Had Wire Braces at 12-13, Age 39 Trying Clear Correct - Waco, TX

I once had beautiful, straight teeth...thanks to...

I once had beautiful, straight teeth...thanks to wire braces. Wearing wire braces hurt. I got mouth sores galore, gross grimy stuff around brackets and braces and wires&what a pain to clean them! I also had to wear rubberbands.
I maintained straight teeth through my mid-twenties, and then I started birthing babies. 4 of them. Every baby it seemed my front top teeth gap widened more and more . I blame pregnancy as the hormones relax your ligaments and loosens things on your body in prep for birth . It's a reason some woman choose braces while preggo as the teeth suposedly move easier. So I partially blame blame pregnancy on my teeth shifting (though the kids will always be worth it !????) and partially blame my dentist/orthodontist for not telling me I needed to wear retainers for the rest of my life if I wanted to keep them straight . Now I know .
On the up side , I didn't mess with retainers the past 20 years. Down side is here I am trying again.
Upside again is that I don't need so much dental work done that Clear Correct shouldn't be a relatively "easy" fix .
My main mouth complaints are top front teeth gap + crowded bottom front teeth .
Sooooo... Here is my journey .
As of 6/21/14
I have worn them a little over 24 hours . Because of my past with retainers and night guard wearing , the feel isn't overly weird to have on. At the same time I've never had a bottom clear retainer.
My only real irritation so far is my bottom front retainer feels to be irritating my my mouth. Can that be files down? Or will I have to live with it ? Wondering if I can use wax on that area and if it would help.
My lips do dry easily so I've found that keeping Aquaphor or Chapstick or lipstick on very helpful .
I am drinking my water through a straw, because it keeps my bottom, front inner mouth from being irritated by the aligner.
I will get in touch with my dr . to see if he can help with that comfort level. Honestly , even if I just have to deal with this one rough spot , the rest is fairly comfortable overall .
I'm adjusting still to the idea of wearing these non-stop for several months . Also to removing to eat, brushing teeth and aligners so many times a day. I'm hoping the minor inconvenience helps cause some weightloss as well . Ha ha.
I will upload pic 1 as my teeth without my first aligners and photo 2 WITH. The aligners in.
By the way , the cost of my aligners includes retainers and tooth whitening when this is all over .

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Day 3 update with the photos

Sorry. I'm just getting to know how this site works . I had some typos in my last post that I guess I can't edit . Like "my kids will always be worth it " should be all (!!!!!) with no question marks . Love my kids .
The other typos you can just fix in your head as you read .:)
I have followed advice I've seen on this website and used a nail file/Emory board to smooth the edge that was hurting my inner bottom lip . It no longer hurts ! I filed last night and I'm still good this afternoon.
The aligners are definitely more comfortable now on Day 3.
Something else . It is very hard to use nails and fingers to pull the aligners out. I looked up the "outie" tool for taking out the aligners. At Amazon they are now about $25 with shipping . I read the reviews and the negatives were not looking good .
One reviewer suggested just using those individual floss picks . He said to use the part with the floss stretched out to pull off from back molars . Works like a charm for me .:)
Ok. Now for those pics I'd promised. I'm only about 48 hours into treatment as I received these Friday afternoon and it's now Sunday afternoon .
The 1st photo is with no aligners in... The 2nd is with aligners .
I suppose I have a very slight
overbite compared with underbite, but nothing significant and I'm not working on it . I just want the teeth straight . Therefore , my crooked smile pics are to give a fuller picture of the spacing of the teeth.


Congratulations on getting to do this, and welcome to the clear correct community!  I'm the same age as you and did Invisalign a couple of years ago and am very happy I finally decided to do something with my teeth, even though they weren't that bad.  They were getting worse--maybe it was the babies, like you said :D.  But age does that automatically, really.  Your teeth keep moving.

Anyway, do feel free to look around even in Invisalign if you don't find the answers you need here in Clear Correct--there's a lot of overlap.  Here are some other Clear Correct community members, though, if you'd like to visit them :).

We have some that are active and update us on their progress. Jrowe8274 is on tray b1 (2 of 16). jwortham is on tray 4 of 16. LittleJessica is on tray 10, I think. Bbop is on tray 5. Finally, DZappalahas been going over a year at this point. I don't know what tray she's on :D.
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Thank you for saying hello and for the welcome . I will take a look a those mentioned . Thank you .:)

1 week in

I've made it one week in so far .
Wondering if it will get easier and easier to have something in my mouth all the time .
I hope so !
Trying to keep my eyes on the final result !

