With my age of 55+, recent massive weight loss via...

With my age of 55+, recent massive weight loss via diet of 140+ lbs, and several pregnancies, my poor abdomen was a huge mess. For the past 35 years it has left me so humuliated and embarrassed I didn't even want primary care physicians to see it. The plastic surgeon was able to meet the challenge I presented and gave me a beautiful new tummy. Just 2 weeks post-op and I feel like a butterfly emerging. He is very skilled and I am so grateful for having found him. Besides being an intelligent and skilled surgeon, I found him kind and compassionate in his care of me. Now, my teenage grandaughters call me their new sexy grandma and it is all due to the plastic surgeon, he is my hero!

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17 days post-op and I feel wonderful. After 35...

17 days post-op and I feel wonderful. After 35 years of excessive weight, I can finally stand and look down and see my feet! My tummy is finally in proportion to the rest of me and I love it.


Way to go, Cheryl. So proud of you -- I know what hard work that was to lose that weight. You will be so grateful starting out this new chapter in your life. Bikinis are always fun & I'm even looking forward to my breasts being up where they belong in my 1-pieces. I'll be trying on all my swimsuits this weekend.

I told my hubby I may get my belly button pierced; he just laughed, but I just like them. My 26 year old daughter thinks it's "cute". No tattoos for me but I could live with a belly ring.
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Wearing bikinis for 1st time in 35 yr and I luv them! Getting told by men my age I'm 'hot' is a real morale booster. The benefits gleaned from doing TT are more than worth the $$ paid for the procedure and I only wish I had done this years ago.
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You have worked hard and look wonderful!   So you go right ahead and strut your stuff!

We're finally getting some sun so I bought a...

We're finally getting some sun so I bought a tankini and matching beach towel yesterday. Can't wait to get a little sunbathing going. Haven't done that since I was a teen, so will be careful about overdoing. Incision seems to be healing good. My older sis told me to quit 'yanking' the tape off when I change it, to gently "walk" it off...that might help with some of the blood spots/red areas I was getting.

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A few stats: 5'3", day of surgery 160 lb,...

A few stats: 5'3", day of surgery 160 lb, currently 148 lb (10 lb skin removed by PS). Would like to lose 10 lb more then maintain. Didn't wait on TT, as wanted it done NOW!!! and thank goodness not a concern with PS. PS did tell me that due to massive weight loss, I will always be somewhat loose and that was OK as having the hanging skin gone is priceless.

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As I traveled out of town to Seattle, I had TT in...

As I traveled out of town to Seattle, I had TT in PS's surgical center and was wheelchair from there by surgery nurse across the street to the hotel, where I stayed with caregivers (older daughter and my younger sister who is a nurse) for 4 days. First drain tube removed at that time and I was cleared to travel home. Felt EVERY small bump in the road. Was glad to get home and into my recliner. Hotel room just had lots of pillows LOL.


Go ahead and freak em out then...at least get a fake glue on type one and play with them a little! I love playing practical jokes on people, especially my kids who are 19 and 24!
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This is going to be a blast - will have to look at some really good bling items to glue on belly button (missing incision). Wonder how the PS would take it at photo shoot coming up! LOL I already scared his patient coordinator saying I was going to get a razzle dazzled T-shirt that said "tummy tuck by Dr. Salemy" across the front .... she replied OMG he'd have a heart attack!
Belly rings are ok LOL, I thought of sticking a diamond- like jewel on it I could remove and freak out my granddaughters (age 16 & 18). That's always kinda fun!

Well, on sunbathing, the PS' nurse got back to...

Well, on sunbathing, the PS' nurse got back to me today and said "absolutely not" as exposing the scar to sunlight could cause it to be hyperpigmented and it takes months for scars to mature. Well bummer, guess it will just be the rest of me to expose to some sun. And, I'm to keep using the tape on incision until 6 wk mark, then may rub vitamin E on it.


Cheryl, I bought some Mederma with a sunscreen in it. I got a $2 coupon from their website. I got the mederma at walmart for a little more than $18; it was $24.50 at cvs.
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If you do a little belly button bling, make sure you post a picture of it!! Your swelling is coming down noticeably. Hope you are feeling as good as you look.
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Hi, I'm feeling pretty good and GLAD that upper tummy swelling came down LOL. Learned today that scars shouldn't have sun on them from PS. There went part of my sunbathing idea, altho some posts talk about sunscreen and covering the scar. Work is getting easier, actually making it all day. Easter was great, learned my grandson ate a boiled egg with the shell still on - oops! Hope you are having fun and enjoying the new you!

