for me it was a waist of money

Hello, im a mother of 3 girls 1, 3, and 12. im 32...

hello, im a mother of 3 girls 1, 3, and 12. im 32 i have been wanting to get a ba for years but wanted to wait till i was done having kids. i have always been a small a cup and wished i was bigger now its time i do it. im 32 135lbs 5ft 6in thinking about geting 400cc hp. im having a hard time finding reviews on my ps good or bad is this a bad thing?

Do a lot of ladies second guess themselves? Quite a few that I've seen. So many ladies feel guilty and scared and those emotions are enough to put the brakes on the process. Others plow through and do it despite the guilt.

You should read this great post by JenBob (even though it's about a Tummy Tuck and a breast aug). It might help.

my surgery is 4/19/12

Welcome to RealSelf! Not finding reviews on your surgeon isn't necessarily a bad thing, but do make sure he or she is ASPS/ASAPS board certified and can show you lots of before and after photos.

Do you have your surgery date yet?


I went to my pre op yesterday, when i got there my...

I went to my pre op yesterday, when i got there my head started spining i started to freak out alittle bit. lol.. i have wanted to do this for so long and now it's really happing. i started to ask myself is this what i want , what if i don't like how they come out, should i spend this much money im mean i do have 3 kid's. my husband was with me so i told him how i was feeling, he looks at me and said you have talked about this since i have known you, you waited untill we where done having kids and we have saved the money there is nothing holding you back if this is what you want. Well i started to think he's rite if i don't do it i will be mad at myself i can't let fear hold me back anymore. also reading all the other lady's story's on here has helped me alot. Most have the same fears's as i do so i know im not alone thank you all for sharing your story's.
Mixed emotions is the word of the day for me today! I could not sleep lastnite thinking about what could go wrong and the pain i will be in. it has been a rough few nites, but lastnite was the worst. i have been snaping at my kid's most of the day over the smallest thing's, and not answering my phone when my family call's i am not that way hardly ever i so feel bad. my family and i are very close but i just dont want to talk about it with them for some reason, i think it's i dont want to bother them by talking about it to much. I really hope its not going to be like this the rest of the week.
Almost time** if I may, let me add my advice. 1) sounds like your husband and mine read the same memo. They must have them hidden in the office bc that's where he told me the same thing. He's known I've wanted this for years (I'm 36). Even in the finance office I asked was he sure finacially, if we can't I wouldn't be upset. He reassured me. 2) being nervous and having mixed emotions are perfectly normal. If it wasn't for my one Gf I prob would have backed out. When I felt like that a few text messages later she had me excited and back on board. 3) this is the most important. Your PS. Make sure he/she is board certified, someone you're comfortable with, pref one that specializes in BA, depending on what you want (natural looking, my choice) my PS will only do BA's a certain way, with certain implants (of course he would do it any way a person asks for--if you want that tits slapped on your chest look). I googled the few I was consulting with. One (lady) I immediately liked but after thinking it over a day then looking at her again I had doubts, moved on to the 2nd (guy) overly confident, same w/staff (I hate over the top peppy women ( fake). After googling his name with lawsuits, plus my gut instinct, then affirmation from a HS friend who is an OR RN, she said hell no--I was sold. She was the one who insisted I use Dr. Talbert. He is board certified. Over 25 yrs. specializes in breasts. Wants you o appear as if they're yours and yes, you are one lucky woman to be born with great boobs. He even does rapid recovery. I showered the next day. No massaging. I could go on and on. So I'll stop. You can read my page/video/pics if you want the whole story

Trust your gut. Go for it. Just do it! You're only regret is that you had to wait so long.
Yes i know what you mean. When i was just thinking about doing it seemed like it would be an easy decision, boy was i wrong lol. I went back and froth with it for a year thinking about what could go wrong. I never did any research on it untill i knew i was getting them done,and it became over wellming so i backed off for a little bit then found this site, and that helped me alot. There are so many women with the same fear's so i didnt feel as alone as i did before.

6 Days away and it seem's like it's all i...

6 Days away and it seem's like it's all i think about rite now. Yesterday was not a good day i was so stressed out over it did'nt sleep well the nite before having dream's of very heavy rocks put on my chest. The crazy thing's your mind will do to you. lastnite was a much better nite i didnt let my self think so i got some sleep, and i feel so much better today. I'm so glad to be getting this done for my self, but i cant wait untill it's over so i can stop worrying about the what if's.
I'm no stranger to surgery i have PCOS, i had to go under to get pregnent with my last 2. Wow 5 we where going to try for a 4th (wanting a boy) but my doc didnt think it was a good idea, i went in to labor at 22wks with my last baby. I wanted to get a TT also just didnt think i could handle both, my husband can only take off 2 day's from work. Yes you will, and you will look great. Keep me posted even if it is a year before you do it. :)
That's what i keep telling myself, i just have to look at the big pic. You are so rite about labor at the moment you think its the end of the world, but it last's only short while, then not really thought of much more. My last child was natural. (not by choice) Thank you, you have really put my mind at ease. I will remind my self of that during my recovery.
Happy I could help bring you some peace. ;-)

My first three kids were c-sections so I'm pretty sure I will handle the TT ok (I'm doing the mommy makeover). My last two (yes 5 kids lol) were natural homebirths (by choice). Don't let that fool you though, I can not stand pain. But I know I will feel really good about myself with a flat, tight tummy and full breasts.

