TT, Larger Breasts and Upper Arm Lift After Being Overweight child and a Chubby Adult - Voorhees, NJ

Hello! I'm 38 years old, married with two kids who...

Hello! I'm 38 years old, married with two kids who were both large babies. I was a fat kid and have see-sawed in weight +/- 20 lbs since I was 13. After my second child turned two I started working out and fell in love with it.
I would love to lose 15 lbs but I haven't had the willpower to be on a strict diet. I work out intensely 3-4 x a week each session for 90-120 minutes but will never get rid of the excess skin.
After much research I knew I wanted a full TT, breast implants and something done about my saggy upper arms. I had a few consults and knew my PS was the right one after I left. He was very professional and I could see his perfectionist mindset. He was very forthcoming about the results I could expect. His office manager is so wonderful as is his nurse.
Oh- I am 5'5 and 135 lbs.

Mommy makeover countdown - less than 2 weeks!

I am starting to get really excited and scared about the recovery! Up until now I haven't been nervous but the pain and discomfort I'll go through is freaking me out a little. The BA isn't as nervewracking as the brachioplasty and TT. I figure that I won't be able to lift my arms very high for a while and wondering how difficult it will be to get up to go to the bathroom.
I have all my supplies, just need to do some grocery shopping the day before! I keep looking at the other ladies reviews and seeing how beautiful they look to get me through this fear!

SX tomorrow!

Hello everyone! I spent today grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Just went for a run and will cuddle with the kids till bedtime.
The nurse called to let me know I have a 6:30 arrival time. She read off all the procedures and then said "whew, good thing you are young and healthy! You know you will be here for a long time?" That made me a little uneasy!
Hoping I can sleep tonight :)

SX day - flat side

Hello everyone! I had my SX this morning, went in 6:30 and got home around 4.
When I woke up I felt awful pain in my entire front torso. Worse than I expected, a burning sensation near my bikini line incision and strong stabbing pain higher up. And the nausea was bad! She injected me with some more anti nausea as I was already wearing a patch behind my ear. Moving from the gurney to a medical chair was not only hard work, but the fear of ripping something was worse. I feel sewed up very tight!
My Hubby and Mom got me settled in at home - the pain and sleepiness and super dry mouth were my main after effects. Drinking lots of water but it makes me pee which is hard to move to bathroom. The EZ pee funnel is a lifesaver!
Forced myself to eat a pretzel and Popsicle so I didn't get nauseous from Perocet.
Had two naps since I got home and will try to stay up so I can sleep tonight.
I will try to take photos and upload tomorrow!
Hope. Everyone is doing well! Sorry for typos

Postoperative: day 1

Hi everyone! Today was my first full day after SX. Extremely sore at the incision and torso area. Boobs little to no pain and arms only hurt when I use them to get up and down, I have 4 drains and a pain pump so will be happy to shed them!
I can't remove the binding so this photo doesn't show much. Have an appt Fri and can't wait to start wearing CG instead of this Velcro binder!

PostOp day 4

Hi everyone!
Today I woke up feeling significantly better. Day three was the worst. Pain and nausea were significant. I stopped taking the oxy bc it was making me so sick. Switched to Tylenol and Advil, alternating.
Had my first post op appt., Dr said everything looked good And he was able to remove the pain pump and 2 of the 4 drains! Removed the binder and put on a super tight CG. It took two ppl to button and zip me in. Extremely tight! Took my first shower and it was great but getting back into the CG took my Mom and I quiet a while!
The photo is me right before the Dr appt with all 4 drains and the pain pump. Will take photos next time I remove the CG.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Oop- post op day 3!

Sorry it's day 3 not 4.

Postop Day 4

Good morning! Woke up feelin suffocated in the full body CG. I undid the snaps and zipper in the front and laid in bed for a while taking deep breathes. Hubby took off the arms and helped me out.
Dr. said I could use the binder. So I am washing the awful CG, it is supposed to stretch and get more comfy but it feels so constricting. I had a bit of a panic attack bc everyone was sleeping and I can't get out of it by myself.
Just took 2 Tylenol and enjoying coffee -all my boys/hubby are out at football practice/games.

Mommy makeover Post Op 1 week!

