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Hi, I'm 41 years old and I'm from the UK....

Hi, I'm 41 years old and I'm from the UK. I have the most wonderful husband ever and I have 3 beautiful daughters aged 8, 5 and 3. As much as I love them I have been left with a real bad tummy, not stretched but just extremely saggy, my kangaroo pouch as I call it. I have yo-yo dieted most of my adult life with my weight ranging from 112 pound to 210 pounds during pregnancy. I'm currently 150 pounds and I'm happy with my weight. I'm 5ft 7 inches tall.

Well its my pre-op appointment tomorrow and...

well its my pre-op appointment tomorrow and I'm feeling so nervous. I can honestly say I didn't expect to feel like this at this stage because this is something I have wanted to do for so many years. I'm actually in two minds as to whether to back out or not. I hope I don't though, because i'm sure I will be sorry in the long run. I keep looking at these before op pictures just to give me the encouragement to go for it. These pictures actually make me feel sick, so I really hope I have the courage to go through with it. I am going on vacation on Tuesday and don't come home until the day of my surgery so fingers crossed my time away in the sun (in my bikini) will be enough encouragement I need. I'll up tomorrow after my pre op consult.

Well i just got back from getting my bloodwork...

well i just got back from getting my bloodwork done and now it seems VERY real indeed. I've just paid a whole lot of money out and nearly cried lol. Hopefully it will be worth it though. 9 more days and it will be here. I won't get chance to get on here before my surgery now so I will be back after I've had it done, hopefully with good news and good pics to go with it.

Forgot to mention, I can't believe I no longer...

Forgot to mention, I can't believe I no longer have my belly sat on my lap when I'm sitting down. I simply cannot stop looking at it. Can't wait to see it properly without my binder

Looks like I'm wearing a diaper in my post op...

looks like I'm wearing a diaper in my post op pics lol

Got my first post op appointment tomorrow and...

got my first post op appointment tomorrow and really hope I get a little glimpse of my tummy when they're changing the dressings. So far all I've seen the quick glimpse when I took my update photos,, all of about 2 minutes. Plus I've got so much dressing that it looks like I'm wearing a diaper, I really hope this dressing get taken off tomorrow as I'm so nervous/excited to see the position of my scar. I so hope my surgeon managed to get it nice and low for me.

Day 6 po............. today has been my hardest...

Day 6 po............. today has been my hardest day so far. Getting quite a lot of pain from my lipo site when I move the wrong way or move too quickly. Got a po appointment later so will ask about it there. I'm going to start weaning myself off the pain meds later today. Instead of taking 2 at a time I'm going to start taking 1, hopefully I won't feel so zombified all the time then. I'll be back on later with an update after my appointment x

Well my appointment went fantastic. They're so...

well my appointment went fantastic. They're so pleased with my progress, everything is looking just like it should. They can't believe how good I am. God I feel like a new person and I can safely say this has changed my life already. Ive got some more pics to upload but i forgotto take my camera with me so they're on my phone at the mo, i'll download them later. I managed to get some taken before she put the new dressings on, so i've even seen my new bb and it looks lush lol. i'm totally happy with the position of my scar. I'm absolutely bruised to hell and back and hey I can cope with that. I'll be back later with my updated pics.

Here are my 6 day po pics. Swelling is still...

Here are my 6 day po pics. Swelling is still massive especially in my "foof" area. I was given some good advice at my appointment today.............. don't wear an underwired bra. I have since taken it off and it's so much more comfortable. So this might be a new tip for you.

Well I'm 7 days po today and every day is...

well I'm 7 days po today and every day is getting better. I'm standing a little more upright today, so this eases the pain in my back from being hunched over. I was told at my po appointment yesterday that I can start sleeping lying down, but keeping the pillows under my knees, that was so nice last night, much more comfortable than trying to sleep upright.

Day 8 and feeling GRRRRRRREAT. I still can't...

day 8 and feeling GRRRRRRREAT. I still can't believe I have a flat tummy, someone pinch me. My swelling is horrible though but I can live with that because I know it will disappear eventually.I tried on a pair of pre pants today and they're huge on me, now that was something I wasn't expecting to see due to the amount of swelling I have. Been to my daughter's sports day this morning and coped pretty well. It's the first time I've been out for a few hours so was pretty much dreading it, but it was better than I thought. I have to go back this afternoon for my other daughter's sports day so we'll see how i get on with that. I could do with a good sleep at the mo, but needs must, so sleep will have to wait until later.

