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Let me begin by thanking everyone for sharing...

Let me begin by thanking everyone for sharing their story. It's been very helpful. My story is typical: I had my children and breast fed each child for a year. I went from a C cup to an F cup with both kids. When I finished nursing altogether, I was a B cup and they were very sad looking. My neighbor had the "mommy makeover" and made it look so easy so I signed up! I wish I would have just gotten the lift like I wanted but I trusted my PS and went ahead with the smallest silicon implants and a lift. This was 9 years ago. I was happy for a while until my right breast started to hurt. Everytime I went in for a check up (7 years as it was a study) my PS said they were both fine. I ended up taking karate for four years during that time and I got a big punch right in the right breast and it's never been quite right since. 

I went back to the PS, a PT, my GP and a chiropracter, and they all said I seemed fine. last November, 2013, I felt a lump in my armpit (panic!!!) and went to my GP. I had a sonogram, mammogram (and all the other grams they do when they see something on the screen). I spoke with a surgeon and he said it was probably my implant leaking. After several appointments I finally got a date to remove the implants and the bits of silicon in my armpit (they did not end up in my lymph nodes). 

My surgery was 12/4/13 and it was dramatic but I am grateful that all went well. They removed the implants (right one had indeed ruptured and silicon may have travelled due to mammograms or tennis or whatever), they removed the capsules and the silicon nodules (three of them). I had a great experience even though it was painful. Kaiser took very good care of me even though I was so embarassed that I had brought this upon myself. I put my family through this (during the holidays too!) because of my vanity 9 years ago. People are going through real problems like cancer and other horrors and I am taking up time and funds because of my vanity. 

I am 6 weeks post explant now and I am so happy to be rid of them! I still have pain here and there and I am missing tennis so much but I am grateful to be here and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It's nice to talk about it to people who understand. I went to Kohls yesterday to look for a bra(s) and I can't believe the sea of huge, molded bras that are there! What happened to the cute, cotton delicate bras for Newly B-Cupped gals? I look at our vacation pictures from last summer and I think "I looked ridiculous!!!" I look around, even in fashion mags, and everyone had boobs!!! I have a small frame and my C cups (which looked like big D cups) took over my top half. I have been telling my hubby and friends that I am now a ballerina and I am going to try out for swan lake next year! ;) I still have pain and nervousness and I have to remind myself to put my shoulders back!!! I feel the need to protect but I am hoping that will pass soon! One more thing: I loved my PS who explanted me (although he looked about 17!!!) but my husbands coverage changed from Kaiser to bluecross when they year changed. I want to see him one more time and make sure all is well but it'll be a process to extend my coverage. This site has been helpful with regards to answering questions about my scar, activity, seroma questions, going back out without the "girls", and healing expectations.

Thank you all for sharing your pictures and eperiences. ;) I wonder if anyone has experienced surgery in the armpit to remove silicon nodules and how that turned out? I am still nervous to raise my right arm all the way above my head. Anyone? :)

6.5 weeks post explant

I am looking forward to not having the random pains here and there. I know it's still early but can anyone tell me when they will magically end? :) I have post a pic of a very helpful bra as it sits nicely on the scars under my breasts and keeps everything in place (and the sports back doesn't irritate my neck). I wish I could go back in time and have a chat with my former self. I would tell her to listen to her instincts and just have the lift (and buy stock in google!!). Lol.

Great sports bra to help flatten scars. Inexpensive too! Champion from target :)

Did I mention it's great to sleep in?

Three months post op

Thank you all again for sharing your stories. It has been such a big help to hear similarities and to know that I am not alone in this. I am very grateful to be exercising, working, playing tennis and living my life again!!! It still hurts a bit when I lift my right arm above my head to put on a sports bra or other clothing, but that's fine. They had to cut into my armpit to retrieve the silicon nodules so I imagine that'll hurt for a while.

It's been a little weird walking around as a b cup instead of a big c cup. I still have no idea what size I am but I just get the Bali bras (s, m, and l). I like them because they fit tight and I feel secure and compressed. If there is anything to the notion that keeping them compressed for 6 months helps them stay "up" then I am willing to try. Nothing to lose at this point.

I didn't realize that I had been pulling my shoulders forward --- now they are back and I feel much better. My posture is back on track! Per some good advice, I avoid weights above the head and I don't do any push ups (easy to live with!). My breasts are still a little strange (I.e., bump here and there and sensation issues) but I feel like they are going to work themselves out.

Thanks again ladies!!! I wish you all success in finding your real selves again! What a learning experience this has been! :)

Two more things!!!!

