36 years old, 3 kids. Updated pics of LBL, BBL, and hernia repair!!!!! Walnut Creek, CA

I've been stalking the website since I booked my...

I've been stalking the website since I booked my surgery. I love it, but am now more confused than when I got the strength to book it!

Like many of you ladies, I've needed my tummy repaired since I had my first child 15 years ago. I've had the umbilical hernia since I had my second child 10 years ago. Fast forward to 2011, I was the healthiest I've ever been with Insanity. I got remarried to my soulmate that year. I was living with my skin because I hadn't closed the baby shop yet. In 10/2011, I hurt my back herniating two disks and rupturing one to a bulge at work. I got pregnant with my 18 month old in 12/2011. The last couple years have been painful, but so rewarding.

By November 2013, I was still up 38 pounds from my wedding weight. I had back surgery 1/16/2014 to remove the bulge and I'm still in physical therapy. I found a healthy whole foods, non starvation diet and and 9 pounds from my goal today. The PS I chose advises to be within 10 pounds of your goal when you have surgery so I've scheduled. My nerve is not healed from my injury yet, but I figured it's best to heal at once.

I've chosen Dr. Behman in Walnut Creek to do my surgery.

Here's a couple quick pic's...

So Many Decisions

So, as of today, I'm scheduled to get a LBL. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to go that route. I'm debating getting just an extended tummy tuck, lipo on the flanks, and lifting the a$$ a bit with grafting. I've got estimates for all scenarios. I don't have a ton of extra skin in the rear, it's more deflated. I'd love advice from some veterans in this area.

More info about my current size...

I'm 5' 10.5" and weigh 158 lbs. I plan to lose 10 more by 6/16/14, which is my surgery date. I've lost 5 since my initial consultation.

I measure 33" around the ribs but 39" around the bust (I do have implant.)

The smallest part of my waist is about 30" when I'm standing tall and flexing my muscles (not sucking it in though).

My hips measure about 39.5" but narrower around but butt as it indents now from deflation and I know it's going to get worse as I lose these last 10 pounds.

I'd like my waist smaller and my butt to round back out. If I get the LBL, is it going to just get smaller?

Also, there's about 3.5" between my bottom rib to the top of my hipbone. Can I reasonably anticipate my waist to shrink a couple inches?

The cuts have to be extended, as my flimsiest skin is my love handles. I do plan to leave my inner thighs alone for now.

More picture...

Here's more pictures... I don't have the best lighting so the quality doesn't show all of my stretch marks on my love handles. My stomach skin thankfully faired ok as far as stretch marks are concerned, but I was left with way too much skin. It's must apparent with anything touching my skin, sitting down, or the classic "muffin top." I thought more pictures would be helpful when asking for veteran advice.
Congrats... I'm scheduled for 6/13. We're so close now...so exciting!
Yay, another buddy! Let me check out your review.
Yes... We do have similar shapes but you have a killer butt! You don't need to touch it. I def don't have your butt, lol. I only had a TT and the muscle repair. No lipo. On my hips would have been nice but my dr isn't a lipo fan.

Made Another Appointment

So, I haven't gotten a lot of feedback. I've been combing through these reviews like crazy. I'm pretty certain that I do want to get fat grafting done on the rear end. I am concerned about recovery. How can I heal with an incision all the way around my body, muscle repair, and not being able to sit on my newly fluffed butt?

Will it be any easier if the incision isn't in back if I still can't sit on my my butt?

So... I e-mailed my PS a lot of questions I have. It looks like I am not going to get the results I want without going for the LBL. The laxity of my love handles and my "muffin top" is very bothersome to me. My doctor doesn't want to short change me by doing all of out communication in writing though so he's going to see me again in person next Tuesday, April 22nd. In this appointment, we will be looking a pictures of his patients that had only extended tummy tucks as well as patients that had lower body lifts with and without fat grafting. He will go over with me, on me, what results I can expects with either procedure I get as well as the recovery risks. I am so thankful that I chose a local doctor and have the ability to do this because if I had not, I would not be able to do this. It's amazing how many questions that have arisen since I booked the procedure, that I didn't have prior. I feel like it was a dream until I booked it. Now, it's the real deal.

My weight has been consistent. I've been walking, doing squats, lunges, push ups, and using dumb bells for toning and to try to stay healthy. As of today, I'm one day shy of two months until my surgery!

You and I sound very similar. I was going back and forth on the LBL vs extended TT for the exact same reasons. The size of the incision scares and confuses me - comfort, recovery, etc.. What I've come to find out from other reviewers and surgeons is that the back incision is actually the easiest part of the surgery. I haven't scheduled my surgery date yet, but I hope to get this done late summer/early fall. Good luck with everything, and keep us posted with your progress! You'll do great!
I will definitely. Hopefully I can make my mind up and mentally prepare after meeting with my PS next Tuesday again. I just read another review of an extended TT with great results. Gah! It doesn't make things any easier. LOL!
Thanks, have you started purchasing the items that you will need post op?