Oh boy I really overdid it today, I must remember...

oh boy I really overdid it today, I must remember that I've had major surgery and really need to slow down, I won't be making the mistake I made today in a hurry. I am so unbelievably swollen and this is the first day I've experienced pain, so I think I've learned my lesson and I need to rest and not try and carry on as normal. I twisted a little bid odd today and had the most severe burning sensation in my side, I really hope I haven't done any damage. Although the pain has eased it is still there, so I will have to keep an eye on it over the next day or two. Can't believe it's been a week since surgery already

Well i'm waiting on a call back from the hospital...

well i'm waiting on a call back from the hospital as I think I have a huge amount of fluid at the bottom of my tummy (just above the pubic area). When I touch the one side of it, it actually looks like a water bed and looks like there are waves going right across my tummy to the other side, so I'm pretty sure this is fluid. I'll keep you updated as to what the hospital say. The only way I can describe how is feel is heavily pregnant, I feel as though my skin is stretched to capacity and it's just how i felt when i had a huge bump to contend with, not a nice feeling when you're worrying there is something going on which shouldn't be. I'll keep you posted x

Had my phone call from my consultant, he wants to...

had my phone call from my consultant, he wants to see me, so i'm waiting for my husband to get home and we'll be on our way. looks like I need to be drained. I'll let you know laters xxx

Hi guys, THANK YOU so much for the lovely messages...

hi guys, THANK YOU so much for the lovely messages of support. I'm back from the hospital and my ps drained my tummy. I feel SO MUCH better. It was almost like he was deflating me lol. Feel much more like my old self now. I can stop wearing these blooming surgical socks now as well which have been driving me nuts as I've been limited as to what clothes I can wear, so I've only been able to wear full length pants, at least I can wear other things tomorrow now. It was so lovely reading all your messages of concern when I just got back from the hospital. So just wanted to let you all know I'm absolutely fine, my incision is looking great, no signs of infection at all. So all in all it's been a good end to the day.

Well today has been a pretty good day. I went to a...

Well today has been a pretty good day. I went to a kids party tonight. I did find it a bit tiring but it was ok. My build up of fluid has started to return but now i know it's pretty common, I can put up with it, I know it will ease and go away eventually. I went to a kids party earlier and I coped ok. Was glad to get home though. I weighed this morning and I'm now 8lb down from day of surgery, extremely pleased about that. I'm so looking forward to the day when I can actually show off my new tummy but until I can stop wearing my garments then this time will have to wait. Maybe I'll have a tummy reveal night out lol.

Day 12.......... although I'm physically feeling...

Day 12.......... although I'm physically feeling ok, mentally I'm not doing so great. As much as I don't regret doing this for a single second, I just can't get certain thoughts out of my head and it's cracking me. The fluid is back in my tummy and I'm scared to death that I'm going to have this problem forever. I cannot see past this and I'm just crying at anything. But the underlying problem is this damn fluid. I'm coping well in all other ways except this fluid. I'm trying so hard to look at the positives but finding it real difficult right now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a bit more of a happier place.

Ok I know I'm only at day 13 but I'm feeling so...

ok I know I'm only at day 13 but I'm feeling so depressed. i can't believe we all seem to be going through the same phases as each other just at different times in our healing process. I am crying all the time, feeling totally uncomfortable, extremely dirty as I still can't shower or bath and fed up of washing my privates in the sink, oh god the list goes on and on. I really am feeling so sorry for myself. My belly is so bloody swollen from this fluid and I know I just have to put up with it, but it's so so hard. I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday just to talk my concerns through with the doc. At the moment I'm just living for tomorrow and it's so unfair on my 3 daughters. I'm feeling so bad about myself that I'm just not giving them the attention they need and deserve, I don't think they are noticing it at all but it's making me feel so guilty. Here I go again, I'm crying typing this. I really really hope I feel a bit better tomorrow. I just feel like a big fat lump at the moment. Here's to tomorrow x

I've been for a little lie down with my 3 year old...

I've been for a little lie down with my 3 year old and got up feeling much more positive. In fact I feel totally different, how the hell can that happen in the matter of a few hours. Somehow I've managed to pull myself together and hopefully I've come out the other side because I really do feel so so much better. I've added a few pics of my not so lovely swollen fluid filled tummy, just for me to look back on (hopefully) and remember the not so good few days/weeks I had to put up with it.

Hi ladies, firstly I would like to say thank you...

Hi ladies, firstly I would like to say thank you for your words of support, it's been such a great help over the last few days. I've been on here reading everyone else's progress but I haven't felt like updating my own because I was feeling so low. Although nothing much has changed I do feel better in myself. I think this is because I've come to realise that this is going to be a long road before I begin seeing results due to the fluid build up. Before having my surgery I had read and read about swelling and I was totally expecting that, but I wasn't expecting this fluid and it's really knocked my confidence for six. plus it's made me feel so uncomfortable. I still stand by my words saying it has been a near painless experience so far but emotionally it's been a nightmare. But i really do think again it's due to the fluid. I have an apt with my ps tomorrow and I'm really hoping he's gonna drain my fluid again. i also hope to get all my dressings taken off so I can start to shower or bath (preferably bath but I think he's gonna say shower, I can live with that though). Seeing everyone's photos on here is quite depressing me though because all I see is flat tummies and mine simply is NOT flat. Oh one thing I do have to go back on my word about though is that my pre op pants no longer fit me. They were huge on me 2 days po but now they won't even nearly do up, so all stretch pants for me for the foreseeable future. I've now decided to give myself til christmas before I believe I will start seeing results. Again I can live with that though. I'll update again tomorrow after my appointment. Hopefully my ps will drain my fluid and I'll have some nice new pics to put on. Fingers crossed anyway.

