Almost a skinny mini :)

Hi, I am 29 yr old SAHM mom of a 4yr old and...

Hi, I am 29 yr old SAHM mom of a 4yr old and 16month old. I have severe muscle separation from childbirth (10 1/2 pound and 9.14 pound babies) and I gained 60 pounds with both pregnancies quickly (5'3" started at 110 pounds Pre pregnancy, lost the weight after both kids) and now I'm at 120 (I'm trying to lose last little bit). I'm training for a half marathon and want to be in great shape for my surgery (so my saggy skin will be stretched and not get loose if I lose weight after surgery). I have three weeks until surgery and I am not telling most of my family and friends. (I don't think they would understand unless they saw how saggy my skin is and how I bloat out like I'm pregnant if I don't wear a binder every night...ugh! My D.R. Separation is from my boobs to my csection scar and I can fit my hand inbetween it's crazy! I've tried everything tupler technique, different exercises it won't go back!) I wear lose shirts and spanks so I don't think it is too noticeable but I'm tired of wearing spanks under my swim suit and feeling embarrassed in front of my husband!
I am getting ready for surgery and I wanted to know how long recovery takes and how much help will I need? My husband can only take two days off of work and I'm worried bc I stay home with kiddos and I don't know how much I should ask for people to come help watch them? (Plus since I'm not telling most people I won't have much help.) I recovered really fast from both c-sections and was off meds early. Just wondering if this is similar or worse?
Thank you.


Hi I just had my TT with MR & lipo on my hips 9/18. I had a 4 finger wide DR. So lots of MR! I have 2 kids at home. ,4&14 months. My baby boy is 25 lbs, I can not lift him! I need help with the kids at all times. My mom & oldest daughter are here when Daddy can't be . You will need help , you don't want to risk hurting yourself or damaging anything! Ask for help :)
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Your kids r almost same age as mine! How have they been adjusting to your surgery and others helping? I am amazed at your pictures congrats on losing all that weight and keeping it off! I read that you ended up getting a recliner I don't have one I was planning on couch with pillows do you think Ill be okay?
I'm doing good. It's hard not being able to hold my baby boy & just do the normal things I'm used to doing everyday. Daddy is doing fine, but of course I like things done my way ;) but I have to heal, so I'm dealing . The recliner was helpful for the first few days. I had lipo on my hips too so it was a little painful to roll into my side to get out of bed to avoid using my stomach muscles. But I have slept into bed since day one with lots of pillows. I think you will be ok. And thank you, I'm so excited to finally feel confident with my body. !!

Getting excited!

I have my Pre op on Monday! Yay! I know I should bring a swim bottom and they will tell me to get a blood test. Is there anything else I should know or ask before I go? Thanks ladies I appreciate all the advise! And reading all your stories and seeing your pics. Hope you're all recovering well!


I agree with all the girls who offered advice about extra help with kids. You will be very limited with what you can do. I am 3 days post and I don't know what I would do without my mom and husband. My kids are a little older 4 & 7 and still meals and baths need to be attended to both theirs and yours. Do not underestimate the pain, disconfort, lack of sleep and limitations doing daily things. Planning is key.
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Yikes! I am scared for the after the healing process! Your pic looks great! Looks like you're tiny tiny! Hope you're feeling well!
The MR was very painfully for me the first 2-3 days. I was walking pretty hunched over the first week too , so the back pain was my worst complaint I would say for most of the first week. My son is still in his crib, so Daddy takes him out before he goes to work . On nights when Daddy is working the late shift( and my help can't stay that late) I just let them both sleep on the floor with blankets & pillows until my fiancé is home to take them to bed. I have a very active wild boy , so diaper changes can be like a wrestling match ! When I need to change his diaper my 4 yr old usually helps to distract him or hold him still for me lol I'm hoping by 4 weeks I can start to lift him a little... We will see how it goes. I really don't want to damage any of the MR. And I don't want to ever have to wear spanx under a sundress again !!! So I'm going to take all the help I can get for as long as possible!

Dr appointment today! Yay!