I've Made Up My Mind

So, I had that appointment with Dr. Behmand last week. I had the opportunity to look at before and after photos of patients that had both procedures. He was also able to show me, on me, what skin can be removed through the TT and what can't. With my 3 daughters, my stomach actually faired better than my flanks in regards to stretch marks and my skin in the flanks is very lax. SOOO.... I'm going to move forward with the circumferential incision. I brought my shapewear to my appointment and that is my goal. The PS says that I can EXPECT to look similar after it's said and done

I've lost a couple more pounds, and standing up my figure looks ok. The skin is horrible though when I sit, lean, or have ANY elastic around my waist.

I've attached current pics with additional weight loss and my stomach "flexed" as well as a picture in the shapewear that is my GOAL shape.
You are going to look great after surgery. You are already nice and slim!
I hope to have a result similar to yours. I, like you, didn't reach "the point of no return" until giving birth to my 3rd child. There's a HUGE gap between my second and third children, meaning that my body was much older when it refused to bounce back.
Hi there I am set for may 21 But I did want to ask u which under garment are you wearing I that last picture ? It seems to hold everything in

So Much Has Been Going On But...

I got my daughter to get the shots of the dreaded plank position that I wanted to share...
I've been on Temporary Total Disability due to my work related back injury for over a year. The payments ran out and has left me beyond stressed about continuing to pay bills (from savings) and me needing to pay off the very expensive surgery that I meticulously planned based on when I will have the needed help and support. I'm trying to figure this out as surgery is 3.5 weeks away. It has to happen as scheduled, otherwise, I may not get the time and support for at least another year to year and a half. I'll write more after I get it figured out. Here's the pics for now...
You are the ideal candidate for this surgery! You have a fantastic shape, and can anticipate marvelous results....Wishing you an easy recovery and the results you are hoping for!
Thank you so much! If my results are half as good as yours, I'll be over the moon! It's in THREE WEEKS! I'm so excited and slightly nervous about my recovery for
Oops! Posted too soon! The nerves are about surviving the first week of recovery.

Three weeks!

Just a quick update as I'm still here documenting my journey. I hope I can help someone else once I'm done as I've learned so much from this website.

I've been quite stressed as I have had confusion with my disability payments and have my pre op tomorrow. I have been living off my savings for the last month and have $14,800 due to the surgeon. I spoke to the adjuster with my disability and it should be straightened out by the end of the week, but my appointment is tomorrow. I'm honestly scared to pay that money out without a letter in my hand confirming that the claim and issues have been resolved. I may take a leap of faith tomorrow.

As for surgery prep... I met with my primary doctor for my back a few weeks ago. Dr. B wanted clearance from him to perform the surgery as I had a Discectomy in January (you can see the scar on my lower back) and still under his care for pain management and monitoring my physical therapy. My back doctor gave the green light since I'm having my hernia repaired and can cause more problems if it remains left alone AND the muscle repair can possible help out later. YAY! I had my physical with my general practitioner last Tuesday. All went well. I've been taking apple cider vinegar in addition to my weight loss. My doctor was very happy to see my blood pressure down to 112/72 from 139/80 in January. I know the vinegar has lowered it as that's the only major change. I have my appointment with the lab tomorrow morning and my pre op is the last appointment of the day tomorrow. Once the blood work is processed and sent to Dr. B, I'm good to go! So freaking exciting!!

So, I'll probably update again sooner than later as my pro op is tomorrow and want to keep current on here with everything surgery related.

I'm going to post my sweet girl that I carried with a ruptured disk over a bulging disc. This sweet girl contributed to my hernia I now have as well.
You are going to look so awesome!!! I can't wait to see your results!!!
You look great now so one can only imagine how incredible you're gonna be!!! Best of luck to you.:)
Awe... Thanks! I have high hopes and I'm praying my doctor can deliver the results. ;•)

19 Days and Counting...

The excitement is growing! Yesterday morning, I had another appointment with my GP to get my blood work done. My physical was last week so I just need my doctor to fax over the results and then I'm GOLDEN!!! I'm not too concerned about getting the green light as I've had three surgeries for miscellaneous reason in the past and my blood work has never been an issue, but there's always the shred of doubt since I want this surgery so bad AND I scheduled the date for the only time that works for my families schedule. If I have hiccups, it can spoil everything if I can't fix it quickly. I'm sure you other mommas to school aged children know how that works, right?

I had my pre op yesterday. It relieved a lot of the nervousness that I've been feeling over the last week. One of my pre surgery instructions actually surprised me. One that stands out is NO vitamins or supplements beginning 10 days before surgery. I've read countless reviews of people taking cocktails of vitamins in preparation for surgery. That's another "thing" that shows how different the surgeons are. Dr. B is great at what he does so I'm definitely following the doctors orders. He's got ASPS "Patient's Choice Award" the last 5 years, he's an instructor of Plastic Surgery, and has rights in the 5 best hospitals in the area. My surgery is at a hospital as well, which adds to the cost, but I'm going to be operated on for 7-7.5 hours so I want it done where they have the equipment to handle business in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. I did get permission to continue my iron that has vitamin C for absorption, Folic Acid, B12, and copper. I had a picture of it and he approved it. He looked me in the eye and said, "Iron and Vitamin C are great for you. I will let you resume taking it, but NO OTHER SUPPLEMENTS (caps were said with stern face). They are not regulated by the FDA and I don't feel comfortable with you having any unknowns in your body with major surgery." Point taken.