Yay I'm so glad today has arrived, cant wait to...

Yay I'm so glad today has arrived, cant wait to see my ps this pm about this fluid and HOPEFULLY I will get my dressings removed and be allowed to shower, god that will make me feel so much better. I've got a feeling that he's not gonna drain me again, but hey that's life, I've learned now that i've gotta have a bit of patience and live with it. As long as I get the reassurance that the fluid WILL go away and that I WILL end up with the nice flat tummy that I had envisaged then I'm ok to live with the fluid. Will update you guys later, hopefully with some new pics with no dressings. Bye for now and have a great day you lovely lovely ladies. (Boy I don't think I could have got through this without you guys)

Well girls all I can say is wow, I can't believe...

well girls all I can say is wow, I can't believe how different I feel, I really do hope this is the way it stays now. I went to my see my ps yesterday where he drained 70cc of fluid (it was 150 last week), he also took off all my dressings and I was also able to take my first bath last night, and all I can say is I'VE ARRIVED lol. Yes I've still got swelling, but do you know what, I don't care about it. I'm still loving what i'm seeing and it feels even better knowing that I'm going to go smaller than this once the swelling goes down. I'm extremely happy with my scar placement, it looks lopsided at the moment but my ps has said this should settle once the swelling goes down. I have been promoted to one binder instead of two, which is so much more comfortable. I LOVE my new belly button. I've got a figure hugging dress on today and I can't tell you how good I feel. I really can't believe it's going to get better than this.

Hi ladies, hope you're doing well. I've had the...

hi ladies, hope you're doing well. I've had the most amazing few days. Lots of people have been telling me how fantastic I look. One friend even said I looked like a model haha. I've found the most amazing tummy control footless tights (just like leggings) and they're so much more comfortable and flattering than the old binder, so I'm hoping to stick with those. I've still got a little bit of fluid but it's not as bad as it has been. I'm just hoping it doesn't build back up because i don't see my ps until a week next thursday and i really think it wouldn't dampen how great I'm feeling if the fluid was to come back. My scar is looking great and my bb well my bb how blooming cute is my bb i'm in love with it. Oh gosh that makes me sound so weird doesn't it. For all you ladies who are only thinking about getting this done, GET IT DONE NOW. It's definitely the best thing I've ever done. I'm going on vacation again in October and I REALLY cannot wait to show this gorgeous flat tummy off. My husband is fed up of me looking at it lol. He walks in the room and there I am in the mirror hehe. It was hard for me to even look in the mirror before I had it done, so it's such a luxury for me to enjoy it. I'm wearing clothes that i couldn't even have ever considered before because of the lumps and massive bumps. I'll update again in a few days. Hopefully with the same positive thoughts I've got today xxxx

Typo error above............. should read...........

typo error above............. should read........ "would" dampen and not "wouldn't". Hope you got the gist of what I was saying x

Can't believe it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my...

Can't believe it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my surgery. I've definitely turned a corner and and it's a corner I really don't want to see again. I'm feeling so great at the moment both physically and mentally. For me, the first 2 weeks were the worst. Not painwise but definitely mentally. Along with the fluid build up. So far so good on that front though. Since having 70cc drained last Thursday it seems to have made a huge difference. I still have a bit of fluid but I'm sure my ps will drain that out when i see him again next week. Swelling isn't too bad at the mo, except around the hip area above my incision. It so doesn't bother me though because I had 2 kind of bulges there before my surgery so even with the swelling there is a huge improvement. I can't really believe it's going to get better than this but I'm assured by my ps that it is. I've never been able to wear tight fitting clothes because of my belly and my hip bulges but I can now wear these clothes so I'm a happy little bear. All my pre-surgery clothes are fitting again, well I say fitting, they're actually a little too big (some are way too big that I can't wear) but the majority of which I can wear. I always bought trousers and dresses 2 sizes too big to hide my bulges so it will be nice to start buying clothes that are actually my size. It looks like I'm going to go down 1 or 2 dress sizes by the time the swelling goes down. I'm currently 12lb lighter than the day of surgery but I had been on a all inclusive vacation for a week before my surgery so I could have put a bit on. i'll try and get some updated photos on here soon but I only really want to take them in the morning before ANY swelling starts lol. There's no point putting any on if I'm still the same as my last pics on here.

Hi Ladies, feel a little down again today. Mostly...

hi Ladies, feel a little down again today. Mostly due to the swelling I think. I don't know whats swelling and what's not swelling and as much as I'm trying to get on with and be patient I'm finding it a little more difficult today. I seem to have still got a roll of fat under my boobies when I'm sat down and this is really getting me down. I've got a feeling that this is how it's going to stay as it doesn't seem like it's swelling to me. I'm still really "hippy" above my incision on both hips. I'm going to be really disappointed if this is how it is going to stay, in fact, I'll be absolutely gutted and I think this is what is getting me down so much at the moment. I could actually sit and cry and this present moment typing this. I still feel as though I've got a little pot belly just above my "foof" region too. I know it's only just over 3 weeks and I'm trying to remind myself of this constantly. If I knew how i was going to look after all the swelling has gone then I think I would be happier but because I'm worried that this isn't actually swelling then I'm worried about the constant disappointment I'm going to feel when I look in the mirror. God this feeling is so strange because I feel like I'm constantly contradicting myself. As much as I'll be disappointed if this is the way I'm going to stay, on the other hand I still feel my tummy and hips look 100% better than before surgery. What the hell. Totaly contradiction or what.

