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I'm a 45 yr old mom of 4. My last son was born via...

I'm a 45 yr old mom of 4. My last son was born via emergency c-section in 2005. Because his heart rate was rapidly dropping, they literally ripped him out of me. I was left with a nasty vertical scar. It has bothered me for the last couple of years because of how the skin grew back together. It has become even more bothersome after losing almost 60lbs in the last 3 years. Between the scar and loose skin my stomach is a mess, so I have decided on a tummy tuck. I had my consult yesterday and my surgery is scheduled for August 2, 2013. I am nervous and excited.

2 Days Pre-Op!!!!

Today I am 2 days Pre Op!!!! It still is sinking in that I will no longer have this inner tube around my waist!!!! I was out of town for the last month and managed to put on 3-4 lbs!!! I am eating healthy for the next 3 days... And hoping I will at least lose what I gained over the last month!!! I will post my pre-surgical pics with markings!!! I'm a little nervous...

1 day Post Op

Well I'm on the flat side. I arrived at my PS at 7:30 and was immediately greeted by my nurse. She took me back and got my iv started. Then the anesthesiologist came in and spoke with me. My ps came in and did his markings, and said he actually thought I had lost even more weight so there more lipo was required. From there I actually worked over the the operating room. There were a few light hearted jokes from the OR personnel, then it was literally lights out. The next thing I remember was my nurse calling my name 3 hours later.

1st Pre Op visit

I saw my ps today and my JP drain was removed and I was cleared to shower!!!!! He said I was coming along fine. I've only had one dose of pain meds today, trying to whine myself down to Tylenol only. I realize I need to take it easy and I will!!!!! So far so good feeling pretty good.

8 Days Post!!! Happy Saturday!

Well after being in a recliner for a week, enough was enough, I put on my big girl panties lol and decided to attempt to sleep in my own bed! Wellllllll that was an adventure!!! It took me almost 30 minutes for find a comfortable position using 6 pillows finally I did! But then it occurred to me that I probably should take an over the counter pain reliever and an sleep aid my ps prescribed, so guess what?? After taking my meds, another 20 minutes finally the sweet spot again. After that it was lights out literally!!!! This morning I am so happy I made that decision I honestly feel pretty good!!!!! I was able to REST which is what I needed!!!!! I was able to wash my hair for the first time and I have on clothes..... Well exercise gear lol.... More pics to come later !!!!!!

Day 12 Doing Great

I saw my ps yesterday and I am doing great! I'm off all meds and for the most part comfortably sleeping in my bed. When I need to turn over it is done gingerly lol... I'm about 2 weeks away from beginning my scar therapy! As you can see from my pics I'm swollen, more so at night though.... I am delighted with the placement of my scar and looking forward to working out again in a month or so.....

Swell Hell Diminishing??

Yesterday I had to make an unscheduled trip back to my ps. My bb is still oozing and crusting and had some funny looking bumps. Thankfully my ps assured me that it's normal and the bumps are granulation tissue which is healthy. My bb is literally healing from the inside out and he applied some silver nitrate to them. My scar is healing well but I have started my scar therapy yet. My ps suggested starting at a month out post op. I have decided to go with paper tape first and go from there... Happy healing to my TT sisters..

4 week PO

Hello my TT sisters!! I'm exactly 4 weeks PO today!!! Physically I'm probably 95% back to feeling like myself! I started back to walking on my treadmill today! I managed to walk to 30 mins and I feel pretty good. I'm was at 3.9. - 4.3 mph but I had to scale it back to 2.8 for now. My weight is still 160 lbs and i plan to lose about another 10-15 lbs. I'm still swollen but not as bad as I was at first. I am very flat in the mornings but as the day goes on I swell a little. My flanks are still a little sore. Appetite wise I have been eating everything that I shouldn't be, but today I am recommitted to clean eating, no more junk food my plan is to pick up where my surgeon left off with sculpting my body!!! My incision is healing beautifully and my bb is slowing coming along. I have been using plain paper tape for my scars but I find that it is irritating to my skin so I plan to use silicone tape. Well I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and be safe!!