I also got my prescription for my antibiotic along with instructions for taking it; three the night before, one when I get home from surgery, and then one every six hours until gone. I'm currently in pain management and on meds for my herniated disc in my back, so he wrote me a note for my pain management doctor so he can prescribe me something that's going to actually work. I have that appointment on the 6th of June. We agreed that if the PM doctor doesn't want to manage my pain post surgery, the Dr. B will write me a prescription for 10-350 Percocet. I find that also very responsible of Dr. B to send me to the man that's been dispensing the pain meds this far to assure that I have something strong enough to help me manage the pain after having built a bit of a tolerance to meds having had to live the last couple years with serious back issues.

I do have "knock-knees" as well. I was thinking I may want the fat in the inner knee lipo'd
The excitement is growing! Yesterday morning, I had another appointment with my GP to get my blood work done. My physical was last week so I just need my doctor to fax over the results and then I'm GOLDEN!!! I'm not too concerned about getting the green light as I've had three surgeries for miscellaneous reason in the past and my blood work has never been an issue, but there's always the shred of doubt since I want this surgery so bad AND I scheduled the date for the only time that works for my families schedule. If I have hiccups, it can spoil everything if I can't fix it quickly. I'm sure you other mommas to school aged children know how that works, right?

I had my pre op yesterday. It relieved a lot of the nervousness that I've been feeling over the last week. One of my pre surgery instructions actually surprised me. One that stands out is NO vitamins or supplements beginning 10 days before surgery. I've read countless reviews of people taking cocktails of vitamins in preparation for surgery. That's another "thing" that shows how different the surgeons are. Dr. B is great at what he does so I'm definitely following the doctors orders. He's got ASPS "Patient's Choice Award" the last 5 years, he's an instructor of Plastic Surgery, and has rights in the 5 best hospitals in the area. My surgery is at a hospital as well, which adds to the cost, but I'm going to be operated on for 7-7.5 hours so I want it done where they have the equipment to handle business in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. I did get permission to continue my iron that has vitamin C for absorption, Folic Acid, B12, and copper. I had a picture of it and he approved it. He looked me in the eye and said, "Iron and Vitamin C are great for you. I will let you resume taking it, but NO OTHER SUPPLEMENTS (caps were said with stern face). They are not regulated by the FDA and I don't feel comfortable with you having any unknowns with major surgery."

I have knock knees too. I was fancying the idea of having the fat lipo'd from the inner side to camouflage them. I mentioned it in the appointment and he shot it down immediately. He said that "it would significantly increase the risk of blood clots "and he's going to make sure I go home to my babies. Thank you Dr. B for putting my health before money!

Dr. B had a final exam on me in the appointment. He measured me for my compression garment and had some kind words for me. He said, "You already look good SoonHopefully. Your so tall that everything looks fine when you're standing and your waist is tiny. Many people would question why you're having surgery."

I replied, "And the I sit down and all the extra skin rolls up like a puppy."

We shared a laugh. He continued, "Exactly why I'm here. You do look good, especially for having 3 children. You know what that means for me right?"

I said, "That you need to do a great job?" with a big smile.

He agreed. "I have to do a great job to make you look amazing for this surgery to be worth your money and down time. I will do just that!"

THAT is why I chose Dr. B! He's real, honest, confident without being cocky AT all, and most importantly, he leaves his patients happy with their results.

Here's a link to his background for those researching a doctor in the SF Bay Area...

Sorry the last post repeated...

I'm posting this from my phone. Apparently as I was saving what I'd written in case it didn't update, I pasted it too... Oops!

I forgot to post the vitamin too. I buy it from Vitamin Shoppe. It's their store brand.

And here's that link of Dr. B's Vitals profile...

He speaks 3 languages as well; Farsi, German, and Persian
Yay! Sounds like you're all ready to go! I can't wait for my pre-op appointment next week--I think it'll all feel real then. But, I am also nervous about the blood work. What if something is wrong and I have to delay surgery? That would super suck!
Girl! That's exactly how I feel. There's never been an issue with my vitamin and iron levels, but I can't get comfortable until I've got the green light.
Hey girl hit me up via txt 408 888 1853! I'm Jen! I love Dr. B!!! Hoping to add the rear body lift to my tt when my current nanny job ends... With in a year or so. Still want to do an inner thigh lift as well but will do that last ;)

Thirteen Days From Today

I will be joining the flat side with a tighter, perkier ass too!

