I am 33 years old, I received 525 cc saline...

I am 33 years old, I received 525 cc saline implants 7 years ago and I have hated them for about the last 6 years. Starting at a 34B, the implants made me a 34DD. I started developing severe neurological problems over the last 2 years, very similar to MS. A neck MRI revealed that I have a herniated disc (maybe the horrible posture for the last 7 yrs?). I am a small girl, 5'3" and 130lbs, so the implants made me look and feel like a big spectacle! I started wearing big loose tops and feeling awful about myself. I quit hiking and exercising, and got very depressed. After reading so many stories about other women going through this, I decided to talk to a surgeon. I went to University of Virginia hospital and saw Dr. Campbell in November 2012 and decided to just get them explanted and not lifted. If they look bad down the road, I'll think about a lift later. I do not have insurance, and the hospital is working with me on a payment plan because the back neck and chest pain were considered a medical problem. I am only one week post-op (surgery 12/26/12) and my back feels 10 years younger already! I never even took a pain pill after surgery. This was the best decision I've made about my body, and I actually love my small boobs. I missed the way I fit into clothes before I wrecked my body with those things! My left side has some fluid build-up right now, as the drain slipped out the 2nd day home in my sleep. I'll post some pics in a few days after my follow-up appt. Has anyone had to have fluid drained post op? Right now I'm wearing the tight surgical bra, with an ace bandage wrapped around it to reduce the fluid...

I went to my follow up appointment and my Dr...

I went to my follow up appointment and my Dr actually did an internal lift while removing the implants. He did a partial capsulectomy (anterior) which allowed some internal stitching and lifting to be done.

** still bandaged very tightly with swelling in...

** still bandaged very tightly with swelling in the left breast, will post after photos in a few days ** I am thrilled with the results!

The left side continued to swell and hurt, so I...

The left side continued to swell and hurt, so I went in to the E.R. yesterday morning (Sunday 1/6). I was admitted and kept overnight, today they used a catheter, needle, and local anesthetic - drained around 300cc seroma. New drain in just the left (huge tube) stitched in until Thursday when I go back in, but now they are the same size yay! I am exhausted, but very relieved to be home and resting now. I'll try to take a few photos tomorrow.

Tomorrow I go back to the PS to have the drain...

Tomorrow I go back to the PS to have the drain removed from the left breast. I took 2 pictures today in hospital bra, still taped up sterile around the drain catheter, so I'll take better ones when bandages come off tomorrow. Hurts like crazy with this tube inside :/

So it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I feel so free!...

So it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I feel so free! Happy, lighter, more energetic, sitting up straight, breathing better, neck and back pain GONE. I finally feel petite like I was made :) What a relief!!!! I took some photos today - since the left breast was aspirated then drained an extra 4 days (got it out Thurs 1/10) the right side (your left) looks a little bigger with just a little swelling yet. They are filling out more each day, and taking better shape on top. My PS told me to sleep in a really tight sport bra every night for at least a month, so the breast tissue heals together up top instead of sags. He described the healing process as similar to "post-liposuction"- the fat that is left binding together. My skin still looks irritated from all the abuse and tight bras, but clearing up.

Not sure if I put in my review, but I have 3...

Not sure if I put in my review, but I have 3 children. I breastfed my 2 girls for a year each, the're now 12 and 14 years old. My youngest was a preemie, I had to pump rigorously to get milk to come in at 32 weeks gestation. He was able to nurse after coming home from the NICU, but sadly only a few months later my milk stopped. I got the implants a year after he was born instead of giving my body a chance to heal and bounce back (Feb/2006).
Of course as I have aged 7 years, I've gained a few pounds (like 20). I am so thrilled that some of my body fat has proportionately gone to my breasts. For all that I've put my body through I'm feeling proud of the way they look only 2 1/2 weeks post explant. Do not be scared what you'll look like, our bodies are resilient. Big pornstar boobs did not make me feel better about myself. Unfortunately thousands of dollars and some backaches later I have learned to love my body. I want to be an example to my teenage daughters, and I have been 100% honest with them about the whole process. They have stated they'd never even think about doing it after what they've seen me go through. Guess that lesson is priceless.

I am feeling really torn about when to let my...