When can I start using Bio Oil on my incision.

Hi ladies, just wanted to update a little to let...

hi ladies, just wanted to update a little to let you know that my mood has lightened over the weekend. No particular reason for this but I'm glad to say I'm feeling a little brighter.

Just a quick question, have any of you had lipo of inner and outer thighs. If so, what was the healing process like. I so wish I had done this the same time as the tt, but didn't think about it at the time.

Day 25 po. I've added updated pics, don't really...

Day 25 po. I've added updated pics, don't really know why because I don't like what I see. I suppose it's still worth updating them tho. These pics were taken at around 7.30 pm, wasn't really the best of times to take them but that's the time I thought about it. So I'm probably looking a lot more swollen than I would have been this morning.

Hi ladies, hope you're all feeling well. My...

hi ladies, hope you're all feeling well. My lovely husband has put together a few photos for me to keep me feeling a little upbeat. To say it's worked is an understatement. I've added these pics. They are all pictures that are already on here but it makes a huge difference having them together. I really can't believe it's the same body. I remember before having this surgery and looking through some pics on here thinking to myself, wow what a difference, well I'm now thinking that about myself. I'm hoping some of you think the same as well and it's not just me being biased. I am going to get these pictures printed out and pop them around the house just to keep reminding me of the difference, then everytime I'm having a low day I can just take a look at these and no matter how much swelling i have, I will still be able to see the complete transformation this surgery has had on my tummy.

Just a little update......... 3 weeks 5 days po. ...

Just a little update......... 3 weeks 5 days po.

Had a great day today. I'm so chuffed to be able to wear jeans again. I know I could have worn them before my surgery but I just looked so awful in them with my belly tucked in. I felt fabulous in them today though. I wore them with a little vest top (I think you call them a tank top in the US).

I'm at 4 weeks and 3 days po and I'm pretty much...

I'm at 4 weeks and 3 days po and I'm pretty much back to normal. I do get a little tired some days but apart from that its back to normality. Well as normal as it can be anyway with the swell hell. I love what I see first thing in the morning but it gradually gets worse throughout the day. I saw my PS yesterday who is extremely pleased with my recovery. he doesn't want to see me again now for 2 months, so I'll be 3 months po by the time I see him again and he has said that by then I should be pretty much how I will stay as most or all of the swelling should be gone. I really hope I will like what I see by then, because there are a few areas I am so not happy with at the moment. Now these areas play on my mind constantly but I'm trying to not let it get me down. This recovery journey is so damn hard emotionally.

Hi ladies, I've noticed a considerable difference...

hi ladies, I've noticed a considerable difference in the size of my two hips. Plus my scar is hugely lopsided. My left hip seems to be bulging above my incision. I'm hoping this is going to go away but I don't think it is going to. I've got a feeling that I'm probably going to need to get something further done to it. I'm not too happy about it at all. I've still got my roll of fat underneath my boobs and it's driving me crazy. I can't believe I've had a tummy tuck and still be left with a roll of fat. If this doesn't go down I'm also going to have to get that done as well. I'll wait till my 3 month appointment with my ps and if its still like it I'll ask him what he thinks. I don't think they do revision here in the UK so this is something I'll have to pay for if I want to get it done. I won't be a happy bunny if this is the case. I've posted a pic of my scar which my 5 year old daughter took for me earlier lol. Have a look at the difference in my hips and also how much higher my scar is on the one side to the other. I've tried low rise jeans on and thankfully you can't see

When can we stop wearing our binders for bed. Any...

When can we stop wearing our binders for bed. Any advice would be ever so grateful x

Well today I'm 5 weeks and 1 day po, I can't...

well today I'm 5 weeks and 1 day po, I can't believe how quick the last 5 weeks have gone. I'm pretty much back to normal, sleeping normal, on my sides and on my tummy. I'm still a bit reluctant with the tummy sleeping but I sometimes wake up to find myself sleeping on my tummy, so it must be ok. Still swollen, but that's to be expected. As long as it is actual swelling and not the end result then i'm fine with it. I bought new jeans today, 2 sizes smaller than pre surgery, i really can't believe i've gone down 2 sizes. This surgery really has been life changing for me and I would do it again in a flash. I'm getting loads of compliments from friends. I still have a few down days but I quickly pull myself out of it and stop myself from nit picking. I am so extremely grateful to my ps for removing the "bane of my life" and giving me my life back. Cant wait to wear my bikini on holiday/vacation in October. Bring it on lol.

Whoop Whoop I'm mega excited. I'm going to the gym...