I met with my dr today! I'm so excited! We went over the risks and what's going to happen. He did say he's going to wait to see if my D.R. is bad enough when he's doing surgery then he will sew it up if he needs to (which scares me because that is the main reason I am doing this my muscles are not together and I look prego) my husband reassured me that he thinks the dr will do it. But there is no guarantee until day of...pray that he does! He says he does two different types of stitches and he sounds like he's very concerned about how I will look and feel after. My husband met him and approved (he has a good sense of people after first meeting them)so I trust his judgement. They didn't have me do my before pics or mark me (I guess they do that day of) I do need to go get blood drawn but other than that I'm ready! I am going to make freezer meals and I have my half marathon coming up then I'm ready actually. He also said he didn't think my recovery would take very long (drains out 5 days or so) up and walking day after and I just have to wear my garment forever j/k! He even said I could pick up my kids just to be careful. I'm excited!


I had my surgery today and it is similar to c section but the tightness is much higher. I also got a pain pump.
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Congrats on your surgery today! How are you feeling?
I survived the first night. I got up twice and walked around. They gave me a catheter to keep in until today. I also have a pain pump. Definitely making life more bearable!!

Ran half marathon today!

I feel like I'm one step closer to my tummy! I ran my second ever half marathon today (2 hrs 5mins) so I have one thing off my list. Now I just need to make freezer meals, get blood drawn and get scripts. I can't believe it's about a week until my surgery! (I wish I had dropped my last few pounds but I don't think a week will change that) I'm sure it will just motivate me after surgery to keep exercising and staying healthy. Hope everyone posting on RS are enjoying their flat tummies I can't wait till I can start enjoying mine!


I'm anxious to get back to running, 5k is about all I have on my best day tho! With any luck I'll be ready for my for 1st half in march! Can't wait to see your results!
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You'll find it's easier than you think to do a half (it's mostly mental). I do want to do more smaller runs to work on speed (maybe eventually place for my age bracket which will take a lot of practice) but I'm totally addicted to running but I only do it when I pay $ and know I have a race ahead (else I find an excuse!). You'll do great let me know when you start running and how it feels!
Thanks for the pep talk. With any luck I'll be back running in a few weeks!

Ran half marathon today! (Another one!)

I was feeling fat so I decided to do one last run before my surgery...I figure it will be a while till I can run again so I might as well go for it! Any believe I'm going to have surgery Tuesday!! I never thought I'd actually get to have a nice tummy again I should have wore a bikini more when I was young!

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Night before surgery...yay!

Looking forward to tomorrow! I have to take an antibiotic and put nausea patch behind my ear and use the wash the office gave me on my surgical area. I better drink some water since I can't after midnight and my surgery check in is 10:45. I have to get my closed toed shoes, sweats and zip up shirt ready...and maybe do a few sit ups since I won't be able to for a long time! But at least ill be able to see I have some abs after this...I hope! Hope to post some pics after (pray that my swelling isn't too bad and drains come out soon please and that my kids are okay without me picking them up). Thanks for all the support and prayers!


Your pics look great! Thanks for the advice I have people lined up to help for few hours each day. Hope I can manage the rest!

Had surgery

Hi Ladies,
I had surgery today. I peed in my cup, forgot to put an my neasua patch (luckily my husband reminded me to take my pills with me and I was able to out it on before works after three hours and I defiantly think it helped) I went home around 4. I am now on my meds and hobbling around the house hiding from te kids lol so I won't get jumped on. Heeheee. I feel bad my daughter keeps asking for mama but I can't pick her up so I try to be in another room so she doesn't see my but I swear she can sense me.
I have a follow up at 2. (It's 5am woke up in pain and need pills and change tampon yuck! Luckily it's the end of my period.) the dr stitched me brim breast none to pubic and it feels like a really strong core workout and I'm all hunched over like an 90 year old. Even though I'm all girdled and hunched I'm so happy I did this. I hope I'm happy tomorrow when I go to dr and see my results a little. I've been trying to ice but my garment is so thick it's hard to even feel the coldness. Hope everyone is recovering well! I'm hoping I can be okay by Halloween to take kids trick or treating and pass out candy we are in a very busy Halloween neighborhood! I think that's because my neighbor passes out full size candy bars! She's awesome! Is anyone else dressing up? I will have to wear my garment under not sure how I'm going to hide it?!


