Scheduled for the 13th, Here's to Feeling Beautiful Again!!! Post op 1 month! **New Pics**

Well I guess ill give you the stats first, I just...

Well I guess ill give you the stats first, I just turned 23, with no children. I'm 5'0" and weigh about 118lbs. Rather small frame and petite. I grew up a gymnast for many years until I was 15. That's when the trouble started... I went from not even a B cup to a DD in less than a school year. I dealt with the back and neck pain all through high school and for the last few years since. I'm currently at a 34G and hoping to go down to a small C.

I've been scheduled for the 13 of next month which was rather all of a sudden, but I'm very excited. I've been on this page for quite some time waiting for my approval and talking to you wonderful ladies. Yall really have helped me through this decision and I want Yall to know that I'm very grateful for it.

Hey Girl!!   Welcome to the community:)

You are a tiny little lady and can't keep carrying that around with you.  I understand how you are feeling so just hang on a while longer.  Soon you will have relief and will be feeling like a new woman.

Keep us up to date and stay with us.

Thank you Kimmers, I am tiny lol ill keep Yall posted on what's going on with me. Thanks again.

Sounds great:)


Decided to put some new before pics! I only have...

Decided to put some new before pics! I only have 16 days left til the big day!
best of luck to u in the up coming weeks...
Thanks so much! Good luck as well, January will be here sooner than you think! Im thinking about taking Arnica Montana, have you heard anything bout it?

Today my nerves are going crazy. I'm at work, but...

Today my nerves are going crazy. I'm at work, but the only thing I can think of is the millions of things I need to do before the day. Then on top of that, work situation and the real fact that I'm going to be home alone the entire time besides the day at the hospital. Guess I finally am realizing how you ladies felt the day before. I have two weeks and a thousand things running through my mind.

Another thing... Has anyone tried Arnica Montana cuz I'm debating about buying it. Also, I really need a list of things I'm going to need to buy. Let me no if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
My PS told me he won do surgery if he finds out I took Arnica. "Do not take Arnica before surgery - there isn't a lot known about that medicine & essentially could affect how your blood naturally coagulates" that is what I was told.
Thanks for the heads up, ill make sure I stay clear of it. Don't need to make things worse.
welcome and congrats on ur approval. ask ur doc about the suppliments. my doc didnt want me taking anything at all before surgery. but ur doc may have a different view. keep us posted of ur progress :)

Ok I have my pre op appointment on Monday. Today I...

Ok I have my pre op appointment on Monday. Today I received a letter from the facility that I will be having the surgery at, with an estimated total of my bill that I need to pay before surgery. Its the restof my deductible plus the 20% afterwards. I no when I first went to the consultation they also said they would need a deposit. Has anyone else been in the same situation. I don't want to pay too much for a deposit.

Also, does your doctors charge for post op visits? Bills are already stacking up and I haven't had surgery yet :( thanks for any advice!!!
Hi MissA713! Sounds like we are of similar frames, I'm 5'1" and 110lbs and a 30E. Apart from the fact that I'm almost twice your age I grew up as a gymnast too! I think all docs are different, mine includes his consults pre and post op in the price but my insurance doesn't cover any of it, so am having to foot all bills myself! The hospital does require payment up front though, I think about a week or two prior and then the anaesthetists bill is sent post-op. Not long to go now :)
Hi Top Heavy ( love the name, been called that for years:)) I went to my pre op yesterday, I asked the nurse and she said she wasn't sure about the post op appointments but I think ill be alright either way. We are the same size! That's awesome. When are you having your surgery done? I'm nervous but excited mostly. Good luck!
Glad everything is moving in the right direction! My surgery is on 28 January. It seems like a long time to go but under 8 weeks now and hopefully with Christmas coming it will go quickly. Now the decision is made I just want to get on and do it, it's so hard to be patient! I just saw your note about not having any blood work done. My PS isn't doing blood work either. He said there was nothing to indicate any issues he needed to test for and blood loss is minimal so no need for typing etc. Not long now!

Well ladies, had my pre op today. I didn't have to...

Well ladies, had my pre op today. I didn't have to do any blood work, not sure why but I was completely ok with that :) paid my deposit on my surgery and registered at the center for the surgery.

As of right now I have spent:
This all before surgery expenses. I still have the rest of the facility fee, surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, and pathology fee. This is with blue cross blue shield insurance. So not too bad so far. And I'm sure it will be well worth it.

So as of today I have one week until surgery date....

