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Had TT Now Going for Thigh Lift August 19, 2011.

After losing 145 lb via diet/exercise, am left...

After losing 145 lb via diet/exercise, am left with a lot of hanging skin. Had tummy tuck on Mar 18, with 10 lb of skin removed by PS. Now I can see my legs - whoo hoo, but what a mess!! Am nervous and excited all rolled up into one as this is a lot of $$$ I am spending on myself.

Main concern with this surgery is infection and scar splitting as gravity will pull on it. I'm 57 and may have to keep working for ever, but feel I am worth it.

Saw PS today to discuss some skin removal in upper...

Saw PS today to discuss some skin removal in upper back of hips/flank area today at same time as thigh lift. Ok, so it's a body lift - a little more involved than I thought it would be. Added surgery time and $$ and healing. Since thigh lifts like this are a concern with healing, might be advisable to only do one procedure at a time. I'll think on it and decide soon. Can't hardly wait for September and the big day, nerves and all!

Saw orthopedic surgeon today about right knee....

Saw orthopedic surgeon today about right knee. Asked if he had any concern with my getting medial thigh lift and if possible infections from it traveling into metal knees. Ortho surgeon told me he was NOT worried at all & to just let him know when I was ready to fit the 2nd knee joint replacement into my schedule. Told him medial thigh lift comes first, with complete healing. Only mention this due to mult. surgery procedures and how they might impact one another or if they would cause one surgeon to back off. I absolutely DON'T want PS backing off any...

Folks tell me I have 'skinny' legs &...

Folks tell me I have 'skinny' legs & actually the legs were what was noticed first after I reappeared on the scene following the TT removal of pannus. What they don't know is that the jeans cover the loose skin & you can't tell it is there. But...I know it is there & I would like it to disappear. I prefer the scar. Do wish I knew more about what was involved and what to expect and prepare for - recovery wise.

Will order compression garment tomorrow. It is...

Will order compression garment tomorrow. It is high waisted and then goes all the way down legs to mid-calf, with zippers built into part of the sides. Crotchless, of course, so it doesn't get removed except for cleaning/switching garments.

Sure hope surgery team is able to actually get it on me while I'm under. It looks like it will be 'very' difficult to put on. Guess maybe one slow inch at a time. Hope they scheduled that into the timeframe as it might take them all day & into the night. LOL.

Asked hotel where I will be staying following...

Asked hotel where I will be staying following surgery if they would place me in a room closest to the elevator, to eliminate as much walking down corridors as possible.

Custom compression garment has been ordered. It is...

Custom compression garment has been ordered. It is a mix of the garment I wore for TT as we know that part fits, but with smaller legs & thighs. The company also wants to eliminate the two side zippers and put in one zipper that is located in the front middle of the garment. All tailor made for yours truly. Sure hope it fits...

The custom-made compression garment has been...

The custom-made compression garment has been completed & shipped. They wanted to put one zipper in middle (crotch to under breast) rather than two zippers down each side. Sure hope it fits...

Have ordered a freshette - traveling one since...

Have ordered a freshette - traveling one since I'll be in a hotel at least 5 days. This should work well with the crotchless compression garment and the new skirt I just bought. Skirt goes to just a few inches above ankles and should just cover the compression garment, as it goes below the knees.

Will look at high rise toilet seat addition with grab bars this coming weekend. I may need something at the hotel...? Want to be all prepared. Will ask PS about steri strips, gauze pads, etc as it is best to have MORE than less during first couple weeks of recovery.

To help relax & take mind off upcoming...

To help relax & take mind off upcoming surgery, have decided to take hot bubble baths each night until Thursday, the travel day to Seattle. And use the locally made shea butter with goat's milk. My feet will be so soft and luxiurios (sure I spelt that wrong) that the surgical team will say "wow, what beautiful feet she has" and not even notice all the skin laxity going on everywhere else - LOL. Unless they want to admire their handiwork of the TT, that would be ok. Heck, I'll be under - won't know what they say - LOL. And thank goodness I got most of the sticky wax off my do-it-yourself bikini line/ mini brazilian wax job I tried to give myself...might have caused a raised eyebrow or two, especially with all the shredded cotton that then stuck to the wax when I tried to get it off...