The last few days have been eventful in my home. We had been planning a family mini vacay to Anaheim to watch my husband and his band perform at the Extreme Auto Fest at the Angel's stadium. The plan was to leave midnight Friday morning. Wouldn't you know, the 1 year old woke up sick Wednesday afternoon after nap? That wasn't enough though, my husband's 13 year old "commuter" died (timing chain) on a country road 14 miles away from civilization. It took the tow truck FOUR HOURS to get to him so he didn't even get in from work until almost 10 pm. That left me awake and loading my CX-7 for myself and the three girls as well as packing everything on his list, but the type that needs to finalize his bags, especially since he was going to be performing for his largest audience yet (he's lead vocals).

My parents came to pick up our 4-legged daughter Thursday since I was kind of stuck. The let me know my sister, who'd been hospitalized for 12 days at that point for nasty infections in her right lower leg) is in jeopardy of losing her leg as the doctors had not been able to get her infection in control at that point, despite 4 different IV antibiotics and 2 surgeries to clean out dead flesh.

The news of my sister weighed heavy on me all weekend. My husband and his band were just amazing at their show. We woke and hit the road early so we can get home and see my sister. We did get back to town with enough time to go see her and I'm glad we did. My husband had Monday off as vacay day too. We had to cancel Disney. Monday had been set aside for my husband to study for his final in his apprenticeship that was tonight. We discovered yesterday morning that his school book was left in our hotel room 400 miles away so we addressed his transportation issue.

Well, the car isn't worth fixing. It's been having more problems with its age and it's imperative that he has a reliable car as he has 3 more years (out of 5) left of his apprenticeship. SOOO... Yesterday we went car shopping and we found a great sale at the Chevy dealership in addition to a salesman that's buddies with my uncle and ended up buying a fully loaded 2014 Silverado Crew Cab for under $35 grand. He's happy of course as that us what he's wanted for several years.

My sister finally took a turn in the right direction yesterday and it appears the doctors are FINALLY getting the infections under control. If you ladies do pray, she needs all that she can get and would appreciate if you'd say one for her. ;-)

Anyways, with all the life events, I haven't done anything towards surgery prep. I pray that the few days prior to surgery go a little smoother than the last few days have gone. The good thing is the last 5 days past so quickly. The bad part is that I don't feel prepared for surgery yet.

I wishing everyone happy healing and/or a smooth life leading up to surgery.
WOW! First off I'm so sorry about your sister! I'm praying for her! God is good and there is a reason for everything that happens in life. I'm happy that HOPEFULLY that her infection is completely controlled now and she doesn't have to be in pain and worry about her legs. Thank goodness for Doctors! Congratulations to your husband and his big apparence! How amazing! Definitely an accomplishment. How awesome that you guys got a new truck but not so awesome on how is happened. That sucks that the other vehicle crapped out on him. But who doesn't like things new :-) I'm hoping nothing major happens from now and surgery time. The last thing your body needs is stress. Pray about everything and give it to God, that's what he is there for among other things! I know I've already said it but you're going to have amazing results! I'm excited for you :-)


Anybody have butt augmentation with a tummy tuck or LBL? HOW did you sleep?

I found this cushion set that I'm considering buying. If anybody has suggestions that won't cost me $150-$200, PLEASE HELP?!?!

Surgery is 12 days away and my nerves are kicking in. My sister was going to be my ride to the hospital and she's not going to be out of the hospital. Doctor said 3 more weeks would be if everything starts going great and if her wounds heal slow (she's obese and that doesn't help) then she could be in there for 2 more months. O_o

Link to cushions...
Wow from me too, so glad your sister is doing better, I was going to ask if she was under hyperbolic treatment in the hospital to kill the infection. I did 7 treatments to help with healing for my LBL. This is the only treatment for those who have that flesh eating disease, so that's what made me think if it.. anyway so glad they seem to have it under control now. So happy everything is coming together for you. I am confident you are going to sail though surgery and be feeling great in no time. At two weeks, I was feeling pretty good, I got back my get up and go....it just turns out, I can't go all that far...haha I will be fine one minute and then I need to lay down and go to sleep. I wasn't sure what to expect since people seem to be all over the page as far as healing goes, but as of today, I now wake up feeling like my old self, in my mind I think I can do anything, but I know better that I will give out at some point, could be right in the middle of doing or going somewhere, so I watch it...Wow you are going to be smoking hot, most likely a 22 inch waist...Us long girls can do things there that others only dream about...haha As far as the BBL goes, that has been the hardest part of this whole thing for me. I had the attached flanks added for extra fullness, not fat injections, so I think those might feel a little harder in there. Anyway every hour or so I still wake up with a numb butt...having to make some sort of adjustment maybe a pillow or just a slight move. I never had to use a recliner, but it seems it was even worse in the hospital bed that could have been since it was days 1-5...seems to be getting better now that I can lay flat, not as much pressure on it I guess... I am very happy with the results so far as I always have had a very flat and wide a** in the past! I will be watching and praying for you, so excited!!!!
Oh wow! Thank you so much for all the kind words and insight! My sister is not being treated with hyperbolic treatment. My mother was pushing for it, but the hospital isn't set up for it. When a transfer was requested for treatment, they told her that it's only used to heal the outside and she needs the healing on the inside. I think that theory is BS, but not a whole lot I can do. I thought about the recliner. I've decided to order those positioning pillows though. I don't want to spend that much time on my back/butt for the first few weeks until the fat has had time to attach to a blood supply. I know I'm making things complicated by doing the procedures together, but I have one window of opportunity to recover this year, and it's when my older girls are on Summer break. Honestly, the first week or two of my recovery is the only thing making me nervous. I would feel so blessed to have a recovery go as smooth as yours has so far! You are looking great!
Thank you so much for the extra prayers... and the kind words!! I've definitely been praying myself as well. My sister isn't free from infection, or pain yet, but is improving. The first 12 days after being admitted, she'd continued getting worse.


