The natural look!! feeling great 10 months post op!! :)

I'm scheduled for a BA in less than a month.....

I'm scheduled for a BA in less than a month.. Starting to feel pretty apprehensive about it. I'm a 34A, breastfed 4 babies, and I'd like just a little boost... To a 34B. I'm actually pretty darn terrified of going any bigger. I like have small breasts for practical (working out) reasons, but I want them to be cute and feminine. Anybody else scared that your PS is planning bigger implants than your comfortable with? I'm thinking 225cc or less, and he's thinking 275cc. I'm seriously not worried about "wasting" my money on such small implants... I want what I want !


I totally get it! Make sure your surgeon knows this and understands without a shadow of a doubt that you'd be more disappointed with breasts that are too big than too small! I think smaller implants are elegant and I hope you get exactly what you want!

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Well, I gave in to my docs expert opinion and had...

Well, I gave in to my docs expert opinion and had 300/325's put in. Amazingly, that makes me a 34B... Just what I was looking for!! They are super high and hard as a rock... And I'm feeling nauseous and out of sorts. I hope this is the worst of it!


Very similar story... 4 babies, 34A, and scared of being too big. I during my very brief sizing appt I told my surgeon I was worried 230 cc would be too big, so he implanted 200 cc. Big mistake! Way too small! You did the right thing.
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Yeh, I think it worked out well to bring him a pic of what I wanted, and to not get too wrapped up in the numbers.. Don't get me wrong, these things are big and painful but I think they'll work out great, and so far I'm happy with the decision..

New pic... 4 days post op.. My perfect little b cups!!

New pic... 4 days post op.. My perfect little b cups!!


You look amazing! At day 4 I was so swollen I could not have fit into my swimsuit!
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Very nice. It doesn't even look like you had surgery.
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Lol... That's because my breasts were non existent before!! I love that it's subtle.. I'm hoping that most people will just think I lost weight :)

Had my first postoperative appointment today.....

Had my first postoperative appointment today.. Everything looks great. I'm off the norco now, and I drove myself home from the appointment with no problems. Doc says they are dropping nicely. If they seem to be dropping too quickly at the next appt (in a week) then he may have me start wearing a bra... So far, I've been braless since I was on the operating table. Strange how, even without a bra, I feel like I have one on-- since they're sitting so tight and compact on my chest. My only pain now is the incision, and Tylenol makes me feel better. All is well!


Congrats! They look so natural - very nice!
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Hey you look great!! Good job Dr. M!! :) I have already started slowing down on the Norco I think it was making me feel sick so I'm switching between norco and Tylenol now :)
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Aren't they cute?? Love them :). Norco made me puke... Tylenol doesn't work nearly as well but I suppose I don't really need much for pain anymore..

10 days post op. back to work. They've dropped...

10 days post op. back to work. They've dropped to the point that I can actually feel the lower inner edge of the implant in both breasts, which really freaks me out and makes me uncomfortable. The pec muscle soreness has stopped, but my left breast feels like it has a cramp pretty much constantly. Questioning this decision a lot lately. I can't get used to how I look in a bathing suit (don't have a clue how to tell if it fits right or not!) and I'm dying to wear a real bra. My stretch marks (from breastfeeding) look more obvious than they ever have now that my breasts are more "out there". I don't see the doc until Friday but hopefully he can help me feel better about all this.. Feeling ok, but definitely could be better. I want to be super excited about my decision like so many people on this website seem to be!!


What happened to "aren't they cute"??! You look FABULOUS! And you should be proud if the decision :) I know it may be in comfortable but it's a process... As far as the bathing suit shopping goes they look PERFECT in the one you have in your pictures!! so go for that look :) as far as any other worries go I know if you ask Dr. M's staff they will be more than willing to help you get through it! :) hope this helps.. You do look GREAT!! And I hope it gets easier for you :) Keep us posted!!
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Aw, thanks for the note Jenna.... Helps a lot! I guess I was used to wearing bathing suits that were too big for me. I think I'm sleep deprived... I dunno. No pain no gain, right???
Thanks hm!! i need to remind myself how amazing they look... :)

Thanks for all of the kind words, ladies. I...

