Breast Reduction: 18 Years Old - Virginia, VA

Hi! I just turned 18 this past November and that...

Hi! I just turned 18 this past November and that may seem very early for a Breast reduction but truthfully I can't imagine having these boobs for the rest of my life. Right now, I'm 6 feet tall and weigh about 190. I have a size 36 GG boob and its stops me from doing so much. Im hoping after surgery they will be around a D to a DD. They started growing in about 7th grade where I went from a size B to a size DD in matter of months and they didn't stop there. Right now, everything about them is difficult; finding shirts, bras, swimsuits and etc. I'm sure you all can agree. I was talking to my mom about it one day and she agreed that they were too large and the next month we went in for a consultation with Dr. Mountcastle. They took pictures and sent them into insurance and the next week I got approved!! :) I have my surgery set for Dec 19th at 3pm and I have my pre op consultation Dec 11th. I'm so excited and I joined here to see if anyone else my age is going through the same thing and any tips they have!

Hi again! Not sure if anyone is actually reading...

Hi again! Not sure if anyone is actually reading this, it just feels good to be able to type out what I'm feeling! I have 12 days until my surgery and I can't wait! I have my pre-op this next Tuesday and I'm so excited! I told my doctor that I want a large C/small D but I'm scared they may come out too big! I just want to be able to go into a store and be able to pick out a bra and never have to go online in search of bras again. I think at my pre-op I'll go more into detail about what size I actually want to be. I know that I want to look proportional and everything, but I just am so sick of being the girl with big boobs. I want to be able to go to college next year and not be looked at only cause of my breasts.

Hi again!! Ok so I had my pre-op today at 345 and...

Hi again!! Ok so I had my pre-op today at 345 and it went well! It lasted about 45 minutes and when I first got there, my mother and I talked to one of the nurses who was so sweet and read off a list of what I should be doing before and after, like no aspirin a week before surgery, or eating/drinking anything the 12 hrs before surgery, etc. Then my Dr came in and went over more of what to expect the day or surgery and afterward and asked if I had any questions! So it was awesome and I cannot wait! I asked more about what size I should expect and he said that a D could be reached, but not to be too set on the size, just on how they feel and look which is true so I'm ok with that! My surgery is at 3 pm next Wednesday the 19th and I can't wait!!! And just a few questions for you all; did you have a post op meeting with your Dr like two or three days after your surgery? I was sorta expecting to have one but my Dr doesn't do that so I was just wondering if everyone usually had one. And also what kind of bra should I wear afterwards? My mother got me these two 36 D bras from champion that zip up in the front? Ill post a pic of them. I tried them on just now and they won't even cover my whole boob!!! Guess I truly forgot how big my boobs are... :) ok well thanks for reading!!! And only 8 days for surgery, Im so excited!

Also something crazy to think about is that less...

Also something crazy to think about is that less than a year ago I was reading everyone else's story on here and now I'm the one writing the story this time!

In one week I'll be in surgery!! And more...

In one week I'll be in surgery!! And more questions keep on popping up.. Has anyone gained weight after surgery and noticed their boobs growing back? That's another thing I'm scared of happening :/ maybe it all depends on the body type though?

Ahh tomorrow is the big day!! So excited :))) my...

Ahh tomorrow is the big day!! So excited :))) my surgery isn't until 3 pm so I plan on staying up late tonight so I can sleep late tomorrow till around 12 atleast! Then I won't be tempted to eat or drink anything while waiting around all day. Good luck to anyone who's having their surgery today, tomorrow or anytime soon!! I will keep you all posted after tomorrow's surgery depending on how I feel!! Yay talk to you all soon!!!

HI!!!!!! Ahh first post-op update and I'm so...