Drains come in sterile packaging, so PS's...

Drains come in sterile packaging, so PS's nurse says they'l try to show me drain stripping, but definitely after surgery. I like docs/staff to talk to me direct (even if drugged) as I "like to know" for myself. Very important to me.

Thigh lift was Aug 19 and was about 2 hr or so....

Thigh lift was Aug 19 and was about 2 hr or so. Incision makes an "L" shape in groin and traveling down to the knees,where the drains exit. I am in a compression garment going from tummy down to mid-calf. It is tight, but any swelling is minimal and drainage is good. I will slow down on pain pills today. I was up walking within hour of getting back to hotel room due to having to pee - thanks to IV bag of fluids. The Freshette device makes this real easy. PS changed dressings today and I had first shower. PS has me 'airing' myself out of compression garment an hour each day.

All steri-strips came undone during the night and...

All steri-strips came undone during the night and incision opened about 1/4 inch by 1.5 inches. Seems a bit puffy on one side, but doesn't hurt or wiggle when touched? PS can look at it Thurs. I just couldn't bear to have nothing but ointment and gauze over it, so did put one narrow steri-strip over center of it, then gauze, then a larger second gauze over that. Also dried gently with hairdryer and then ointment to right groin leg where it has been reddening up, which I think is from moisture, sweating, and rubbing irritation. Put gauzes there also. Will check again tonight.

Drains removed today, 13 days postop - yay!!...

Drains removed today, 13 days postop - yay!! Compression garment MUCH easier to put on without drains and with incisions more healed and without a ton of gauze and tape - LOL.

I LOVE my new legs and new tummy. Never again will...

I LOVE my new legs and new tummy. Never again will I be embarrased or humiliated by it. No more will I 'cover' it up, but am 'dressing' it up. The work is not yet complete (arms/breasts/body lifts), but it is well on its way and I am determined to see the final, finished Masterpiece.

No infections. Split in left leg has mended. I...

No infections. Split in left leg has mended. I think scar will be slightly wider than if it had not split.

See PS for 6 wk post op on Oct 7. Incisions have...