Thanks for all of the kind words, ladies. I believe I've been experiencing some temporary insanity. For whatever reason, the pain is (for now) completely non existent!! Weird. Maybe I've turned the corner...! More pics soon, I promise. :)


You really look fantastic! And isn't it fun to be able to wear a bandeau top now?!?! No more halter tan lines for me! :)
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Your boobs look amazing!! Congrats!!
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YAAY!! Glad to hear your feeling better!! :)
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Feeling even better this morning. I think I've...

Feeling even better this morning. I think I've finally lost that tight/engorged feeling in my boobs that makes me think I need to find a baby to feed.. Haha. My post op appt yesterday went great. Seriously took less than 10 minutes for the doc to tell me that everything looks perfect. I only have a lil bit of dropping left to do.. so little that i may not even notice. He also told me I can start doing some cardio... Yay! I've been dying to exercise. I'll definitely be out on my bike this weekend. Happy healing, chickas!


They look great!! As I commented above to Josiebee, I don't want to go too big, either. I have little saggy a's after bf'ing two kids and I just want to look good in my clothes again and to fill out my b cup bathing suits! My consult is in a few weeks and we'll see what the doc says. I may actually show him your pics to illustrate the look I want!
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I have been fighting with this decision to have a BA for years, mainly because I too did not want big boobs. Just wanted to fill out a bra which I can't do now. I am a 34A and just want to go to a full B. I love how yours turned out and hope if I decide to take the plunge I will look as good. I guess my first step is to have a consultation and find a PS that will agree with what I want in size.
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Hi Josie-- It can be done, so don't settle for a PS that doesn't have the same vision as you do. I've had my ups and downs emotionally, but I'm super happy with the results. The worst part is not knowing.. And wondering how its going to look and feel. Good luck on your journey!

Added some new pics... Sorry I haven't posted in...

Added some new pics... Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Before surgery, I was all obsessed with this website, and now that everything has turned out so great I guess I've moved on to other things... :). Life is good! Can't wait for summer!!!


JustaLittleBit they look wonderful. So cute and feminine just what I strive for. I like Lovinglife2's idea of bringing your photos to her consult. I should start taking some notes because there are so many different types and questions. Yikes!. I don't plan on doing this till the fall so I think I might start wearing a more padded bra and maybe I will get away with people not noticing. Good luck and am so glad your happy! Enjoy your summer with your new boobies
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No one has noticed mine! I used to wear super padded bras all the time. Now I can wear racerbacks, shelf bras, or no bra at all and still have curves :)
You are so lucky to be at this point. I am happy for you and maybe soon I will be in the same boat with cute boobies. I can't wait to shop at VS and get all those pretty bras.

Went in for my 6 week post op, and everything...

Went in for my 6 week post op, and everything looked good. My doc went ahead and took my "after" pics....!! What an amazing change! I certainty don't miss those lil deflated pancakes I used to have :)


Can you let me know who us your doctor? Thanks!
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Dr Eric marriotti... His office is in concord
I like your result. I am also planning to go from A to B cup. My doc recommended 280cc. I have 5'3 and 115 lbs. If you don't mind me asking, who is your doctor? I went to one consultation in the bay area, but I live in the Sac area. thanks!
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How many months has it been..??

I'm about 9 months post op and doing great... Clothes fit nicely and bathing suit shopping is TOO fun! Can still see my scar and feel the implant edge but doesn't bother me. I've settled into bra size 34C, medium bathing suit tops :)


Glad to hear you are doing well and happy with your new size! Did anyone ever seem to notice how much better you look in those bikinis?
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People have commented that it looks like I've lost weight, but no one has had the guts to ask if I got implants :). Then again, nobody really saw me in bikinis before the surgery, and if I wore one it was super-padded....
Great to hear from you! U look awesome!
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New photo

Posting a new photo! Some of you have been asking about stretch marks.. You can still sort of see the marks I got from breastfeeding 4 little ones, but they don't bother me.

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One more pic


Wow! You must be so happy with your results. Congratulations. I love how natural they look. I'm hoping I'll one day be able to get a full B or small C, nothing too obvious for me!
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Little bit your breast are so beautiful I hope to achieve natural results too one day...
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So great to hear from you!! Looking beautiful and perfectly natural. Wonderful!
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