HI!!!!!! Ahh first post-op update and I'm so happy!! Ill just tell you all my day hahah so I got there around 130 and we were in a single waiting room for about 10 mins and then a lady called my mother and I into another room and I signed a few forms at the front desk and then waited around 20 mins and then I was called back! I went pee into a cup and then was put into a waiting room where I changed into my dress met several nurses/doctors. The first one was a nurse where she took my temperature, blood pressure etc. and then after she left. My mom and I hung out in there for about 20 mins so then it was around 3 o'clock when my other nurse put the iv needle in and then left! And then anesthesiologist came in an explained what she would be doing. Then finally my doctor came in, talked for a bit, told him that I wanted to get as small as possible that is safe and he said that he would try to get to a D as best he could. Then he drew the lines on me which was really cool cause he explained what he was doing while doing it! Then finally around 4 o'clock I went back for the surgery!!! Before I left my original room, they gave me some light sedatives so I was able to move but close to being knocked out. Then I said bye to my mom and they rolled me back to the surgery room which I barely remember and gave me more iv fluid and I put on an oxygen mask and the last thing I remember is asking if I was wearing it correctly and then I was out. When I woke up, 3 hours had passed, I had forgotten where I was. i just sorta remember when they picked up/slid me over to a new bed. They said that they had taken me to a separate room for 20 mins to wake more up but I don't remember that at all! I just remember getting put into my clothes and into a wheelchair. And seeing my mom :) they said some stuff about cleaning but I was so out of it I don't remember at at all. My mom was feeding me graham crackers while they talked and then we were rolled out! I got into the car and fell asleep almost immediately and stayed asleep for the 30 min ride. I got home around 8 and I've been on the couch since then, on and off sleeping. I've taken, I believe, one pill of pericet? Not really sure hahha but they sure are hurting...and my doctor said he had gotten them down to large Ds so fingers crossed they look good!! Thank you alll so much for the support and I hope you all had a great day and surgeries!!! Back to sleep for me :)

Aaahhh I just want the recovery stage to be...

Aaahhh I just want the recovery stage to be over!!! I've taken pericet every 4 hours and it still hurts alot :( also whenever I stand up to use the restroom I feel so dizzy and so sore. I want to stretch alittle but not sure if that's the best idea :/ blah just hoping that they stop hurting!

Yay!!! So today is Saturday, 3rd day postop and...

Yay!!! So today is Saturday, 3rd day postop and aahh so much better!! Yesterday sucked compared to today. Today I finally got to shower which took awhile cause I felt dizzy when I got up but felt so good to finally change!! And I saw my boobs finally! I was so nervous about it but I'm very happy with how they look so far :) (I uploaded a picture taken when I got out of the shower) they are still very awoken and alittle tender to touch, so hopefully they'll become alittle smaller but ahh so exciting!! I wore my surgical bra for the first time today and it was pretty tight but it really holds them down. And I actually left the house for the first time since surgery and it felt great! I took one pill just a few hours ago so I'm probably going to doze off soon. Talk to you all soon!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Well early morning atleast...

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Well early morning atleast lol. Ahh nothing's changed at all, went out to my friends for a bit earlier and I think I've been moving around too much cause I've had a bit of bleeding on the underside stitches of my boobs :/ but I think it could also be from moving around at night! I've stopped taking pills because I barely have any pain at all and but now it is so hard to sleep! I toss and turn for atleast a good hour and nothing is comfortable. I've been a stomach sleeper for as long as I can remember so this whole sleeping on back thing stinks :( as of now it's 5 till 2 am so hopefully I can fall asleep soon ugh. Well hope you all have a great day :)

Wow 16 days post op and it has flown by!!! I don't...

Wow 16 days post op and it has flown by!!! I don't have much time, leaving for work soon, but I am so much happier with my shape and I definitely recommend doing the surgery if you are on the edge about it. The only part that sorta hurts alittle is near the armpit and on top of the breasts. I think they are around a DD right now, maybe they'll go down to a D, we'll see! And I uploaded a new pic, sorta dark but yay! Ok talk to you all soon and I hope you're having a great new year!
Ashburn General Surgeon

He was so nice!!! Everything was easy and very relaxed! I didn't see him after surgery at all but my mom did but that's ok

