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3 Things to Make Your Life Easier After a Tummy Tuck - Wadsworth, OH

I recently had a tummy tuck on Jan. 14, 2014,...

I recently had a tummy tuck on Jan. 14, 2014, combined with an ovary removal. I have to say the procedure went far more smoothly than I thought it would. I am 47, have 4 kids and weighed 133lbs before surgery. My surgeon did not use drains which has been nice. It definitely is major surgery, so expect significant recovery time! Here's my three favorite things that have made all the difference in my well-being since the surgery:
1. Rent a recliner! I can't stress enough just how helpful a power recliner is for overall comfort, getting up and down, and sleeping. I got mine from Rent-A-Center for just over $30 a week. Worth every penny! It's been my 'command station' as it includes a power plug for a computer as well as a USB port for my phone charger. It also has a little table for putting my meds on, water bottle, etc.
2. Pain ball! My surgeon attached a pain ball to dispense medicine--has made things so much easier and was worth the extra couple of hundred dollars.
3. A walker! I borrowed a friend's walker and it is so handy for making those long trips to the bathroom. I also take it for a spin around the house to get the circulation going in my legs and it's great. Very handy for supporting your weight so your poor back can get a break.
I'm only on day two post-op but so far so good! Might add before and after photos when I get the nerve in a day or so.

Day 3 post-op

Doing noticeably better today. Had my husband put the plastic chair in the bathroom for a shower later but still debating whether or not I should wait one more day. I was able to walk back to my recliner from the toilet without my walker, which was a huge accomplishment. Pain ball is just about empty, so strictly on Percoset and the occasional Tylenol now. Feel pressure on my lungs which makes it a little difficult to take deep breaths but not too bad. Will post photos if I shower.

Whatever you do, don't laugh!

Oh my gosh, I thought I'd have my daughter help me shower. We got the giggles and then all heck broke loose: the more I tried not to laugh the more painful it got! Oh it was terrible. Laughing will be the death of you, so avoid humor at all cost! I got some pictures so I'll post them when I my insides glue themselves back together. OUCH!!

No more pain meds

Can't believe it's only day 5 since my TT and I don't need any pain meds. This whole process has been a lot better than I thought it would be.

Day Six

Went to the doctor today to take out my pain ball tubes. I'm glad I never needed drains. My doctor said some patients don't need them. He stitched me together instead with quilting stitches on the inside and apparently, that reduces the need for a drain. He said I was healing nicely. I go back in two weeks for another check up. Only thing that bothers me is my poor back, even though I can stand pretty much straight up now.

Almost two weeks after TT

Feeling so much better. Standing almost completely upright. Still have to take it easy. I would definitely say you need a full two weeks to recover from this procedure to the point where you can go back to doing simple things. I tried sleeping in a bed last night but laying on my side started to get uncomfortable after awhile so back to the recliner! Tried a flexees garment but couldn't sleep in it--back to my binder the surgeon gave me. Wish the swelling was gone!

11 Days and doing fine

I guess the drains approach worked okay! I still have swelling, though. Wish I could sleep in my bed but laying on my side starts to get uncomfortable internally after awhile. Tried sleeping in my Flexees garment but it was just too uncomfortable. Overall, this process has been a lot better than I thought it would be. Pain level is not terrible--pain meds take care of that! If you're thinking of doing it, do not be deterred by fear of pain. I thought childbirth was a lot worse!
Akron Plastic Surgeon

Seems competent and very friendly.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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can't find a website for him with before and after..wonder if he takes carecredit?
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Hi, I have the same issue, can't sleep on the bed, the side, so uncomfortable so I have to be back to the recliner. When did u start sleeping in the bed and can get rid of the recliner totally? I rented it only 2weeks so I wondered if I needed another 2weeks or so? Thanks so much
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I needed my recliner for four weeks. I tried sleeping in my bed after that and it was a little tricky for the first few days but I got used to adjusting all the pillows around my body and eventually, stopped needing them after about a week.
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You have pictures? I'm in orrville and interested in your ps. Was it really only 4000$?
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I've been trying to post pictures but the website just freezes up! Maybe my files are too big? Can't seem to get it to work but will try again.
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Yes, it was $4,000 total.
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I'm going in for a tummy tuck and wondering if any side effects from anesthesia?
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Nausea! Don't worry, they will give you anti-nausea medicine so it's easy to keep under control.
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Thank you sallymoore! What about days later? My friend had a procedure and days later she felt out if it. Could that be from the Anestesia?
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Could be... Depends on each person. If your friend was on any sort of medication after, that could have been doing it... I felt crazy dizzy for a good week... But I think that was related to my pain meds.
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Thank you!
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Just make sure you have some alcohol wipes handy...smelling them when you feel nauseous takes the feeling away immediately!
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congrats on your sx!!! I am so up in the air about the recliner, as I am also having a bbl at the same time as my tt... can't wait to see your pics... happy healing!!! xoxo
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Oooh, then DEFINITELY get the recliner. You can rent by the week or by the month. Will post pics today after my shower. Not much to see yet...bandages cover incision.
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Agree with the recliner!! I had mine 12/9/13. I am shocked and envy you had no drains. I had 2 and just got rid of the last one almost 6 wk post op. The other advise I would give is to find a certified Lymphatic drain massage therapist. She was my miracle worker. My body rejected the last drain before my appt to have it removed and it came out on it's own. That first shower was blissful!!! Can't wait to see the results 3-6 months from now
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sorry for the double post....didn't think the first posted
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what is a certified Lymphatic Drain massage therapist and what is the benefit of this?
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it is a massage that is very might touch that encourages the swelling to drain. Arms are especially sensitive to trauma of the lymph system. I had one and it was very helpful.. I wish there was someone nearby that I could see!
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How much would it be for 1hr massage? Hong long should we wait for the massage after the surgery?
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I started mine about a month out but you should ask your Dr. Price depends..I was lucky and my chiropractor office had a therapist that was certified in lymphatic massage so I only had to pay my co pay. Without insurance they can ranger $60-75 depending on therapist. So worth it if you are having issues with fluid retention. If dr prescribes it you may get insurance to pay
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Thanks. Do u know if we can rent a walker? Did u rent yours? Where? Thank u
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My dr office actually had a loaner. Search Craig's list if you can borrow one. You should only need it for no more than a week
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Maybe it's nice to have one on hand but if you are in good shape - you won't need one. Once again, if you can borrow and have one, have at er! I'd say don't lose sleep if you can't find one to use :)
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I had mine on Dec. 9, 2013 and I completely agree with the recliner being a life saver along with the walker for the first few days. I was getting up and out of bed myself the day I got home. I am shocked you had no drains. I had 2 and the last one JUST came out (6wk post op) I just got to shower for the first time in 6wks...by far the longest recovery, but the results look fantastic. I can't wait for the 3-6 month mark when the swelling goes down more. Still having fluid retention issues and wondering if wearing the compression is helping or hurting the flow of the lymphatic system. The VERY best thing I did was find a certified Lymphatic drain massage therapist. She has been a lifesaver in getting my system back to normal function. My body actually removed/rejected the drain on it's own after I started the therapy and before my scheduled appt to have it removed. The body is an amazing thing.
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You are definitely in rougher shape than I was. I was getting in and out of bed by myself from the get go and into the washroom, up and down, no issues. I only had T3 for pain which I weaned myself off of pretty quick... I actually have had no pain aside from back strain and I kinked my stupid neck which is by far the most annoying issue I have right now o-0 I wonder if your other surgery as part of it has increased your pain... I'm going to say it must have. BTW, I can't stop thinking about my next shower WITH something to sit on ;) genius!!
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