I can't believe it's so close. The weekend flew by as we were celebrating my husband and his Birthday all weekend. No complaints here. The side effect to all that "celebrating" is that I feel heavy and bloated today. We are going out tonight as well. The good news is that I'm only up to 159.2, which is only a 1.2 pound gain. I don't think bloating is good for the best surgery results though.

In preparation for my big day, I've quit taking my multivitamin, tumeric, garlic, and Meloxicam. I decided that I'd do the 3-day fruit cleanse fast beginning Friday to rid myself of the bloat and the extra garbage in my body after letting loose for a few days to celebrate my Husband.

As for getting the house in order for surgery? I've still got a lot of work to do in that department. LOL!

Well, I'm off to celebrate once again. I'd still love some feedback on how you veterans found comfort sleeping without sabotaging your butt augmentation results? Also, WHERE do they sell bromelain? I'd love to add that to my post surgery supplements.
I heard a boppy pillow works or cutting a hole into a cheap foldable chair. Crazy I know but they say it works. Eeeekkkk getting closer
SO close!!! I can't believe it! So, so people sleep on there back on the Boppy? I can't picture it. I still have one from my 1 year old that I planned to use to "sit" as well and a dense foam yoga mat! I'm just trying to imagine what incision would be the best to lay on after surgery.
Good luck on your upcoming surgery!


I'm excited and anxious all in one. I can't wait to be on the road to recovery. The next few days will be spent cleaning, doing laundry, and shopping for both supplements as well as food. It's going to be a minute before I get to the grocery store and my husband is only good for running out and getting the basics (bread, milk, eggs, chicken) and that's about it. Hopefully he will help me out with my fruits and veggies since there's really no way to "stock up" on them.

That's pretty much all that's new here. I'm trying to stay busy and off RealSelf right now as a mean to keep my nerves in check. I hope everyone is healing well or staying calm and focused if you've not had surgery yet. I booked 3 months early and that's a long time to overthink things.

Also, if someone can tell me a brick and mortar store that carries bromelain, I'd be forever greatful?
Well wishes and quick healing to you!! Keep us posted!
Good luck tomorrow!! I am SO excited for us!!!
Good luck! You will do great

Less Than 8.5 HOURS!!

That's right! I will be reporting to the surgery center/hospital at 6:30 am. The surgery center has online registration so all I have to do once there is identify myself and pay $3,167 for the facility and 2 garments. It will be off to prep for surgery from there. I can't believe it's finally here.

Let me start off by thanking y'all for the well wishes in the comments. The support here really is nothing short of amazing and makes me feel so much better to have so much support. I'd be lost without RealSelf and the amazing dolls that make it what it is.

This weekend, I've been able to accomplish all that I set out to! I have filled my pantry and refrigerator, purchased all of my supplies and set them up on my dresser and bathroom counter so they are easily accessed (besides my shower chair that's in place my walker that is at the top of the stairs waiting for me), had laundry caught up as of today for my whole household AND put away, and found time to get a recall taken care of on my car and go on a date with my husband Friday. Being busy like that is good for me to keep from stressing. Let me say that now it's all done, I'm feeling a calmness that's hiding my craziness that my thoughts bring.

I've ate my last meal, shaved my muff, taken my first heavy dose of antibiotics with some prebiotics, and taken a dose of Arnica Montana. I'm as ready now as I'll ever be ladies. I'm going try to get a few hours sleep if I can. If I can't, I'll probably be back on RS. Hehehe! I will update quickly tomorrow once I'm out of the OR and well.

Prayers to all the ladies also having surgery tomorrow. You will be in my heart tomorrow. I hope you ladies that are recovering are healing well and complication free and to the ladies that are still undecided...I hope you soon find the answers you're looking for so you can move to the next phase of your journey. Good night ladies. ;•*
hi, thinking of you! hope everything went well.. you are in good hands..dont worry...if you are in pain, remember it will pass...i looked at your pics...you will have a great result...my skin overhang was much more and i am feeling a lot better than before...you'll do good ;-)
Thinking of you!
Praying for safe and healthy recovery! Two days for me eeeek! Can't wait to see your results!

