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I am 39 and mommy to five kids. Yep...FIVE! I...

I am 39 and mommy to five kids. Yep...FIVE! I recently had breast augmentation and am VERY happy with the result. My doctor is Thomas DeWire in Virginia and he is AMAZING! He was very honest about what to expect and he exceeded my expectations. I chose breast implants to get back what I lost through breastfeeding.

I LOVED breastfeeding my was a special time in my life. It felt good to give them this gift, and at the age of 39 I felt it was time to give myself the gift of fuller breasts, like I'd had prior to my children. I was a 34 A/B before surgery, and am now a 34D (or 36 C depending on the bra). My surgery was yesterday, March 13th, and I am recovering well with minimal pain but a fair amount of bruising (Yikes!) I welcome any and all questions, and I have alot of tips I'd love to share. Massage is the KEY to a great recovery, and I have found ways to make this more tolerable. I followed some great women on this site who's blogs were very helpful, and I'd love to help others contemplating breast augmentation.


Hi Jensey I love ur story. I have 4 kids ages 16 thru 21 and like u I decided it was a time for me. I also had brusing but its common and 8 days post op and its almost gone. Massages have just become bearable but the Dr. Said I have to be a little more aggressive with the massages to help them DROP and well so far so good. How tall r u and how many cc did u go with?
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Thanks so much for sharing YOUR story here on RealSelf. We'd love to hear your recovery tips! What are the essential supplies you think women should have on hand to help make healing easier?

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Forgot to tell everyone my implant stats: I had...

Forgot to tell everyone my implant stats:

I had Mentor Smooth Moderate Profile implants, 375 cc's on my left and 425cc's on my right. (more CC's on the right because I had some assymetry. Now I am very symmetrical!) Incision was transaxillary and implant was placed under the muscle.


they say its because if your right handed the muscle tends to be more tight so thats why you have to massage it to help it relax. something like that i read not to sure. but yea my right still feels swollen and kinda still bruised on the bottom part right under the nipple. Im sure it'll be a while before we actually start seeing major results just have to be patient
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I'm relieved to hear that your right gives you a bit more trouble too. I was beginning to think it was just me :) I wonder why the right side tends to give more trouble than the left?
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Yea my left has dropped a little and my right hurts more and hasn't Really dropped,there is more swelling on my right still. But I was reading about it and its actually very normal that the right take longer to settle, so im Not concerned about it. I live in Chicago and went to Dr. Weiner. Im so anxiouse for them to DROP already. I keep reading other womens post just to see if its normal how my breast look and feel...LOL i had a great Dr. That of coursee i tursted to this for me. But i guess im just peranoid if everythings normal of WHAT to watch out for. Do u do this to..LOL
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Hello everyone! I am going to try to get my...

Hello everyone!

I am going to try to get my photos uploaded here if I can figure out how to do it from my phone. I'd love to show you all what to expect in the days following surgery.

I am now day six and have a follow up tomorrow. I am doing really well :) I had some bruising that showed up one day post op and it was DARK bruising. Believe it or not, it doesnt bother me much. The thing that DOES bother me are these darned "zingers". When your tissue is stretched your nerves are stretched too and you get numbness that is temporary. Then a few days later the nerves "wake up" and sometimes this means getting "zingers", which is a shooting/burning sensation. I used to freeze up and say "ow ow ow" when that happened, but I learned that if I force myself to do a massage when that happens that the pain stops MUCH faster, and the massages are also helping me heal much faster.

I havent dropped yet, but my left side has moved down a little. My left side is also softer and a little less swollen than my right. I'm told its normal for the right side to be like this...Not sure why though :)

I was told I could shower beginning day one post op and it feels AWESOME to let the hot water hit my muscles. It loosens them up. I usually massage in the shower.

I have been doing fairly normal activity (went to a parade with the kids yesterday) but I do find that I get tired much easier and if I do too much I get REALLY sore. I'm allowed to pick up my kids but for now I'm not doing that...I just don't want to do too much and want my body to just heal.

If anyone has any questions let me know! I'm going to try to do a video update but, again, I have to figure out how to do this from my phone.

I'll update again later!!! So far I am VERY happy that I did this!!! And I HIGHLY recommend you find a doctor who does the trans ax incision...this means they dont have to cut through the muscle and if you can avoid that you DEFINITELY should.


