5'2 lugging these 36 F's - 5 weeks post op - Walnut, CA

II'm 55 now and have wanted to have a breast...

II'm 55 now and have wanted to have a breast reduction since I was in my 30's, I went for a consultation with a PS back then but was denied by my insurance so just though this will never happen for me. Now, in my first year of menopause and a bit heavier, well more than a bit, my breast have grown ugh! 145 lbs and only 5'2 lugging these 36 F's around had been torture, deep groves in the shoulders, neck aches, back aches, well you all know what I'm talking about.
My husband is a Chiropractor and suggested I ask my Kaiser Doctor, so I did, and was surprised at how fast the process has taken shape in my favor!
I have a high deductible but all in all it won't be near as much if I had to pay on my own. I inquired in Aug. went to see the PS and he said yes, no problem, you are a candidate for the surgery, at that point I wasn't ready to commit, I asked if I could email him when I was ready. A few weeks later I went to Macy's for a bathing suit for an upcoming trip to Kauai, and was faced with such a disturbing few hours, I must have tried on 50 bathing suites, nothing would hold these knocker's in. I emailed him as soon as I got home. Long story short, I changed PS because of scheduling and have a young women who is new to Kaiser. I'm going on blind faith!
Thank you all who have been posting updates, without the support of reading all the stories I'm not sure I would have taken this plunge, I've been obsessed with reading all of your blogs every night! Thank you, I will post before pictures very soon!

Just wanted to let you all know I'm home, very sleepy, pain level is high, l will update tomorrow. Thanks ladies l!
Sure hope everything went well yesterday! Been thinking of you! Update us when you can!
You and I have hid our breast size very well. Hope all went well with your surgery today. Let us know how you are doing.

I just returned from the first PS appt. She...

I just returned from the first PS appt. She decided to leave in the drains and wrap me back up. Yesterday was the day after surgery and I didn't feel well at all, today is better but not great. I had a peek but was scared to look in a mirror. I'll wait until drains come out and I'm in a bra, my husband said they looked good :)
Hope and pray you are healing well and that each new day finds you feeling better than the last.
Congrats and i hope u get to feeling better soon!
Hi Heide, How are you doing today? Hope you are feeling better everyday!

I'm 3 days shy of 3 weeks. It's been a journey for...

I'm 3 days shy of 3 weeks. It's been a journey for sure. I'm feeling so much better just in the past 4 days. I still
Have bruising and little scabbing, my girls are still a bit swollen and sore. My nipples are puckered and the left one seems to be going in a different direction :( I hope it straightens out. I'm waiting for incisions to completely heal before starting any scar treatments.
I have to say this has been emotionally difficult for me, I usually have a very positive outlook, but I became depressed and wondered if I had done the right thing. I'm much better now, but still don't quite feel like myself. I know I'll get there soon!
I'm being careful not to reach high or lift anything to heavy, other than that I'm slowly getting back to my routines. It does seem I need to rest more. Back to work next week.
I can't wait until I can buy a new bra and shop for new clothes!!!
I've been trying on some of my clothes and can't believe how big they are. By by big tops! It's going to be a different shopping experience, can't wait!!!!

Posted a few new photos but they are upside down,...

Posted a few new photos but they are upside down, how do you delete photos?
Hi Hiedie, I just read your last post. I hope that all is going well for you being back to work. I read a lot of the ladies post stating that fatigue would set in pretty hard in the middle of the work. I pray that all is well and that you're doing great.
Hi RejoWell! Thanks for checking in with me. Unforunatly at week 3 I had an issue with a pocket of fluid just below my right nipple, it was causing some separation at the bottom of my nipple. I went to see my PS on Friday and she used a silver nitrate stick, opened the area and squeezed out fluid. I went to see her again today, she cleaned the area, now I have a small hole that needs to close. I decided to call my clients and reshedule for next week. I hope your recovery is going well and the itching is better. I'm glad your happy with the outcome!
Heidi, I just made it passed the mammogram all is good, I ahve to consult my PS and get on with the next step. I am 57 , and in good health I weigh 120 lbs or less, I hope all is well with you. I ahve done a lot of rsearch and I think I sort of know what to expect.

