had my office mate tell me if she could see any change in the firmness of your skin - she said in the pink shirt the skin looked a little firmer! So, I think we are seeing some minor changes for the good. :)

I just uploaded a photo at one week out and two weeks out. I do see a little change. Hopefully more to come.

My friend asked why I posted such bad pics of...

My friend asked why I posted such bad pics of myself and I said it's because I wanted to show the actual reality of what I looked like unvarnished and not posing. So here are a couple pics with makeup and angling my face in a way that looks more flattering. :)

I think you look great and I definitely see a difference in the jowls and also tightening under your eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and results!

I love the "done" pictures. I appreciate you posting the "natural" ones though, because it gives us the best idea of what is going on. Thanks for being brave and generous enough to do that for us.

Love the "done" pictures - you are gorgeous & have great eyes! I'm so glad you posted the other pictures that you did though, because its so helpful for us to see the real deal. :)


So here I am at 3 weeks out. Looking at the pics...

So here I am at 3 weeks out. Looking at the pics I think I can tell a difference on the right side jowl area (the right side of the photo, not right side of my face) but the left side not so much. I do think I got a bit of lift in the eye area as well although that wasn't a major problem for me. What I really hate are the jowls and my neck so I'm really hoping I get more of a result. I might have it redone if I don't feel like I got the result I wanted. My doctor charges $2,500 for a re-do which personally, I think is a little steep. That would bring the total to 6K and for that I probably could have gotten a lower face lift, or at least a large portion of it. But, since the whole reason I did Ulthera is to avoid a surgery I will wait until the 3 month mark before I consider if it is worth it or not. Until then I'd say, If money isn't an issue got for it. If money is an issue I'd probably put it towards fillers and Botox for an immediate result.

I did see my friend who had it done a month before me and her result is fantastic. It completely eliminated the little waddle she had under her chin and her whole face has a nice lift to it. For her it was definitely worth it and she'd do it again. Until next week....
Thanks Aaron. I tried doing filler in the under eye area and for me it didn't look right. Or I should say it looked great the first time but every time after it made me have a very blue tinge under the skin which I've read is common since the skin is so thin there. The last time I had it done I looked like I'd been punched in the eyes so I had the dissolving liquid injected to un-do it. Now I just use concealer. P.S. for anyone who's had a filler mishap that dissolving stuff is great, it was such a relief to just have it gone instead of having to wait for it to wear off.
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I think there is a significant improvement. You look much younger, and less tired. It's still early too. More improvements will come with time.

IMO, rather than worry about a re-do, I would suggest a little filler in the upper cheeks, just under the eyes.

For those experiencing bruising, this is most likely from the numbing injections, not the Ulthera.

Take Care,

Here I am at 4 weeks. I can say with certainty...

Here I am at 4 weeks. I can say with certainty that I do see a difference in my jowl area which was the primary area of my concern. I think the right side (as you are looking at it) is doing a little better than the left. I'm not getting the kind of results that my friend got where she saw differences every day, I think I'm progressing very slowly but surely. I'm a pretty impatient person so it's pretty hard to wait it out. Still giving it an undecided review until I'm three months out because the cost is really high and money is really tight for a lot of people out there so I can't decide yet what the cost/benefit ratio is.
Sorry i was unable to post anything last night, I was far too tired after my long day.
To start with I should say that I had my Ulthera treatment done for free because I have a close friend who works at the cosmetic surgery center so my experience is probably much different than most. My Ulthera session was a training for 2 of the nurses who were learning the technique from Stella. My entire session lasted approx 5 hours.I took 800 mg of ibuprophen prior to starting the treatment. I discussed pain meds but it waa explained to me that the lidocaine that many people have used is not effective because its not going to reach the area that it would need to numb.
I think because my session was so long I was in more pain because of how tired I was. My stress level was high by the time they started on my left side but I was determined to keep going. I was able to look in the mirror at the halfway point and my eyebrow was lifted much higher than the left. I had some redness but my skin felt tighter and glowed a bit.
This morning I had some swelling especially in my eye area. I have strange sensations all over when Itouch but it's difficult to describe.
My eyebrows look lifted and my smile lines are less pronounced (which was my personal biggest concern)
Overall I am pleased and can see a little bit of improvement and am anxious to see the progress in the following months.

You N E E D injections for the pain. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. It is very very very very painful. I had about thirty injections and was still in unbearable pain.

I'm up at 4 am to get ready for my Ulthera! I'm excited but also a little nervous. I was told no about any pain relievers and lidocaine. I was told I wouldnt need any!
I'll report back later and let you know how things went. I'll take a post shower pic too! I don't think any of the pictures you took were bad, they're real. We should all embrace our true selves a bit more! Thank you for the response and I'll check back in this evening!

Okay, 5 weeks out. Still undecided because while...

Okay, 5 weeks out. Still undecided because while I do see a slight difference its the cost vs. benefit ratio I have a problem with. In these pics I do have some powder, blush, gloss and mascara on because I was looking particularly haggard today! Also, you will see my kitty Snoopy's opinion on all this folly! I think I will wait till my 2 month mark before posting more pics to see if there is a more noticeable change if I don't take pics weekly. Hope this helps you make an informed decision.
How do you feel about your doctor? If you had a chance to do it again do you go with him or your friends nurse? Do you mind to send me your doctors name and your friends nurse because im in your area? Thank you

Misslpc1, I'm going to be very curious what you decide with the cost/benefit ratio. That tends to be how I think of things as well. Thanks for posting more pictures - love that snoopy snuck in there! Maybe he is considering some sort of procedure for his backside & was hoping to gather some opinions? ;)

Yes, Snoopy is actually a girl and is considering a tummy tuck as she's never quite got her figure back after being spayed. I've told her that until she gets a job she's just going to have to wear spanx like the test of us!