Hi jensey. No I don't think u can upload with phone, I hadthat same issue. How r u feeling?
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I'd love to post my updated pics but am having trouble. I tried emailing the photos I took with my phone but my email isn't working. I don't know how to get the photos from my phone onto this page :(
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My surgery is 730am on tues. 19 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!! I just woke up. It's noon-thirty here. I'm anxious now.
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Hello everyone! I am 10 days post op and yesterday...

Hello everyone! I am 10 days post op and yesterday and today I didnt even need my Ibuprofen. I took two Percocet as soon as I went home from surgery (it works GREAT if combined with an Ibuprofen because Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory. Inflammation alone will cause pain, and Percocet can't help that, so they work hand in hand to REALLY keep you comfortable.

I was having some really painful zingers on my right side boob from day 4 to 7, but I massaged, massaged, massaged despite the pain and I am SO glad I did, because it is completely gone and has been for a couple of days now.

I continued with Ibuprofen to help with soreness but really dont feel the need for it anymore.

ADVICE- if you take pain meds start taking a stool softner the FIRST evening (I took 2 to 3 per night) and you won't get backed up. If you wait until you are backed up you are in some trouble!! Major abdominal discomfort. When you stop the pain meds you can stop the stool softener.

I continue massaging every two hours and I will have to wear my bra 24/7 for one more week. After that I'm not sure how often I have to wear a bra, but I know my massages will only be required three times per day instead of every two hours (I massage every two hours during the day...I don't have to get up at night).

Ok, this may be TMI for some, but I get the "when can we have sex?" question alot. Last night hubby and I had some hubba hubba. I took a photo of myself in lingerie and I was SO HAPPY. I decided to take some racy photos for hubby and found that it turned me on just as much as him! I definitely feel more womanly and sexy, and that is a HUGE bonus! I warned hubby to NOT touch the girls because they are still VERY tender to the touch. I can touch/massage them, but if someone else does I'm very sensitive to it. I had a transax incision so hubby got to play with the nipples, but I warned him that if he squeezed he was a dead man, LOL. Both of us can't wait until I am totally healed and we can go crazy! LOL

I have dropped a little bit, I think, but its hard for me to tell. I am currently measuring 34D and hoping I stay that size.

My stitches came out last Monday, the 19th and I waited until last night to shave. I had to be very careful because the area where I was stitched is still risen and I didnt want to cut that, but it felt good to shave again and my incisions are almost completely invisible already! Its awesome!

I am feeling much better and the only thing is that I still have to be very careful about being bumped. My 3 year old accidentlly bumped my left breast and it hurt like a mother!!! I let out a cry and it made her cry...poor baby. I had to console her and let her know that it was an accident and mommy is just fine :)

I have been able to carry my kids since about 5 days post op but I didnt do much of that because I just wanted to take it easy. My doc said its fine,but I waited until day 7 to really start carrying them again...I just have to be careful not to get bumped, but even when I do (and sometimes I do) it isnt too terrible.

Well, thats all I can think of for now. I was FINALLY able to post pics! The after pics are only 4 days post op so I will try to get some 10 day post op pics up this weekend :)


Feel free to send me any questions you have. I enjoy being able to help. I remember having SO many questions and so little answers :)
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You are EXACTLY right. My husband not only loves me as I am, he genuinely was turned on by my natural body. He said a woman who is confident and really enjoys her sex life is THE sexiest I know I could lose these implants tomororw and still turn him on completely. It is fun, though, to see him get that WOW look on my face. Every time I'm tempted to say "they'll get better...softer...etc" I dont...because he loves them already. The only thing he says he can't wait for is for them to heal where we can, as he puts it, "go crazy". LOL
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Thanks for answering my question so specifically. The internet makes it a little easier to get graphic. I smiled as I read your response, especially when you said your husband was lying about not being a boob man! I am sure he loved you just the same before your surgery but there is absolutely nothing wrong with him being aroused by your newest feature either. At least they are your boobs he is aroused by! Nine days until my surgery so I will see how everything goes for me. I am sure my new body will be helpful for me as well as my husband as far as arousal goes. I know I am looking forward to it partly for that reason.
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Hi all! Guess what? I slept on my side last...

Hi all!

Guess what? I slept on my side last night? Yee Haw! I was happy about this becuase I'm usually a side sleeper. It is funny how things change so suddenly. Just the night before I tried to sleep on my side and my left side was ok but my right side was not playing along at all. I tried again last night and the left was fine. When I went to go to my right I expected to be very uncomfortable, but I realized I was able to. Pretty cool!

