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What do you ladies use for your scar treatment?

Hello, I'm 37 years old, 5'6, and I've had three...

Hello, I'm 37 years old, 5'6, and I've had three children. I have two girls ages 12 and 7 and I had a daughter that passed away three years ago at age 11 from complications with cerebral palsy. My highest weight was 306 lbs and I am now down to 177. I would like to weigh between 165 and 170 the day of my surgery. I've lost over 120 lbs with diet and exercise. I do weight watchers and I'm at the gym 4 to 5 days a week. It is very hard for me to lose weight right now, I keep going up and down 3 lbs. My stomach is disgusting and I can't wait to get rid of this hanging skin. i decided to get healthy and change my lifestyle after my daughter passed because I had to be healthy for my two remaining girls. Can't tell you how much better I feel and how much my health has improved. I've posted some embarrassing before pictures and hopefully I will look as good after my surgery as the women on this site.


Wow your post brought tears to my eyes.  That is so awesome of you to lose all that weight to be healthy for your daughters.... and very impressive you dropped that much!  I am so sorry to hear about your misfortune with losing one of your children.  I'm sure you will look absolutely amazing with your new tummy, and please keep us posted!  I really want to follow your recovery. :)






Welcome to RealSelf!

Good for you in getting healthy:)   It's a big step and you should be proud of yourself.   


PO Day 1 I had my surgery today at 7am. It went...

PO Day 1 I had my surgery today at 7am. It went great. I didn't have any nausea. I was really worried about that. After I woke up I went to the bathroom and they let me go. I was surprised how quickly I left. Pain was OK, my upper abdominal muscles were just really sore. I won't get to see my stomach till Monday. I took 2 pain pills when I got home about 12:30. About 8pm I could feel the rest of me getting sore. Here's some pics can't see that much,
May God bless you during your physical and emotional healing. I am so happy that you are able to do something special for yourself and don't ever feel guilty about that!!
Your story brought tears to my heart and I am glad that you found something positive to focus on after that unfortunate mishap. You are truly a blessing to your other girls and I am sure your results are going to look fab. Cant wait to see more pics

PO day 2. Pain has officially kicked in. I thought...

PO day 2. Pain has officially kicked in. I thought this was too easy. My tube sites and incision site burn, but its my muscle tighting that's killing me and this tight binder is making it worst. Just took 2 pain bills hope it starts working soon.
Congratualtions im sure it loks great i had surgery day before you and dnt seem to be going as well as you so ill use you for inspiration. Keep healing well
Continue to be encouraged in all that you do. Congratulations on the cross over to the flat side. Your in the perfect place where there's lots of love n support through it all. Jizfiya
Thanks, can't wait to see your after pictures.

So my tummy tuck was Thursday and today is...

So my tummy tuck was Thursday and today is Saturday so I am counting this as PO Day 3. Everything was hurting last night at midnight, but now I feel a lot better. I keep going to sleep and it's hard to stay awake. Wanted to know if you ladies are taking stool softeners and how many meds did your PS pescribe. My doctors only gave me a prescribition for one pain med. Should I start taking stool softeners now? Let my know what you think.
Your weight loss is remarkable. You are a wonderful example to your girls ,making your health a priority too . Can't wait to see your new pictures. Rest and feel good.
I am on day 2 post op and took 1 colace yesterday and have been drinking a smoothie every morning with a probiotic supplement powder. Tomorrow I will start working on taking more colace. I am on vicodin and ambien and just reduced to 1/2 vicadin rather than a whole every 4 hours. The pain is manageable as of this afternoon but I don't plan on missing any pills for the next few days. I set my alarm last night to take a pain med at 1 am and my husband tried to talk me out of it. highly recommend doing this because you don't want the meds to wear off 100%. We had surgery on the same day. We'll be healing together!!
You must be doing really good because I see you had a lot of work done and you are already cutting your meds in half. Can't wait to see your after pics. I'm suppose to take 1 to 2 tablets of Oxycontin every 10 hours. I tried switching to 1 pill, but that didn't work. I guess I'm going to start the stool softeners tonight.

PO day 4. I 'm doing really good today. I had my...

PO day 4. I 'm doing really good today. I had my husband wash my hair and give me a sponge bath and I feel a lot better. I took a BM yesterday and today without the help of drugs. I thing all the water I've been drinking has really help move thing along. My husband has been the best nurse and is taking such good care of me. He empties my drains, helps me get up and down, brings me my food and basically does everything I need. Tomorrow I go to my first post opp appointment and I'm excited to get to see what's underneath my binder. I forgot to mention earlier i didnot get liposuction, but my PS did say he was going to lipo sculpt under my upper abdomen. I guess it's like liposuction but he just trims a layer of fat off.

Don'y be afraid to take the maximum dose prescribed.  You need good pain control in order to heal properly.  You won't need these forever and will be off them soon.  


I added a pic at the PS office PO day 5. My...

I added a pic at the PS office PO day 5. My husband is really happy and says the scar looks a lot better in person. My belly button looks great. I was really worried about it. The only complaint I have right now is my drain sites hurt.

PO day 8. I got my drains out today and it didn't...

PO day 8. I got my drains out today and it didn't really hurt. My PS also took out my belly button stitches, took off the steri strips and cleaned up my scar. I'm standing up about 30 degrees. Not really in pain, but I don't like the feeling of having my compression garment off. Will try to post new pics soon.
Hi Bethany, I had same surgery day as you. I have a nagging cough that I can't get rid of it. I to had only muscle repair and no lipo. On 3rd day I stopped taking all pain meds because I had a hard time swallowing. You seem to be doing so much better than me. It only hurts when I breathe. It is getting better every day. Happy recovery and Happy New Year!

PO day 13. Feeling really good but still very...

PO day 13. Feeling really good but still very swollen. I can almost stand up completely straight. The only pain I have is a little burning from my left drain site if I am standing up for awhile. Everytime I try to go shopping half way through the store my left groin area where my drain was starts burning. I have a doctors appointment in 2 days and I will bring that up. I am very happy with my results and can't believe how flat I am. I can't wait to see how I look after all the swealing goes down.
You look great!

PO day 17. I had an appointment with my PS...

PO day 17. I had an appointment with my PS yesterday and everything looks great. I am so happy with my results and haven't been this flat since I started having children. The pain in my groin is gone and I did some shopping after the doctors and I felt fine the whole time. I can't wait to get cleared to go back to the gym. My PS said all I can do right now is walk. I'm sitting at home bored, so my diet hasn't been the best. I weighed myself and I am up a few pounds since surgery day. My PS doesn't weigh what he takes off, but he guessed it was about 4-5 pounds. I know some of my weigh gain is from swelling, but the rest of it has been from making a few bad choices. I have been back on track the last couple of days and hopefully the scale will start to go down.

PO day 25. I'm so happy with my results and I want...

PO day 25. I'm so happy with my results and I want to start some kind of scar therapy, but my PS doesn't recommend anything. Could you ladies let me know when you started and what products did you use? I've been looking at silicone strips, but there are so many different brands I don't know what's the best. I am looking at creams to and wondering if you are suppose to apply a certain cream then the silicone strip. Please help.
Hi. How's it looking now that you're almost a year out?
Hello. Just wondering if you have any 6 month updates and pics. I am 3 weeks PO and wondering when you were able to get rid of your CG

I have been using Prosil on my nasty scar and it's working awesome.  I'm going to post a review soon for it.  It is made by Biodermis if you want to read up on it. :)

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