Hello everyone! It was one week ago that I had my TT, BA and mini arm lift. Took half dose of Percocet last night, although it makes me groggy and a little nauseous it was worth waking up feeling little pain. I removed my new CG to take these photos this am.
Went to PS yesterday, unfortunately the remaining two drains need to stay in until tomorrow. But the Dr and his staff are so kind, gentle and compassionate I cannot be upset. They are really amazing. The office is like being in someone's home. My Mom said the same thing.
My arm where it meets my shoulder is very sore, the incision looks good but since it is in the crease it is difficult not to use this part of my body. Boobs feel good, wish I could have gone larger but my anatomy did not allow for that without risk of a double bubble. I love my belly button and can see I need to lose a few lbs to get the definition I want. Not exercising I will need to cut back several hundred calories a day which I did not think about!
I hope everyone is doing well!

Last day before going back to work after surgery!

Hi everyone! Now that the drains have been out I am able to drive and feel freedom! I had my BB stitches removed on Friday, the rest are dissolveable. I am happy with that the incision is so straight, it is too early to scar scar therapy. In two weeks I go back and we will discuss what to do for a flatter lighter scar. My breast are still a bit hard and high, more tender than last week. It is still very hard to stand up straight so my back is constantly sore. This week I started getting stomach cramps but nothing unmanageable. I have been taking Motrin and Aleve for the aches and pains. My arms are still pretty numb, the incision is a little sore.
The worst past is the CG - I hate it! Since I had my arms done, it is a long sleeve body suit. I do take it off when I can't take it any longer and put on some Spanx which covers the tummy but not the boobs or arms. Better than nothing!
I will post pictures tomorrow, hope everyone is doing well!

Updated photos day 12

Took these after breakfast today to show my incision.
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Oh, the BA was the least painful and disrupting. Tightness similar to when your milk comes in from nursing. Very tender and sore but no "pain".
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Thanks ladies! The scar from the arm lift (mini brachioplasty ) is on the back side froma few inches past my armpit to about halfway down my upper arm. These scars are definitely the ugliest. I will include photos next time! Yes, getting this with the TT was super hard b/c my instinct was to use my arms to help since my tummy was so sore but I couldn't! I think my saving grace was that I have strong legs and all those get ups and squats finally paid off!
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What kind of scar placement do u hv on ur arms- I dint see d pics
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Fab results! Congrats. Did u find doing ur breasts n arms the same time very taxing
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Adorable bikini!!! I bet you feel amazing. you look fab! have a good day
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Thx Time4me! I wish I could have gone larger with my breast, yours look fabulous! My inframmary fold risked double bubble so I had to stay small. 36b but would have liked to be a full C.
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You are looking beautiful. Everything is flat and on the road to recovery!! the sides of your TT are smooth and no signs of the over hang like I have! looks beautiful Congrats!
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Thanks time4meOR! You look amazing, I enjoy and appreciate all the videos you share with us :)
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Thank you!! we are all in this together. that's the best part :)
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Oh that binder is all scrunched up and uncomfortable looking. When mine got like that I opened it and re-tightened it so it wasn't scrunched and I snuck in some pics then. when its straight its much more comfortable. I am happy to hear you are doing good besides the pain. It will all be worth it!! Happy Healing
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Thank you! I have burning at incision, mostly where the drain hole is I think. Did anyone else feel burning there?
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I did feel the burning there. That is the nerves Re-Attaching burning and itching is normal sensations. If you don't feel them at first I would worry but you are doing great!
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Thx for all your good luck messages! Will write more tomorrow
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Goodluck :)
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Wishing you all the best tomorrow!!
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I am sending lots of happy and positive energy your way. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery tomorrow. Enjoy cuddling with your babies.
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I didn't get that but I could imaging you will be needing help pushed forward. I heavily rely on my elbows now to get me up and the momentum from my leg swinging. I'm anxious to see your recovery I was debating a thigh lift but though I'd be over doing it all at the same time!! Your so close now :) time for sleepless nights and nerves to kick in!!!
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Keep working out until your surgery day! I did cardio kickboxing 3 days a week and karate 2 days week and boy did it help me after surgery. After having the TT, you learn to use your leg strength a ton! Honestly, if I didnt work out, I would have been worse off. Good Luck to you. :-)
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Thank you so much! These past few days I haven't felt super motivated to work out so your comment helps!
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Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! Your big day is coming right up. Here's a list of recovery supplies you might find helpful. Keep us in the loop!
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Thank you so much Angiemcc!
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Hello, Good luck with your surgery, can't wait to hear about your journey.!!!
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Thank you!
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