Whoop Whoop I'm mega excited. I'm going to the gym for the first time today. I'm wearing my firm support vest and I really hope this is adequate enough, it's actually tighter than my binder so I should imagine it's ok. I really hope I manage to get an hour done, I'll be extremely pleased if I manage that. I'll just be doing a bit of walking on the treadmill, the bike and cross trainer. I know I've gotta take it easy but I'm so excited about going. Weird or what, who gets excited about the gym. Weighed myself this morning and I'm back up by 3 pounds. I don't mind that though because I'm still down 9 pounds from day of surgery. I'm hoping to get my thighs sorted in the gym so I don't need to get surgery on them. If I manage to do that, I'm sure I'm going to find something else I want done though. I'm sure I'm getting a bit obsessed with it. Anyway I'm feeling pretty good this morning, swelling has subsided since yesterday, but I have realised I'm eating the wrong foods, so I doubt that is helping with the swelling. I've got a terrible diet.

Ok so I did manage my hour at the gym yesterday...

ok so I did manage my hour at the gym yesterday but all I can say is that I simply overdid it. I swelled up like a baby elephant and my incision was painful. I didn't feel as though I over exerted myself when I was there but I did pay for it afterwards. I did 40 minutes on the bike (2 20 minutes), then I did 10 walking on the treadmill and 10 on the cross trainer. I think I should have stuck to the bike though. that is what I'm going to do next time I think. I think today I am going on a real bike around the lake with hubby and 3 daughters. Not sure how that will pan out as I haven't been on a real bike for a good few years now, but I'll see and let you all know. I won't be overdoing it today, just a nice little leisurely pace, but at least I will feel as though I'm doing something. Thankfully most of yesterday's swelling has subsided and I feel a little more human at the moment, but it's still only morning so no doubt I'll be a swollen mess again later today. I'm sure I've got a bit of fluid build up again as well, but I'll keep a watch on that and see how it goes, well in fact I've definitely got some fluid in there because when I prod the one side, the water bed effect is there across my tummy, but it's not like it was so I'm not going to contact my ps at this stage, hopefully it will go away by itself. I'll update and let you know how my bike ride goes. Have a lovely sunday all you lovely ladies xxxx

Hi ladies, I haven't updated for a few days. I'm...

Hi ladies, I haven't updated for a few days. I'm struggling really badly emotionally at the moment. I'm kind of cracking to be honest with you. I've made an appointment to see my PS tomorrow as I really need to talk to him. Plus I'm sure I've got a fluid build up again. But my biggest problem at the moment is that I've suddenly got a pot belly again and the whole of my belly has gone a bit flabby. It's not tight like it was, even when I stand up straight I can still pinch some fat, weigh more than I want to be able to pinch. When I sit down (especially in clothes), I've definitely got a pot belly, and not a little one at that. I actually think it's affecting my incision too because it seems to be weighing down on it. I really do hope that it's fluid that's doing this and that it can be sorted relatively quickly. I know it's a huge improvement from the way I was before but I'm kind of looking past that now and it's just not what I was hoping for. Anyway I'll keep you updated after talking to my ps tomorrow. Hope all you ladies are feeling well

Hi ladies, 7 weeks po. Feeling much better after...

hi ladies, 7 weeks po. Feeling much better after my little chat with my PS. He aspirated a bit of fluid (not much though), but just talking to him has made all the difference to me emotionally. How long it will last I'm not sure, but at least I'm feeling more positive at the moment. I don't think it helped that my sister made a comment to someone else stating that I had had this done and that she couldn't see any difference, the problem is that she hasn't even asked to look at my tummy and all she is judging me in is my clothes. But to be honest I've been exceptionally careful what I have been wearing when I know I'm seeing her because she has been so against me having this surgery that she isn't even prepared to discuss it. Yet she feels she has the right to talk about me behind my back, what she doesn't realise is how much she's hurting me, so I think that's one of the reasons why I've been feeling so low. I certainly won't be careful about what I wear in future, I will be flaunting my tummy in the future. Anyways, back to my little chat with my PS, he was so encouraging and he has reassured me that this is definitely swelling that I'm experiencing and that it will eventually go down. I did tell him that I had been struggling so he decided to get my "before" pictures out and explained to I had had extensive surgery and that there was going to be obvious swelling especially to the muscles underneath. So I came away feeling soooooo much more positive and much happier. I have been like a different person today, I wore trousers that really emphasised my flat tummy and this is what I'm going to start doing. I'm going to go shopping on the weekend and change my wardrobe. I really want to thank you lovely ladies for your words of encouragement (especially the lovely Angie) and I just want to let you know that I'm absolutely fine and no longer struggling. Lets hope I stay feeling like this

Rollercoaster has got nothing on this recovery...