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just found your pictures online and they make me so excited. I am scheduling my surgery soon and your body shape and breast size before surgery are similar to mine. Your results are amazing! I'd love to see a more recent picture of your healing, since you have had a few months to recover. Hope you're doing well!!!
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I am not a back sleeper either! So because of that I take 2 Tylenol Pm's and that does the trick. It makes me stay asleep and I'm not tossing and turning. You should try it!!!
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I'm taking my first shower tonight... Man I feel DISGUSTING! I haven't showered since Wednesday morning... I can't wait. I sent my husband to Walmart and he's going to buy me a bigger size genie bra, the ones I got are a little too small with the swelling but should fit perfect once the swelling/tenderness goes away. My surgical bra has a bunch of spots that poke me and are just very uncomfortable so I've got my fingers crosse the genie bra will work out!! You are looking great so far, congrats! We made it!
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The shower felt SO good hahah I ended up filling it with water and then sitting down while I shampooed and turned the water on to rinse it out because I had eaten before so I was alittle dizzy but aahh felt great afterwards hahah and ohh a genie bra sounds comfy!! The one I have fits well and it's really soft so ill most likely wear this for the week and then wear the ones that I bought which are alittle smaller. But thank you, and yours look great as well!! So happy that I did it and so happy that I'm finally starting to feel better hahah
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That's my plan, I'm going to put a few inches of water in the tub and sit down to wash my body, and my husband is going to wash my hair for me. I think it sounds amazing :)
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feel better soon!! xoxo
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Thank you!!
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I'm on day 3 and day two was way tougher. I'm sure you'll start to feel better tomorrow and especially once you can change your bandages. That made such a difference for me. You're doing great!
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Yes day three was so much better hahah and aww thank you so much!!
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I'm hurting pretty bad as well. My PS said take two Percocet every 4-6 hours, and if I do I only have 5 days worth. He said in that event just call him and he will refil if for me :)
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Ok good not just me!! Everything's so stiff when I stand up and I think I'm Getting sick or something cause I have a cough now :( blahh but so good to hear how well you're doing!!! :)
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Did they give you that machine you're supposed to breath in? You suck in like super hard on it to open ur lungs back up after surgery. Might help! If they didn't try breathing in very deep then holding for 2-3 seconds :)
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Nope no machine but ill try breathing in!!! Aahh looking in the mirror all wrapped up is exciting!!! But they hurt :( I haven't seen them at all yet either, sorta nervous! I'm gonna leave them wrapped up until Saturday morning so I can't wait!
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Yep just take big deep breaths. It's supposed to help open the parts of your lungs that werent being used during surgery. I have seen only the tops of mine so far, but the nurses and my husband all said it looks amazing! I'm excited
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Glad everything went well! Make sure to take the number of pain pills the doctor tells you to take!!! They really work if you take them correctly! Other than that I'm happy for you! Wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery!!
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Thinking about you! I hope all went well. I am staying overnight in the hospital and I am so glad, my pain pills do NOTHInG for the pain. I am on a rotating schedule of pain pills and a iv pain med so that's helping. The iv one wears off quick tho and the pain pulls never even begin to start. My nurse is going to let the surgeon know when he comes by in the morning so that hopefully I get something stronger!!
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Hi!!! Hope you're feeling well!! I didn't have a ton of pain, just like pressure on chest when trying to breathe but I am wrapped very tightly in an ace bandage so that could be the problem too. If I walk around I feel all like woozy and that I'm about to pass out so I've been stuck on the couch the past 12 hours. Another thing I've noticed is I feel like I have to pee every 30 mins but when I get up to go, I barely pee at all! Hahaha but other than that, I'm hanging in there and drifting in and out of sleep. How are you doing?
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I've got some good pain, between 5-7 most of the time. My PS told me when I eat home I can double up on pain meds and just call him when I need a refill. I'm just now leaving the hospital (waiting on my wheelchair) the girls look GREAT! I don't have a picture of them yet but I will get one when I take a shower tomorrow or Saturday. The nurses and my husband said the nipples are positioned perfectly etc. PS was proud of his work. I guess I didn't even get side lipo! He worked it to not have to do that, because it causes more bruising. I'm so excited. He said I'm a C cup most likely, and ill be able to tell the real an true size in 3-4 weeks. Anything is better than what I had!! Glad to hear your recovery is going well so far too. We did it!
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Good Luck today. Sending you best wishes for a speedy and pain-free recovery. Take care. Hugs.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Cant wait to hear how well things went for you today!
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Thinking about you this morning:)

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good luck!! we will be waiting to hear your good news this!!! *hugs**
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Best wishes you'll be fine.
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Good luck!! You will be fine!!!
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The surgery went well, thank you so much!!!
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