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Hey ladies! I'm scheduled to get a breast...

Hey ladies! I'm scheduled to get a breast augmentation this coming Monday. I went in for sizing yesterday and have decided on 400cc moderate profile overfilled to 450 to compensate for going under the muscle. I am feeling nervous about the number, it sounds SO LARGE! I am 5'6 and 135lbs.

If you have the same (or around the same) size are you satisfied? Do they feel too large or do you think they are proportionate to your body? Thanks!!


Can't wait to hear how the surgery went! Don't forget to counteract the constipating side effects of the pain meds. Feel free to post photos! Happy Healing!

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I am 5.6 and I am getting 397 under the muscle moderate silicone. I have my BA in two days, err one now, lol. I will have to let u know how it goes. I was worried they might be too large too, but I've been reassured they should be fine.
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I am 5'6" and 140. I got 457 cc under the muscle. I didn't want to go too big because I wanted them to look natural. So far, they look great! I am going to upload a picture soon(with a bikini top on). Feel free to take a look.
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Had my surgery yesterday morning. Everything went...

Had my surgery yesterday morning. Everything went great! Still feeling sore but overall in good spirits! I am so happy I stuck with my decision of 400cc overfilled to 450!!!! I am hearing back in today to remove the ace bandage and will post more photos soon!


I just had mine done yesterday too. Your look great compare to my. My arm feel little breeze
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Happy Healing to you! I am 5'6 and 145lbs, I am scheduled for surgery May 20th, going for 500 or 550 cc overs. Today is pre op apt. cant wait to be on the other side :)
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Hi im just had mine done yesturday as well . Congrats happy healing. Im supposed to go take my wrap out today too cant wait to see the results. I also went for 400cc i was a bcup
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3 weeks post op

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3 weeks post op


what size bra are u currently in right now? i know theres still a little time until they are at their final size but my dr is planning on doing 400cc or 425cc so i am wondering where that will leave me! im worried that they will be too big on my frame, but ur 450 looks amazing on u!
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I was sized at 32DDD!
omg wow! i was hoping i wasnt even going to reach a D, but with 400cc it looks like i just might. lol
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