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Tummy Tuck - Walnut Creek, CA

Hanging skin after 3 pregnancies and Weight Loss...

Hanging skin after 3 pregnancies and Weight Loss Surgery

I had my surgery Monday and am pretty sore still...

I had my surgery Monday and am pretty sore still but am amazing even with all the swelling how much smaller my mid section is! Dr. Behmand removed 5.9 pounds of tissue from my stomach and another 4 pounds with lipo from my back and flanks. I passed out a few times at the surgery center. The first time I got up to pee I passed out on the toilet! The nurses there are wonderful and never let me fall, they called the Dr. and he came right over to check on me. I was very impressed by how attentive and caring he was and how well they all worked together. Once my garments were loosened the passing out stopped. I am able to get up and down on my own now but it does hurt like hell. Cant wait to feel 100 percent!

Feeling a lot less pain but super constipated. Im...

Feeling a lot less pain but super constipated. Im afraid yo even try and push hard and pull internal stitches. How easily do those bad boys pop?

Starting to feel so much better! Lots of swelling...

Starting to feel so much better! Lots of swelling still. I ho that subsides soon.

I am two weeks and one day out from my TT. I had a...

I am two weeks and one day out from my TT. I had a follow up with Dr.Behmand and he replaced the tape on my incision and packed my belly button and placed a new bandage on it. I am still pretty swollen but moving around well and wear my compression garment 24/7. Cant wait to be at 6 weeks out and able to DANCE!!! Im dying to hit the club!

Feeling even better. Lipo still hurts like hell...

Feeling even better. Lipo still hurts like hell and Im pretty swollen, more so in the evenings though. Already down to a 4 or 6 from my 9 or 11s since the TT

So I am 5 weeks out today and feeling pretty good....

So I am 5 weeks out today and feeling pretty good. Loving the results. I am tired of the binder and cant wait till I don't have to wear it all the time. I am still very very swollen from my belly button to the incision.

I am now a little over a year out from my tummy...

I am now a little over a year out from my tummy tuck and love it more than ever. I had my tummy tuck at 159, was 149 after and 135 today. Love my new shape more than words can say. Doing my breasts in December!

two years out

I am still loving my tummy tuck. I do wish I had gone all the way around now and am looking at extending my tummy tuck when I do my breasts. I am hoping to do them next spring in between jobs. We shall see.

3 years out

Love my tummy three years out! But want to extend my incision around as a lbl in back.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I loved his before and afters. Office staff were wonderful on the phone when i called for the first time and even better in person. He is just an all around great guy, not cocky like a lot of surgeons but still aggresive in his approach and results. He is a God without a God complex..... Love this man... And he's kinda handsome.... I mean that's always a plus, right?

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you are beautiful. what a transformation!
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You look wonderful! I'm getting a full LBL from Dr. B on June 16 with some fat grafting that will be put back in my butt. A lot of my volume is in my upper butt area and don't want to lose ANY volume back there. Dr. B promised that I'd have at least as much with an improved shape. I can't wait.
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That's awesome! I can't wait to see ur results! I so regret not doing the lbl I hate my lower back n butt :( I used another dr fort breasts though I'm now having issues with those! If I can afford it I'll have dr b continue my scar around back n do fat grafts to my booty
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I will document my recovery as best as I can. It's just 2.5 weeks away now. I bet your recovery will be easier if you extend your incision all the way around (you look great NOW in your pics though) as your stomach and MR are already healed. I nervous about the first week around as I'll have so much pain in front and have to stay off my butt for a few weeks.
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those are amazing results! the scar healed incredibly well! did you do anything special?
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WOW!!! I am so thrilled for you ! I can only hope to have a cute belly button and flat shape like this. Your scars look incredible too, you can barely see them! Did you use silicone strips or and creams/oils/gels?? How tall are you?
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Hi u continue to look great! I'm dr behmand's patient and got my TT and ba bl done a few weeks ago! Quick question - how long did you wear your compression garment?
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Hi..I noticed you just did an updated in June... Thanks for coming back and doing the update...a lot of people you just see them three months out and that's it.....it's great to see a review and photos one year later...your scar is totally invisible! I did 't know what you meant when you were looking to "do a tummy tuck all the way around?" About how much was your Tt, if you don't mind me asking?-thanks!
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Hello, I know you haven't posted in a while but I am thinking of using this Dr. I would LOVE it if you would give us an update. I'd love to hear how your recovery was and see what your scar and results are looking like now. I am also thinking of doing tummy and lipo, then doing breasts later, so I'd love to hear how the breasts turned out too. I think you look fantastic so far. How tall are you by the way? Thanks!
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Hi there, I posted some pics of my current results. I have yet to do my breasts. Hopefully next spring. The scaring has been so minimal. Two of my friends have since used Behmand and loved their results as well. One went back for a second set of procedures just Monday
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wow! u look perfect!
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Hi there! You sealed it for me! Dr B it is!! I met with him. Need to just my hubby meet am decide on my surgery date. I has been wondering since he is an hour away. I met with Anna and Ashley too. Nice staff. Thanks for posting your review. I can't thank you enough!!'
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Sorry for the typos ;-). Bye I'm getting TT BA BL lipo arms and lipo flanks and outer thigh. The lipo is not a lot. I'm 120 pounds. Just a few things here and there. Under 6 hrs in surge center and 26-27k.
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Congrats on your 1 year anniversary that's awesome! Hope you update your current results soon. It would give us girls who are weeks, months out something to look forward to on how great we will look in one year. :)
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