Well, can't say in in pain exactly . Just discomfort and inconvenience . But I trust it will be worth it !!


It definitely gets easier.  In fact, it gets to the point where it feels weird not having them in whenever you have to eat :D.
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Good ! Thanks for the encouragement !:)

1B started today

Yay ! 3 weeks done and 1B is in !
They are noticeably a bit right , but 1A was loose so it was time . 1B sits more comfortably inside my mouth on the edges than 1A.
In 3 more weeks I go see my dentist and I think buttons are in my next step .
I'm def. more used to wearing them. Thankfully ! That first week or two I wondered how I'd get through . But now I know I will .

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Noticeably tight not right !

Noticeably a bit TIGHT not right .


Typos are a bother but we all do it and we all understand ;).  Congrats on getting theough 1A!
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Thanks !:):)
You're right . They totally are normal to me to have now . Thankful it became "normal" and not so bothersome before 1B!;)

1C and 1st buttons

Ok so in 7 weeks now...
My first buttons were put on this week. It makes for a REALLY tight fit the first few days. Feels nearly impossible to take out the aligners. Even when the dentist did it, it feels like you're tearing your teeth out .
The only way I can get my bottom aligner out is by taking two floss sticks, using the floss side to pick up from the back of the aligners at back of molars. So one on each side. I then work them forward toward the front -- lifting and getting the suction off, tooth by tooth and finally they lift off the buttons in front. It's getting easier now 3 days in.
When the aligners are out, the buttons are irritating like traditional wire braces . This is a positive in that it encourages me to put my more comfortable alingeners in and over those buttons!
I had to eat only soft things the first few days in this latest set because my teeth were aching from the new tightness.
I'm doing better now, but I don't care to eat as long or as much because of the buttons that threaten to cut into my cheeks and lips.:)
I am sooooo thankful or these aligners over traditional braces . Wearing the buttons with aligners out reminds me how good I have it with the aligners
I haven't had to have 1C buffed/filed down. They are comfy enough "as is."
I couldn't get great pics of my teeth. They really aren't as yellow as in these pics. I do look forward to a good teeth whitening though when I'm finished with ClearCorrect.


Oy, those engagers!  My mouth got ripped up for real :(.  But that passes as well, and yeah, compliance is definitely not an issue when you're going through that!
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Ha ha oh man. Sorry your mouth got torn up . No fun. Hopefully you're all good now that it's over ?!:)
Of course!  That was years ago now :).  I've been in retainers for over two years.  I just remember a couple of days where I couldn't take my aligners out to eat.  I just drank green smoothies with them in, then took them out to clean real fast, trying not to move my mouth too much, before putting them in again.  They got super-stained but at least my mouth healed. :D

1 D

I can't believe I haven't even been wearing these 3 months ! I'm def.
used to them being a part of my life . I am seeing movement for sure ! My bottom front teeth are def straightening and my too gap moving as well .
I somehow chipped one of my top 2 front teeth though !
I'm assuming it happened when not wearing the aligners. I haven't a clue how it happened . I just looked in the mirror and there it was .:( So now I'll have to decide what we are doing about that when I finish with CC.
I didn't get a pic without my aligners in this time . Just brushed my teeth and got aligners in. Don't wanna take them out .;)

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The 1D photo

You can see the chipped tooth bottom if you look closely. (More info in last update) .


That totally happened to me, too!  While I was in Invisalign treatment, one day I just noticed that there was a chip missing!  And I have no idea how it happened, either!  So weird.  I didn't fix it or anything, though :).

Looking great, though.  That diastema is nearly gone!
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Hmmmm makes you wonder if the aligners cause chipped teeth . :/
I'm not gonna lie--the thought went through my mind, too.  But I eat so many nuts and things, it could have been anything, really. :)

Step 6 of 12 started!

In 3 weeks I'll be halfway finished.
I'm very happy with the progress made already.:)
You can hardly tell I have a gap
in my upper front teeth.:)
My dentist said he would fix my chipped tooth at the end of treatment. I hope it's included in the cost and he does a good job.:)

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Check out the 3.5 month progress!

So far I definitely recommend Clear Correct!


Thanks for the before-after!  Fantastic progress!  It's obviously working for you :D.
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Thank you. :)
Dr. Man

I will name my Drs later . So far , so good . I don't want to say if this is worth it or not until I'm closer to the finish line !

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