Has anyone experienced their breasts spreading out? I feel like they have widened, even though they are smaller. It's been difficult trying to size myself. I have spent lots of time in the changing rooms with all sizes but hardly any feel right (except for sports bras and the Bali Easy Sizing bras (

Second, have you found they are more jiggly than before?? Weird. :)

5 months out

Hi all! I am about 5 months now and all is well! My new (old) breast feel great and I am still wearing tight Bali bras. I think this might just be me though :). I feel more comfortable with them compressed though. Also, I am having post surgical hair shedding (started 4 months post surgery). Even that is worth having them out!! Happy healing ladies!!!

Almost 100% healed

5 months plus and I think this is it. I do sort of miss my implants now that summer clothing is here but it's OK. I haven't fluffed really but the feeling is coming back from my armpit surgery. And....I rarely thing about my explant unless I see a real self post :). There is life after explant :). Happy healing ladies!!!

Dr. Chen and the whole surgery center staff were amazing. Quick note: My proceedure costs included hospital and such. This was through kaiser and I am not sure how they do their billing. I had to pay about $2,000.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing x
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You look fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing your story!
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They look great! And the numbness that occurred was from your implant surgery? And that feeling is returning now that you're ex planted? Is that right? That can happen??
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Hi wishiwerereal :) I was numb because there were nodules in my arm pit, probably from loose silicon. My super amazing surgeon went in and removed them. I think the numbness was from that part of the surgery, not from the implant removal. :). He had to cut through my axillary and removed all three nodules :(. It feels strange now now but I am so grateful that this was my only problem. After reading all the testimonials, I feel fortunate that this "leak" was my only health issue. I feel like I have dodge a bullet when I see what some of these ladies have been through :(. I have nothing to complain about. :)
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They found bits of silicon that had leaked out into my armpit (probably from a mammogram) and the surgeon had to not only take my implants, but make an additional cut in my armpit and remove the escaped bits of silicon. That's why my arm pit and the area around it was numb. Not from my implant removal :)
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They look great... and are plenty large enough. You are right..going with just a lift in the first place would have been better. They are really pretty!! xx
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You look great, your breast doesn't need anymore fluffing or it would look fake. It doesn't even look like your breast went through so much.
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Thank you for the sweet compliment :)
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So you did not get a lift you just had implants taken out? I don't see scars from lift, I'm wondering why you thought you needed one, I'm jealous yours are perky still!
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I had a lift when I had my implants put in 10 years ago - I am very glad I did - I think it's made a difference for me. I should have just had the lift :). So, don't be jealous----I was not perky after I had my kids :)
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You look great! Your review really helped me before my explant, so thank you!
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I feel better with some compression too! Thanks for the update :)
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Wow, you do look amazing. Lucky you! How long should one wait to do push ups and overhead weights? I haven't found that specific advice anywhere yet. Thanks!
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Hi pretty ;) I don't do overhead weights yet :(. I am nervous about it. I think I will wait until 6 months and then gently begin:).
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I am also waiting on the push ups :)
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What do you think about yoga poses like downward dog, cobra and up dog? What about the plank position? I was hoping to start back to these after 6 weeks. Do you think it's better to wait? Thanks :)
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I would say wait until about 8 weeks or at least get clearance from dr.
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I can do plank and all of the yoga positions with no problem ----I think it just over head weights and push ups that are a problem. But, you may be fine with them :). I had full capsule tome AND removal of armpit nodes :(. I would ask your doctor about over the head movements :) you may be perfectly fine :).
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My doctor hasn't been very definite with those type of instructions. He was basically like whatever I want to do after 2 weeks is fine. I just thought you might have read that it was better to wait that long for the best results. I probably won't be doing push ups and heavy weights anytime soon anyway, because it's not like I was doing them pre-surgery :)
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Oh my! You look amazing! I think the slight natural slope makes you look very feminine and sexy! Your scars are so faintly for being so new! I think they fit your body beautifully :))
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Thanks - honestly, I am just so flipping happy they are gone!!! No more worries. I played tennis for 3 hours today and it was awesome!!! :)
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I don't know what size I am and I really don't care at this point. I have been in dressing rooms with a million bras and they just don't feel right so I go back to my comfy Bali easy size bras. I have been sized as 38b and 34c - really?? I still fit comfortably into my 34D sports bra so who knows. I am going to give it a year and try again :)
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You look like you rare healing really well, what size were your implants?x
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I am not sure :( I went from a B to supposedly a C cup but some of my bras were D cups. :)
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You look wonderful! How are you feeling now?
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