So as of today I have one week until surgery date. Work seems to take forever everyday, but I'm keeping myself busy by going to the gym and staying around lots of people. I'm so ready to be able to work out and feel active and beautiful again. I'm going to off work for 1 month. I'm definitely ready for my vacation :) hope everyone pre op is doing great and their nerves aren't going as crazy as mine. For everyone over the big day, happy healing!
Not long to go now. The waiting is awful but that feeling seems to be universal! Soon you will be able to work out without having to wear umpteen bras all at the same time!
not much longer!!! the waiting is more anxious than the surgery itself. u will feel so much lighter and more proportioned after!!
Thanks! I think I might have a bit anxiety problems the last couple of days, i just want it over as done with. I hope I feel a million times better!

So I have 5 days until the surgery, little nervous...

So I have 5 days until the surgery, little nervous. I keep thinking its not going to happen. I no it will but I keep thinking it won't. Just can't wait to get rid of all of my old bras. It's going to be so much fun bra shopping.
keep me posted!! i go for mines the da after yours!! lots of blessings to you. i will keep you in prayers
good luck. I'm just a few days later on the 17th. I agreed to travel next week for work so that it take my mind off of things.

So tomorrow is the big day, ill let everyone know...

So tomorrow is the big day, ill let everyone know how it goes, I'm alittle nervous, can't lie and say I'm not. I'll update later ladies.

So far, it really doesn't feel like its happening...

So far, it really doesn't feel like its happening in the morning. I'm excited to be able to throw away my old bras and wear cute clothes. I think I'm mostly nervous due to the fact that I'm going to be alone on Sunday and I have drains until Monday or Tuesday. Really nervous bout that. Can't shower til the day after the drains are removed.

I'll post my post op pics tomorrow night if I feel up to it. Might just want to relax. Yall have a great night and happy healing!!!
Good luck tomorrow - not that you will need it! We will be here, thinking about you
God bless you on tomorrow. I am schedule for 12/28. Can't wait to hear from you.
Good luck! I'm scheduled the day after yours! Cant wait to hear about your results!

Well I'm doing fine ladies. I had a pretty...

Well I'm doing fine ladies. I had a pretty eventful day.

9am- I woke up and took a shower.
10:10- left the house to go to the surgical center.
10:30- arrived and got checked in
11:10- started IV and got ready
Surgery started at noon and I was out in post op recovery by 3:30.
Took medicine cuz I did get sick.
Home by 5:30
Slept most of the evening which meant I couldn't sleep all night last night.
I do have drains until Monday evening. So far I'm alittle sore and swollen but eating fine and doing fine as well. Good luck ladies!
Glad to hear it all went well. Rest well and looking forward to hearing more in due course :)

Well today has been pretty good so far. Still...

Well today has been pretty good so far. Still tired but not as bad as the day before. They only took out around 300 grams from each because they are so dense. I hope I'm small though. I don't want to go through all of this for only a size or two smaller :( I don't know yet though and I'm swollen. I go to get my drains out Monday, guess ill find out more then. They look really big still, but I'm wrapped pretty tightly. I'll let everyone know my progress. Happy healing!

So today I go back to the Dr at 3:40 to have my...

So today I go back to the Dr at 3:40 to have my drains removed. I no I'm swollen and I shouldn't judge just yet, but I really hope I'm smaller. I pulled down the bandages just a minute ago to look where my nipples are, I don't think that was a good idea. They have been bleeding a little but they are further down then I expected. Which has me nervous. I'll update photos tonight hopefully.
wishing you all the luck in the world. i have obsessed about nipple location also -- which is funny now that i type that out-- i even called my surgeon to discuss nipple placement :) I'm sure you look fine and they took out just what you would need to look great! xoxo
Right now they just look all kinds of weird, shaped funny and all kinds of colors still. My nipples just look weird to me altogether.

So today I'm completely back to normal. Idk what...

So today I'm completely back to normal. Idk what I'm going to do for the next month off work. Shopping I guess lol
As far as my boobs go, they are starting to heal. Not so much pain, but getting some shooting pains. My boobs are definitely shaped crazy right now. But the doctor said that it takes time for them to smooth out. God I hope so!! I don't have to go back until next month for another post op. That seemed kinda odd. I got an antibiotic cream for 4 bucks and silicon strips for bout 55. Start the strips as soon as the incisions heal. Kinda excited bout that :) hope you lovely ladies are doing great and happy healing. Will update with pics tonight.
What do you think is making you heal faster? The antibiotic cream?
Don't think I'm healing faster than normal but I'm feeling good. The antibiotic cream is basically like polysporin but I'm allergic to petroleum gel so I'm using a different antibiotic cream.
Ok cause I am still experiencing pain from my incisions underneath both breasts. I don't know why I'm still in pain though 5 days post op :/

Ok since the I had the bandages removed on Monday,...