4 Day's away im starting to get really...

4 Day's away im starting to get really excited, i am still a little scared no where near what i was a few day's ago. I'm deep cleaning the house today and drinking a glass of wine to relax. I'm going to get some last min shoping done tomorrow that way i dont have anything i "have" to do the day before. My 1yr old got up with a cold yesterday i'm alittle worried about getting it, i feel bad bc she love's kisses and i can't kiss her, she is and has alway's been very lovable. I know that some If not most ps will still do the surgery if you have a small cold, but mine will not :/
Oh, I'm so sorry. I feel for you. I know it must break your heart, but stay away! You've waited too long and actually most surgeons will not even do minor surgeries if you have a hint of a cold. It's only a few more days, then she can have all the hugs and kisses she wants and will not even remember these few days without them. Tell Dad to double up on his. :-)
Ooohh I remember the exact anxiety your feeling right now. Let me guess, all you can think about are boobs? It's perfectly normal. May I suggest one thing, and I think most will agree: if your indecisive about what size to go or if your stuck between this size to this size.--go bigger. That'll be the ONLY thing you'll regret. One of my bff's on here will completely disagree with you (if she sees my post) but I was stuck between 375 and 400. Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't know for sure if my ps went with 375 bc that's all my body could hold (i went behind the muscle) but I'm promising that I'm going to only end up as a full B, not the full C or small D my girlie girl thinks I am. And if she comes on here and posts diff (though I love you mshun) you're wrong! Lmao!!! Not that I am completely disappointed. My breasts are beautiful. They look like they belong to me, like they always have; I don't hav that "done" look and maybe thats also why he went with the 375....but I wish I had 400...maybe even 425...

Best of luck. Keep us posted. And by the way: don't be scare to TELL your ps if you think u need stronger meds. It takes you longer to heal if you're in pain. That's a fact.

2 Day's away, to be honest i'm not really...

2 Day's away, to be honest i'm not really sure how i feel, i guess kinda numb if you know what i mean. I started to feel like i was coming down with a cold so i called my ps to see what i should do he told me to take cold ease to fight it off finger's crossed it works.
Yes it's all i think and talk about and it's just getting worse the closer it get' I am stuck between size's, like you it's 350 - 400cc. My hubby and i both thought the 400 where a little big on me with the sizer's. I have a small rib cage and small shoulder's and, only 5'5 but i do have wide hips that's why my ps said i could pull of the 400cc. (I were a 32A cup (i alway's thougth i was 34) i whould like to be a full C no bigger. but i do what to be more than a B as i see you think that's where you will wind up being. do you think that 400cc wil get me to a full C? Thank you i will keep y'all posted. I forgot to say i did ask him for valium bc i seen that helped alot of women on here all he gave me was 2 pill's for the nite before surgery. Will i need more? It seemed like he didnt even want to give me that. That does kind of make me scared to ask him for more.

I cant belive my surgery is tomorrow, im so...

I cant belive my surgery is tomorrow, im so excited and scared i could not sleep lastnite. I was up at 1am moping my floor's i have all hardwood floors i wont be able to mop them for while after anyhow. Hoping today go's by fast i have thing's to do keep me busy my bedding make a few meal's for the wk ect. My hubby tell's me to take it easy today that i need rest i'm sure he's rite, but it's hard to do knowing i wont be able do keep up on my house work for a while after.
I forgot to tell i am stuck between 350 and 400cc i want a full C i,m 5'5 135lb 32 Acup if that. i did the rice test and the 400 looked alittle big on me. So im still not sure any advice?
I'd go for the bigger ones. I here too much women regret it when they get stuck and go smaller. They might look huge to you now cause you are used to your A size cup. Once you get used to the bigger breasts you don't want to regret your decision and wish you went smaller.
I mant to say bigger. Lol

Well today is the day. Ihave to be at the surgery...

Well today is the day. Ihave to be at the surgery center at 830 my surgey start's at 10. ill update after and let you know how is go's wish me luck.

Well surgery went well i was not in pain i thought...

well surgery went well i was not in pain i thought i would be, but im sick as hell. so far im pretty happy.
Ok. So you should have had your surgery yesterday. Hope you are feeling well. Full us in on all the details when you can. Hope you're happy with them. Most have already posted by now...
Great! Keep us updated on your recovery. Which size did you decide to go with?

My surgery went well it took alitte over 2hrs. i...

my surgery went well it took alitte over 2hrs. i got 400cc unders i remember waking up crying and yelling that i was in pain the nurse, doc, and guy that put me to sleep came up to me saying it cant be that bad i need to calm down. i dont know if i dreamed that or what i just remember thinking that they where being really mean to me(im still not sure if this was real). anyway's thay gave me some pain med's and i felt alot better as far as pain. i dont remember alot of the day other then being sick. the 2nd day i the pain again was not bad at all, but i was still getting sick i couldnt eat at all. i think it bc of the mads. today is day 3 and i feel much better not as sick not in alot of pain and im not taking the meds as much. i was taking them every 4hrs now im taking them every 6-8hrs.
i did have my surgery and i did update as much as i could. as i stated above i was very sick. every time i moved i got sick. i sleep most of the day after surgery.
i went with the 400cc. I'm happy i did to be honest i wish i could have went bigger there not as big as i thought they would be lol. but i am happy so far.

Day 4 post op i am off all pain med's. I was...

Day 4 post op i am off all pain med's. I was just telling my mom i feel to good to be just 4 day's out of surgery. If you are thinking about getting a BA but scared of the pain please dont let that hold you back it is not as bad as you think it will be! I did not have a pain pump i just keep up with percocet, i was told to take it every 4hrs and i did. I'm not saying it was pain free im just saying it's not the worst pain in the world. I have a 3 kids my last with no pain med's that was worse pain then this. At this point i have no pain just tight n alittle sore. I still cant lift my kid's, and still have to sleep on my back.

I think they are starting to drop they are slowly getting softer. So far i think my doc did great gob they all ready look really good i just have a small fear of a dubble bubble bc he had to lower my crease he said just a tad.
Well I'm very happy for you. And glad you're doing well.
Thank you.
Great. I am so happy for you. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind? You stated you got unders. Does that mean under muscle? And what are dubble bubbles? OK, I said a couple, but have one more. :-) What do you mean by he had to lower your crease?

6 Days post op im feeling pretty good my hubby and...

6 Days post op im feeling pretty good my hubby and i are going out for lunch day. It will be the first time i have left the house since the surgery and it's much needed. i have had crying spell's for no reason i think its because i cant do everything im use to doing yet like brush my hair, shave my leggs, number 1 thing i cant pick up my kids. I know i will all pass soon i am just use to doing thing's my way and on my own.

Ok enoff of the pitty party. My breast's are droping and looking really good, but still very firm i cant wait till they soften up there are even time's when i can hear them and i really hope this passes. My sister has saline and said she never heard her's. Has anyone had this go on with there's?

