I got my first silicone implant above the muscle...

I got my first silicone implant above the muscle in 1983. Had the poor self esteem issue. I was a size AA/A prior. After implant I was a C. Both encapsulated very quickly had the capsule "broken" manually under mild sedation. It was in 2006, I was having a breast exam. My Dr. friend said, how do you stand these being so hard. I think I had just gotten used to it. Although I was very self conscious of getting hugs from people...so I had them replaced. To find they were both ruptured. So I got saline this time. The left one quickly encapsulated. Had it redone again. Same thing. 2007 I went to different PS and got Mentor Gel sub muscular.

Things were going well up until a couple of years ago I noticed the left one getting more firm. That process has continued. Occasional pain. I find relief with heating pad. So I had gone to a PS a few months ago. Painted a grim pic of what I would looks like post explantation. So the price was good for a year, so I figured I had time. Well on Aug 3, I was in the ER. Happened to have CT of chest that described rupture. They suggested I see someone sooner rather than later. The ER doctor as well as my gastro are wondering if some of my problems that started occurring in 2008 aren't some how related.

I see a neuro for hyper excitable peripheral nerve disorder. Cramp fasiculation syndrome. New onset migraines. My lungs were very bad from 2008 thru approx 2011. That is better. Get SOB quite easily. Extreme fatigue. So I saw a new PS yesterday. Was very pleased with the visit. Didn't try to talk me in to anything. I had taken the CT for him to view. Pointed out I do have fat in my breast. For once happy about fat! Although not much breast tissue . He said he would do a partial capsule removal. Not along the chest wall. Also my breast currently look uneven due to the fold not being even. So he is going to try and even that out. He said I would have drains for one week. Suggested I not go to work. I was reluctant to agree with that at first. But after thinking about it I do need sometime to get used to the new me. And work is quite stressfull. I will have to continue my story. I'm out the door for now.

Pics prior to explantation

I found it hard to take pics of myself. As with these sub muscular implants they also change the appearance of your breast when you lift things! Another reason they need to go!

In the hospital

Have been in hospital since Monday eve with what is turning out to be yet another strange thing with my body. Had ileous and acsities. Ileous has resolved. Bottom line is they are wondering if it is related at all to possible ruptured implant. I hope I can make it to surgery next week. I don't know how that would work if he could just come here and do it. I need to get better so I can be strong for surgery. Crazy thoughts as I am medicated for pain. Happy my hubby brought my iPad to hospital. It helps to read all the encouraging posts. Thank you all for being here.

Big day tomorrow 08/28

I have just been so busy this evening I haven't had much time to think about it. I took a shower, thought to myself, it won't be the same body next chance I get to shower. Bitter sweet moment. I hope my husband is ready for this!!! I have high anxiety. He has been very supportive. But I won't know my response untill it happens. I'm excited to know these fake (one hard)things will be gone. Hope the cosmetic end is satifactory that I don't feel the need for lift. I'm tired of spending money on these things. To think what I could have done with that money! What are ya going to do. Well wish me luck. I will of course post pics when I can take wraps off. He said I will have drains. So I'm not sure if that means I will wear compression wrap longer. I will keep ya'll posted when I'm up to chatting. Thanks for all your support.

Went well

I'm somewhat medicated so this will be short. The left one was ruptured. Only have one drain. Hurts to take deep breath. But continue to do so... Will be able to shower tomorrow. He said there were actually 2 capsules. One left from previous surg. Under the ace wrap it looks much flatter than right side. Dr. Franckle called this eve. He told my husband not to worry at this point. I have no nausea and a wonderful nurse . My hubby!!

First day pics.

Left one really looks flat. My hubby keeps telling me not to worry.

3 days post-op

Well I'm home along today. The drain only put out about 18cc overnight. I'm still wrapped in ace. I have pulled it down to look. Left breast does not look good at all. Right. Breast looks okay. Perhaps the left will get better after the drain comes out. It really looks like a huge hunk was removed. Still hard to take a deep breath. Seems to hurt my ribs. Feeling disappointed. Not that I got the implants out. Just the left breast. Anybody have this happen. Sorry I can't do photos to show you. May not happen until the drain comes out on Tuesday

Saturday pics

I got brave enough to take off the dressing. All I can say is I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the left one. It looks horrible. Love the right one.

Dr. appointment today

Well I got my drain out and the ace wrap off. As far as the deformity on the left, he said that breast was a mess on the inside. It had thinned my breast tissue on the bottom. I believe because of the encapsulation. The rupture was actually in the center near my chest wall. So he said it was okay to use castor oil. I can begin massage on dry skin as soon as it is not to painful. He said it may change enough in months to come. I would have to wait about 3 months to see what it is going to do. If necessary discuss fat transplant at that point. So right now I am laying here with oil, flannel(until my wool comes in), plastic wrap and heating pad. I put off going back to work until Monday. Will have 10# weight restriction. I need to make myself get out of the house. Wishing I was with my daughter down south. : (
Of course any advise is always welcome from you ladies!