I Made It

However, the pain is horrible. The whole evening itself was not kind to me. So, after surgery, the nurse wakes me up around 6:30 pm. At that point, I was looking for my mom that had agreed to support me and pick up me and my car up. She wasn't around. I asked the nurse and the nurse had been trying to reach her for over a half hour. Of course that going to make me panic. They gave me my phone and I had text my husband and sister to try to reach her. Well, she didn't answer their calls either. My sister did confirm that my mom had plans with her sister to take my grandfather to dinner. So...my husband that had just got it from work at 7 pm had to leave right then to pick up my cousin and come to the hospital which is an hour drive away. All of this fiasco had my spirits just shredded to pieces and crying like a baby. I couldn't believe my mom would do that to me. Let me tell you, crying HURTS the abs too.

Well, while trying to figure this all out, Dr. B came in to see me. He gave me some last minute pointers and told me about surgery. He let me know that the surgery ended up taking 9 hours and 39 minutes. I guess the hernia was giving Dr. B trouble and ended up taking much longer to get it closed and secured. His bedside manners are impeccable. Despite everything going on with my transportation and the level of pain that I was experiencing, everything seemed like it was going to be ok while Dr. B was in the room.

Moving on. My husband arrived at about 8:30 pm. He came in and got my car keys to get my pillows out and send my cousin on his way. My hubby will pick my car up from his house today. Hubby came back in and comforted me emotionally, signed all the paper work, helped me to the bathroom (That was tough, especially in a crotchless girdle. I had to squat and straddle the toilet in order to not get the girdle dirty. OUCH! I did buy an oil funnel in an oblong shape and a splash guard and it works SOOO much better for me. I highly recommend buying one if you are going to be in a Faja type garment post surgery.) and helped the nurses dress me. He is such an amazing man. We finally got out of there around 9:30 pm.

The truck was an experience as well. He kneeled on all 4s to be my stool to get into the truck. Every bump was painful and I had to be in there for an hour to get home. He helped me get settled into our room as I couldn't do ANYTHING. Honestly, every single time I move any part of my body, my middle torso feels like it's on fire. Sometimes it's in front, sometimes it's in back, and sometimes it's all over it.

I couldn't use my new pillow set to sleep on. It doesn't all for my legs to bend enough at the hip. I ended up on my side last night. Laying on my incisions is very painful as well. I haven't slept longer than an hour at a time yet. I'm just way too uncomfortable right now.

On a positive note, both my 10 and 15 year old girls have been great. They are just waiting to help mommy out. My 15 year old made my protein shake (first meal since Sunday night) and my 10 year old has kept the 1 year old happy and entertained in addition to refilling my water cup. Aside from my mother, I'm truly blessed with such an amazing family that I've made for myself and am thanking my lucky stars for them.

That's my full update. I can't take the Faja off for a week under any circumstances. Next Tuesday will be my dressing change so hopefully I can post pics then.

To my sisters that also had surgery yesterday, I hope you girls a feeling better then me (dang hernia) today. May we all have beautiful end results and speedy recoveries.
Oh my goodness....What a way to start off...I can't imagine the extra pain the hernia repair is adding to all of this.... Glad you have your family around you to take care of you. Sorry about the mix up with your Mom, I'm sure she just got confused on the time and and date. I know how stressful this all can be, we prepare and prepare, and then to have things not go as planned....well it's not something we need, and right after surgery too. I'm hoping the pain meds kick in for the pain of the hernia repair. I'm sure your new pillows will be working for you in a couple of days when you have better movement... The first week is the longest...Why is it, that when we are on vacation somewhere that a week can just fly by, but when we are recovering a week seems to take forever??? So, in the meantime, just rest!!! Can't wait to hear how things look when the "garment" can come off...And what you said about the splash guard so true, I didn't have one, so I took the disposable ice bucket from the hotel, that was very mendable and cupped that up there and used it...I took it with me when I left so no one would pull it out of the trash...Lol I will never use a hotel ice bucket again!!! God knows where they have been!
Feel better soon! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom - that's just unacceptable. Nonetheless, focus on YOU, and I'm sure you'll get to feeling better quickly! Keep us posted! Prayers & healing energy coming your way :)
Bless your heart. Hope things are MUCH better tomorrow. Take those pain pills, hun, seriously. Thank goodness for your wonderful hubby and kids. Will check on you again soon. SOFT hugs, :-DSuzy

Day 3 Post Op

Hi all! Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. My hernia repair is still causing a good bit of pain down the front of my abdomen and my back burns when I move from the lipo. My incisions bring pain in waves. My meds are effectively taking the edge off enough to sleep about an hour at a time that I'm thankful for.

Today, I getting a new sensation that I haven't yet experienced. I've been getting the feeling like something in crawling in my skin on my upper abs. Has anyone else experiences this? Are my nerves trying to connect again or is it lack of circulation and blood flow?
Yes I know what u mean by the movement, like it may feel like a baby's foot or fist in my stomach...idk what that is but I've experienced it as well. Happy healing!!!
Hello! I read your comment on my profile and came to read yours. What an ordeal you went through post-surgery. You're very tough to have gone through it, though, and your husband sounds like an angel. You and I are having very similar pains and strange feelings right now. The burning in my back, flanks and hips is crazy. I also feel the crawly sensation and I was told at my pre-op to expect it and that it is the newly severed nerves trying to find each other and connect. Very best wishes to you and happy healing, hun. We'll get through it! :-D

Day 5 PO (pics)

So I've taken some pics in my garment just so I have some early pics to compare to. I'm doing a little better as far as pain is concerned. It's easier to get in/out of bed without crying. I'm not near ready to give up meds, but the meds are actually taking the edge off and I'm taking 1 Perc every 2.5-3hrs as well as 1x30 mg sr morphine every 12 (hours).