PS said today I can use Mederma on scars, no...

PS said today I can use Mederma on scars, no elliptical machine until 6 wk postop and no hot bath/hot tub until 8 wk postop (I so want one). Local newspaper came out with local fitness center ad today with photos of me at 300+ lb and a week ago at 148 lb. That was kinda fun - one way to show off new tummy LOL. Fitness center asking when I can come back! Get lots of encouragement and support there and from personal trainer I used pre-op.


Wow! Your transformation is incredible! You look fantastic!
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Thank you and I'll say so do you! Your new boobs are superb and belly button healing so well. Your posts are fun to read thru!
Yay! You look great! I bet you feel amazing
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Will see PS next Friday and will get legs waxed...

Will see PS next Friday and will get legs waxed sev. days prior, yeah, - gotta prepare for that After photo shoot. I keep buying bikini underwear, trying to figure out which one to wear on the big day. Incision looked good today when I changed the tape on it. The ends of scar are a little poochy, a little bigger than a nickle. Will ask PS about that. Now its really really hard not to want the rest of me done - inner thighs, arms, and breasts...hadn't thought I,d feel that way once the MAIN concern (belly) was gone.

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Is it normal for scar to feel like a...

Is it normal for scar to feel like a 'rope'. Mine is not wide and is healing, but when I touch it, it feels like a hard narrow rope. I'll be rubbing some Mederma on it starting tomorrow, hope that helps it smooth out some!


You're fantastic you sexy Grandma!! I love it! Congratulations on your incredible weight loss and on your wonderful results from the TT! :D
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BeyondBusy, thank you and congrats to you also on TT and weight loss! Your posts are hilarious and I can so relate to the floppy/excess skin woes and looking in the mirror ahead of TT, trying to figure out what it would all look like once PS was done LOL. Happy healing!-Cheryl
You are too funny! I love the bling, wait till the grand daughters see it, they are going to flip out! Love it.
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Went to hospital today for upper endoscopy and...

Went to hospital today for upper endoscopy and told them if they needed to rescusitate (spelling?) me, NOT to pound on my chest because I didn't want my new abs messed up! LOL. Got to wear my new bikini undies during procedure - yeah! When I pulled off the compression garment to shower beforehand, it stuck to my incision, which I didn't realize until I was pulling it off - ouch! Looks like the Mederma I rubbed on it for the first time yesterday might have been too much or something, as it glued to the compression garment...now I'm scared to rub in Mederma and use garment at the same time. Waiting for PS office to get back to me on suggestions...


Love the belly bling :) I bet ur granddaughters think it the coolest gma ever. Haha
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Wow, that was an amazing transformation for you! You look wonderful and I bet you feel wonderful too!
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Had 7 wk postop visit with PS today. He said I was...

Had 7 wk postop visit with PS today. He said I was healing good. I can start removing the compression garment at night, but will keep it on during the day for awhile longer. Also, when I work out at gym, need to have binder on initially, which is OK with me - feel 'safer' in it. Next visit at 6-mo mark, unless I return for inner thigh lift, which I'd so like to have now. Followed by breast and arm lift, of course LOL. PS is willing to do them for me. I was worried about health/age and reaching a 'too' late mark, but he says I'm ok - yeah!! Now I just need to find lots of $$$$ - LOL.


Hi mauimommy, I saw the PS today for photo shoot of the after pix and he said he saw my bling photo and liked it...whew! I hope to see g-daughters this weekend! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Looking at my TT scar and the placement, it really...

Looking at my TT scar and the placement, it really is placed in bikini line - something I hadn't really expected due to how much upper hanging skin I had. Nice! Also the scar is really narrow, seems to be coming along nicely. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the results. So much MORE than I had hoped for or expected. The decision for TT has been BEST decision I have ever made for myself.


u r looking great! l love your 'bling' LOL. Your g-daughters are gorgeous as are you. I am sure your back must feel a lot better now huh? Congrats to u.
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Got a lympatic drainage massage today from a lady...