Photos after today's Dr. Visit

2weeks post op

The right breast has not shrunk at all. I am amazed at its size. Trying not to get to excited incase there is change to come. Then there is the left side. I have been doing castor oil soaks. And just got my cupping kit in today. It really pulls that stuck skin up. I don't know if you can see in the picture the raised hump high on my chest. Not sure what to think about that. Could it be breast tissue?

2wk post op

Wanted to do pic with better light

About one month post-op

Yep...still not good. Looking at possibly getting flap done. Have to wait another couple months. Perhaps fat grafting at the same time. When I look at the photos it is so depressing. I continue to do the castor oil soaks, Chinese cupping, and massage. He didn't think acupuncture would be a good idea since the area lacks blood supply. Would be higher risk of getting infection. Which I surely do not need.
He mentioned the brava system. I am not interested in that whole process. This just sucks!! I sure had not planned on putting anymore money in to these boobs. It could be worse...the right one could be a mess too. I'm so lucky that Dr. Franckle and his staff are so kind.

Approx 1.5 months now since implants removed

Well my left one continues to be the problem. I still have about 1.5 months before I can consider surgery. Thought I would post some new pics.

Three months post op

Well it has changed some. Even if the skin does release. The size is way different. Still can't grasp that they are so different in size. My husband and I had decided we would wait a year before I do anything. We will see if I will make it. I recently t/w a woman (who had cancer) who went to Johns Hopkins. They are doing a technique where they put in implant and then slowly replace its volume by fat transfer. Of course insurance is paying for hers! But I may go there and see what they would suggest for me. If they offer what my PS did, I would just let my Dr. do it.
An FYI for those who are in my situation. I went to a bra store and bought bra that has pockets for inserts. It was $60. I found that the TLC at the American Cancer society has them for $20 less.
I'm going for my baseline mammo Monday. Kind of nervous for my left breast. The tech will probably have that "oh my God" look! At least it won't have to worry about rupturing implant. Another reason I should never have gotten implants...as my mother died of breast cancer. It was always a struggle for the tech to do my mammos.

More surgery on the 24th

My PS decided since my breast has gotten so soft that there is not a need for flap. He will be doing fat transfer only. I will get a picture up prior to surgery.

Fat transfer Friday!

Hopefully my defect can be made more presentable. So here is the most recent pic. I hope to be able to show you a much improved breast soon. He said it will take a couple months to see the true outcome.

Post fat transfer

Sorry no pics yet. Surgery day was piece of cake. Now a little after 2AM. Breast feels fine. Transfer site a little sporty. Taking pain med and apply some ice. Not directly on compression dressing. I was told that was a big no no. Please keep sending prays that graft takes.

Transfer last fri

The donor areas are the most uncomfortable. Day one was a breeze. Then Saturday reality set in. But I'm doing okay. They still don't match. Which I didn't think would ever happen. But it is much better. PS said I would have to give it a couple months to see the outcome.. I really don't have anymore money to invest in this. I love Dr. Franckle and Angel. The staff at Premier Plastic is the best. I also had wonderful experience with the staff at Virtua surgical center in Sewell. Okay I'm rambling...I know it is the pics you have been waiting for : )