9 Days post op. I was feeling good so i pushed my...

9 Days post op. I was feeling good so i pushed my self way to hard yesterday. i guess i "forgot" i just had surgery, i went all day cleaning and cooking i didnt sit down for 5mins. I'm paying for it today i can hardly move, and im home alone with my 1 and 3yr old. Ladies i learned just bc you feel alot better does not mean you are so take it easy and dont push your self or you will pay for it.
On the up side i had my 2nd post op yesterday my ps said every thing look's great. Most of the swelling is gone and they are droping. He also said im having a rapped recovrey (im healing faster than most).
Sorry i have not posted any pick's im just not that brave. Maybe after they are all healed up.

2wks and 2 day's postop! I feel great i have very...

2wks and 2 day's postop! I feel great i have very little sornes left even morning boob is starting to go away (that was the wrost part). My hubby and I going to a fight nite (boxing) tonite with his fam and friends this will be the first time they have seen me since sugery, i didnt tell them i was doing it so im wondering if they will notice. Hubby said they mite and they mite not if they do so what its non of there biz and you look great that all that matters. I told him i was going to were a tee shirt just incase he said noway lol. Even when i had small boobs i wore tight shirts or tank topps.

On another note i went to macy's the other day to see what size i was (I know kinda early lol) the lady was very rude i asked her if she could me, she asked what size bra do you have on now i said i dnt (ps said no bra's yet), she rolled her eye's and said and your that firm? I just stood there not knowing what to say. she told me to come here and did it half assed told me im a 34 A there is no way im a 34 A thats what i was before and i got 400cc not a small implant,and my ps said it look's like im a full C atleast. I hope it's not like this everywhere i go when i buy bra's. One thing's for sure i will NOT go back there, and i loved that store!
Thank's girl's! NuresTx try not to do to much i know how hard it can be but the longer you let your self rest the better. I think both of you are right im going out this weekend to vs ill see how the treat me. i have droped a bit more since then and i can now wear a bra so we wil see. i will post a pic soon im hoping to get my inverted nipples fixed my ps wants to wait 6months for all swelling to go down thats why im not posting many pics.
Oh wow, I agree with NurseTx. Sounds like she was just jealous. I'm so glad to read your healing well. You look great.
Glad ur healing well and sry about the bad experience bra sizing! She was prolly just jealous!!! Lol I'm sure u can find a store that is much more interested in sharing in ur excitement!! I feel really great for 4 days too and no pain meds so it really is hard not to get up and clean house and do my normal stuff!!! Hope the healing keeps going well and keep is updated!!!

Well im just about 5wks post op i'm still alittle...

Well im just about 5wks post op i'm still alittle sore and nothing can touch my nipples. Is that normal at 5wks out? Im am not as happy with my BA as i thought id be. It's not that they look bad all tho they are uneven (ps said it "should" change). Its that after the swelling went down they are alot smaller than i want (36b/34c) they still have alittle swelling so they could get even smaller.
Pinkaddict, thank you. Most of the swelling was gone at week 3,my ps told me i had alot of swelling due to large implants and tight skin. Iv seen alot of changes by week 4 i wouldnt fall inlove with how they look now thats what i did i think thats the reason i think there a little small now.

Kitten, Thank you. your rite there is no way tht is the size i was! there a little smaller than i wanted but much bigger then i had. lol

Nurse tx, ps said i still have a little swelling most likly bc i started litfing my kids to soon (he said i could) i'm a stay at home mom to a 1 and 3yr old my hubby works out of town alot so i was having to lift them by day 5. i think the uneven is just my left is droping alittle faster its realy not bad i have days i just love them and days im not to sure about them. lol
They are really pretty. I'll be over the moon if mine turn out like yours. Bigger isn't always better. If they are too big they can make you look fat. I knew 2 girls in high school who had breast reductions and they looked so much more svelte and balanced after their surgeries. And don't beat yourself up about picking up your babies. It's not realistic. They're too cute at that age not to, plus they depend on Mommy so much. :-)
Sry ur not happy at the moment :-(. The nipple sensitivity, I read, is perfectly normal even at 5 wks. They said it can take a WHILE for some patients nipples to return to "normal"! U still have swelling? What makes them uneven? Hard to say without seeing a pic BUT 5 weeks for some may still be lil early to panic. Give it lil time and maybe they will settle more and fluff like I have heard people say and they will be more the size u want!!! Hang in there girl!!! :-)

I woke up to day with my left breast burning so i...

I woke up to day with my left breast burning so i called my ps and told him what was going. He said every thing was prolly fine, but he could tell i was worried so he told me to come in just to be on the safe side, and to put my mind at ease.i really love my ps it doesnt matter what i call for if im worried he always tells me to come in. Im super happy i went in while the burning was normal i had scar tissue forming tighter than it should around the implant that would cause my pocket to be smaller then it should be. He broke it up by doing a rough message (that hurt) i could tell what he was talking about bc i could feel poping as he was doing it and it felt softer when he was done. He told me im not doing my message aggressive enoff on the left side. I thought my left side seamed alittle tight but didnt think anything of it. I learned if somthing doesnt seem quite rite i mite not be or it could be fine, but get it checked out just to be safe. He also said im just about fully droped but i will still see alot of changes in shape for the better as they be come softer and the muscle swelling goes away.
Thank you so much Kitten you made my day :) My hubby said the same thing he think's if i would have went any bigger i would have a "fake" look that i did not want.

I just posted some new pic's 7wks out! As you can...

I just posted some new pic's 7wks out! As you can see my left breast is still higher than my right. Im getting alittle worried there has not been much change in my left its still abit more firm and moves less freely than the right. Is this normal at 7wks? has anyone went thru this at 7wks? is am so scared im getting cc. Im hoping its just bc i lefted my babies so soon after i carry my 20month old on my left side. Could that cause it drop slower? I see my ps in 1 more week but im driving myself and hubby crazy. My last app he had to break up scare tissue but didnt say anything about cc. Just said i need to do my message more aggrssive on the left to keep the pocket open.

Also look at my scar's i will not be able to wear...