My back is really hurting me bad. I have ongoing back problems already, so all of this hunching and not straightening it out in 5 days just makes everything worse. I am using a walker and it definitely helps. I've gotten along with no seat rider for the toilet, but I'm using a funnel. I had my first BM yesterday as well as my second a couple hours later. The first one required a glycerine suppository to get it moving. The second BM was smooth and uneventful. They were both walker assisted since I got the BBL.

Speaking of BBL, I'm curious how that's going to turn out for me. I've sat on it to eat most days, just tried to muting the amount of time. I've slept on my side since day 1, which is challenging on it's own with all the cutting, sucking, and tucking that was done on me on Monday. The thing with side sleeping is that there's still weight on my butt. Let's all just pray that it's not too much weight.

I think it looks good now in the garment. I lost about 3.5-5" of full juicy butt tissue with the lift. Dr. B performed lipo in the flanks, lower back, and lower stomach (only on tissue that was being removed in order to not kill blood supply to "flap" skin. Once all the fat was settled and processed for transfer, there was a good 1,000 cc of donor fat for injection. He put 500 cc on each side. He says that it's normal to retain 75-80% of that. I'm very happy with the shape and all right now, but this is all with the garment on. I get a real peak on Tuesday.

I hope everyone is healing well. I do have a question to LBL ladies, were your upper outer hips and thighs numb after surgery?

Mine were. I've gained back a lot of feeling on the right side and I've got the crawling going on under my skin on the left side today, so I thinks the nerves are trying to mend.
Had LBL by Dr. Behmand 7 months ago and experienced numbness in both upper, outer, thighs. It's better but numbness hasn't completely subsided. Normal but frustrating all the same.
I'd love to see your results by him 7 months out. There are no LBL lift reviews by him here. I saw some at his office. Have you considered writing a review?
Looking great my lovely friend! I'm in no pain at all just swelling in my ankles, calves and Knees. Happy healing :-)

Picture update (post op day 6)

Hi ladies. I peaked today and I'm convinced I figured out why I was hurting SO bad. This is what I can get a shot of without disturbing the CG too much. This is the area that had the hernia that took over 4 hours to repair nice and securely without the use of a mesh. The general surgeon would have used mesh and this was the last straw that pushed me into having the TT/LBL to begin with.

I'm standing about 85-90% erect. I bend my knees as well se my lower back doesn't have to take the whole load.
You look amazing!!!
Thank you my friend!
Very satisfied with his work. I need to get a review up soon. I remember how in the dark I felt searching for information when deciding on which doctor to trust.

Day 8 Update (full pics)

FINALLY, had the great reveal today at my follow up with my PS today. I am not ready to drive yet, so I had my aunt drive me (his office is about 40 miles away from mine) because I'm just not ready to drive yet. I'm am feeling much better. I'm standing closer to erect, but not all the way there yet. I'm not sleeping as much, but needed a nap by the time I got home from my appointment.

At the appointment, Leeanne (Dr. B's Medical Assistant) took off my garment right away. She took all the steri-strips off and unpacked my belly button and then I asked her to take photos of me as I'm documenting my recovery and this is my first time seeing everything. She happily agreed. The first thing I did is jump off the table and head straight to the full length mirror.

Positive things to note about my first view off all of my "work" that I just had done. My ass looks like that of a 20 year old that is blessed with some junk. It's too bad that it's going to go down a bit. My silhouette is also rocking. My mons looks like it did before kids and my cuts are nice and smooth. They are super low and perfectly shaped in front. Will be easy to hide under most types of panties and my scar in the back is placed just right to not make my butt too short or too long. I'm also liking my belly button so far. I guess I should note that the day of surgery, I had a talk with the doctor about it and let him know, as well as showed him pictures of oval belly buttons of a couple RS'ers that I liked. I expressed my preference for shape and the fact that I did *not* want a perfectly round one. It is my opinion that a tiny round belly button looks unnatural and is the most obvious sign of a recent tummy tuck. He was so funny. He assured me that her wouldn't give me a "tummy tuck" belly button and winked. LOL!

Not so nice initial observations. There's one very small spot a bit higher than the rest on my back/butt incision. My lower back and abdomen are both VERY swollen. The areas that are lipoed and were not removed surgically in back are the puffiest. It really takes from the side profile and doesn't help that at all, but today is only day 8, right. There's also still a lot of bruising in front where my tummy experienced the trauma from the hernia repair.

