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I had a procendure 10 years ago that left my scar...

I had a procendure 10 years ago that left my scar really high and my belly button was placed to high, found out there was no muscle repair and overall was never happy with my results. 10 years later I decided to seek a consult about the extra skin I had the too high placement of my belly button and my disappearing who ha.

I went to a plastic surgeon who was recommended by my anesthesiologist friend. He had performed an explant on me last year( same botched surgery 10 years earlier ) I was very pleased with how my breasts turned out. After the consult he told me he could lower my belly button and scar but I would have a small vertical scar under my new belly button. I wasn't thrilled with having a vertical scar but I would rather that then continue with the look I currently had. I am a very active person and surf swim ski all summer long I wanted my body on the outside to match my inside. I am 45 so I didn't expect to look 20 again but I did want to correct things I felt could be corrected.

Day of surgery was rough I threw up non stop until my husband finally got a hold of the dr who ordered phenergeon suppositories. Note ladies if you are prescribed something for nausea get a suppository because if you start throwing up you won't hold it down long enough to help. Once we got those I was fine.
Day 2 I was pretty sore from all the vomiting and took it easy i made sure to walk every 2 hours which was a circuit around my house. Lol
Day 3 I am only taking one pain pill every 4 hours instead of two. First BM stool softness area must trust me on this one. My husband took me on a walk to To the. End of our street and back. Took a shower heavenly.
Day 4 I slept almost flat, while sore it is more like I did to hard a kick boxing class then anything else. I am rotating pain meds with Tylenol and hope to be only taking pain meds at night. I saw my scar today and took photos so far so good. I hope to keep on the track I am on and continue to progress. I will walk up and down the court twice today keeping moving really helps.

2nd PO visit. One drain out yeahhhh...note to...

2nd PO visit. One drain out yeahhhh...note to others don't write reviews while still on pain meds..hehe ..typo queen me... I meant in my above take stool softners trust me on this one :).....
Took binder off today am in spanx. Went to target, errands and slept like I ran a marathon....tonight my one mile loop around the neighborhood..I think excercise has helped me be in less pain. I also think my low carb diet has helped with swelling..I eat carbs but havent had any processed foods..I have been drinking water with milo in it very diluted...I am so happy I did this for me it makes ask the effort worth it. ALSO many reviewers lament about pain...but remember each of us deal with pain differently so don't let it scare you. me the hanging skin was way scarier...
Find a Dr who listens and is honest... Mine was wonderful and told me about having best results and expecting a minimal vertical scar. . He never pushes anything just advises...
Finally it feels good to have my outside reflect my inside. ....

Welcome to the community.

Thank you for sharing all of your details with us.  You are doing amazing in such a short time.  I am so happy to hear you were able to have everything fixed up.  

What do you think of the scar

I think it will be great when it's all healed up.  It's so fresh right now and will take time to heal.  As soon as you are cleared to do so, please start massaging the entire scar with either Bio Oil or Palmers Vitamin E Oil.  Use firm circular massage and be persistent.  

Such an improvement and so flat now:)


Po day 7 yesterday had my follow up got stitches...

Po day 7 yesterday had my follow up got stitches out and last drain. .. Yeahhh balls free me. .he told me I could swim work out, so what do I do ? Mow the yard. It's all good made bit was very tired. This am I did the eliptical at v the YMCA for 30 minutes. I AM ALSO REALLY watching what I eat . No soda only water or sparkling water. I'm down 7lbs since surgery and 12 since after surgery yes swelling etc scary scale. a journey and one we all need to take at or own pace. I DID HAVE muscle repair, scar revision, and skin removed... over all am very pleased with b results. .
Looks like you are healing really well! I updated my photos today too, post op 9 days too. I get exhausted in the afternoon. Sounds like your recovery is going smooth!
I think your scar looks great! And it will fade soooo much. You are like newborn baby age in this healing process. When I think abt my scar.... I think would I rather this scar or my old belly.... But you have nothing to worry about honey!
Scar looks great! You are super early in recovery still. I thought mine was too high at first, and now at PO week 3, it's dropped considerably as swelling goes down, and it heals. Happy healing!

PO day12 feeling a little tired back to office day...

PO day12 feeling a little tired back to office day 2 working at home reclined with feet up was much easier swollen and sore by the end of the day. Picture updated I feel like my scar is high but my belly button is lower so not sure what to think.

Day 13 almost 2 weeks took it easy today working...

Day 13 almost 2 weeks took it easy today working from home wearing a compression garment feet up and trying to relax. I'm going to skip the YMCA and only walk tonight. I'm very tired back to work sitting up was difficult this is much easier. New photo today hoping to see some size changes soon.

PO day 15 my hips seems swollen if it weren't for...

PO day 15 my hips seems swollen if it weren't for them I would be 2 sizes smaller. I have a follow up today going to talk to ps about that and one spot on my scar. He did lipo that area but I just want to double check posted a day 15 photo.

Day 20 I can't tell much of a difference yet my...

Day 20 I can't tell much of a difference yet my hips swell from the lipo I guess. Anyway more to come

Not seeing changes to my hips yet scar seems to high

Not seeing changes to my hips yet scar seems to high

Week 4 hmmm not sure what I see

Week 4 hmmm not sure what I see

Still not happy with vertical scar healing and...

Still not happy with vertical scar healing and hips. See ps next week will discuss same with him. Tell me what you think also my belly button scar is very red on one side.

Five weeks tomorrow saw ps today for spitting...

Five weeks tomorrow saw ps today for spitting stitches say that 3x fast said still swollen. I ran I mile and did cardio kick boxing today. Walking 2 miles this afternoon. He said I am still swollen especially hips. Thank God because they are frustrating me. Here are new photos let me know what you guys think. Btw spots not healing we're from stitches.

I see abs

Well today was 5 weeks and I think Imturned a corner still swelling on hips but I have been working out faithfully everyday since pod 2 which was walking graduating to walking 4 miles to couch to 5 k. Using elliptical, treadmill and this other thingy machine. I also do kick boxing and Zumba. I still swell my hips do and my upper bs can but the working out really helps the body recover. I had tt lazer lipo with mr.

More week 5

Btw I found derma blend still working with it but it does help with red scar and it has sun block check it out I'm not good at appliqué but it was my first try

Derma blend

I honestly think your first scar looked better and was very low this one is much higher and straight instead of bikini. How's your splitting stitches and belly button doing
It is higher to me too but he lowered my belly button. The sides were also higher. It is hard to conceal and I have to use forever makeup to do so. I am hoping it will fade a lot. Stitches are better. Thank you for your feedback

Eight weeks

Not sure about the swelling scar is hard to cover but hope it fades more.

Before and after comparisons

You tell me
I'm confused... your before scar seems much lower than after the revision. Why would your doctor raise your scar when you went in to have it lowered? Also, why would he lower your belly button while raising your scar, making them closer together? I'm glad it's fading nicely but if I were you, I'd be upset with the results because you went in to have it lowered but instead it was raised up significantly.
I don't know what this doc was thinking! Your scar is DEFINITELY HIGHER than before! So sorry
I agree with Jules007, the new scar seems kinda high. Did you ask your PS why he went so high? There might be a reason but it should fade. You're old scar looked pretty faded to me, really had to look to see it. So if that is any indication, this one might be faint as well:) Otherwise, I think you look great:)
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