More Pronounced Stretch Marks Around Belly Button After a Mini Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair

To minimize the appearance of loose skin and...

To minimize the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks after two pregnancies.

I am only one week post surgery, but I can already see that the results will not meet my expectations.

I had a mini tummy tuck, with lipo and muscle tightening, plus a hernia repair. I decided not to go with the full TT because I didn't want the big scar and I was in a relatively good shape and at my ideal weight. Plus even though my doctor did recommend a full TT, he didn't discourage me from doing the mini one.

I am very unhappy as I still have stretch marks around my belly button, plus now they are even more pronounced as I have less fat. Plus he pulled some skin through my naval resulting in more wrinkles around my navel. So basically my post surgery results are a tighter lower abdomen, but more pronounced stretch marks around my naval and a wrinkly small belly button (very unattractive).


Updated Dec 5, 2009

I have already asked this question a few days ago, but now I am adding a few pictures for a better evaluation. It's been 10 days since my tummy tuck and hernia repair and the stretch marks around my belly button are even more pronounced than before the procedure. I decided not to go with the full tummy tuck because I didn't want the big scar. But now I think I made a mistake. Is a full tummy tuck even an option for me now? Is there any other procedure or treatment that can improve the appearance of my belly button and the skin around it? Will the appearance improve on its on after a while? Thanks a lot for your help.


Many mini tummy tuck patients end up unhappy. It's done too often just because it sounds less scary. We have done full tummy tucks on a number of patients who had previous "minis", and there is usually big improvement. The remaining skin is redraped.
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I am not sure if a full TT is now an option for me...

I am not sure if a full TT is now an option for me because my lower abdomen is really tight and there would not be enough skin to pull for the procedure. Not sure if there are any other procedures that can improve the appearance of my naval and skin around it? Do i have the right to aks my doctor to correct this free of charge if possible?


thanks for your answer. Can you please look at the photos of me that I added and assess if anything can be done? Thanks!
Your photos confirm my original impression. You always needed and still need a full tummy tuck, which should dramatically improve the appearance around and above your belly button. Best of luck. George Beraka, MD
Thanks. Glad to hear that full TT is an option for me.

I got several second opinions and they confirm my...

I got several second opinions and they confirm my fears - it will be dificult to fix what my PS has done to my body.


Sue whoever did this messy job on you, terrible!
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Hi KrisS My tummy was full of stretch marks after my second child so i decided to see a sergeon about it, and i told him that i want a mini tummy tuck and he told me straight that a mini tummy tuck wont work on my tummy i must do a full tummy tuck. So on the 12th of December 2009 i did a full tummy tuck. Im very happy with the results my tummy is flat, no stretch marks and is tight. I hope yours gets corrected soon!!
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he is not board certified, does not have experience, and has done a very sloppy job with my TT. Confirmed by several plastic surgeons I went to for second opinion.

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