I can't wait to see your updated pictures!! Take care.
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Thank you ill try to post some today. I need my husband to take them.
Who is your dr? I live in wa and am looking for drs.
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My new look! What do you think?

Just showing you all my beautiful CG haha my husband says I look skinnier but I feel swollen and I know the CG is making me smaller. Can't wait to see my results! I'm still hunched over but not as bad as I thought! My two drains are not too bad either I just have to hide from kids so they don't pull them :)


When did doc say your drains can come out?
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You look so tiny, awsome. I am sure once you see you tummy your going to flip out, in a good way I mean! Your look great so far!
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Wooooo missus teeny weeny waist ;) xx
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Got drains out after only one day PO!

Yay! Just went to dr and he said I could have both drains out (good thing I took pain pills right before)! But it didn't hurt it was just a long tug. I didn't take my dressings off bc the girl did such a nice job and I didn't want to ruin it. I did have a small blood clot and bleeding a little but it looks good. I'm still sooooo surprised dr took my drains out! He said I have to wear my CG for a month and try to drink lots of water and stand up straight. He also said not to wear tight jeans or anything that will crease my new tummy. I also bought arnica pills to help with swelling. So happy! Still in shock that I actually did this!


You look so good!! Happy healing. 7 days out and I still have drains :0( hope to have mine out by Friday. Looks as though your recovering quickly. Hope it continues for you!!
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Thank you! Yeah, I felt pretty lucky that he took the drains out after only one day! I still in shock! I hope you get them out soon! (I walked a lot maybe that helps?)
Happy healing!
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Gained five that normal?

So it's midnight, I had my drains removed around 2:30 and I haven't pooped yet. Is it water weight (I'm extremely poofy) or is it bc I haven't pooped??? I looked much better when dr took out tubes; I had my husband change my pads on stitches and he got to see the cut for the first time (I think he thought it was smaller than hip to hip and was a little shocked!). I had a bunch of dry blood and now when I pulled dressings off they are bleeding again. I wish I had him take a pic I'm poofy on top of incision and wish I could get someone's opinion if that's normal. I also just had surgery Tuesday so I know it's not long and I should expect swelling...right?! :) I'm kind of a worry wart and I've heard a lot of people on RS talk about sanoma (sorry however you spell that) and I'm worried I might get it? Is it when the fluid builds up in you? I hope it gets better I feel like I got punched in both rib cages and my V is all bruised. Ill try to post a pic later when I'm up for the challenge re doing my pads. To top it off my period is still lingering and I haven't wanted to wear a pad with my giant pee poop hole outfit bc I'd have to put underwear on top so I don't have to take off dressings every time I go to the bathroom lol! Sorry I'm babbling I'm super tired but My brain keeps thinking about how much more I'm going to swell and how much longer I need to be on oxy (bc I want to drive to the store) ugh I don't like being stuck at home! Tomorrow I have a friend coming to help with the kids I hope it goes well I like my husband helping me (bc of him I had big babies and if I should go through this he should have to in a way too) and I don't want to be an all day burden on my friend and I know my kids are going a little stir crazy in the house too. Even though I had my husband take them to jump and bounce to get wiggles out they were still grumpy and cranky.maybe it's all in my head but my 18 mo does so well when I hold her so I think she's just fussing bc she knows I can't and my son needs a playdate and more individual attention. Anyway... Anyone have any good PS jokes I could really use something funny right now :)


Just picture on your head getting to the point of rocking a smoking hot body :D I promise you it's not long away I'm 6 weeks out and they've been the quickest of my life and only now am I truly seeing great results :D xxxxx
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That's good to know I think I'm in the sad stage of TT bc I hate looking in mirror so swollen its funny I prepped my self for scar and pain and walking but swelling I didn't even think about! Don't ask why!!?? Was it six weeks for swelling to go down for you I want to dress up with my kids and husband for Halloween but I don't want to look fat and swollen and stupid! And I don't want anyone to know. (I've only told 4 people.)
Swelling is normal try taking will also help you poop :) (
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Ahhh..getting tired of sitting around!

