34G to D or C - Walnut Creek, CA

I have been pouring over all of your reviews for...

I have been pouring over all of your reviews for months. Thought I would finally join in.
I feel 100% certain that a breast reduction is right for me. I am currently a 34G and I am hoping to go to a 34D or C. Ultimately I would like to be a C but would like to continue to lose 10 or so lbs after my surgery so maybe starting with a D will let me end up at a C.
In any case, I met with my surgeon yesterday and he thinks that I will end up a C or B. A B cup concerns me. I think that is too small for my frame and for me mentally. I am use to being busty and I just want to be normal busty not small chested. I shared my concern and he said they like to take off a certain amount of weight to alleviate symptoms and that maybe I should consider a lift. No! I want to be smaller! He said that he will keep in mind my wishes.
Not sure what to think or do. I know that pre ordering a cup size is impossible, there are too many variables. I feel very good about him and the procedure otherwise but....
He says the only compliant he ever gets is that he left someone too big. I just don't think that will be the case for me. Maybe I am wrong.

A little more about me

First, thanks for your comments. I am still struggling with what to do. I have felt very comfortable in all my meetings with him. Even in that appt. everything else went well, the discussion on recovery, scaring, nipple, etc.

I reviewed some of the Q&A here and the reviews and it seems that most doctors do not or can not take someone down too much without risk to the health of the breast. When I looked for my cup size or larger to down to a B cup I basically found none. However, when I looked at the before pics they did seem to look larger than me. But, maybe that is my mind playing tricks on me when I look in the mirror. :-) I think I am smaller than I am!

I just don't feel like I have the energy to start this process all over again. Finding a doctor, getting time off work, mental prep. But, I also know it is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life so it is important. I have total confidence in the surgeon, all he does are reductions and reconstruction. It is just the size issue.

Some stats on me:
Age: 40, almost 41
Weight: 146 (want to get to 130-135)
Height: 5' 4''
Kids: 3! All breastfed
Current Size: 34G, lost a cup size with current 20lb weight loss and stopping BFing
Wish Size: 34C

I am working up to getting pics :-)

Tomorrow is the day!

Stream of consciousness....

Feeling so tired that I am not nervous yet! Have to check in at 6am, with the time change that is really 5am! Too early.

I feel like I am getting a cold. :-( I tired to call the number they gave me to let them know but it was only taking messages and seemed like it was just to cancel. I don't want to cancel! I will tell them tomorrow and see what happens. Hoping it is nothing.

I took some pictures. I will work up to posting them. Glad I took them. I was feeling like they were not that big and I shouldn't get the surgery. But BAM, those pics do not lie!

I explained to my 7 year old what I was doing. I just didn't feel like I could lie and he was asking such detailed questions. Hoping I didn't make a mistake in telling him. He seemed to be ok with it all. He was worried about my nipple placement. Which I thought was hilarious. ;-)

Surgery is done!

6am -check in
6:15- prep, markings, IV, etc
8am- taken to operating room
11:45am? - woke up in recovery
2:30 - left hospital

Went pretty smooth. Woke up feeling like folds were burning. Took a while to get under control.

Initially was nauseous but started to about an hour. I got a patch and a pill so not sure why. But feeling better now and ate small dinner!

Didn't really get to talk to surgeon much after but he gave a lot of info to my husband. He was able to address my armpit on the right which is great because he wasn't sure if he could. I had a large amount of breat tissue on that side and overall the much bigger side and droopier.

My husband thinks that he took out 400 on left side and 500 on other. I was pleased to hear this because it seems like that wouldn't push me into b territory and keep me no smaller than a c, I hope!

I was scheduled for a follow upon wednesday. But he said that was too early and moved it to Friday. I guess I am not going to see them until then which seems like a long time! I am all wrapped up tight and Can't unwrap myself. I will have drains until them and also have an attached pump that is numbing the area.
I will post my marking pic.


Looks like the mark for the right nipple is drawn lower but there are also other marking differences on that side. Hoping I am not really lopsided.

Done with these dressings!

Seems like everyone else got a change in dressings sooner than I will. I have 2 more days to go. I want to get a look at what is under there. I also really want a shower!

Still feel pretty good, I only feel a little tugging/pain/burning on right side. Feel nothing on left side.

Itchy and uncomfortabe

Can't wait to get the drains and dressings off tomorrow! I am hoping the discomfort I have is from the drains. It feels like it is over to the side so crossing fingers. Other then that I just have some itchiness.

I am surprised how much mobility I have in my arms. I was expecting it to be tight or hurt when I moved them too far. But I could reach far if I wanted to, so I have to remind myself not to. Is this how you all felt, like you could stretch out?

Can't wait to get to see them tomorrow. All I can see is the top and cleavage. Hoping I won't be disappointed. hard not to get my hopes up.

Drains out!

Had my first post op got the drains and pain pump removed. Thought I would feel
much better but still have the same areas of discomfort.

