Mommy Makeover with BBL - Wailuku, HI

I live on island on Maui. I went yesterday to see...

I live on island on Maui. I went yesterday to see one of the four plastic surgeons we have on island. I went in with an open mind,knowing at the moment I'm not a candidate for surgery. Since having my son this past February and being a thick girl before baby. To sum my first plastic surgeon experience was someone that was very picky,impatient but he was running late, basically didnt want me to do any type of business with me. I have hope and more determine even if I have to go the mainland so be it. It just validated that getting surgery on Maui and even in Hawaii just might not be for me.we shall see, I might try one more ps after losing sum weight though.

Did you end up going with a doctor on Maui?

Just checking in! Have you decided to get a mommy makeover?

@mustangwine thank you for your encouraging words,it really means a lot.:-) I have read your question and blog your expierence gives me hope. :-) I have one more doctor in mind to go and see on the island. I will post as soon as I have booked and have been seen. Thank you so much for your support! :-)
Dr. Bao Phan

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