Also look at my scar's i will not be able to wear a small swimsuit top or bra in the bedroom with out them showing, they are to low and not at all hidden by my breast's like i was told they would be. Im not trying B***h i just wish i looked more in to the placment of the implants, im still overall glad i did it i fit my clothes much better and my hubby loves them.
Since your doc told you to massage more aggressively, and he had to break up the tissue- that is a HUGE clue! HELLO! Please massage the hell outta them so you dont get cc! It sounds like it is going that way!
They should feel soft, you should be able to push them together, and they should always both move freely in ANY direction.
I am so disappointed that the doc minimized the issue! A second surgery to remove scar tissue is not something any of us want and can ultimately ruin our natural breast tissue.
I hope you take me seriously! If you need massage tips, please let me know and I will be HAPPY to help out a sister!
Oh and have you been using 'scarguard' or anything on the incision sites? You can get a half oz. at CVS for $30. I hear its the best on the market. Others claim the sheets work really good. But anyways, try one of them if you dont like how your scars are healing.
Scrappy, I can push them together they are both overall soft ( is this a good sign?) its just the left is not "as" soft it moves just not as much as the right. Yeah my ps did not make a big deal of it at all and i thought that was kinda strange. And yes PLEASE i do need massage tips he only told me to push up then to the side's. my right breast feel's great very soft and easy to move the left is a little (not by much tho) firmer and, harder to move, i,m not sure what i'm doing wrong. Thank you so much!

I had my 8wk post op today my doc said everything...

I had my 8wk post op today my doc said everything looks good, but did notice my left breast is still higher and tighter than the right. He said its nothing to worry about right now, he does not think its CC bc it is just about as soft as the right and even tho doesnt move as much it move's good. He said the left still has time to drop alittle more but may not i really hope it does! Its not a whole lot higher, but it is noticeable in some clothe's (even to my 12yr old). Not that i asked her she felt she needed to tell me bc she cant even stand a hair out of place (a little ocd) lol. I forgot to mention im still sore I cant wait till that's over! It's not real bad but i never forget that they are there! My poor hubby still cant touch them with out me flenching bc its hurt's. Sorry if thats TMI I just want to let any other lady's that mite be going thru this at 8wks your not alone!
No worries i needed it im the type of person the type of person that need's thing's broken down to It all helped a great deal i feel like im geting somewhere now. im def happy my ps doesnt think it,s cc but you never know so im going to keep on doing these massage's on the left side for now.
I ment to also tell you at first i was only doing them once a day, now im massaging the left 3 to 4 time's the right 2 times a day. Ps said it wont hurt but it wont help if im going to get im going to get it. But i have seen so many doc's on here say it help's if you catch it early so im going to keep doing it just to be safe, and keep my finger's crossed it not cc at all.
Oh, good! I am glad you are doing it more often, and so have they gotten softer since you started doing that?

I dont know that I agree with any doc who says that you cant stop it- but what do I know? I am not a doc. BUT...I say fight it hard JUST IN CASE it WOULD work.
Because I also know that they dont know everything, are sometimes wrong, and the human body is still quite a mystery in science.

Chiropractors use an ultrasonic type wand that they rub on potential areas to break up scar tissue. And this is potentially OLD scar tissue, so I cant see why it wouldnt ever work to prevent NEW scar tissue from building up/thickening and then contracting. But this is using my sometimes flawed logic. ;)

Well I wish you the best! And thank you for at least trying my suggestion.

This past week has been really hard on me i'm...

This past week has been really hard on me i'm still pretty sore and it's getting OLD!! My left breast is still not droping one bit i put on my swimsuit today, and it was noticeable . I'm starting to 2nd guess geting it done, im keeping it at worth it for now bc i could change my mind once i get over the pain. Thats the part that's really getting to me!
I feel like i have takin a few step's back in recovery i am sore like i was a 3wks! It has never went away but at some point i did feel like it was starting to go away, then it came back hard core i'm even having a hard time picking my 20 month old up again. My incisions are healing fine (i think) they are dark but i have always healed that way it seam's like my scar's get real dark then fade (i'm very pale lol). Mine are still a bit sore. I'm glad to know i'm not alone it seam's like everyone else is fine with no pain, or soreness at the 8-9wk mark i was realy starting to worry i am one of those people that will allways hurt and want them removed bc of it. My ps said sometime's it can take 6months for all of the pain to go away,and for them to feel like they are apart of you
I know what you mean about the pain. I'm 5 months post op and still feel a dull achey thing(hard to describe ) and when I sleep on left side it is slightly uncomfortable. I want my breasts to feel like a part of me! Are your incisions healing OK?? They look a bit dark. Mine don't hurt but still have some more fading to do. You're not alone!
I'm so sorry you are still uncomfortable and not happy with your breast. I hope that you start feeling better and your breast finally drop.

Almost 11wks post op im starting to get really...

Almost 11wks post op im starting to get really upset about my left breast, it will not drop. I dont think its going to if anything it look's it's geting worse I put up some new pic''s i put one up in my nite shirt it's even noticeable in that.
Great. Hopefully he'll be able to answer your questions and assist in any way he can. I hope everything turns out well for you. Keep us posted.
You have to copy the whole link and it will take you directly to the item. It's called a Double Strap Breast Wrap. I copied and pasted what it states here:

"Designed for use after breast augmentation, specifically submuscular glandular implants. Upper band provides downward, stabilizing pressure to prevent implants from shifting while the lower band provides support under the breasts. Features two fully adjustable 3” Velcro® bands that are lined with soft, satin-blend material for added comfort."
Ok, I found it.
Hmm.. doesnt look like something I am going to try.
My doc didnt put me in anything and I dont think I need anything additional to push anything down. My issue is implant size difference I think. Going to see him today.

I had a good day today, my family and i went out...

I had a good day today, my family and i went out tp a water park, and i felt good in my new swimsuit i looked like a woman in it not a teen. now i just need to start woking out get my body looking good like my boobies. lol Im back to the point where im glad i did this, one my be a little higher but after today i dont think ill be worring about it as much bc it felt good to walk around not worring about how small my boobs are, or how funny the padding looked when it got wet. I still hope it drop's but if it doesnt im not going to dwell on it. I have boobs, they may not be perfect but their mine. lol ;)
I'm well, thank you for asking. How are you?
Doing good- pretty much back to normal except for doing certain exercises. I still haven't bought too many new bras yet. Just wanted to check on you and say hi. =)
Hey Happy, how are you doing?

