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I'm 35, married and a mama of an 11 year old son....

I'm 35, married and a mama of an 11 year old son. I have had the jelly belly ever since my pregnancy...I still say I'm carrying around some 11 year old baby weight! Lol! Also, when I was 19, I had a tattoo of my then boyfriends name done on my lower abdomen (dumbest thing I have ever done), needless to say, it has to go, and my doctor assures me it will be gone! I am very excited, but of course very nervous too. I am dreading those damn drains most of all, I hear they are a nightmare. I was happy to hear that the doctor started using a medication called Exparel, which is supposed to keep the whole abdominal area numb for about 72 hours, so that is a little comforting to know. I am happy that I found this site, reading about all of your experiences will certainly help me be better prepared.
Good luck. Plan well and keep it all in perspective. Plan, heal, and focus on results last its a process for sure I am 11 days po

Pre-Op Photos (eeewww)

This belly has got to go! You can see the tattoo, at least it became unreadable after my pregnancy stretched it out. Getting nervous and excited, but can't wait to join the flat side!
Thank you! I hope you are happy and doing well. I am trying to get everything ready for the big day, but having a hard time finding some front closure tops, as I hear it is hard to get a shirt over your head.

Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

The big day is coming up fast...excited and nervous!!! I think I have everything that I need for recovery. My husband has taken off of work for a week to help me, have all of my prescriptions, plenty of loose fitting clothes, and Milk of Magnesia. If any of you ladies have any other suggestions or advice, please share! Also, this is a bit awkward to ask, but I am wondering if I should buy some underwear that I can just throw away after wearing, or will I not even be able to wear any at all?
I am 7 days post op, and I have only worn underwear one day and that was bc I went to a PD for work (professional development/teacher as profession)!!! Anyway, other than that, I just lay around in my pre weight loss t shirts and my cg!!! Good luck and keep us posted on ur surgery and recovery!!!
Thank you, I figured I would probably have to go "commando" for a while! Lol!
The things I found most beneficial was cough drops, cold gel paks, protein drinks , straws bendable kind made drinking so easy also lots of water heating pad for your back. I actually did not wear undies either a oversized tee or pj's. a lanyard works for holding your drains. I will send you a pm so check your inbox.

5 days to go!!!

Only five more days until my surgery!!! I am well prepared, but my stomach is starting to do somersaults!!!
Take deep breathes and just stay very busy!! That's what helped me.
Underwear, not needed. They would be a pain with the drain and everything else. Just my opinion
Good luck!

3 days to go!!!

It's Friday morning, just got a call from the surgery center...6:15am on Monday it is!!! Can't believe how close I am!!!

Why did I google "anesthesia awareness?!!!"

Oh my gosh!!! I am down to the wire here, and getting scared!!! I already have anxiety problems, and today I was reading about possible complications (although rare) that can happen under general anesthetic. Some people have reported waking up during the surgery, or worse yet, awake and aware but because of the paralytic medicine, could not speak or move, but feel everything!!! Horrifying!!!
LOL! I think that side effect is rare. If you've never experienced it nor a family member then you'll likely be fine... I worry about that too. But keep telling myself there's nothing you can do about it, other than never have surgery. Sounds impractical, and I've done fine 2 other surgerys... so, try to obsess on that new pair of pant that will fit oh so sweet, or that bikini you happen to be wearing as you run in to an old flame ( that just can't have you!)
Very true!!! Thank you for your words, every now and then I need someone to pull me out of my crazy obsessive thought process!!!
We're TT date twins... Mines on Monday too!!


My TT is tomorrow, my excitement about the procedure and the outcome is being pushed aside by fear and anxiety. I keep thinking that maybe I am being selfish, putting my life at risk, and what would my husband and son do without me. I suppose deep down I know everything will be okay, but I am really having trouble looking at the bright side at the moment. Has anyone else been through this?
Best of luck to you! I think most of us have that nervous anxiety-ridden doubt before surgery, and you may encounter feelings of regret as you're healing (I had a TT in November of last year), but try to see beyond. You will go in, go to sleep, wake up and it will be over- that is the most likely scenario. It does take time to see your results, but be patient and know long- term you will most likely be glad you did it. Best wishes and thank you for sharing your experience!
Good Luck!!! It will all be good..

1 day post op

Well everything went very smooth with the surgery, but today I feel like a truck ran over me a couple of times. I go back to my doctor on Thursday, and until then I do not plan on looking under this compression garment!
So glad you are doing good... You will feel a lot better on day 4..
Glad to hear it went well! Keep on top of your meds and know that it will get easier. Congratulations!

3 days PO...I want this thing off!!!

It has been three days, and pain is worse now! My hip bones feel like they are on fire, I'm bloated, and my back is killing me. I see my doctor today at 3, and I can't wait to get this compression garment off, even for a second!

5 days PO

Feeling a little bit better every day, going through some highs and lows, which I suppose is normal. The drain is really getting on my last nerve, I will be so happy when that comes out on Tuesday, but I am so scared of having my belly button stitches removed! When the doctor cleaned that area out last Thursday, it was the creepiest feeling, so I am dreading the stitch removal!!! I just keep telling myself "it will all be worth it soon."

First Post Op pictures

So glad you're doing well!

1 Week Post Op

Still swollen, but on my way. This evil drain is the only thing still hurting me!
Your past the worst part it gets better now


I had my other drain removed today as well as my belly button stitches...what a relief! That drain was really the only thing really bothering me, so happy it is gone. Aside from the tightness and soreness that I expected, I am feeling pretty good!

Almost 3 weeks PO and feeling great!!!

I could not be happier with how things are moving along! I feel so much better about myself! It's amazing how you learn to love your compression garment, during my first week I was crying at the thought of wearing it over the next 5 weeks, now it makes me feel secure. No real pain anymore, just tightness, and maybe a little sore around the hip bones.
Happy healing!
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