I am feeling really torn about when to let my husband see them. He's never mean, but never good at compliments either. I was expecting the worst outcome, but am pleasantly surprised at how nice they're looking. I'm afraid he will (not intentionally) hurt my feelings and get me down. I remember after I weaned my son, and before implants (few months altogether) I always wore a top to bed. I was much thinner then and think my breasts actually looked worse as they were just mostly post-breastfeeding saggy skin. Now I weigh about 130 and have some boobs, but not what he's used to seeing for the last 7 years. Maybe I'll buy a few cute nighties until I get brave enough. Any suggestions? It's easier for me to put pictures on the internet for total strangers to look at than show my own man, I know it sounds backwards.

I'm hoping that some of you who are recovered long...

I'm hoping that some of you who are recovered long enough to exercise can answer this. My arms feel so fat and flabby around the top/armpit area since explant. Not so much loose skin, but WAY more out of shape than I ever remember before implants. Ugh those dumb things were giving my side boobs. Has anyone had that problem and/or found a good exercise that helped tone it up without doing too much too soon?

3 weeks today - took pics after shower so all the...

3 weeks today - took pics after shower so all the sport bra wrinkles don't show. I hope these encourage people and doesn't scare them lol - I am thrilled how they are coming along :)

Second day in a row I've woke up on my stomach. My...

Second day in a row I've woke up on my stomach. My back hasn't felt this good since I was a teenager. My husband keeps telling me how much he sees a difference in my happiness and energy. We went grocery shopping yesterday and he said "I can't believe I have to tell you this, you are walking too fast!." Before explant just 3 weeks ago, I was so messed up that I'd hold onto the handle of the grocery cart and he would pull it from the front so people wouldn't notice how pitiful I was. He just smiled at me and said "wow things keep getting better" :) To all of you who are worried about what your significant other says, remember there is a lot more to a relationship than nice boobs - my man is so happy to have the spunky wife back that he hasn't dared mention my breast size. I was scared this was going to make him look at me as less sexy, but instead I am realizing how much he actually cares.

A friend of mine saw me at the grocery store the other day and looked at me as if she were sad for me that I "had to get them out." I smiled and said "are you kidding, I chose this and I have never been so happy to have my own little boobs!" I explained the misery, and now the relief - and she just smiled and said "I'm still getting some." Like I have said, I'm not "anti-implants" but I have learned a priceless lesson for myself that I hope I can at least share with others who only hear the great things about implants.

I hope all of you wonderful ladies are healing nicely - physically and emotionally. I would not have made it through this experience without everyone's honesty and encouragement here.

It's been almost 1 month! For everyone...

It's been almost 1 month! For everyone contemplating getting your implants out, I will tell you my life has changed so much since I explanted. I knew I was "not feeling like myself," but looking back I was really, disgustingly sick. I didn't realize just how bad it was. I know many of you want them out because of pain in your neck, back, arms, chest - and trouble breathing. I had severe pain for years (I'm allergic to pain meds, so just dealt with it a long time), ALL of which is gone.

I had SALINE implants, and the worst of my symptoms were neurological. I spent thousands of dollars on MRI/CT scans, going to a neurologist, and getting other tests done - was even sent to a neurosurgeon for the herniated disc in my neck. My decision was this: I told the Dr's it was a terrible idea to rearrange my spinal column when I knew it was the implants ruining my posture - let's get them out and give me 6 months to see if my symptoms improve. I am too young for a neck surgery that could do more harm than good. I was having trouble walking (literally dragging my numb left leg around for months), had embarrassing and debilitating tremors in my hands, numb fingers (i dropped everything i picked up), writhing pain that shot from my left boob to left arm, speech difficulty at times, memory fog, and peeing on myself was the most troubling symptom of all. It was a real time of despair, thinking I probably had MS and would keep deteriorating. I was shopping around for cute walking canes, seriously!

EVERYTHING has cleared up, within one month! It's unbelievable, I have even told myself "don't get your hopes up..." but it's real and I feel so healthy and happy!! I haven't felt this amazing and youthful, well, since my youth!!

On another note, how many of you post-explant have had serious indentations in their shoulders from bras, and have they gotten noticeably better since explant? My shoulders look very deformed, and I can't wait to get out of these suffocating sport bras =) Anything in particular help??

Today it has been one month since I got the...

