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I am 5'8 weigh 140lbs and and a 36A/B!! I have...

I am 5'8 weigh 140lbs and and a 36A/B!! I have always wanted bigger boobies and after having a baby, my boobies have become stretched, deflated, not something I feel good about!!! So I finally found a PS and I am One week away from my surgery date! He is awesome, attentive, and super caring! I am getting so anxious though! I decided to get 475-500ccs silicone under muscle! The surgeon will decide on the final size during the procedure but I am pleased with either! The closer I get, I get more nervous, i keep thinking about all the complications and things that could go wrong! I just hope everything turns out well! YIKES!! I am just getting everything situated before I go!!


awe that's exciting! i just had my ba this morning and we have similar stats. i'm 5'9" 155lbs and i got L-500 cc & R-480 cc. i'm in love with them already! I know it's only the first day but they are perfect! they can only get better from here (:
We have the same surgery date. My pre-op is today. I'm so pumped! How long have you been considered getting a breast aug?
Good luck

Post op boobies!

So after my surgery i felt amazing!! it wasn't until later on in the evening i started having a lot of pain- couldn't sleep and felt like pain meds were not strong enough. I have just been taking my pain medication around the clock.. ICE packs also around the clock.. Doing stretches and I am Slowly feeling better.. My muscles are really sore!! One of my breasts sits slightly higher than the other but it was smaller to begin with so I think the tissue needs to stretch more! I go to my follow appt in a couple days but they said asymmetry is perfectly normal early on! I love my new breasts! I can't wait for them to drop. They are really tight right now and feel like two rocks on my chest!! I got 500ccs in my right (smaller one preop) and 475ccs in my left! My PS was amazing, very caring and good at his job! Very excited!

Congratulations! You look fantastic! Don't forget to take something to offset the constipating side effects of the pain meds. Do you have someone helping you with your little one during your recovery? Are you wearing any type of post surgical bra? Let us know how your post op appointment goes. Thanks for sharing on RealSelf!

Thank you! Yea I am taking some stool softners! Yes my boyfriend is helping but today I have been kind of solo and its actually helped me decrease my pain by forcing me to move around to get stuff and stretch those chest muscles! No surgical bra- my PS wants them to all hang out- in tank tops that is! I don't think I have ever felt more free- spent my whole life on bras!! I will be sure to post about my post op appt!! This site is amazing by the way!! It has been so helpful!
Your new bewbies look awesome so far! Congrats! Today is the start of VS semi annual sale so even though i'm not anywhere near my final result, I couldn't resist! Got measured at a 32DDD or 34DD! & that's with them still sitting high. Can't wait to drop and fluff! Keep us posted on your journey!

Day 3

Yea I get bad morning boobies too! That's good to know I got out to a rough Start but I'm feeling way better now!! Pain is just sometimes! Lucky u thou! I wish I was able to go out.. I am too tired still.. Hopefully my energy will be back soon!


My moods are all over the place.. can u say bipolar temporary?? One minute I love my boobs then the next minute I am picking out things wrong with them!! One is slightly higher but its because it was smaller preop so the skin needs to stretch a little more on that side-my friends couldn't even notice until I pointed it out!! I notice it thou because I'm staring at them so hard!! If its one thing I'm learning from this experience, it is to have patience!! They will fall into place- swelling will go down and everything will work out!! I just need to stop worrying and remind myself this.. Otherwise the pain is decreasing, I am doing alot better with stretching, just super fatigued still and need to pace myself.. I am attaching a pic of day 3!!

Wow, your before and after photos are amazing! Hope you're feeling better each day! I bet you're getting anxious to go bra and swimsuit shopping!



Bobbies are doing much better.. I have some pain on the sides and the incision but Its only sometimes and I am healing great!! I just have been able to start sleeping on my side! Next appt is Tomo with my doctor.. ;)
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