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I am a group fitness instructor and obsessed with...

I am a group fitness instructor and obsessed with eyeliner. I was tired of putting on makeup just to workout so I decided to give this a shot. Love it!

I met with a few different artists to decide who would be best for me and chose one out of a plastic surgeons office. I felt more comfortable with her as well as being in a surgical office.

My procedure wasn't the best experience. I had a wonderful woman (Lina) performing it who used a numbing cream for about 45 minutes before we got started. I hoped this would create a relatively pain free experience-but that wasn't the case. My under eye was done first and this was extremely painful! It hurt enough that I was tempted to not do the top at all. After every few passes she would put on more numbing cream to get deeper but that never deemed to help.

The top part, surprisingly, wasn't painful at all! I wouldn't even classify it as uncomfortable.

Afterwards I was able to drive myself home. The eyeliner was thick and dark but I liked it.

The next morning I started to swell but nothing crazy.

By day 3- things got ugly. The swelling was totally out of control and my eyes were almost sealed shut. After sending Lina my picture she put me on a course of steroids to reduce my excessive swelling. While this did help- even 2 weeks later I was still puffy.

I finally went to a local skin care shop and spoke to them about a healing eye cream. At this point my eyes were red, puffy, rough, dry, and scale like.

I invested in the Creme Ancienne eye cre and that helped to finally heal me up (AWESOME eye cre, btw. I'm a user for life).

20 days later and I still have a puffyness under my eyes that never existed in the past. Also, my right eye continues to be very dry and I have to use eye drops for the first time in my life.

All this being said- I LOVE the eyeliner. Particularly under eye. Looks great. I go back in a month or so for the touch up/second round to clarify and compete finishing touches. I've heard this second time has a much easier recovery.

If you are a die hard eyeliner user- this is definitely worth it!

Just updating some pics- about 4 months out

Here are some pics 4 months after the procedure.
Middletown Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nagy's office- Lina

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You look great !!
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I am a micro - pigmentation specialist. I have never had those results. If there is swelling, it is the worst on the first day. You picked the wrong person. Sorry .
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I actually met with multiple people before I made my decision on who to use, as well as speaking with many references from all of those. I disagree that I made the wrong decision as I worked with someone specially based out of a plastic surgeons office who had the most and best references. I did not made my decision on a whim. While I agree that I had abnormal results, I do not believe that my results would have been any different with anyone else. I am a sweller and I should have taken that into consideration prior to the procedure.
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Your pre- care instructions should have told you to take an antihistamine. And your post care instructions should have told you to use ice packs.
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WOW!! It really did turn out beautifully! Thanks very much for sharing!
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I'll have to take one later tonight when I don't have makeup on. I do find that still tend to wear a little bit of eyeliner when I'm going out to intensify it (especially bc I like to line the waterline). As much as I wanted to go to my second round to fix up some little spots, I just wasn't willing to risk having that reaction again and having to go to work looking like that for 2-3 weeks. I'll post pics soon
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Great! I'll be watching for them. ....and yep... I don't believe I'd have risked a second round either.
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oh wow, the eyeliner really does look beautiful. Would you mind posting a completely healed pic....I'd like to see the finished product. From what I see in your last posted pic it looks as if all was gonna turn out fantastically!
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Looks like you had a bit of an allergic reaction to either the pigment or the products used. Glad to see you healed well and are happy with your choice! I've never had anyone have a reaction in the eyes, most people take blacks and browns well, its more common to have a reaction in reds.
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I met with a few woman first to decide who was right for me. I highly recommend that. Also, bring lots of pics to show exactly what you want. Good luck!!! Keep me posted :).
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Thanks for the advice,,much appreciated,:).. I`ll certainly do that.,,.I can`t wait to get it done. Thank you for being such a sweetheart,, your info`s very helpful! :)
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That's exactly why I posted info. When I came online to search for info there wasn't much at all-- glad my experience could help you make up your mind!
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You`ve made my mind up for me. :) I`m deffo having it done too.
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Now that I am fully recovered...I LOVE IT!!!! Best thing ever.
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Good to know there`s positivity on this subject.
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our eyeliner looks really natural and nice.  The swelling and redness in the beginning looked very painful:(

Looks like everything is starting to settle down now.  Hopefully all of the symptoms will be gone soon.  

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