Overall I think the shape looks good and I think I am slightly smaller than D. Confirmed they removed 536 grams from right and 406 grams from left. The nurse thinks I will go down about a 1/2 more in cup size. I am concerned about the right armpit area, he was able to remove tissue there but there is some extra loose skin and it doesn't look great. Maybe when they settle it will pull down a bit?

Armpit = side boob

Looking at the pic, the area of concern is now really the side boob not the armpit. Funny!

Softening up

They have started softening up the last couple days. I cant't tell if they are dropping.

I stopped taking the pain pills a couple of days ago. I just feel a little bruised and sore.

In the pics, I think the ripples on the cleavage area are from my bra. Some of the dark areas under the steri strips are the marker. I tried on an old 34d bra and it is slightly big, so looking like a c cup.

Doc visit and new swelling

Went to the doc yesterday. He was pleased with my progress. I am too! My next appt will be about 3 weeks post op.

I got some new side swelling on the left side yesterday. Accompanied by some pain too. :( I guess recovery will be two steps forward one step back.

I took some new pics. The right side armpit area is a bit better, but still bugs me. They seem so much bigger in the pics! Anyone else think the same of their pics?

Soften already!

They are softening but not quick enough! Still a lot of hardness and I expect changes each day and don't see it or feel them.

I am going to start searching the reviews for when they get soft and drop. Do any of you see a difference? I never claimed to be patient!

Help, does this look ok to you?

My 18 month old fell back straight into my boob wih his big head. It looked like there was some new gunk under part of the steri strip so I carefully took it off and there are some raw parts. It doesn't look like it is opening, maybe just where scab came off. What do you all think?

Small incision openings and short shopping!

Went to see the doctor today and he removed all the steri strips. It is the first time I saw them with all the tape off. The incisions look so much better than they did just last week! But... I had a couple of areas that are not healing so great that he said were small openings.
He gave me something new with ag to put on those areas. The grey patches you see in the pics. Oh, and I noticed the side swelling went down, yay!

What I am happy with - I think the incisions around the areolas and the shape of the areolas look great. The overall placement also looks good to me. I am happy with the size right now. I would be happy if they didn't go down anymore. I tried an old 34d bra and it is a little loose in the upper cup area, but it sorta fits. Also putting up a pic of that.

Things that concern me- the openings, I was so hoping I would not have issues wih my incisions. :( The ends of the bottom incisions closest to armpit are not flat. Is there hope that these will flatten out? I still have the extra tissue on the left side area but it looks not quite as bad. I think I will be stuck with it but it was much worse before so I will get over it, I think. :)

The doc is still not letting me drive and doesn't want me to go back to work. He would like everything closed up first.

First it should have said shirt not short.

And I forgot that part of the update! I went shopping today and picked up a few shirts, in mediums!!! I have gone from an XL to Medium. Now part of that was weight loss, but wow, I never thought I would see that size again. Weight loss-XL to L and BR took me from L to M. Can't believe it!

I am a walking talking photoshopped version of myself

My husband is trying to get use to the new me and he told me that when he looks at me it is like I am photoshopped. I though it was funny and a great way to put it. There is the way we are use to seeing ourselves and then almost overnight there is a whole new version, and it is hard to believe it is real!

Still feeling anxious about the speed of my recovery. Keep thinking every day I will wake up and be a bit better or different and I am not. It is slow! I think I am doing well, just expecting more.

My incisions are coming along. the problem areas are improving. The pics make it look worse than it is. Still wondering how my shape will evolve. Sometimes I feel happy about them and then at other times I don't like they way they look. There is a lot of side boob on the right (which I always had) and they seem to be getting boxier instead of rounding. I know it takes time so I try not to get to wrapped up in it. Mainly I am looking for progress on my incisions and the hardness. I do always like how they look in clothes, so much better!!!

I am starting to get cabin fever and really wish I could drive. I think I might start at the end of this week. My doc told me if my incisions close he would consider it. have I told you how conservative my doc is? :-) But, I trust him and am trying to be a good patient!

Photos to follow.

Photos 3 weeks post op

I also wanted to mention that they seem to be getting wider. I tried on the bra I have been testing and the bottom cleavage is now pushing past the underwire. They are very close together...

I think my last update was misleading

I am not wearing an underwire bra. I just hold it up without clasping in the back to gauge swelling and size. I am wearing a soft cup bra. No underwire! :-)

Weeks 4, 5, and 6 updates!

It has been a while. I will give a brief overview, from what I can remember! :-)

My incisions healed well in week 4 but it ended up being a bit of a rough week overall. Not sure why, just felt sore and not great. I had a post op appt with my PS and he thought everything looked great and I could return to work the following week. He also gave me the green light to get back to all normal activity once the last of the small scabs came off and as long as I felt ok while doing it. I went straight out and bought the best sports bra I could find in preparation for my return to the gym!