You'd think I'd like to relax and not do anything but I just feel drowsy and tired but bored and awake at the same time! Grrr!! I just wish I could wake up from my next narcolepsy attack (I don't actually have narcolepsy it just feels like I do) anyway I wish of wake up all healed, can drive, be off meds an walk around in a bikini haha! And pick up my kids I just don't want to busy open but I hate hearing my daughter say mama and cry because I'm not picking her up :( does anyone have any burning heat under their CG? It's not constant just once and a while. Also, what is everyone eating? Blah! Blah! Blah! Sorry I'm rambling... Help someone tell me something interesting I'm soooo bored! Also I'm itchy is that from antibiotics?


I think that itchy belly last a few weeks. Might be the skin stretching otvjust the constant irritation from the cg. I'm near 4 weeks post and don't itch but have flakey belly skin. My doc said to eat plenty of yogurt, protien and nothing too greasy. Happy healing! It seems to go by so fast!
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Maybe it is from the CG it's so itchy it's driving me crazy! I don't eat much dairy but I did have protein. Ill have to try to have more. My appetite is off and on. How is yours?
Is your daughter into rainbow loom? My 7 year old son is and I told him I would have plenty of time to take some orders! hahaha!!! I changed my pain meds and actually got some sleep last night yay! About to post my pic update, I am all swollen too but as expected...I am thrilled to see that smooth skin....just think by next week I bet our swelling is down!
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Pics of my shark attack j/k!!

Not my best look and I weighed myself and I'm up 6 pounds now...I'm starting to freak out. Do you think it's just 6 pounds of poop? My husband said he "knew I was full of sh!t" haha but honestly should I be concerned?


Stop weighing yourself!!!!!! You look fantastic and yes, you're probably F.O.S. lol that's the worst part, you'll empty out! Can't keep it in there forever! I sat on a heating pad after all attempts to help me go were failing. I think it was 5 or 6 days PO before I had relief. DO NOT weigh yourself though! In fact, put the scale away! lol it's not about the numbers on your scale its about your beautiful new belly :) You have plenty of time to weigh yourself later on. You look AWESOME ;)
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I am 8 days post op and up 6 lbs last time I checked! That will also be the last time I look until awhile! Haha. You are very swollen and your body is working overtime to repair itself. Try to stay focused on eating well. I am sure any few extra pounds will quickly come off and you'll be looking better than you could have ever thought!
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Did say how much your boobs weigh lol!?! Your pics look great and your bb is so nice! Well at least I'm not the only one who gained maybe I should not step on the scale! ;)

Um kind of freaking out!

So I felt pretty good all day. I walked around, went up and down the stairs didn't push myself. Even took a 2hr nap and my friend watched my kids. Then my husband gets home I show him my belly (just trying to change the dressings) but we notice that I'm super swollen above my belly button! I left message at dr office (30 mins prior to close) and called again with no answer. The dr will be out of the office fri-mon. I hope I'm okay bc my husband is freaking me out saying I'm going to ruin everything by getting stretched out and said he wished I still had drains in bc he thinks its fluid build up with no where to go. I called my mom she said I have a very good dr and he wouldn't put me in danger (although she hasn't seen what I look like now) I need my husband to take a pic so someone can tell me I'm fine it's just water?! Any ideas of what to do to get rid of water weight (hoping that's all it is). Also has anyone else had drains taken out the day after surgery like me??


Wow!! You look great already! Just imagine how great you will look in 6 weeks!
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Thank you I am hoping I BM a six pounder lol (maybe not all once that would hurt)!! My stitches are starting to sting...better go take some meds...ugh! Thanks for trying to cheer me up! I appreciate it!
I hope so just hate waiting! Thanks for the encouragement! Let me know when you're down 6 pounds maybe my body will do the same! Like sync ing cycles lol!

Pain pain go away and take my bloating away!

I'm not sure if this is just water retention but I'm in pain. I just took another oxy, I've been taking everything dr told me and now two stool softeners. (No poo yet...sorry TMI.) I just feel like someone is blowing up a beach ball and strangling me from the inside! My incision site burns but maybe I didn't do meds close enough? I'm trying to remember but I forget things easily lately! It was like I could finally breathe taking off my CG then quickly following encrusting pain after. No one from my dr office called me back. I don't want to call emergency line (I don't have a fever) but I am starting to think this is more than just water retention. I just hated being bugged when I was not working so if it isn't Sonoma I don't want to call. I just wished the office had called me back real quick. I know my dr won't be in the office till tues maybe it's all mental and I'm just freaking myself out! I just wish some one could drain this because I feel like I'm short of breath. Could this be caused by walking stairs/house too much? Should I be icing? Help?!