Rollercoaster has got nothing on this recovery journery. I have NEVER experienced mood swings like I'm experiencing them now. At least before my tt I had something huge to complain about but now it seems I'm complaining about everything and I really don't like it. I'm usually such a happy person and I really don't like feeling like this. When I look at my before and after pics I really want to pinch myself seeing the difference and I honestly thought that i would have been feeling on top of the world after getting this done. So why aren't I ?????? Hopefully when christmas comes I'll be reading back through my journey and laughing at myself and telling myself that all I needed to do was have a bit of patience and wait. I really hope that this is going to be the case because at the moment all I want to do it cry. I cannot handle the fact that I still have this huge roll of fat below my boobs and also still have a pot belly. Yes it's 100 times better than it was before BUT it still isn't how I wanted it to be. I don't want to jump ahead and say that I think I'm going to need to get further surgery done because I'm still hoping it is swelling, so why am I not convinced.

Hi ladies, I haven't updated in a while. I didn't...

Hi ladies, I haven't updated in a while. I didn't see the point as I didn't want to send my negative vibes out to everyone but now I've made a decision I don't mind updating. I'm 11 po today and my decision is that I'm probably going to get another tt, or in the very least, revision of the one I have had done. I meet with my PS next week so going to speak to him about my options as I'm hoping he is going to do something to put things right. But even if he doesn't then I've decided I'll just have to pay to get it put right without me having to pay out anymore money. I've been advised to write a letter of complaint if he doesn't agree to put things right for me though, so I'll just have to wait and see. As silly as this sounds but I'm as depressed about my tummy now just as much as I was before my tt, just in a different way. I suppose I'm 75% happy with my results but these just were not the results I had expected. I know the transformation looks awesome in the before and after pictures and I totally agree it's amazing but you tend to look beyond the initial transformation after it's been done. My point is that I simply do not have a flat tummy, far from it. Plus the bulge of fat is still on my left hip. I cannot cope with these two things and if I have to pay to get it put right then so be it. My husband is totally supportive and I so love him for understanding how I feel. As one of my friends told me last week, I didn't pay nearly £6,000 to be 75% happy and surely my PS wants me to be 100% happy, fingers crossed he feels the same when i see him next week. This isn't me being picky, I've asked a few people their opinion and they totally see where I'm coming from. I paid to have a flat tummy and a flat tummy I should have, but I havent. It's even worse when I sit down. I'm back at the gym 5 days a week for between 1 and half hours and 2 hours a day, so it's not like i'm not trying. I'm constantly having to suck my tummy in, and I thought those days were over when I had this surgery. I'll update again next week after I see my PS. BTW, this is the still one of the best things I've done for myself just because I'm not 100% happy doesn't mean I wouldn't do it all over again, I would just sit with my PS and clarify exactly what my expectations are. So if anyone is reading this who is thinking about having this surgery, just make sure you sit with your PS and talk things through.I think I went into surgery extremely naive

This flipping journey is cracking me up. Since...

This flipping journey is cracking me up. Since updating earlier and getting all your responses I've started to feel so much better. It just goes to show how helpful all you ladies are. Why oh why can I just not be grateful not to have that disgusting tummy that I did have. Just because it's not what I expected doesn't mean that I don't look a whole lot better than I did. And as you ladies are saying, I'm still healing so i need to give it time. I bet some of you have read my updates and gone "for goodness sake, have some patience" I'm still going to see what my PS says next week and I will explain that I thought I would end up a completely flat tummy and take it from there. Maybe a little lipo later on down the line with do the trick, we'll see. I'm so sorry for being so negative but thank you so so much for listening to me and helping along this hard road of recovery xx

Hi ladies, hope you're well. I went to see my PS 2...

Hi ladies, hope you're well. I went to see my PS 2 days ago where we discussed how I was feeling. It was quite an emotional visit as I explained to him that I'm not entirely happy with my results. He examined me and basically said that the pouch above my incision is due to thickness of my skin, he said the same thing about the bulge over my hip. I'm not really convinced so I've decided that I will go and get a second opinion, it's going to cost me around £150 but this is something I really need to do to put my mind at rest one way or the other. My PS did say that if he felt I needed revision then he would happily do it for me. It's not that I don't believe him or trust him, it's just I need to speak to another PS just to see what he has to say. There's some ladies on here that had the same shape tummy as me before my tt and they don't have a pouch they have a completely flat tummy. So I need to know whether it is in fact thickness of the skin or whether it's just my PS didn't take enough away.

I am still extremely happy that I had this surgery and I am happy to a certain degree BUT I want to be 100% happy and if this means I've got to go through this procedure again and pay for it again then so be it. I had this surgery to get a completely flat tummy and not a tummy that still has a pouch. I'm going to a completely different Private Health Trust for this second opinion. I am going on holiday this week so won't be doing anything for a couple of weeks yet but I'll probably book an appointment for some time in November.

Some days I feel like I'm cracking up over this. I do get some time throughout the day where I want to kick myself and tell myself that I should be happy because I do realise that what my PS has done for me is amazing, but I just can't be happy because my tummy isn't completely flat.

I'll keep you updated and let you know when I'm going for my second opinion.