Week 5 rolled around I was feeling much better but I did get a cold, then got a stomach bug. Not fun. However, I went a couple of days without even thinking about my boobs. Got to the end of the day and realized they never bothered me; no movement problems, no aches and pains at all. Just felt normal! I also returned to work that week and felt great! BUT.... Always I but. I got a pain in my left boob out of no where that was constant. It just stopped hurting yesterday (mid week 6). I wasn't horrible pain or anything, but worse then anything I had felt for weeks so it concerned me.

Week 6, I went to yoga and it went pretty well. I couldn't lay on my stomach/boobs. But otherwise felt great! Last night I went to a class at the gym that involved weights and took it super easy. My shoulders were weak, and I was very careful with chest exercises. All the movement was ok. But, my new bra must have rubbed my boobs cause my incisions felt irritated. I will have to figure something out with for that.

Overall, I am feeling good. Still hoping my shape rounds out. I started silicone sheets but I thought they might be causing irritation. So for now, I switched over to Mederma. I would appreciate any recommendation for scar treatment!

I will post some pics from my phone in a minute!

Pics for last few weeks

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Your Results look very Good !
  • Reply
Love your review! Very informative, especially on the side swelling. I am 9 days post op and have that same swelling. Keeping my fingers crossed that it resolves in time.
  • Reply
You can see a real reduction in swelling in the sequence, try massaging the bunched areas to smooth out the skin, still early days, overall a gold standard result
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looking very good for 3 weeks, healing well, make sure you let them air twice a day, nothing helps healing more than letting everything dry out. i love the photoshop analogy! photograph yourself once a week and you will be able to see the progress. no underwires before 4 months!!!!!
  • Reply
Thanks peedi! I am not wearing an underwire. I put it all the way on once and then every few days I hold it up (don't clasp in the back) to gauge size and swelling. I better update my review so no one else thinks I am doing it and tries it!
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Ha ha, I thin k if you tried to wear one too soon the pain would make you take it off!!!!
  • Reply
I would not be putting on an underwire bra for another three weeks. Just bandinis and soft cup sports bras. Also, I noticed mine dropped and fluffed about three months out. Be patient. I hope you are still covering your incisions with gauze or something to protect them.
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I am not wearing the underwire. Just hold it up every few days to gauge size and swelling. My bad spots have ag foam on the top, my side incisions are tapped because they really sensitive. The others are open.
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hope the healing closes everything u soon, you are doing great and it must be hard with an active child.
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We are boob buddies! Mine looked pretty much like yours before. I love mine now, and you will too. There was time when I was pretty sad that they were smaller, but not anymore.
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I am 3 weeks in getting a breast reduction and tummy tuck feeling depressed about my breast I was a 38dd now I wanna say a c cup I'm 411 and 130 pds I'm trying to not be so sad with my choice never thinking about how small I wanted to be just wanting to do please help me
  • Reply
I'm sorry you are sad. I totally get it. I don't want to be too small either. You are only 4'11? I bet a c looks great on you. Being so petite I am sure you are still curvy. I have been getting use to my smaller size. But sometimes I think I am too small too. I think we are just getting use to them.
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looks like the scab fell but was not ready to fell off.. I would call your surgeon to know if you can put an antibiotic cream (like polysporin) so it can heal nicely :)
  • Reply
It dried out last night and looks much better this morning! I have an appt tomorrow so I think I will wait to ask him about it until then. :)
  • Reply
ahh ok good then :) I dont think there is major issue there anyway ;)
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Thanks for all your posts I'm local to you in San Dimas and looking for a surgeon. Any recommendations? All what was your cost?
  • Reply
I am in the bay area, I thought San Dimas was in Southern Ca? I have Kaiser. Do you have KP by chance, I would recommend my surgeon if you do. My cost was the hospital co pay $100 and for each office visit $20.
  • Reply
Your area said walnut we have one of those here too :) I had kaiser 2 years ago and employers switched. Just found out my insurance won't cover it it's actually excluded. :(
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softened at around 7 weeks for me
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i know what you mean about the pics making things look bigger. you look great.
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Thank you!
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Wow, I just saw your review... I did not know you are only ten days out. You look wonderful, and I bet you are delighted to have the extra weight removed. I think your PS made you the perfect size to compliment your body. How are you feeling? Take care and happy healing. :)
  • Reply
I have noticed my posture is already better. I don't roll in my shoulders as much. I am liking the size. Hoping it doesn't go down too much. Feeling pretty good. The new pain I had a couple of days ago seems to have gone away.
  • Reply
Yes, my posture keeps improving. It's hard at first because you feel the stretch in your incisions and if you are like me, you want to protect them. I'm glad you are feeling good. New pains come and go, mostly sensations....from uncomfortable to just surprising but not really pain. I am 17+ weeks post op now and still have tenderness when my breasts get pressed. I guess I'm not ready for any G forces on roller coasters yet! My 17 yr. old is thinking it's been too long to still feel any discomfort. But this recovery is quite a process. I got an exercise ball and rolled on top of it and surprised how tender my breasts were!! but for the most part they have become "me". And that's a wonderful feeling. Keep up the good healing :))
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You are healing up good :-) You are going to be so happy one you are completely healed !!!
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