Today it has been one month since I got the implants out! Because of the extra energy and no pain, I've been exercising and much more active :) Today I weighed myself to see the progress, and I'm 10 pounds lighter than when I got home from surgery!! My breasts haven't shrunk any either with the few pounds shed. I'm still frustrated about getting my upper arm/armpit area in shape, but showing improvement.

Congrats to all of you that have explanted lately, and best of luck to you ladies trying!!

While changing sport bras this evening one rubbed...

While changing sport bras this evening one rubbed under my incision and I felt burning. I looked at it in the magnified mirror - my incision under the left breast was all red in one corner with puss, yucky little spot on the end not fully closed. Eeehhh will have to call the PS in the morning. I dread taking antibiotics or anymore needles, it has a knot there now that hurts. Just when I was dancing in flowery fields singing LOL :)

It has been 6 weeks now, there's been a...

It has been 6 weeks now, there's been a significant change in my breast size size and shape since week 2-3. I've worn the sport bras at all times! I decided not to buy more than 1 real bra a few weeks ago, thank God I didn't waste money because I'm sure I will need a C cup. Before implants I was an A/B of sloppy post-breastfeeding skin that I squished into the small cup. Now I actually have some volume!

The biggest news - I FINALLY SHOWED MY HUSBAND YESTERDAY!!! (up to now I've only shown the dr's)
We were getting ready to go watch the superbowl. I was getting dressed in our bedroom's bathroom, he was in the bedroom. Lol I stood there in the mirror pep talking myself, "just go out there!" So I did, he was getting dressed looked up, I was in my jeans, boots, no top. He did a double take and grinned at me. That turned into a bigger smile and he said "Wow, I was not expecting them to look that good!" YYYYAAAYYY =) I felt at that point an awesome feeling that I've made it, through an amazing journey of finding real self-worth and a true understanding of beauty and perfection. Best feeling ever!

I love all of you ladies on here and wish you the best healing and happiness!!

8 weeks of happiness!! I put up a final set of...

8 weeks of happiness!! I put up a final set of pictures since mine have fluffed another cup size. I went to Victoria's Secret with my daughter Sunday and we got fitted together. 34C!! (both of us lol and she is 14) Pictures of my cute new bra too :) I am loving life and feel completely healed and healthy! Still keeping off the 10 pounds I lost since surgery, and now that I'm able to lift and run I believe 10 more will be coming off soon!

HAPPY HEALING LADIES - xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

2 months have passed! I'm back to fully working...

2 months have passed! I'm back to fully working out now, able to do 30 minutes aerobics with hand weights, jog a mile, and feel great doing it! This is a huge milestone for me, I had gained weight over the last few years with implants robbing me of my energy. It was impossible for me to just walk through the grocery store a few months ago without help. Now my family and I head out to the nearby track every time it's nice out to go run with the dogs and kids. Unbelievable. I knew I'd feel relief, but didn't think my life would turn around so completely so quickly. Grateful!!! =)

Wow, 3 months has passed. I was in bed most of the...

Wow, 3 months has passed. I was in bed most of the time until 12/26/12 when I got them removed. In the last 3 months my husband and I have started making our home into a little farm. I get outside a lot, take care of all kinds of critters, exercise, and feel happy. Not much has changed, but I'm putting updated pics up because I lost weight and and feel much more petite, and the boobs haven't shrunk much! =) I hope everyone is healing well, and those who are patiently waiting, hang in there! Best thing I ever did for myself.

One thing I've noticed since explant - my hair is...

One thing I've noticed since explant - my hair is growing again! My hair sat brittle on my shoulders for the last 2 years (same time I was sick) it just didn't grow. Since I got the implants out in Dec '12 my hair has grown more than 5 inches in length. Loving all the little changes as my body heals :)

Http:// Here is...

Here is my latest blog post about removing my implants.
I hope all of you beautiful ladies are healing, happy, or hopeful to get there soon! My weight is still down 20 pounds since explant ~ I feel amazing and full of life!!

Life keeps getting better!

STILL SO FREAKIN' HAPPY, I just had to tell everyone :) I have so much energy, play outside all of the time, and I am LOVING my body in summer clothes!

Wedding dress fits again!