Ok so I am 3 months and 1wk post op. The soreness...

Ok so I am 3 months and 1wk post op. The soreness is starting to go away, I am so happy about that! My left breast is still a bit higher, and it still bothers me, but I don't let it get to me like i use to. There are a few thing's I wish I knew before geting them done (not that it would have changed my mind). Like you can be sore and most likley will for more than 2 months, if you go under the muscle you have a chance of geting muscle fatigue that does not go away on its own. That has only happed in 2% of my ps patient's I happen to be one of the "lucky" one's, for some reason if there is a low chance of it happning it happen's to me lol. I was told after I had my first child I only had a 10 to 20% chance of conceiving and carrying full term, well after 71/2 years with the help of surgery and meds I was pregnant, but got bad news, we were told I had a tubal pregnancy AND a viable pregnancy( baby in my womb) and that happen's only 1 in 100,000 pregnancys! Then we were told that the there was only a 10% chance of the baby in the womb surviving when they removed the tubal one, well she did i carried her full trem she was born healthy at 8lbs12ozs. On top of all that I was pregnent once again 12 months later with no help remember I have a low chance of conceiving, although i did go in to labor at 24wks with her, she was our little surprize and also a blessing. Sorry i went all off subject I just thought it would be kinda neat to share. Anyways even though things arnt going how I want them to I over all like how they look and love how i look in clothes i'm still happy i did it!

I just posted some new pic's the first 2 are with...

I just posted some new pic's the first 2 are with no bra the 2nd two with a push up bra.
LOL scrappy. My doctor's office told me rippling only happens in women who have them over the muscle, have little tissue, and thin skin. I'm getting them under and have a lot of tissue. I'll talk to the doctor about overfilling them. The rupturing is another thing that scares me. I still have a while to decide on saline vs silicone. Who ever thought picking out boobies would be so hard? lol But you are right.... Yay for boobies!!!
Scrappy, The bra i have is called dream angels push up i got it from vs.

Jen, no i have not called him yet my husband works out of town alot so i have to wait untill i know hes going to home before i call to make an apt. The doc's office said i can bring the kids, but dont feel right having my two little girls in the room with a strange man poking on mommys breast if i dont have to, you know what i mean? I understand some mommys have to i'm not at all saying theres anything wrong with the women that take their kids i just would rather not.
I totally understand. It was weird having my hubby there while I was being poked and measured. lol Although at the same time I probably would have felt weird if he wasn't there, but I don't think I would take my kids unless I absolutely had to. :)

Hello all, Its been awhile since my last update,...

Hello all, Its been awhile since my last update, the hard drive on my comuter crashed so I have been with out one, my car broke down the next day lucky me. lol I'm going to start of by venting I hope thats ok. My husband and I are upset with my sister and her boyfriend (my husbands best friend),we found out last weekend they told all of their and our freinds about MY surgery after I asked them not to tell anyone, I was only telling family that i didnt want anyone eles to know. After my surgery my sis told me she think's I should tell them bc they would know just by looking at me,and thats what she would do. I again said no and said they mite think, guess, or wonder but they wont "know" unless someone tells them so plz dont. I had a feeling before last weeked bc about a month ago we went to a party a my mother in laws when we got there it seemed like every one looked at my boobs, we have been over many time since my surgery and that its never happend before so that sent up a red flag. Then I started to think well maybe its just the dress bc iI dnt really dress up around them often. Well it seemed like when ever I talked to anyone all they could do was look at my breast (the reason why i didnt want to tell anyone), I thought maybe its in my head so I asked my husband if he noticed or heard anyone say anything he said no but would look out. later that night it seemed to ease up so I didnt think anything else of it. The next weekend I went back over to drop the kids off with my mother in law they were all over there with my father in law watching a race. These are my husbands childhood friends so they are all very close with his mom and dad, when I went back to say hi the samething happend all I was wearing was a tank top they have seen me in before so I no it wasnt that! I go in and ask my mother in law if she has heard them say anything, she said no. She said well before you leave walk out there with me i'll see if I notice what your noticing or if your making more of it than it is. She walked me out to my car and said they were looking but it could just be that they are wondering if i've always had boobs bc I wear alot of tee shirts. I didnt think it was that bc I wear tank tops all the time during the summer I hate to be hot, but I said maybe your right. My sis and her boyfriend came over that night, I told her what happend and ask her if she or her boyfriend told anyone, she said no but I didnt think she was being honest so I asked if she was sure she again said no she didnt tell anyone, so I let it go. Well last week they went on a vaca to a beach house with most of our friend's (it's crazy how close this group of friends are) My husband and I go up for one night when we get there it's not as bad but I can still tell they are looking just not as much. I told my husband I was not going to worry about it and just have a good time so i didnt pay it any mind and let it go. The night went on we were all having a good time talking and drinking by the end of the night it was just me, my husband, my sis and her man up he was trashed he looked at me and said you know I asked the guys if they noticed what you did and your sis asked tess if she could tell(one of the boys wives) hahaha. My husband was pissed, my sis was pissed bc he told on him self and her, he was so drunk he did even care, I didnt know what to say I stood there shocked, mad, but most of all hurt. We just went to our room and went to bed my husband couldnt beli it When we got up the next morning nothing was said about it, but i know my sis remembers, and I know she knows I remember, i'm not a heavy drinker. We have not talked to them since the weekend, my husband and mother in law call them mouth of the south. I asked her not to tell anyone and she did then when I asked her she lied if you cant trust family who can you trust.I'm not mad at her I'm hurt we are very close we always have been we had to lean on each other alot growing up our childhood was not easy. O and another thing when i got home I call my older sister who also has implants and tell her what happend she told me I dont need to be mad she prolly didnt mean to tell people it shouldnt a big deal that they know anyaways, then almost in the same damn breath says yall dont need to tell anyone I have them know one needs to know bc they didnt know me before I got them. I just said really beth, I'm not telling anyone about you and hung up. Sorry for the long story I had to let it out and felt this was the safest place.