A little over month since fat transfer

Still would not be caught dead in swimsuit. If I could get that area filled in. So far the fat is staying over my ribs. I was actually caved in when you touched it. I did loose fat where indention is on the upper left hand side. Of course I torture myself by looking at the beautiful fat transfers who actually have cleavage 6 months out.
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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If you can afford another procedure, my doctor can actually create new breast tissue and you get an incisionless, reverse tummy tuck as a benefit. He does this by taking the skin from the upper abdominal area (via dozens of tiny needle price and not an unsightly incision) and advances the tissue upward to create new breast tissue. He helps it to take root in its new home, by requiring the patient to wear Kenisiology-type tape under the breasts for 6-10 weeks. I needed this type of reconstruction since my implants also had done a number on me....If you read my blog, there is an unhappy camper. I don't think she followed the post surgery directions and that's why hers failed....I know it sucks that we bought into the idea of having of perfectly implanted C-cups, only to have the cold implants rule over our minds-- they were always your mind, right--and destroy our lovely breast.
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What an amazing experience. Did you ever mention the price of your procedure? I am assuming you had to make a trip there for consult and back for surgery. I have heard some docs will do like a computer consult with live interaction. I live in jersey. Do you know if I could fly post op? My dr had talked about doing a flap from back muscle . But decided he could fix it without doing that. I would so love to have cleavage. Right now I would just like some normalcy in left breast. The thought of wearing swim suit is repulsive.
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Good for you for staying strong!!! Thank you for being so brave in sharing your story. No more plants, just you!!! Time heals all wounds, literally. It could always be worse. I'm taking mine out soon also :)
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You'll be fine in a one piece suit! I've got a strange looking boob, too....but hey, we're still better off without the old bags inside us :) You'll feel better in a few months.......keep in touch!
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I will let you know how things change over time. Thanks for all your encouragement!
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Thank you for sharing your story and pictures. I am so sorry for your struggles. Surely you are helping so many women who are facing similar choices and difficult outcomes. I know that other women's stories of CC and repeat surgeries helped me tremendously in making the decision to explant instead of replace (I had 12 year old implants with left side CC). Please hold your head high, sharing your truth with the world is an heroic act, and has so many effects that are rippling out into cyberspace touching the lives of other women around the world. You may never know about the women who you help to chose explant instead of revision surgeries, or the young women who may choose to never implant at all because they have access to the truth. Thank you so very much, for your bravery and beauty.
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There are so many unanswered questions in these situations. But it seems they don't keep stats with exact history's of people with problems. Perhaps they might be able to tell who should not have specific procedures. They certainly warn you it may not look good when they come out. That was never mentioned when they went in. Or perhaps repeated getting them replaced should be discussed...instead of saying "yes I can fix that". Unfortunately for me the fixes were short lived. Thanks so much for your acknowledgement and encouragement for my situation.
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I can't imagine the depth of your personal suffering and self-esteem challenges. We are all praying that you get well and have as little discomfort as possible. You are not alone!! I know you have read my story as well as the stories of many others who are in, or have been through, plastic surgery HELL. In the end, most of us get some kind of relief as I know you will. It will be OK and thank God for your supportive hubby.
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My hell has certainly of my own making....starting in 1983!
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Mine started in '79.....all for vanity. Wish I'd never done it, no matter how nice they looked, and I'm so happy they're out now, although they aren't perfect, at least I'm all me.
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I recently read a review where the results were similar... can't remember who but she went back to her surgeon two weeks later and he released the skin that had stuck to her ribcage ( same as you) ...her breast quickly fluffed back to normal...
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He said he released some tissue during fat transfer. I just can't wrap it around my brain why it all can't be separated. Just like when they have to make a pocket for an implant or expanders for radical mastectomies.
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It WILL get better, and you'll feel better in a few months. One of my nipples is still inverted as your (L) one is, but the PS said scar tissue in side can make them retract. Massage is supposed to help, so I massage away - it's been 6 months for me, I'm not perfect but am SO very happy that I did this. You will be, too!!
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HUGS.....how is your left breast today? How are you feeling? Thank you for having the courage to share your journey with us. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. XOXO Rest and do the things that make you happy today.
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Thinking of you! Happy healing. And thanks for telling your story.
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((Gentle hugs)) wish I could have a cup of tea and some scones with you. You are in my prayers!
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Thanks so much for the encouragement!
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Hi..hope your fat transfer turns out well. Please visit us on the fat transfer to the breast section of real self. There is a woman (Beagle baby) who had an explant with one breast that turned in like yours and have a look to see how awesome she looks now. Using the Brava Bra suctioning system really helped her. I also had a fat transfer to the breasts instead of implants. I am very happy with the breast results. best wishes, amelia girl
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HUGS!!! You have had such a great attitude for such a rough journey. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
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Very exciting news! I wish you the best of luck!
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Good luck to you. I think you are wonderful and brave to share your journey! You seem so positive; that is the only way to get through tough times. God bless you :)
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You've been through so much and it's good to hear that your PS is ready to move ahead with the fat transfer. This is truly a process and although many of the women on this site looked good right away, there also many of us who have struggled. As you said, I'm glad we got the implants out and hopeful that we all move toward health. Hang in there and let us know how things go!
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I wish I would her more of the problems that occurred, and what their situation was. I feel my only other choice is to do nothing. But it looks so awful : (. I know it won't stay the size it will be right after surgery. But if I can get anything where the tissue is absent ...I think my brain will feel better. Do you know anything about massaging if it becomes lumpy? I read gentle massage. I wouldn't want to mess with the tiny veins that are trying to keep the fat "alive".
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Looking better and better! Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck with your health and take care!
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I can say by reading your story your holding up pretty well, I know that it can be hard to look at yourself at times but I see you remain optimistic and that says a lot about you. I do hope you can get your breast back to its original shape. By looking at your pictures I can see some improvement even though you want the major improvement and like you said only time will tell. I am in that dilemma too, I will try to not think about it so much or beat myself over ever getting implants. I will wait at least a year to see if i can get my areola area to come out. And you are very brave my posting your pictures, thank you for sharing.
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