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Sorry if some of you will read this in the Ask A...

Sorry if some of you will read this in the Ask A Dr section. I really want some opinions. I had a Lift with Aug four weeks ago. I started out with the left breast bigger than the right. We tried to counter balance by two different sizes. Left = 330cc Right =360cc. But they are still so uneven.


They look fantastic! They're slightly uneven, but that's it, SLIGHTLY! In fact, if you didn't point it out, and I wasn't in the habit of analyzing every inch of augmentation/lift results (like I am now because I'm pre-op still looking for a doc and pictures to show him/her, lol), I wouldn't even notice, especially if I just saw you and not just a close up of your girls ;) Even looking at you naked, if looking at all of you, the only way anyone will notice is if they're analyzing every inch, and if you're gettin' naked with someone, I doubt that's what they'll be doin, lol ;) Anyway, FANTASTIC results, they're beautiful and I hope mine come out that great!
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At four weeks the swelling could still be a little uneven. Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.

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Looking good! Sure, they're a little uneven, but it's only been four weeks, fungirl! You will continue to drop and fluff over the next few months, so you haven't even seen the final result. Best of luck!
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