Ok now its time to tell you how thing's are going with my breast, my left has droped in place and looks great I was worried for nothing over that one. It was my right breast all a long the pocket was indeed made too big, I have to go thur surgery if i want it fixed. I prolly will he said its something that wont go away on its own and will get worse over time. As far as pain its almost gone but I do still get sore. my scares are getting ligther but still have a bit of lighting up to do, im happy with how they look at this point though. They are pretty soft and getting softer I'm over all still very happy it did it even with the set back.

Wow sorry about all the typos I didnt look it over...

Wow sorry about all the typos I didnt look it over and had my 1yr old setting on my lap on top of not being a good typer or speller lesson learned. lol
Scappy, I just looked at your pic again, I think you have cleavage my breast are just higher
yours look a more "real" than mine, if i seen you in a store I would look and think shes lucky she has nice big boobs that are real. If i seen me i would guess I prolly have fake boobs that bothered me at first, but now i dnt care if i over hear someone (mainly women with small boobs) I just look and smile, and think they just want what I have and like me a few years ago to scared to do it.

Well I hope he doesnt charge you as it was something he did, not something out of his control. Although he could potentially charge you the hospital fee, he should write off his own fees.

Thanks for the compliments, but I think the reason noone could tell is cause im not that boobilicious. =P Girls with natural boobs can get serious cleavage like you can with fake boobs, but I am not so lucky. I;d have to duct tape my boobs together to get that kind of cleavage or wear a corset. Lol

Nothing wrong with being proud of having a nice set now. So nice to not be saggy without a bra anymore. If anyone is jealous let them be! Some people put too much stock in it all.

The only reason we can tell "fake"breasts is b/c they look perfect! not saggy or droopy, and has upper pole fullness without a bra. Arent they great??

I dont know if I am rambling- I just went to a brewery and drank there for a few hours. So i will get off now before I make a faux pas, if I havent already! Haha- feelin good over here!
Scrappy, I think thats what i'm going to do.

I'm not sure if he's going to charge me or not I go back next week to talk about what he thinks we need to do about it, im going to ask him then. I hope he's not going to charge we really dont have the money for it.

They never what to see their mistake, but once you show them they really have no choice to see it! I undrestand about the money thing I'm in the same boat.
Thank you, I go lucky with that the ps had told me before surgery I may not have much bc of my wide spaced breast but would do his best, I think the space may have helped a little.

Jen, thank you I was pretty mad, im still alittle hurt but I'll get over it. She lives her life as an open book she tells every body everything about her and her boyfriend, they have no shame. lol They fight infront of everyone talk about their sex lives, and so on, so I think she felt could do the same about me even though i told her not to! My husband and I are very privet people we dont share any thing about us that dosent need to be told.I have always been that way I've seen to many people get burned that talk to much, my sister being one of them.
I'm deff getting the revision I'm just not sure when if he dosent charge me it will be asap, if he does it will be at least 6months i go back next week i,ll know more then. I'll keep y'all updated. :)

I am so hurt, beside my self, and at a loss for...

I am so hurt, beside my self, and at a loss for words with my husband! We were talking last night about my sister he got really mad and said i bet you she even told them you have inverted nipples, I said i dnt think so, but what if she did? I then ask what will you be ashamed and he said yes it's not normal. I am so hurt I know my boobs dont look like most other womens but i have never looked at my self as not being "normal". He came in and said he didnt mean it the way it came out he loves me for me and does not "mind" how they are but would rather they stick out. I love him very much, but i dont see him in the same light as i did before. I cant even look at him, how could he think that way about me much less say somthing like that to me! I hope as time passes i will get over it, I know I will never forget. I'm scared all i will think is he thinks they look weird. My ex never said anything about them did he not care or was he just being nice?! Now it has me wondering if they are ugly and do all men think so, they just dont say anything. All i have done cry because now I know my own husband thinks less of my body than he should! I'm not trying to have a pitty party I just feel safe here and know what I say wont go any where but here!
Aww I'm so sorry you're upset. Stuff like that is so hard not to take to heart when it comes from one of the people you love most. It'll be one of those things that he can't "un-say" and will likely not be forgotten. Just know that he didn't say it to hurt your feelings, no matter how it came across, he wasn't trying to be malicious or mean, and just that in itself should be a bit of comfort. And also he's obviously very open and honest with you (though very careless and unthoughtful).

And I don't think you should dislike your inverted nipples at all. I mean, if I've learned anything from this site, it's that every pair of boobs is different! I assumed all boobs looked like the basic porn start ones. But there's so many different looks. Big/small nipples, big/small areolas, dark/medium/light nipples, inverted/extra pointy nipples, super bumpy areolas, totally flat areolas, wrinkly and smooth, even ones where the enitre nipple and areola are indented, and ones that point in every which way. There is no normal when it comes to breasts! I've looked at thousands of pairs of breasts since the start of my BA journey, and when I saw your photos for the first time, I didn't have any reaction out of the ordinary. And shame on your husband for making you feel abnormal and so down about yourself.

Lastly, how did you feel about them up until he made that comment? Because that's whose opinion should matter most. And since you've made several nice comments about them in your review and that you rated your BA as "worth it", it sounds like you love/loved them. And you absolutely still should!!

Feel better!!
Thank you pachie, I know your right he wasnt trying to be mean, he just didnt think before he spoke. We are close and yes he is very open and honest with me, at times to honest (I know im lucky to have that). We are best friends we talk about everything and dont hide things from each other that's why when he said that I was shocked, he had never said anything about them bothering him before. He has never held back on telling me if something does'nt look good ex hair,clothes, shoes ect. I got my hair dyed black a few year's ago and he was quick to tell me he didnt like it and why.

Well I had never really thought about it till my sister asked me why my nipples look the way they did I just said I dnt know. Since then I have been some what uncomfortable with them, but nothing to bad I would still get undressed infront of my ex who never thought anything of them unless he just didnt say anything, and now my husband with out to much thought behind it. Now when i go to get undressed infront of him it will be in the back of my mind he doesnt like how they look and doesnt find them sexy the whole point of the surgery (for me to feel sexy). Thank you for your responce it made me feel better!

Hi Happy,

I agree with Pachie. She worded it so well.

