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Smart Lipo - Walham, MA

I had my lower and upper abdomen and flanks done...

I had my lower and upper abdomen and flanks done because I couldn't shed the baggage through exercise.

I love my results. I had little pain. The pain was comparable to the soreness after an intense workout. The bruises hurt the most but only lasted a couple of days. I didn't need to take any pain medication.

The most discomfort was experienced on days four...

The most discomfort was experienced on days four and five which was a result of the garment pressing against the bruises.

At day six, my bruises have faded slightly and are less painful. I have a little swelling but my cloths fit loose over my garments. I've been eating fresh pineapple everyday since two weeks pre-op and taking arnica montana since two days pre-op.

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At Day 15 I'm out of my garments and my stomach is...

At Day 15 I'm out of my garments and my stomach is tight with a bit of pulling/ripping feeling. I'm focusing on stretching and getting back in the gym.
Finesse Cosmetic Laser & Lipo Center

I was very nervous going into the operation and they answered all of my questions and were very patient with me. The staff explained everything very well and I knew exactly what to expect. Everything they told me was right on and there hasn't been any surprises.

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Hi there,

Did the muffin top come back? I noticed it's gone in day 15 (compared to the night before) and it looks really nice. Does it look like it's now the same as before??

It's been 3 weeks 3 days post op for me. The compression garment came off at 3 weeks, and I have very, very little swelling left (if any). There is a very noticeable difference - my muffin top is completely gone, as is my belly. I'm also sore and numb in random places like you. I have an uneven lump on my right hip (2in x 2in) which doc said was a seroma which should resolve soon. It hasn't yet! I'm constantly looking at it, not too happy with it. Hopefully it will be gone soon as it's on my hip so I can't wear anything low cut.
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No it didn't come back and I am very happy!! I can finally feel comfortable in form fitting shirts. My results are comparable to the last photos I posted, maybe a little less swelling. I will try to post updated photos sometime this week.
The area above my belly button stuck out a little, you can see it in my photos. The doctor noticed it during my post-op and said it was fluid. It seems to have gone down quite a bit.
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I am not happy with my results, or rather the lack of results is more accurate. There is little difference and it has been 3 weeks. i am still sore and have a numb feeling over much of my skin. I have been on my motorcycle a lot lately including an all day event today and I am hurting from it now. I am still massaging and using the compression garment but the chnage is minimal. I will post new pics in a couple of days. Just too busy with the holiday weekend and so many places to be. I hope you're right and I that I end up being happy because so far,,,i'm not.
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Sorry to hear you're not happy with your results. The numb feeling is normal, I'm almost six weeks post-op and still feel numb. Have you tried Arnica Montana tablets (I got them from Whole Foods)? I took about five of them three times a day for the first couple of weeks. I also noticed a little more swelling once I took the garment off so I rubbed the Arnica Montana cream (available at Walgreens) on my stomach for a few days. I drank a lot of water and stayed away from salt. I hope this helps and you see positive results soon.
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Thank you for the advice. I didn't know Arnica Montana came in cream form but I will try it. I am posting new pics. not much of a difference. Still sore, especially at my waistline where the compression garment seems to gather. I assume the numbness will fade eventually and teh appearance will imrove as well. I am not happy but at least there is some imporvemnet and I hope more will develop.
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Thank you! I love my results, I'm sure you will too.
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You look awesome, I'm so happy for you!!! I just had it done 6 days ago I'm so excited about the results. My original pants are way too big.
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Hi Rass, I'm also out of my compression garments but I've noticed that I am bigger since. Are you noticing the same thing?
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I felt a little bigger the first two days out. I bought a slimming cami from one of the discount stores and wore it for a couple of days. I feel a little more swollen when I've been sitting for awhile, such as at work.
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Glad to hear you are doing well. Day 5 can't won't soon enough for me as that seems to be the point at which potential for embolisms and much of the discomfort fades. Thank you.
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Pineapple is supposed to help reduce swelling. Good luck!

Tomorrow will be two weeks post operation for me and I am very pleased with my results. I'm not sore, instead, my stomach is just tender when something presses against it. In my opinion, dealing with the drainage and garments were the worst part. After day five, everything seemed better for me.
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What is with the pineapple? I heard pneapple is good before dental surgery. What is the benefit? I'm scheduled for smartlipo in 7 days.
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looking good. i had mine in feb. im from nashua nh
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how are you doing? i had my smart lipo done at the same place on the 22nd!
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I'm doing well. I had mine the day before you. Like you, I can't wait to get out of this garment!
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