Got a lympatic drainage massage today from a lady who used to be therapist with Wash. State University Cougers. She was awesome and I loved the massage (never had any kind before). She also massaged the scar and showed me a few moves for it. I have been using Mederma in the morning and lavender massage oil in the evening. She did a MUCH better job. I'm going back to her next week to have it done again. She also told me two moves to do at the fitness center to help me get a butt back. My g-daughters said there was nothing there and I needed undies with built in butt padding LOL. I'll try the moves at gym first LOL.


You look incredibly happy, fit and HOT!!! Your grandaughters are beautiful and must be so proud of you. What a special day for you!
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Hi Booka! I do feel so much better and my posture, back everything is SO much improved. Lost 155 lb now, if we count the 10 lb the PS removed LOL. My g-daughters have NEVER seen me this small before and I luv it and the new energy it has brought. You look quite amazing - what a transformation! I love reading your day to day posts - very entertaining and so very true. You look very very happy post op photo. Glad to hear from you and congrats to you too!

Feeling alive, vibrant, happy, beautiful, feminine...

Feeling alive, vibrant, happy, beautiful, feminine and sexy - thank you TT and PS!


You have the most amazing results I've seen thus far on this website! wow! You look great and Im sure you feel like a new woman. You worked hard and you deserve it! Keep me posted if you do the arm lift -Im planning on doing one too after I heal from my TT.
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Curvy - hello! Thank you for the compliments - a lot of hard work paying off - yeah! I kinda wish PS had taken 'before' photo of the entire me, so if I have it all done, it would show it all LOL. My arms really hang bad, as well as poor empty breasts LOL. So..if I get arms done, will have breasts done at same time. Right now I'm thinking of trying to get inner thighs lifted, heal, then do arms/breast (since all in same general area). My PS is booked 3 mo out now, and I have to travel 4-5 hr out of town and stay in hotel 4 days, so will have to consider that. I had to keep tape on incision 6 wk. Seems PS are quite different, some using glue/sutures? I had dissolving stitches. Later today I'll try and post new scar pix and get really brave and post inner thigh and arms pix of how they look now. Still rather have loose skin than the original fat, by far! And told PS I'd then trade a scar for loose skin any day LOL. We'll have to keep in touch regarding our arms!!
It was special! The older girl graduates HS in June, so will travel to Spokane for that. I'm so proud of them. Woke up yesterday and thought "I feel alive, vibrant, happy, and feminine and sexy" and I know it is the new TT. I think only persons going thru this have a true understanding of just what it means to us and what it really does - beyond just the cosmetic!

Had 2nd lymphatic drainage massage today. MS also...

Had 2nd lymphatic drainage massage today. MS also worked on the scar, which felt good. Also got some regular massage. Wish I could afford her every week - LOL. Am looking into getting inner thigh lift done in September. Maybe heal a year after that and then go back and get arms and breasts done.


WOW !!!

From one sexy grandma to another, you go girl !!

I had mine TT done 5 months ago !!
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Thank you, you look quite incredible yourself and so much lighter! It feels so good to have the belly gone. It was great to hear from you and see your postings!
Amazing results...congratulations to you for your weight loss and regaining your health and now your body back!!

Please do tell what are the butt exercises? I need them also!

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Well, I'm committing to decision to have...

Well, I'm committing to decision to have medial thigh lift on September 23 in Seattle. Hopefully I'll have a caregiver to go with me willing to stay the whole 5 days before PS will let me travel back home...TT was for health, this is so I can wear shorts!! Then once all healed from that, will consider arm lift and breast lift. My my, what a journey.


WOWWW! You look fantastic! I bet u are ready for the beach now...
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If only I had a beach - LOL. Don't know what the neighbors will think with me prancing around outside sunbathing and washing the car this summer!! Guys at work calling me skinny is really fun. I luv what the TT has done for me. I looked at your posts and pics and you are smokin' hot momma with a tiny waist and nice new boobs. Good thing my daughters (age 35 & 38) & teen granddaughters can't hear me talk- they'd turn bright red! LOL. Congrats on your own TT! Looks like you are healing good and worst part over.
You look amazing! What a difference from your before picture! Now I'm sure you look as young as you must feel!
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Well, since light ab workout a week ago, my tummy...