See PS for 6 wk post op on Oct 7. Incisions have healed and I've begun massaging them to desensitize them. Have a marble-size lump under one part & will work on it & ask PS about it. Took hot bubble bath last night and wow, but did it feel good. When I say my PS saved my life & is my hero, I truly mean it. I have had first date and intimacy in many many years & w/o these surguries, honestly don't believe this would have been possible. When a 36 yr old guy writes that I'm attractive (I'm 57), you can't help but glow all over.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salemy has performed another Masterpiece on me with a medial thigh lift. He is so skilled, kind, and caring. No words can adequately describe the joy and wonder I feel when I look at how he has sculpted and fixed me. I'm beautiful and it is Dr. S who has made feel this way. His staff are easy going and really put you at ease, making anxiety disappear. The anethesiologist was wonderful & I woke up in great spirits in recovery. At just 3 days post-op, discomfort is minimal and healing is right on schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Salemy and will go to him for all my plastic surgery requirements.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I see you haven't responded in quite a while but would you consider posting some photos since you are two years out now? I would so love to see what scaring looks like after so much time....Thanks
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You look absolutely amazing!!!!! Happy for you.. I am having the same type of incision as you did.. PS told me I will also have staples with the stitches. Did you have that too?? What was ur pain level??? Were there things you couldn't do?? ex... close a recliner?? trouble sitting on the toilet??? I would appreciate any and all advice you can give.. thanks!!
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You look great!
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Is there a permanent scare once you get the medial thogh lift?
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Congrats!! My thighs look like yours in your picture above, but I can't imagine ever being able to afford to do anything about it. I just don't like the idea of the scar all the way down the inside. I've read about thigh lifts that are just an incision at the groin, but have yet to see anyone who's had it done. I lost over 150 lbs. with my RNY surgery & I've been incredibly lucky as far as extra skin, but my thighs are the worst and I have to hide them. It sucks being 40 and having the thighs of an 80 year old!
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Wow you look good congrats, I am so inspired by you
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Hey I am thinking about you how are you!
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Thank you so much for sharing your thigh lift experience! Your results are fantastic. I'm looking to have this procedure done in Seattle, so I'll definitely get a consult with your surgeon. Thanks again!
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Happy Birthday Sexy Hot Women You!!!
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Here I Am - too funny, crazy girl! Can't believe I'm 39 or was that 29 - whoo hoo!
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Hi Waiting - I'd be worried if you were'nt somewhat scared, expect emotions to be all over before and after procedure. Get your home and work life as normal as you can, then just concentrate on yourself and getting you where you need to be. Hope all goes well for you and kids!!!
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@ mama bear thanks...I am glad you are all healed up!though and I am going to try to get stuff back to normal what ever that is..lol
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Hi Luv, I'm here, just not on RS much anymore. Now that thigh incisions are healed, I'm learning how to go bicycling with new male friend. Don't see him enough tho. Dating is hard after so many years - ughhh. How is your life going and are you still on track for your procedure????
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Hi, I am planning to have an inner thigh lift and can't decide if I want the vertical or groin lift. Now that yours has been a year, do you mind sending a photo so I can see how the scar looks now? Is it pale and very noticeable? If you would email me at DebRN98@carolina.rr.com that would be very much appreciated. I know what to expect during the first 6 months, but I'd like to see the results after a year. Thank you!! Deb
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I can't help you out much when it comes to drains. I'm happy with the way my breasts feel so far. They are high profile saline. I read a post where the lady had silicone and remarked that she could not tell where her tissue ended and the implant started. So I felt mine and really palpated the tissue and I can't feel the implant, I simply have big boobs! :) And I'm happy about it! I've worked out for years and have chest pressed lots of weight so I know that I have well developed pectoral muscles, I'm thinking that has a lot to do with the way my implants have settled or not. My PS has keep me on lots of anti-inflammatory med, and then under my arm pits when I had pain and discomfort he had his nurse ultrasound the area to soften the tissue, and prevent any scar fibers from forming. I'm very happy with my implants. I would have only gone with silicone if I had needed a lift and had to be cut open. (my PS when through my belly button) The sensation thing it fine too. I've always had very sensitive nipples and this surgery has not change a thing. I thought my lipo to my tummy was the harder part of my surgery. The breast were not nearly as bad as I imagined. In my mind I expected them to really hurt and well if you had a baby it's not much worst than that engorged feeling when the milk comes in. Hope this helps with the questions in your mind.
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What did you have done to your breast? Did you have implants? I would like to have mine put back where they belong but I am afraid that I won't be able to have any feeling in my nipples
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I just read your posts for the first time tonight and WOW what a long journey you have been through! Congratulations on a journey well done! Many wishes for more good things to come your way as you enjoy living in your new body!
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AJ, thank you! I looked at your posts and you ROCK that tankini - love it! I'm hoping for arm lift and breast lift with implants next summer. PS will take out my side bra rolls too. I've been wondering what the breasts are like after the work, like loss of sensation and how they feel. I'm told I'll have 4 drain tubes & will need lot of help at first.
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good for you on the date.. "confidence" can't beat it!! happy for ya!!
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Thank you! How have you been doing? Everything ok, or at least getting better?
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healing.... up and down, emotionally I hate the way pants fit now... my thighs are too big hence the waist on my pants are loose and fall... ugh.. started working out again.. that make me feel a bit better... find my new groove is my new motto..
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I am so happy for you mom!!!!1 I know they mean well but you get tired of hearing same old stuff!weekend was good I worked in arizona !!!! Kids are the best!!!
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