The great doctor came in to examine me after the quick photos Leeanne took of me with my iPhone. He asked of I've been losing weight, which I actually stepped on the scale this morning and am the same weight I was before surgery, so NO, you just did a good job in contouring me and lifting Dr. B. All of the incisions look good. He really checked out the swelling on my back and lower belly making sure there wasn't a seroma forming. He then saw my CG laying on the chair and confirmed that it provides the best compression on the sides and that's why my swelling has settled where it has. I guess a regular binder would have helped with this kind of swelling, but it's all in my tissue and time will resolve it. The CG I'm in is better for helping sculpt me. Please also note that my procedure was drainless and I fully believe that it made my recovery just a little more comfortable. Anyways, the they gave me a couple rolls of paper tape to start applying once the steri tape works itself off, but not before 1 more week. They gave me care instructions for the belly button after they cleaned it, applied more antibiotic ointment, and packed it with another ribbon thing soaked in more stuff and covered it back up with a waterproof bandage. I will leave all alone for another week. Come back in 3 weeks and call if I have any questions or concerns. All in all, it was a great appointment.

I'll posting the fully-Monty pictures. I don't have an app to edit stuff out so... Tell me what you all think?
Looking fabulous!!
Awe... Thank you so much!
Your butt looks awesome. Starting to regret not adding a BBL the my LBL. The change in my mons was also a nice surprise post-surgery. Dr. Behmand has an eye for aesthetics.


I've concluded that this CG isn't going the trick. It's a size L and the only place on the size chart it was accurate in sizing is my hips. My waist was small enough for a medium pre-surgery.

Should I just buy a waist binder to wear over it?

Should I order a new on a size smaller? Any suggestions?
Hi. Enjoyed reading your story. I am 6 days post op and sooo swollen. I'm not game enough to take off the garment as I know I won't get it back on. I didn't have drains either. Hurts to cough still and I'm about 95% straight. I'm sleeping in a recliner Won't try a bed until I can get up from supine position on my own. Have stopped pain meds and will see how I go. I'm impatient, wish I was 6 weeks post op. .
My garment didn't come off until I was at the surgeon's office either. I bet the arm lift makes it much more difficult to get yourself up? I use my arms a legs a ton in order to minimize the use of my abs. I can't wait to see pics.

I Put On Clothes

Just wanted to share pics in clothes. I like it ok. I can see the curve from swelling in my lower belly. This picture of the back side looks nice too. You can see that I still have a rear which was the reason for the LBL, to not end up with a flat and with no curves.

I also called my PS surgeon's office regarding the lack of compression. They are ordering a medium for me and I'll bring them the size L I haven't used for them to return. So, they will do that footwork and pay shipping while I just switch it out at the office. I can't wait to get the new one. Hopefully, it will bring my swelling down!

Pics didn't post

Wow!!!! You look fabulous!!! And what a beautiful job he did on the rear...just perfect. You look so good, I am sure you are feeling great too, don't forget to take it easy and rest, giving your body time to heal all from all the work that has been done.
congrats, happy healings, your waist is small and i can even see your curves, its like your projection in your but speaks for itself, im loving it
Thank you! I can't wait to see your results in November too!!

Bikini 16 Days PO And ABS!!!!

I tried on an OLD bikini today and took pics. The entire incision hid easily under it which made me quite happy. I'm also standing straight up now too. I will write a full update tomorrow, but wanted to get this up here today. I'm feeling pretty good now and I'm still taking it easy. My incision isn't fully healed yet and that keeps me in check. I do not want problems with healing at all.
Your pics at 16 days po are amazing, I can only imagine how great you are looking now at nearly 2 months. I hope that your healing has been uneventful and that your life has been full of great events! Happy Summer!
Impressive results, looking hot girl!
Everyday you look better and better, WOW at 16 days and in you bikini...awesome. You look fantastic. It seems as though you have very little swelling.....luckeee! I have not been quite as licky with the swelling, but I'm feeling great. =) So happy for you and your fabulous results.

10 Weeks PO

Everything has healed nicely. I ended up with my back incision opening when I was closing my car door at 2 weeks. It took about a month and a half to fully heal. My swelling is now minimal. My energy levels are back to normal. My doctor removed 3 pounds of skin total and transferred about 790 cc of fat to retain volume in my butt. I'm very happy with the results as I wasn't striving for a Kim K butt. My goal was to keep a shapely rear post LBL.

Here are some picture I took last Saturday morning in the mirror so you all can see my progress. My husband isn't comfortable taking photos for the Internet so this is the best I can do.

Overall, I think my surgery was a HUGE success. My stomach is flat. My love handles have been removed. My butt has been lifted and resembles a 22 year old, not a 36 year old woman with 3 children that once weighed over 210 pounds.
Wow, your scar placement is awesome. You will be able to hide that under everything! Congrats on your results.
You look great.
A M A Z I N G!!!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I love him so far. He's patient, calm, confident. He explained how to give me the body I desire and did not mention a single other flaw. His practice automatically carries CosmetAssure, which I think is very responsible. His staff and office are comfortable and professional. His prices are a little higher than some others in the area, but this is one area in my life that I don't think the decision should be based on pricing. This is my body and I will have to live with the outcome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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