Ok since the I had the bandages removed on Monday, my breast are shaped funny and my nipple is kinda shriveled. My question is, did anyone else have this problem, and if so, how long will take for them to start looking normal? Another question, I'm numb near my incisions, is that normal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I think everything Is normal! Your skin will straighten itself out when gravity takes over in a few weeks, which will also help the shape. My incisions on my breasts aren't numb by far, lol, I feel everything. but don't fear. My husband has numb incisions from each time he got stitches. I think you are okay :)
OK, my incisions are numb now. And like half my boob. My PS's nurse said this is totally normal and I may have numb spots that move around to different locations for the next few months, as the nerves are "waking up" The incisions themselves, once healed, may be numb forever. My shape is doing great though and I can tell mine are already dropping a bit from gravity, and softening up. I hope yours are doing good as well!
Mine are still alittle numb under the nipples. Hopefully that goes away. How are yours doing? Hopefully it goes away quick. What are you going to use on your incisions for scars. My Dr gave me silicone strips to use.

Hey Girls, Sorry I went MIA for a few days!...

Hey Girls, Sorry I went MIA for a few days! Christmas got the best of me with lots of traveling. Had a blast though. I am now 2 weeks post op with healing new boobies. :) very excited about them. posting new pictures. some are a few days old while others are from today. hope you ladies are doing great!

Hey ladies, doing great today. I have realized...

Hey ladies, doing great today. I have realized that if I don't put gauze on my nipples start hurting. Not sure why but they do. Still have some scabs. Not too bad though. Ready for them to be done so I can start my silicon strips. Have a good day ladies.

Ok ladies I have a question. I'm now 2 weeks and 4...

Ok ladies I have a question. I'm now 2 weeks and 4 days post op, I have some scabs but nothing too bad. I have silicone strips to wear for my scars, and just bought the Palmers skin therapy oil for scars, need to know when do I need to start using those two things, after all the scabs are gone or now?
My scars have been taped up since the surgery. My PS has me use plain 3M papertape which i replace every 5-7 days when it becomes loose. Ive done quite a bit of research and there is no real proof that silicone strips works better than plain old cheap papertape. In fact,many surgeons are going back to papertape. I also found some info re this on this site in the question section. I put my lotion once daily through the papertape, i usually shower,blowdry the tape w a hairdryer,then apply lotion. I am using Dermastine but my PS told me to continue w Bio Oil once this is done. I started to apply the lotion asa my stitches were out.
Hi missa you had your surgery the same day as me My PS told me to use Mederma I don't have hardly any scabs but to be honest I used the Mederma once but haven't used it since coz it says I have to massage it in the scars and I'm still to squirmish about it so I'm Gona leave it a while longer and I'm not to concerned about scarring anyway
But I understand that your only young so scarring would concern you good luck x

So ladies, I'm now 3 weeks and a few days, ill...

So ladies, I'm now 3 weeks and a few days, ill post pics soon! Lots of changes lately. Start work on the 13th. Hopefully everything will be back to normal then. Ready for a new start!
iyou look great!! reading your updates made me laugh about peeking being a bad idea,,i have to wear ace bandage 6 days and it will bug me not seeing anything but afraid if i peek i will freak out!!.lol...congratulations on your br and recovery!
thanks! I turned about 3 shades of green in a matter of seconds when he took the bandages off. dont worry though, they do get better looking. posting new pics, my boobs look so much better.

So I am now 4 weeks post op. feeling wonderful and...

So I am now 4 weeks post op. feeling wonderful and definitley ready to go back to work lol Im adding some new pictures of me hope everyone can see the difference between the first few days and now. I certainly can.

So today I got a few bills in from surgery: the...

So today I got a few bills in from surgery: the pathology bill & anesthesiologist bill. 166.88 & 29.67. Not too bad.

Total so far is $2,211.28. After all the insurance deductions. Still have the plastic surgeon fee.
your new pics definitely look alot better..they look great! im so happy for you!!
Thanks Natalie, I feel a lot better and yes huge improvement on the way they look. At first they were down right gross and scary for me to even look at. Now, feeling great.
I'm going to be grossed out by mine to I'm sure so I'm glad my wrap won't come off at all until my first appointment!! I hope i get results like yours

Had my post op today. Dr said everything is...

Had my post op today. Dr said everything is looking good. I need to post some new pics soon. I don't have to go back til July. I think my breast are shaping up really nicely. They have dropped a little but still very perky. Im back to wearing sexy Victoria secret bras so I'm very happy lol
Thanks so much for your story! Our history is quite similar as I have 30G and grew up a gymnast/dancer. I love your results and am looking to you for some inspiration :) Hopefully you can post more pictures as they continue to heal and as the scars disappear.
Looking great!!! Yea for the Victoria Secret Bras!!!
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