Try not to let the fact that your hubby saying that affect the idea that he might not find you sexy. I say this because I believe with my whole heart that if he truly found them unattractive, he wouldnt have fell in love with you and married you and had children with you and had sex with you many times throughout the years. Sounds like he is just aware of them, is fine with them, but just doesnt want others to know. I think we all have things we are fine with in an intimate setting with our loved ones and dont want to share with the rest of the world.

An example could be like how some people/ladies have a 3rd nipple or whatever. I wouldnt say its considered "normal", but is it an intimacy deal breaker? I wouldnt think so. But you prob wouldnt want to share it with the world.

There are a few ladies here on realself who have "abnormal" issues that they prob dont share with people, but someone still is attracted enough to them to be in a relationship, find them sexy and have sex, etc. Does that make sense?

I really hope this issue doesnt give you a complex and create a lifelong issue for you. It really shouldnt. You are hardly hideous girlfriend. But I do agree that he worded it poorly, for sure.

You have really been through the wringer lately, I hope things get better for you.

Hello all, It's been awhile since my last update,...

Hello all, It's been awhile since my last update, I'm about 7 months post op now. Tbh, I havent been on much or updated bc all though I am pretty much happy with how they turned out, and I love that I fill out my clothes and a swimsuit much better. It has takin a toll on me. This is very embarrassing but I have to get it off my chest, first off i want eveyone to know I did do this mainly for me but I thought it also mite change my husband and it didnt. He watch's porn quite abit so I thought maybe once I got boobs like the girls in the "moives" he wouldnt need to watch it, (at least as much) well I was wrong! So started thinking well Its bc he thinks I'm fat and out of shape, thats why he watchs it. I have 3 kids so my body has changed since we meet. I was a size 4 at 124lbs In pretty good shape now I'm a size 7 at 135 - 140 not so good shape, I thougt the sugery would fix how I looked at my self there for change how I feel my husband see's me( how foolish of me)!! I could go on on but I wont. i dnt talk to anyone about it bc I kno some girls maybe even some of you prolly think its just porn get over it. I really really wish I was like that!!

On another note, my breast have fully droped the left is and will stay higher than the right ( not by much) I think they look pretty good.

My kids just woke up so I'll be back to finsh my update in a bit.

Ok i'm back. like I said my breast have fully...

Ok i'm back. like I said my breast have fully droped in to place, with my left being alittle higher and my right my nipple looking alittle to far to the side but I'm ok with them like that it not worth going thru another surgery right now with the things im going thur with my self at the moment. My scars are still quite dark but there lighting up more every week their still a bit hard inside also, I was told that should go away by the 1yr mark. I'm no longer sore, it seemed like forever for that to go away. I really cant even tell i have them untill i bend over, even then I just get this kind of heavy feeling.

I also wanted to let you guys know I'm not geting on here trying to bash or make my husband look bad bc hes not. hes just young minded, he works hard (he makes so I get to stay home) to take care of me and our kids, he even takes care of my child like his own who I had before we meet, bc her dad passed away. He just has his flaws. The reason I come on here is know one knows us I dont want to talk to my fam about stuff like this bc i dnt want them to look at him diff. My husband and I are close some times to close we tell each other every thing (thats why I know about the porn) and get along for the most part.
Hey happy, so glad you posted and that you are comfortable with your breasts now. I am now going through the torture of one dropping fast than the other. I started using a breast band Friday and really shocked at how fast my left one dropped (in two days), but I feel the band also pushed my right one further down, so now it's still sitting a little lower than my left. I need to take new pics to post them. I'm so sorry about what you are going through, but please don't let what your husband is doing reflect on you. I know of some men that have gone through that phase with trophy wives by their side. My husband worked with a man who was constantly into porn and would even text porn to my husband and other co-workers. His work lap top broke once and when they got it repaired found a whole bunch of porn on it. His wife was young, gorgeous with huge beautiful breast (the kind of girl you want to hate, but can't because she's also super sweet), so obviously not anything to do with her. You state you and your husband have great communication, have you told him how it makes you feel? It might just be a purely sexual thing with him and he has no idea how bad it makes you feel. Or maybe knows you don't like it, but doesn't realize how bad about yourself it is making you feel. HTH (((Hugs)))
Hey Jen, Sorry it took so long to get back to you I have been super busy the past few days. It took quite a bit of time for me become comfortable wit them I was looking at every flaw I have and dweling on it. I even at one point wished I had never did the surgery. My Husband came home from work one day,i had just got out of the shower(I didnt hear him come) so I was standing in front of the mirror just looking at my breast I just busted out crying and asked my self what did I do.? My husband came in and asked me what was I talking about? I cryed to him telling him pointing out every thing that was wrong with them, one being higher one of my nips being a little to far off exc, I went on on. He grabed me put me back in front of the mirror and started pointing out every thing that was right he also told me everything I see no one else does including him bc I stand there looking for it. Man what an eye opener, I still see the "flaws" every now and then but dont let it get to me. shoot ill be back my baby needs a diper change lol
Aw Happy, what a sweetheart of a husband! And he had such good points!

Hi ladies, well I'm a little over a year post op....

Hi ladies, well I'm a little over a year post op. At first I was happy, now I'm to sure how I feel. I think I have CC I have an apt tomorrow to talk to my ps about it. I am posting a few new pic's so you can see what I mean.
Hey Happy, I can see the height difference now. Is the left harder? That  is how I could tell I had CC. When I lay flat on the floor on my chest, I can feel a hardness in one breast.  Also when I lay on my right side and raise my left arm straight over my head I can really feel that hardness in my left side. Do you feel any of that in yours? I truly hope you don't have CC too......
Hey Happy, Remember me? I have CC so I am sure I know what you are going through!! If he says it is CC (I cant tell by the pics) ask him what the procedure would be that he would go through. Like is he removing the capsule or just splicing capsule?, cleaning the pocket- removing all scar tissue, any antibiotics in pocket, replace with old implant or putting a new one in?, if old one any efforts to sterilize/disinfect the old one? How much he charge if CC reoccurs? Does he ever do strattice with capsulectomy. If so, how much and recurrence rate. Any guarantees? Good luck and let me know what he says.

I just got back from seeing the PS I do have CC...