Great things have been happening in my life! My husband and I have a contract on our dream house sitting on 5 acres; we are planning a small organic farm! We got married in 2005, just a small justice of the peace ceremony. We've decided to renew our vows on the property so that our kids are included in the ceremony, and have a huge party to celebrate the event and farm. Sooo, my teenage daughter and I were plotting and planning, of course: what do I wear?! When we originally married my dress was a US size 5/6, which I had to wear two padded strapless bras with inserts to fit in (shortly after weaning my last baby). Well I pulled out the old dress and we unwrapped the $300 preservation package with much anticipation. I got it on, zipped comfortable, and couldn't believe I filled the top - no bra! Posted before and after pics for fun; my arm posture makes me look pregnant in the second one lol - I have a flat tummy, just standing weird!

Bikini top and boobs

Here's my final set of photos, 6 months post explant today! Over 20 pounds lost, I feel great. I put on a bikini top and it felt so good not to feel like a spectacle! Pics of the scars, sides so you can see upper pole, armpits are smooth now (i thought i would NEVER go sleeveless again right after explant). Keep your chins up ladies, our bodies heal at their own paces - don't get discouraged early on!!

About the last pictures...

I am on day 4 of prednisone (steroid) for a recurring ear infection - so I look bloated, because I am. I hate being on this medication, my digestive system shuts down. 5 more days of tapering down off of it; hopefully I will feel and look healthy again.


At first, I couldn't WAIT to hit the store and buy that hot push-up bra. But the more time has gone on since explant, the more I realize I did this because I want to be me. I feel sexier than ever in a little sport bandini and a tank top than I could have imagined.

My two teenage daughters are more developed than me, and I thought this would make me want to cry - but I find that when I go around as "natural" as can be I am giving them one hell of an example (compared to porn-star looking mommy of the past) and it makes me feel great. I'm not 15, and will not ever look 15 again so what the hell is the point of trying. One day they will have children, hopefully breastfeed, and they will remember this ordeal of mine when their breasts change/age too.

So if you are in the dressing room freaking out, "when and how will this gigantic stuffed bra ever fit?" ... you might be surprised how confident you feel over time.

Share the blog if you'd like...

10 months

Hey everyone! I can't believe when I posted this 10 months ago there were only 200+ reviews, now there are over 650! I'm thrilled to see this community growing and more resources for those considering explant.

My hair has grown almost 12 INCHES since I got the implants removed Dec 2012. It never grew, and now it's down to my nipples (which are considerably lower LOL)!! Here are some pictures of me working in my garden recently, on the farm we bought this summer. I was thinking I'd be in a wheelchair by this point with all the health problems I was having before removal. But instead I'm over here building my dream. Much love to all of you ladies, whether you are healing or hoping to get past this obstacle in your life. I'm still around if anyone needs to talk or message me.

My public blog, read and share if you'd like.

Unwanted attention

I tried removing my profile after finding I was getting attention from nasty local sex meet-up sites, and afraid for my safety. I changed the name and removed all pictures. Realself won't let me remove the profile. Just thought I'd let you all know I went anonymous.
Dr. Christopher A. Campbell