Week 5 Hi ladies, It's been a while since I've...

Week 5

Hi ladies, It's been a while since I've updated but thought it would be important to share my latest experience with those who might have to go through something similar. Not long after my last post about 31/2 weeks post op, I had some oozing from my right nipple, it was coming from a few little pin holes where the sutures were, just below my nipple there was a pocket of fluid, with a tiny little area of separation from the pressure from the fluid. When I went to my PS she squeezed the pocket to drain the fluid, then decided to use a nitrate stick to cauterize the area, I had no idea what a nitrate stick was, and it burned while she was using it, when she was done she showed me with a mirror that I now had an opened wound about the size of a quarter, she said that in the next 4 days, really icky brown stuff will be coming out of the wound and not to be alarmed, she also told me this was going to set me back 4 to 6 weeks, and I was to come back on the forth day. Needless to say I was pretty devastated that I'm walking out of her office with a wound I didn't have when I walked in, which lead me to contemplate even more "why I did this", I was pretty depressed, I was looking forward to getting out of the sports bras and into something more comfortable, and now more sleeping on my back.
She was right there was lots of oozing, and drainage from the area. On the 4 day I returned to her office, she cleaned up the wound and told me the reason she did the nitrate stick was because she was worried there was a second fluid pocket, turns out there wasn't, she was happy, but I wasn't, it seemed this was an unnecessary procedure, ugh!!! The Universe decided I was not learning patients yet I guess, LOL!
She showed me how to pack it with this gel to keep it moist, she said it would probably get worse before it gets better, WHAT!!! You gotta be kidding me!!! I walked out of there with sterile scissors, tweezers, lots of gauze and packing material and the gel.oh yeah and more antibiotics. About 3 days later I noticed that a small area just below this wound on the suture line was started to separate, I was freaking out and sent her a picture, she wrote back and said she wouldn't be surprised if the two meet and become one wound. OMG!!!
I'm not ready for this to happen, why me, you read about it happening to other women but you think, no, it's not going to happen to me! This sent me into a real funk! She also said, don't look at it, huh! how do you not look at something you have to take care of everyday.
It's been about 9 days since I had my last appt. and about 5 days ago I decided to try using the Mauka Honey, I have to say I think it's working, the small wound has almost closed and it didn't get bigger as she expected. I just happened to have some of the honey in my cabinet, so I went on amazon and read all the reviews on how much it has helped others with healing wounds and just thought what do I have to lose, I'm going to give it a try. I will keep you posted. I'm not going to post pictures just yet, it's kinda gross looking, I'd rather post a progression of the healing. Anyway that's what's been happening with me. I have finally let go of the anxiety and realize this is a process, it changes everyday, other parts of my recover are much better, they are not as sore, the swelling is going away, the incisions are still sore but I'm putting honey on that area as well, just to give it a whirl. I'm much more positive than I was, and it's been so nice not having the neck ache, backache and I feel like I can breath better, stand up straighter and I feel much lighter. Yes, I had a setback but it's taught me patience's and all in all I'm happy, and I know that eventually I will heal. There is so much to be thankful for, and especially having the opportunity to read and connect with all of you, don't know how I would have dealt with all of this without this site! Hugs and kisses to all of you!!!!
Hi Heide, Sorry to hear about the setback...that stinks. Glad to hear you are back on the mend and learning patience ;-)... Hope your healing continues to progress at a better rate now!
Thanks Colette, I'm on the mend and continue to go with the flow :) You look amazing chica, I'm so happy for you and your smooth recovery!
my goodness thats a terrible ordeal you went through!. i wish you the best. and speedy recovery.*hugs*
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