I still haven't dropped much. I've dropped lower than I was after surgery, of course, and they are getting much softer, but I just keep massaging. My left breast is actually pretty soft with some firmness, but my right is still pretty firm. Not like a rock at all, just some firmness. I'm able to squeeze and it squeezes right in, it's just firm to the soft touch. I think they may have gotten a little bit closer together too. My doc is careful not to try and make a pocket too wide for cleavage. Puts you at high risk of symmastia doing that. Besides, if your breasts didnt have cleavage without a bra before you shouldnt expect it after. It just looks strange! Boobs should only squish together when a bra puts them that way :)

My bruising is pretty much gone and I am cleared to start exercising today! Three days ago I told my husband " I might be cleared to exercise in three days but I dont think I will". But I did some exercise today with a sports bra and it didnt hurt at all. I think it was more of me being mentally afraid it would hurt, but it really didnt. I did an aerobics DVD and just avoided the really high jumping, instead doing smaller jumps. I probably could have jumped higher, but I've got that little mental block still so I'm easing my way into it.

I dont know if this is ok for all women after BA. Maybe if they cut through the muscle they will tell you to wait longer, but in my case its ok.

Overall, I am still very happy and VERY much looking forward to the changes coming this next week or two. Can't wait!!!!


You look great! I am six days post op and am finally doing well.
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Hi there!

I saw the photo with the sizers. Definitely do not go any smaller. I promise you will regret it if you do. I know right now it seems like "Wow, these are so much bigger" but the one thing all women who've had a BA can attest to is that you adjust to your new size FAST! Most of us are only two days post op and wishin we were bigger.

The size shown in that photo looks very symmetrical to your body. It does not look too small and does not make you look too top heavy...just a nice hour glass figure look.

Hello everyone! I had a busy week but am here...

Hello everyone!

I had a busy week but am here with another update :) I am one month post op tomorrow and I feel pretty great! I have one spot that is still a little tender but otherwise I'm good. I slept on my stomach the other night and although I was worried it was fine. I sleep on my side fine with very little discomfort, and best of all, the ole sex life is back in FULL SWING! Actually BETTER than before, partially because of the new "toys", LOL. I am SO HAPPY I did this and can't believe I waited so long!!! What was I thinking?

I started exercising a week ago and can run, etc. I dont do push ups yet becuase I dont want to push it too much, but jumping, running, sit ups, etc are all fine. It feels GREAT to be active again :)

I am very happy with my size too :) I can play them up to be really big and saucy if I want, but in my every day clothes i just look perfectly balanced! And let me just say it's nice to know I can exercise, firm up and NOT lose my boobs, LOL.

If anyone has questions for me let me know. I will post some new pics !


Jensey, they are looking very natural and settled in~
Looks like your PS did a great job, they are gorgeous!
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You are awesome! I loved reading your review! I am 3 days post op and probably should start massaging the girls! Any specific technic you suggest?
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Just put a new update and more pics! Hope you are all enjoying spring :)
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I did push ups! Didnt hurt at all. It was a little...

I did push ups! Didnt hurt at all. It was a little difficult mentally because when do push ups the muscles engage and I'm so used to baby-ing them, but it went fine. I do the Insanity work out, so you can imagine how hard I push myself. I just listen to my body and if something hurts I back off a bit. And I wear a good sports bra to hold the girls so they dont bounce too much.

And...I ordered a bikini. I'm so jazzed to have ordered this simple string bikini and know I have BOOBS to fill it out. I always thought having implants would mean looking better but sacrificing my activities, but that's not true in this case. I am VERY pleased.

I'm thinking of visiting Victoria's Secret next week to finally use that gift card. That should be FUN!


Hey jen~ you look wonderful! Just wanted to say your PS did a great job and the photo with necklace is lovely. CONGRATS!!!! thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Thank you!!!
I do massage two ways, both suggested by my PS. One is the squeeze from the bottom, thereby displacing the implant and pushing it upward. The other is to simply push from the bottom upward. However, I did not have an incision below the breast and am not sure if you do. Did your PS recommend massage? It would be best to do it the way he showed you.
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Dr. DeWire is VERY honest about what to expect. He explains all the pros and cons and what I love the most about him is his approach...he will go as large as your tissue will alllow him while still looking natural. He will not push your tissue to the point of looking too tight and fake. Check out his web site for some before and afters...he is AMAZING!

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