Hi ladies, I hope you are all doing well. Well I'm...

hi ladies, I hope you are all doing well. Well I'm 19 weeks po and can't believe how quickly it's gone. What an emotional rollercoaster this has been. Ok I'll start with the negative and say I'm not entirely happy BUT on a whole this is just the best thing I have ever done (apart from marrying my husband and having 3 beautiful daughters). I haven't got the completely flat tummy I was hoping/expecting but I'm a million miles from where I was before having surgery. I can wear clothes that I could never have even dreamed of and it feels blooming fantastic. I still need to suck my tummy in but I don't care. I'm now saving to get more surgery. I'm going to get lipo on my thighs, my back and some more off my flanks and hopefully i can get some off my tummy to get it a little more flat. I probably won't get it done until a year after my last surgery but I've definitely got the "bug" now for surgery. When I wear i wear a figure hugging dress I feel like a million dollars, it's such a wonderful feeling.

If I knew what I know now before I had had my surgery I would have definitely had a better discussion with my ps about my expectations because this is the reason I think I'm not entirely happy. I was hoping for a flat tummy but in reality I'm a little overweight so I suppose it just wasn't achievable with what my ps had to work with. If I was to get revision done on it, there maybe a chance of getting more of a flat tummy but this is something I will look at in the future.

Overall I'm just so so happy with this surgery and if there's anyone reading this who is considering surgery, just do it, it will change your life

Well well well, I've discovered something today...

well well well, I've discovered something today that has given me great hope. I have not worn my binder since about week 6 po, as this is when my ps said I could discard it. Today I have worn skinny jeans (which were pretty tight around my tummy) and for the first time in weeks I am not swollen tonight. It is 9pm here in the UK and my tummy is still as flat as it was this morning. I know there are some ladies on here who swear by wearing their binder much longer than 6 weeks and do you know what, I now agree with them. I'm going to try it again tomorrow. It has definitely given me hope in that I am still experiencing quite major swelling as the day goes on, so obviously this isn't my end result. I've just looked through my pictures and I'm quite shocked at the last one as my tummy is nowhere near as "podgy" as that now and it's making me feel on top of the world

Hi all, I haven't updated for a long time. I...

hi all, I haven't updated for a long time. I can't believe a year has gone by since my surgery. I still think this is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I would recommend to anyone. My weight has fluctuated over the last year (a lot) but this has not affected my surgery at all. Even though I've gained and lost between 20-28lbs over the last year, I've still kept my (relatively) flat tummy. I'm again working on my weight so hopefully at some point this year I will be back down to my post surgery weight. I'll try and post some updated pics over the next few days, but I don't really look any different to my last pics so maybe there's not much point.

If you're reading this and considering surgery GO FOR IT. I'm currently saving up for lipo on my thighs, lower and upper back
Mr Leong Hiew, Spire, Cardiff, UK

I had my surgery in a private hospital in the UK and all I can say is how amazing they were. It's been like spending 2 nights in a 5 star hotel. The service was better than a lot of actual hotels I've stayed in. The staff were perfect and the service was excellent

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi how are you doing? Emma
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I'm almost 7weeks po and i have the same problem as you when u were 11weeks PO-a pouch when I either bend over or sit down. Beside just a pouch i also have rolls i can grab on to but when i stand uo straight i'm pretty tight. Did your pouch improved after a year PO? thanks!
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Hi Annmarie, I was wondering how you were getting on! I am a year too. I've gone up about half a stone and my stomach has definately softened. I wish all my marks were gone (some still left below belly button) as I feel with it being a bit softer now when I bend over the marks crinkle! I am so glad I did it and its MUCH better than it was but I feel I now need to work at it. I haven't bothered with sit ups but I think I am starting to get a little roll when I sit down so I will need to work at it!
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A year for me too!
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hey we just posted our year update at the same time, awesome!
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Welcome back:)   Good to hear from you and nice to know you are still happy with your results.  The weight thing is a hard road but you can do it!!  I think we all battle with the up and down process:(

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AnnMarie...how are you doing??? I haven't been on in awhile and miss hearing about all our July TT'ers....

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hey hun, i'm doing great. I haven't been on here either but thought I would update means a whole year has past. How are you doing.
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Well I like hearing that about the swelling. How fun to know you are getting better and better. Good for you! And it gives me hope in knowing I'm still improving. I know that is true but it is still nice to see it happen.

I'm 15 weeks and still mess w/ compression garments a lot but don't wear anything all the time. I feel better wearing something cause my skin is too sensitive and compression helps that. I always walk w/ one on too. I'm looking forward to wearing jeans. Shoot I just started wearing "normal" bras. I bought an Ahh bra off of tv. It is this stretchy thing. They claim they support any size and they lie! When I wear a regular bra I look like I had a boob job! My husband told me this weekend I was "killing him with hotness". I loved that!!

Anyway glad you are loving your TT. I do think we expect too much too soon and disappoint ourselves. People who are only 10 days or so from surgery and think they should not be swelling. Seriously it is major surgery on our biggest organ and it makes sense that it will take a long time to heal.
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I think you look wonderful and do hope you find happiness with your new body and decide against another TT. I think many of us expect to come out looking like supermodels and this isn't realistic. I am scheduled for Feb but know that I too have to watch my thoughts and expectations. I even grilled my plastic surgeons during the consults..almost being too critical of their work and wondering why some of the women aren't flat as boards afterwards. One pointed out that if someone has some extra viseral fat, the kind that is deep down, around the organs, this can not be addressed with a tt, only weight loss. I hope I will be able to embrace a much better appearance and not get too down about not being perfect as I know I am not perfect before surgery so how can I expect to be 100% perpect after.