I'm confused. Are you looking after your kids all day 2 days post op? Maybe I read that wrong, but if that's the case, then you are doing waaaaaay too much and that would explain your swelling. You should be lying there hanging out doing nothing. Don't go up and down the stairs a bunch of times, don't make meals. You need that skin to stay put and not get all jerked around from moving until your body sticks it down. You can't heal properly if you are doing too much!
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I have had help off and on but I have been going up and down stairs a lot and doing stuff around the house it's so hard to just lay here while the house just gets messier from kids. I will try to stay reclining. You are prob right I just don't know how to sit still!
If I were you I would take a laxative, drink a ton of water and home made fruit juices (if you have a juicer), put your feet up on the sofa for the day and ice for 10 minutes at time. Be careful not to burn the skin as it is numb we can't feel the normal sensations of over icing. If it is a seroma then when you tap/flick your belly it would ripple all the way across like a wave to the other side and feel like a water bed rather than firm. Make sure you are resting enough, that is the best thing for swelling. Good luck x
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Seriously is this what I'm going to look like?!

I can't believe this what I look/feel like! I was so excited about my TT right after but ever since I got my drains out I've been swelling...I think I'm in the sad stage. My husband and two kiddos left with in laws to go pumpkin picking (which is cheesy but I love it every year) and I'm stuck at home (bc I'm sure if they saw me hunched over and could barely walk they would know something's up and put the pieces together)! Totally bummed that I'm not going to see the kids picking them out ugh! And ill prob be bloated for Halloween (which I want to dress family up) and I feel lonely and bored and swollen! Sorry for the rant I just wish I was the way I looked the first day...smooth not huge and black and blue! Well I guess the good news is I can rest for a little bit. Although honestly I just want to clean the house it's driving me crazy! But every time I bend down I feel like I'm causing damage and getting more swollen...I haven't even read a book or watched tv (besides one movie w my husband) but I just don't feel interested in anything I just want to take a nap wake up and be normal looking! Maybe God is laughing at me testing my strength. Maybe he's telling me to rest bc being a sahm I'm always doing everything for kids/husband and don't really stop 24/7. Hmmm...did I mention that my daughter threw a hard toy at my stomach twice (she has a strong arm; she's a little fussy and pouts with fits but that's a whole other story) and my son tried to jump on my tummy twice and then it felt like something tore so I took another pain pill (I think my last one was 3am) so I was doing pretty good. I still have had a BM and my husband hasn't went to the store to get MoM yet or food for me an the kids he's been busy working. I understand he needs to work but this hasn't been a recovery break. Life's been about the same the only thing different is that I can't pick up my daughter so I send her to my husband (which he gives her tons of attention). Anyway, hope you all are having a better time recovering! Everyone's pics I've seen are awesome can't wait till I heal up and am able to appreciate this journey a little more. Thanks to everyone who posts pics after the hard part so I have hope that I won't look/feel like this forever! (Plus my bday is next week and I would like to enjoy maybe leave the house lol.)

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Silly iPhone

I was trying to fix my post but not sure why it wouldn't let me; anyway I'm sure you all figured it out but I haven't had BM or else why would I want my husband to buy me some MoM. Silly phone prob my fault I didn't hit the correct edit button...sorry!


Woman u look awesome! I didn't have my first BM until 5 days after post op and thats with me taking stool softners twice a day. After that I didnt have another BM for another 7 days. Your not having a BM because of the pain medication and its not uncommon. How much of stool softners do u take daily? What kind of surgical garment do you wear? Has it helped to bring your swelling down at all on your stomach? How much out put did you have in your drains the day after surgery?
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Please don't worry about how your scar looks right now have a look at mine when I first saw it and how it looked 5 weeks later :) you'll be amazed at how quickly your body heals :D xxxx
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You are so nice to give me words of encouragement! Thank you :)ill try to look on the bright side!

Called Dr. And text pics...