Excellent care!!! He let me take all the time I needed to ask questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks so much for sharing. I have been ill for the past 6 months. I want to have an explantation as I feel it is from my saline implants but unfortunately don't have the money at this time. We had twins in 2010 and I think I may have damaged during breastfeeding and using pump. I was wondering if you could share how they got your insurance company to pay. Thanks so much, I look forward to your response.
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Hi your story is much like mine. It's been 2 months since my explant and eventhough I've had an infection for part of that time, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Did your internal stitches ever come to the surface?
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Wow. You sure are an inspiration! Still scared though!!!
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Hi, I am a little late on responding and am not sure how to navigate this site yet but came across your blog and, noticed the neck pain! I never really contributed my neck pain related to this (developed sleep apnea in response to neck pain even)... Uuugggh the thought this could be related makes me very happy. Not counting on it though. And your after pictures: I don't know why but I think it looks WAY more attractive. It seems odd but I'm finding in all cases the afters are way more attractive and if I was a man or a lesbian I wouldn't even look twice at non natural So congrats and am hopeful that mine look as good. Did they go through aereola? It doen't look like.
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Thanks wanttobeb. My previous incisions were used underneath. I see a lot of scarring and puckering on aereola removal photos. I'm telling you the neck pain was gone almost instantly. Still gone 10 months later. I agree, we do look much more attractive as natural women!
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OMG! I'm not gonna get my hopes up too much but My regular dr want to send me to a neuro too and even gave me an MRI! Whaaat 1400 dollars later, it was fine!!! Which I thought was crazy. I said we need try this first (the money to shell out with all this neuro stuff...) (I'm an R.N. though I didn't dare tell her so I'm sure she thinks I'm a giant know it all but oh well) till after I get these removed and see! I am so glad I came across this review and now have even a little more to hope for. I have a herniated cervical disk to which I'm convinced has to do with my sleep apnea. Hey maybe the weight alone with help...Again I'm not so naive to expect it 100% but more reason to try. Thank you thank you. You look great too!
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I also have 2 herniated discs, I feel it's from the horrible posture the heavy implants gave me.
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**and** I also wasted $1500 on the MRI which revealed the herniated discs a year ago. They wanted to send me to a neurosurgeon - I got the implants out instead!
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Wow. Sounds we have a lot uncommon. I had an mri a while ago about the neck, this time was for memory loss! Thought about protesting but then was like well "what if?" Even though I knew I didn't have a tumor or dementia just yet... I didn't and she still wanted to send me to neuro... Thousands of dollars later to tell me to do crossword puzzles. I'll see if this explant a helps first. So glad it worked for you.
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Thanks for sharing your story. When I first started getting sick my husband thought maybe it might be MS. I got to a point where I could barely walk and was so depressed because I wasn't sure if I would keep deteriorating. I'm much better now due to strict diet and supplementation, but still do not have the energy that I once had. I explant in a couple of weeks and I am holding out hope that my energy might return when this is over. Your recovery of symptoms is encouraging.
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I hope you find relief in explanting Fixit225. I was certain it was MS, and was going through the battery of tests to find out. When I heard about implant illness and got them out, my doctor was absolutely shocked that I had recovered and didn't want to keep having expensive tests done. I am now getting my own organic farm going instead of laying around depressed. Let me know how you feel in the weeks and months after explant. Best of luck xoxo
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I love you Liv!  You explanted about 3 months before me, and your honest sharing of your journey helped me through the darkest moments of the explant process.  Thank you for being such a hope and inspiration.
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You're such a sweetie, your progress is amazing too! I think it's awesome how much you've been around to help everyone LuvRealBoobs. My life got chaotic this summer with buying a house and moving, but I plan to get back on here more. My heart aches when I see ladies new to this site who are sick of having implants, looking for resources to make the best decision possible. The medical community often makes us feel worse. Thank God for this group of courageous women, I don't know what I would have done!
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WOW! What a great story!! I am 5 days post-explant and hoping to see some relief from my fibromyalgia pain. Your story has really given me encouragement. Best of life to you!
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Natural Liv, YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! I am just like you in that, I am SO happy to be natural again, and am loving being small breasted. Such a relief to have the implants out, and get on with life feeling happier, lighter, and healthier. Thanks for showing all your pictures, you have shown us all that healing and improvements are definitely seen for months and months after removal. xoxox
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Thank you littlehugger! Yep, that's why I come back every month or so to update - because I truly feel that the changes are slow and steady :) I'll post some more pics of me in summer tops so you all can see how I'm rocking this little chest.
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Thank you for your story Natural Liv! My explant is in 4 days and I have been ill with fatigue for the last 4 years with sinusitis and fatigue. I have been bed ridden most of the time and am so tired of being tired. It really gives me hope to hear how you have regained your health. Yay for being naturally healthy and beautiful! : )
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3 days to go!! So happy for you, I'm here if you have any questions :)
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Thanks Natural Liv I am still wearing sports bras but lately I'm only wearing one. For the first month I wore two. I also have been working out and will be losing weight. Dr said wear sports bra for 5 more weeks possible 4 now. Thanks
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I have a question. It's almost 2 months. Could they still move up more at this point? Thanks yusu.
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Mine look much better at 6 months post than 8 weeks after explant. They have filled out more on top, giving a much fuller appearance, so yes :) I have lost quite a bit of weight since explant - so mine should have sagged more but didn't.
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That's encouraging! I'll be 5 weeks post on Monday....sooooo happy I did this!
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You look fantastic! So happy for you. Waiting for my removal date. Can't wait!
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Awesome for you!! Have you got a date yet?
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Congrats on renewing your vows. Sweet pictures. I hope and pray to find love again. I've been divorced for 8 years now.
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