Well, since light ab workout a week ago, my tummy is still in some pain (none before workout), so I backed off any ab workout since then...right knee kicked off with weight bearing pain 4 wk ago, so not walking either at the moment trying to determine what is up with that! Not sure if it is difference in my gait now that belly is gone or what. This is a real setback and very discouraging not being able to work out/walk like I had been prior to TT. This level of inactivity really bothers me - I don't LIKE it!! Wearing hipstir undies and new pants (no elastic mind you) is still fun. Maybe I'll just have to go shopping again - oh well. LOL

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Had TT scar massaged today by MS to work out...

Had TT scar massaged today by MS to work out adhesions and make sure it is loose. My, does it feel good! He worked the dog ear areas and the whole incision and suggested I get a warm pad (kind with rice & heated in microwave, long one like for neck) to put on scar just prior to when I massage with lotion/oil on my own. I will return to him in about 2 weeks for another massage work out.

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PS says to back off light exercise (abs) and try...

PS says to back off light exercise (abs) and try again after pain subsides. Bummer, but I got to take care of the tummy.


Oh, I wish, LOL !! Let them hit!!I'm so used to just going to work and then home for WAY too long. Am now looking at ways to get out more and socialize to meet new people. Need to become a social butterfly, at least I have something in my wardrobe besides black/brown stretch/elastic waist pants and dark pullover shirts used to 'hide' all the fat and the big belly!! Whoo hoo!

Hope your legs don't get crampy again, that's a real bummer when you're trying to sleep and rest! Let me know how the colorful bruising goes - am hoping you get to normal real soon on that!
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Cheryl you look after yourself! You listen to your body and don't over do it. We will soon enough be back to 100% and be able to work out hard. Start slow and easy.
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Hi! Makes me want to lift up my new tummy skin and see just what is going on underneath - LOL. Am curious if PS mentions tomorrow about the new pain around the belly button area. I swear I only did the 1 light ab workout!

Thank you so much for the help, sometimes I get ahead of myself, charging forth, and forget to slloooowwww down & not try and do it all! LOL

Saw PS today and told me not to beat myself up...

Saw PS today and told me not to beat myself up over the tummy pain issue and the ab workout, that I'm doing good. I'm definitely backing off workout for awhile. Might have to go back to local college pool to walk in the water, like I did after knee joint replacement. Whatever it takes to get some sort of exercise in!


Cheryl - congrats! We've led parallel lives down to losing 100+ lbs through diet and exercise. Even my inner thighs and butt (or lack thereof) sounds like you! My TT journey has been a bit more challenging, though, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I did my arm lift with the TT and feel like a teenager wearing cap sleeves now. Scars not ready for tank tops yet.

Finally, your panty commentaries made me LOL as did the prepping for the visits to PS. I am just like you!

Happy to share your joy and success. Keep updating your posts!
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Hello and congrats on your own weight loss journey - never easy is it! You had the arm lift? I would like one in the near future, along with breast lift. Soon I will have to ask you what that is all like. I had worried that I wouldn't be able to sit/stand/stoop/get up or down if I had anything other than TT, so only had TT & muscle repair done this go 'round.
So very sorry you have had the extra healing challenges, it is difficult enough when it all goes smoothly. My heart goes out to you there! Keep the faith and I look forward to hearing how you are doing!
So Cheryl what did you do run off and get married and jilt me? LOL We are have a few internet issues out here in the country! Plugging the silly computer into a tree just isn't the same!

So how is life? You doing okay? I am trying hard to get myself back on track my eating is out of control and I need to refocus myself. But one day at a time.
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Still have pain in abs to right of belly button....

Still have pain in abs to right of belly button. Notice it when that part of tummy is 'stretched' or moved - like when turning over onto stomach, sneezing, etc. Still wearing compression garment and as I gained 5 lb this weekend (back to diet now), it's still compressing. I think it helps with this new ab pain area, so am still wearing garment during the day and sometimes at night. We're heading into hotter weather, so will be nice not to have to wear the garment. It will be fun to select from the new hipsters I have!