Called Dr. And sent him pics he thinks I have Sonoma. (Sorry i dont know how to spell that!) He is out of town he is going to call us tomorrow and discuss if we should put the needle in and get the fluid out Sunday or just wait till Monday. It's hard to show from pics but it is very big and I hope it doesn't ruin how flat I was in the beginning. I wish I had just said yes and kept my drains I think I would have not had this fluid build up. My tummy is now bruised (which is okay and normal) but I feel like each day I am getting worse.
Good news, I finally pooped! I also went down in weight (121.5 now was 119.5 dr office) so at least that is good.
My incision hurts mostly on right side and under rib cage. I feel like I'm burning up but my husband took my temp said I was normal. I practically slept all day.
If my dr gives me a choice should I go in Sunday when he flys back into town(I feel bad bc it's the weekend) or go Monday (I have repair man for dishwasher and sprinkler blow out I will need to change schedule) plus ill need to find someone to watch the kids and someone to drive me.
Thank you RS ladies! Looking forward to feeling better soon!


I finally had a BM today. I took two stool softeners for two days prior. My CG is black to my knees and under my boobs with suspenders and zips and hooks on the sides. Dr told me to put cloth under to help Sonoma. My drains were changes at 5am and went to dr at 2pm and less than 20 on each. Have you heard of anyone getting them out so soon? Thanks again for reading my story and sharing with me your thoughts I value your input. Besides my husband I haven't spoke much about this to anyone. So thank you :)
I have never heard of a doctor taking the drains out the day after. I get the output wasnt much but did they strip the drains before they took them out? Who makes your surgical garment? Glad you had a BM. I would say to continue the 2 stool softners daily until you no longer take pain medications. Let me know if you need anything or need to talk.
Thank you i need to look at my tag when i take my CG off! I get dizzy when i take it off so ive been living in it besides showers and washes!

No seroma but feeling down...

So its been a while since i posted so heres an update. I was worried i had seroma luckily my doctor flew back into town and he and an assistant met me and my husband on SUNDAY (still amazed that he met me on a weekend he could have blew me off but he didnt and he took his time; i am so glad i picked him as my doctor). He told me i was normal just swollen (a tiny bit of seroma near scar on bottom but soooo small). So after i was relived and felt stupid (for making them both come in to work for me). I just didnt realize i would look good then swell up all lumpy and feel like crap! Nothing like csection swelling not even close!

So my swelling is decreasing but now i feel like i cant stop eating i dont know if its halloween candy everywhere or wearing this annoying CG with a pee hole or feeling fat because my swelling is sticking around or not running but i feel like crap! I think i need to get jucing again but i cant go to the store bc i would need to lift my daughter and son into the cart and i dont want to take any chances. On top of it my daughter is teething and is sooooo fussy and also HATES that i cant pick her up. I try to have her sit on my lap and cuddle but she doesnt like it i guess its just not the same. I miss picking her up :(

Anyway just feeling down today. I was hoping to be looking better by now. I was thinkin id call my dr office asking if i can tun but i can barely walk the house with out getting huntched over. Ugh! Anyway hope you all are doing better than all look fablous!

Also can anyone see that big hard spot by my bb in the pic? Does anyone know if that goes away? It hurts when u press on it. Im pretending its not there bc i wear my cg so often i forget till i take it off and see it.
Also i got so itchy i pulled all my tape off my dr said to leave it in till it came off on its own but i couldnt take it anymore and everyone on RS seems to have theres off so hope it was okay?!

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Bright side :)

Well yesterday was hard but the good news is things are starting to look up! Ive decided to go gluten free again (my dr thinks i might be celiac and i always feel better limiting my gluten and dairy). I cleaned a bunch of my house (until one am) then took a shower and im starting to feel less helpless (its hard when you are limited in the things you can do).
Ive decided to take kids for a walk and store (we will see how that goes but im looking forward to getting out if the house).
Im still swollen, itchy (where i tore off my tape) and wearing fancy pee hole spanks but im going to make the best of this and ive realized im going to look much better soon.
Lovin everyones before and after pics it gives me hope that ill look as cute as all of you! Hope youre all having a great day :)


Always take stool softener it will help you. Pls. Don't wait a week before you do it. You'll regret it.
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Looks good.
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Hi I was ready and notice u talked about burning hot feeling while wearing the CG. And yes I experience it too. Not all the time tho.
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