Anyhow, I think you look great and you should send your sister, the one who said she saw no change in your body, the bikini shot...you look awesome!!

And by the way, I am not saying that you expected to come out looking like a supermodel...only that we as women are so hard on ourselves and often compare ourselves to others and that is a no win situation.
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Glad you are feeling better about your body. I think ( and always have) that you look fantastic! I also think you can still see results as the months go on even up to year. Your attitude is great! I personally think you should use those black bikini pics as your Christmas card :).
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hey Puggymom, i burst out laughing at your final sentence. I would love to see peoples faces if I did use it as a christmas card lol.
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Anmarie...I'm so glad you are feeling better...it takes time eh? My little bump has settled down as well, which I am really happy about...it really does take time!
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Anmarie, I always thought your results were fabulous.
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Thanks so much JoBibbi, I'm definitely coming to terms with my new body now and learning how to dress it. I think I focused too much on how i wanted it to look as opposed to how it did look and when you look at the before and after pics it just looks like two different bodies, so i've decided to embrace what I've got and say goodbye forever to my overhanging tum.
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Hi Annmarie, I'm kind of feeling the same as you. I think we were only 2 weeks apart and although I am happy its not entirely flat and I do seem to have these love handles now I didn't notice before but I'm not a skinny person and everything else looks big to me now i.e thighs etc as I just focused on my tummy before!! Hoping I still have some swelling as days its better than others. But you look fab honey and I think we can both agree we both look alot better than we used to!! Take care xx
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hi hun, lovely to hear from you. I definitely notice other things more now but I'm just so glad I've gotten rid of the excess skin/fat. On a whole I'm extremely pleased with my results. When I look at how I was before I just can't believe how different I look/feel.It's definitely THE best thing I've done. I'm definitely going to get other work done but I want to save up for it first. I'm a little overweight so I suppose I shouldn't have expected to have a flat tummy. I'm still in love with my belly button lol
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Annemarie, just checking n you. I haven't seen mch groom you on the boards lately. Hope you are doing ok across the pond! Lol
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I think you look amazing but if you are not happy then get that second opinion to be sure. I can't see your skin being thick like that so maybe you are right and he didn't take enough to flatten that area. I think you might still be swelling up because I am like four months PO now and I still swell. Maybe they can do a little lipo in the two areas that you want flatter??? If so I'd get it done while I'm still numb lol. ;)
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Puggymom, what is your ps reasoning for not showering at all right now? Realizing each ps has his/her own way of doing things, but mine said I could shower the day afterwards, in fact, showering with Dial, was good for me. I can't imagine not showering for that long! I guess you are used to it! What is he recommending for your open wound? Do you dry pack it with gauze?
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I cannot believe you have not had a shower in 8 weeks Puggymom! I would go crazy! I also had my first shower the day I came home from the hospital - day 2 & every day after. Marinemom is right - maybe you can shower with dial soap.
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Marine sorry just seeing this question. I have a huge open wound so I can't shower because of that now. We've changed the cleaning of it. We are doing a sterile saline & gauze changes packing it twice a day.

And yes not showering IS driving me crazy. I really haven't had the energy to do it til lately. I was struggling very hard after surgery to eat and went downhill fast and the had the weeping incision so that is why it has stretched out so long w/out a shower. And it's going to be til this is all healed. I'm over it. I clean up as best as I can in the bathroom & mom washes my hair at the kitchen sink.
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Puggymom, even with open wounds, both of the ps in our office told me that showering with dial and letting it air dry and then packing it with guaze would aid in the healin, even when it was just weeping and then I got a real "hole." I know you will follow your ps instructions, but it must be his personal preference not to shower. Good luck!
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I think you look great too! Really you in that bikini is just awesome. I hope you give yourself time to heal. I know for us a few months seems like a long time to wait but in the grand scheme of things it isn't that long. I'm heading towards my 8th week and have an open wound that I have to be patient (how I hate that word sometimes!) and let my body heal. I have not showered at all since my surgery as my surgeon is against it til fully healed. So I'm trying to count my blessings and up my nutrition and know that I will look awesome & be able to wear fun clothes but not yet. I'm thinking I need a good 4-6 months before I will be thrilled I did this. I went through weeks of depression when my wound opened. It is gross and large and weeping. My PS really sat me down and talked to me about the surgery I had. He said if a shark had eaten off all he had removed it would take a full year for my body to recover. Made me really realize that we have gone through major surgery and had amazing transformations. Comparing ourselves to others will only leave us disappointed and unhappy. We are all unique. Even naturally thin people have radically different bodies with bellies that are thin yet curve out. It's what makes us unique.

Hoping yr 2nd opinion will bring you some peace.
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What I would give to look like you do :) guessing I would give about 6,000.
Really I do understand that we all have an expectation of what we want to look like but I too think you look awesome!
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