I just got back from seeing the PS I do have CC grade 3 baker 5!! I don't know if anyone remembers that's been on here for the last year but I have been worried about this since month 4 I'm so upset and mad I did everything I could not to get this! I quit smoking before the surgery and never picked back up being to scared to because of this, I didn't lift my kids what felt like forever I didn't even clean my house like I should of for over a month to scared to because of this and yet it still happened. My PS said there's a 33% chance of it coming back a 2nd time, if that happens there's an even higher chance of it coming back a 3rd time! He is not going to charge me his fee so the cost is going to be $1300 instead of 2700 but we really dont have that kind of money to shell out, I guess its a risk you take though! The worst part of it he told me he does not see this problem to often any more! So why me? Totally pissed and at this point almost wish I didn't get the surgery in the first place!
Hey Happy, I just got back on this site, I remember we all had the surgery around the same time and you, Scrappy, FitDiva and me all got CC. And we all dealing with it now. Hoping for the best for you!
Hey Zsuzsika. Sorry you are going though this too, are you getting a revision? Hoping the best for you also, it really sucks that we are going though this! At least we have this site and don't have to go though it alone. no one knows what it's like unless their going through it themselves.
Hey scrappy, I do remember you, I'm so sorry you are going through that! I go to see my PS at 4 today and will find out what's going on with mine although I'm pretty sure its CC, I layed on my side and it was harder than right. I also sometimes have a burning or tearing pain in that boob its not an all day thing but it happens on and off thru out the day. Its not "hard" but it is a bit firmer than the right. My right boob is very soft and moves everywhere lol the left is firm and just kinda sits there (it moves only if I move it). I'm getting ready to walk out the door to see him wish me luck! I'll let you know what he says.

here I go again

hello ladies I'm backwith more bad news.. I had a full capsulectomy done a little over 3 weeks ago.its already starting to come back fast and hard. I'm almost where I was at 7 months post op in a matter of 3 weeks after the capsulectomy! I am sad, and mad, but what can I do? I guess my body just does not want me to have boobs. still not sure what I'm going to do not considering I am only a little over three weeks out of a second surgery.
Oh NOOOO! I am feeling for you Happy! I had totally hoped you would be one that would be fine with a capsulectomy (2 out of 3 are). If you really want to keep them, the next surgery you really should do it with Strattice. Don't mess with a regular capsulectomy again, no matter what ANYONE says, including your PS! As your boobie friend, I am telling you that it will only come back again. After the 1st capsulectomey your chances of recurrence were 33%, now the recurrence rate has jumped to 66%. Other than the strattice, you prob. have 2 other choices. Live with the CC, or get an explant. Explants are scary though as you prob. won't get your original look back. Some girls do but many are depressed afterwards. Check out that forum before doing anything as I know $$ is always an issue (my problem too!) Big hugs to you my friend!
Me to scrappy, I went to see my ps today good news hes not seeing what I see but he didn't see it the first time it came on. He said it still feels soft and he s not feeling anything that worries him, but if there was theres nothing I can do to stop it . I may be being paranoid but I don't think so I hope so I really do and that's what he thinks. but look at the picture and I'm taking others and its higher and it wasn't when I was first out of surgery. At this point honestly don't know what to think I just need to stop worrying so much because like he said if it's going to happen is going to happen. I don't think I'd go through a third surgery without the strattice.
Well I sincerely hope he is right and it is not coming back. The best way to tell I think is to lay flat on your stomach on the floor. If one feels tighter, it might be starting. But definitely if you feel a hard "ball" in there. Think positive and let's just hope it's paranoia! I am scared of that very same thing happening to me so I have chosen to not  try a regular capsulectomy. Unfortunately that means I have to live with the way this looks until I get my moolah up. I have been meaning to take another updated picture and post it to RS, but haven't gotten around to it. When I wear a tankini you can see it and also just in my regular shirts! I am hoping "people" aren't thinking too much of one side more "bubblier" than the other....Well keep us posted!! post some pics when you can, i think the ones up there are from the first surgery. Hugs! (P.S. How much would your doc charge for capsulectomy with Strattice?)

I mite as well have just flushed my money down the toilet!

I wish I never did this! I'm so depressed now my marriage is suffering!

more photos

Aw man your situation sucks!!! Hope you figure something out. Hugs!
You will need a revision they look like they are malplaced,he hasn't lifted your pectoral muscle in the middle thats why you wont get a clevage. Im sorry this happened to you :( My advice is to let another surgeon fix this.
I had bad 1 sided CC (my left) that was miserable. I am now 100% cured (I had a simple explant) and I couldn't be happier to have natural, soft, relatively symmetrical boobs again! There is no easy solution out of CC, and I'm sorry this happened to you. I also want to say, IMHO your surgeon knew exactly what was happening to you when he performed a "closed capsulectomy" (when he did the "rough massage" to "pop" the left side). Closed Capsulectomy is an obsolete, ineffective, and even dangerous old-school CC "treatment". Closed Capsulectomy doesn't work, it can just delay the CC a little (and voids the implant warranty because). If you weren't developing CC, your surgeon wouldn't have done this procedure as it is NOT a standard practice for BA. There is a whole lot of CC-denial in the plastic surgery community. They like to say only 10-15% get early CC (within the first few months) and if they can just keep stringing women along past the initial BA recovery, delaying a diagnosis of CC, out until after the first 6 months or year, then their statistic doesn't have to go up, does it? And then again, maybe you can be humming along with "normal" implants for 6 or 7 years like me and develop random CC (and I had saline, which are less prone to CC than silicone). There is nothing wrong with you, or any girls who get CC! It's natural for the body to be reactive against foreign objects. What is unnatural is our false-expectations for how "uncommon" complications are. Good luck with everything! Revisions and Strattice are not the only options, although if you choose that route I sincerely hope it works for you. Explant has a 100% CC cure rate, and it's been the best option for me.
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Kanter and his staff they are the best! I chose Dr kanter bc i could tell he new what he was doing. He was upfront to the point and very honest with me. Now that the surgery is done he is still going above and beyond with his after care. I have called worried two times and both of those time's i was seen that day. He is a wonderful doctor and person.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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