Just checking in to see how things are going with my Favorite TTer. :0)
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Hi!! Got a cordizone shot in knee 2 days ago, and am just now starting to walk without hobbling. Since I still have the ab pains in the one area, still wearing compression garment during day and NO workout at gym. Not being able to do anything physically has really hurt & I'm very bummed out. I've not been eating right. Cooking for 12 yr old boy is a LOT different than cooking for myself - LOL. I feel for all the TT moms who try to diet, yet have families to also cook for. Helps if everyone on same eating patterns!
I've moved my thigh lift date forward to August 19. They scheduled me at 11 AM for a 2 1/2 hr surgery??? Maybe they don't take breaks - LOL. Hope you are doing great and look forward to hearing from my favorite Canadian TTer!
Cheryl, Are you planning to post pix of the legs too? Luckily since I am a competitive skater and workout a lot my legs look pretty good still. So you are definately going to do this too? DO you think it will be an easier recovery than the TT or more difficult? Just curious!

10 min on elliptical & 20 min on recumbant...

10 min on elliptical & 20 min on recumbant bike - stayed away from any ab workout, but knees did ok. Might be getting back on track...sure hope so. Pain in ab diminishing, not so bad when sneezing that one sneeze per day I've been getting.

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No more ugly size 16 grannie panties - hello size...

No more ugly size 16 grannie panties - hello size 6/7 hipsters - my new favorite undies! PS saved my life when he performed TT - that is how I feel.

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Sneezed 3x today with dull pain only, no "OMG...

Sneezed 3x today with dull pain only, no "OMG what did I rip" so that is good.


On knee, just $600 co-pay so not too bad for me, just for ins. co., but I'd rather save that $600 towards the breast/arm lift - LOL. I'm ok with leave off work, I have enough for both thigh surgery and knee surgery. Then save back up for breast/arms - sigh. Everything just takes so long to heal!

Trying not to think about thighs, because I so want it right now. It is so hard waiting!!! Today was last day of school - whoa - are you ready! The kitten and puppies won't know what to do with the kids there all day, every day! You must be a really busy mom. It's all good tho, sometimes I wish I had a little one or two around, or at least nearby. I think it helps keep us young.

I can't find the spot to 'private email' you with msg. Are you able to???
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You have to pay to have your knee replaced??? Wow! I'm pretty sure our health care covers that - kinda like my breast reduction it was all covered.

So what is new in the life of my fav TT'er?

See you have been back working out that is awesome!!! I have started doing mine as well I plan to lose this last 10 lbs see if I'm satisfied or if I will make myself a new goal!

Well today is the last day of School so the fun and games start LOL

Hope all is well.

What has the TT done for me: self confidence...

What has the TT done for me: self confidence boost, smiling and happier, energy level exceeding all previous limits, new wardrobe full of COLOR and in all styles of articles (shorts, crops, and full length, long sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless); from one pair of shoes (othropedic black ugly) to so many pairs of all kinds my closet is running out of room. Formerly I wore black stretch pant ONLY, and a few short-sleeve tops ONLY in black, dk brown or dk blue. This is a complete 360 degree change in me. It's a miracle I still have trouble believing is actually real.


funny I bought a dress off the discount rack... that fit!!! unbelievable... then i looked at it and decided I might try a belt.. it looked great with one or with out... I am so happy with my new shape
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Good for you Cabin_escape! It does feel wonderful doesn't it.... You are looking so good.
thank you feeling more and more confident everyday..!

6-mo post op and very glad I did this surgery....

6-mo post op and very glad I did this surgery. Still having a few mild twinges of pain in abdomen, down the front, so have refrained from any exercise except walking.


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Hey daughter! It's been crazy here. Work is extreme turmoil as they are closing my bldg which I love being at and I may have to go inside to high security where all the crazy bad dramas are. Spent last weekend with new date and we are meeting again this weekend. I really like him. He didn't say anything about my long long scars on tummy and thighs, so am hoping they weren't a turnoff. I think it is different when it is someone you have been with and they are with you daily on the changes, but here, we are talking about someone who just met me...
So, how have you been????? Are you and kids doing ok? You are still moving forwards towards your dream? BTW, I absoultely LOVE lying in his arms at night and told him so. Sure was hard to come home. Been way too many years for me and am so glad I worked to regain my body back!! I so hope your own journey moves forward and love works out, if not today, at least in near future. You take real good care of yourself!!!
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