I said I wasn't going to post until I was 2 months...

I said I wasn't going to post until I was 2 months out BUT since I am going to get Dysport and a bit of Restylane tomorrow I thought I better post new pics before I do in order to give you the most accurate critique.

I feel pretty much the same as I did at 5 weeks and I think I'm at about 6.5 weeks now. I see a little difference but I still don't know if it's worth it at $3,500. My results seem to be coming very slowly thus the Drysport and Restylane. My birthday is in a month so I need so instant gratification!

P.S. The Doc I see for injections is not the same Doc that did the Ultherapy. I've just been using this Doc for a long time and I trust him to not 'Lohan' me. He is also very reasonable in his pricing. I hate it when Doc's charge Botox or Dysport by 'area'. I like to pay by unit because I don't get very much.
I don't think ulthera kicks in till 8-12 weeks so now that it's August any news?

I also had ulthera recently, and have a similar neck to yours (but more sun damaged). The Dr said I wouldn't get a great benefit from Ulthera there, and would be better off with lipo. I went and got ulthera anyway, not quite ready for lipo.
Am I missing something here? If what we see above is the set of before and after pictures, I see an amazing difference! Or is this after the restalyne and botox?
I appreciate your informatin and perspective about using a nurse practitioner vs a MD. I am still interested in learning more about your friend's provider. Would you mind sharing the name of the.nurse practitioner that performed your friend's Ultherapy? Thank you for all the wonderful information.

Hi everyone, so here I am at 3 months and change. ...

Hi everyone, so here I am at 3 months and change. I feel I can now for sure see a difference in my jowl area but you can judge for yourself. And in full disclosure I did have a Restylne and Dysport treatment about a month and a half ago. You can see the before pics I took before I went. I had the Restylene done on the marionette lines and a little put in my lips. As to whether or not it is worth it I still have to say undecided because of the cost vs. benefit issue. The price seems to vary by geographical location so I think it would be wise to get prices from different places. That might require a little traveling but if it saves you $1,000 it would be worth it. What I'm obsessing about now is my neck and how crepey the skin is getting. When I requested the Ultherapy be done all the way down my neck the doctor said that it wasn't shown to be effective in that area which does not make sense to me. If it makes collagen in one area why not the other? My last thought for this post is that if you have this done I strongly suggest you have the procedure performed by and MD. There have been pictures and stories showing some people have been burned by the procedure and as this happened to me with laser hair removal when performed by an RN (who was very well trained and recommended) I just don't think it's smart to trust your face to anyone other than a doctor. (And yes I sued and won.) So just be smart about the whole thing, if you have money to burn then sure go for it, if on the other hand you have credit card debt or other bills to pay then I'd say do that and wait for the prices to come down as they surely will once more doctors have the machine and competition drives the price down.
You look terrific!
You look very good. But you seem to have great skin to begin with.
Thanks for your August update. Yeah, it's so disappointing about the neck, that's the one place where this would be REALLY useful.

I do see some improvement on our neckline though. Perhaps the tightening around the jawline helps lift the whole neck and give it a better curve.

And I agree about the cost. Only for the few who really do have a few grand to blow. Credit cards and other debts are priority one.

I decided to have a second Ultheray treatment...

I decided to have a second Ultheray treatment January 9th 2013. The second treatment was originally quoted to me at $1,500 but since they now include the neck area they charged me $2,300 bringing my total Ultheapy expense to $5,800. So is it worth it? $5,800 is about $7,500 before tax income which for a lot of people is a few months salary. In my opinion only do it if you have a lot of money and no debt. You will see much more dramatic results with a lower face lift or eye lift than you will with Ultherapy but as I'm afraid of surgery I decided to give it another go especially since my main obsession now is my neck that is getting crepey. I have seen that there are other doctors offering specials including Ultherapy, Botox and Filler for around $3,500 which seems like a great deal to me, my only concern is that I still believe that the procedure should be performed by an MD for safety reasons and that low price makes me suspect that the work is being done by a nurse or PA.

I's been a week and a half since the second procedure and I still feel the strange hard to describe feeling in my forehead and a bit of soreness in my face and neck. Somehow this encourages me since at least I know something happened in there. I had bruises on my neck for a week that made it look like I had hickies all over. Thankfully it was cold and I was able to wear scarves. The bruises were likely caused by the lidocaine injections not the Ultherapy itself.

I'll post more pictures when I am at my one year mark so you can get a really solid of idea of what kind of results you might attain.
I Definitely see marked improvement in your jawline and chin area. It is so much more defined now! You look beautiful!!
Just an FYI, my mother had botox in her neck as an experiment with her dermatologist a while ago and it worked.
I know you don't plan to update your pictures until your 1 year mark, but I am curious if you are seeing any changes since your second treatment. Your last pictures looked really great!
Palo Alto Dermatologist

The doctor is great. Followed up with me by phone two days after the procedure to be sure I wasn't experiencing any adverse effects. First treatment $3,500. Second treatment $2,300.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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