5 Wks PO Today

Not much change from last week however I have started using Scar Away silicone strips. My incision has turned very dark down but it's starting to thin out. Physically I am feeling great!!! I'm back to walking 30 every other day on my treadmill, I think after my ps visit after the 12th of this month, I will start back to running. I need to tone up my legs and flank area....no back fat!!! Lol

Quick Update

I saw my ps yesterday for my 6 week check up. He was very pleased with my recovery and cleared me from all restrictions!!!! I will see him again at 6 months PO. I'm free y'all lol!!! I can work out again. My incision and BB are looking much better. I will check in monthly with updates and pictures, until then happy healing to all my TT sisters!!!!!

6 wk Incision pics

These pictures are after using ScarAway strips for 2 weeks. My incision line is very thin and flat in the front, however my skin has turned really dark around the incision. This is normal and it time I'm confidence it will lighten back up. My bb is almost healed and I'm happy with it. I keep saying I will put a marble in it to shapen it, but I keep forgetting lol. Well until next month my TT sisters... Happy healing!!!

The best part about a TT is..........

Shopping!!!!!!!! I have lost almost 5 lbs since my surgery!!! Yayyyyy!!!! At my 6 month post will be my swimsuit issue ;-)

Feeling GREEEAT!!!!!

Nov 2nd will be 3 months since surgery... Wow time flies.... I am feeling wonderful working out and just doing me! My scar has healed nicely..and I am using Shea butter and silicone tape to lighten it up. I occasionally swell if I work out too hard but other than that... I always pretty flat. I am in the process of trying to sculpt my abs. I have decided that I have lost enough weight and just plan to maintain where I am.... I am sooo happy that I had my tummy tuck!!!

1 yr Anniversary!!!!!!!

August 2nd marked my one year Anniversary! I am pleased to say that I am about 5 lbs heavier from the day of surgery and my body has filled out nicely. I have a butt now without surgery lol... I plan to lose around 10 lbs and start to workout again!!!

Associates in Plastic Surgery

My experience with Dr. John Alspaugh and staff has been great!!! From the very first consultation, they made me feel comfortable and he took his time to answer any and all questions that I had. The day after surgery I received a thank you card in the mail and a personal follow up call from him asking about my condition!!!! He is one of the best ps in the area!!! I'm very pleased with my surgical outcome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Oh very nice!! I have to post more pics. I have had to friends to get TT with the Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Delk, they love it. I thought about getting the TT when I did the butt lift but decided against it. My TT is going to be my 40th bday present. Since I know for sure no more kids after that. I can say I love my new butt lol I wish it was a little bigger but all the fat doesn't take, luckily about 80% did.
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Which silicone tape are you using?
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Yea for no restrictions! you look terrific :)
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Yes!!! Thank you so much!!
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Your most welcome!!
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Hope you are healing well. Thanks for the update.
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Thank you! I'm extremely pleased!!!
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youre over the hump.. and looking great! I know its hard but the healthy eating will really help with the swelling. The best rule is fresh foods! canned and processed foods have too much sodium.. bad for swelling. Meat, fish, tons of veggies and fruit. Pure Protein shakes too.. I swear by them. Happy Healing!
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Thanks Bikini4me!!! I am getting there!!!
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Hey Diva you're looking awesome! Thx for the comment I'm trying hard girl to get that six pack lol!!!
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Your welcome!!!
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You look great!! Congrats, girly!
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Thank you!!!!
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You look great.. the belly button goes thru some really bazar looking stages but than it ends up looking normal and great! Don't freak out your recovery is going great! Your surgeon did a great job. So happy for you :) That vertical scar from the emergency C section is every woman's nightmare. Thankfully everything was ok with your baby. Today I'm 6 weeks PO and I look at the picture from 4 weeks PO and its like night and day!
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Thank you!!! The vertical line is a crease in my stomach that I've had since he did the surgery lol... I am hoping as the swelling goes away so will the crease... This is how it looks after I take off my CG.. I cannot wait to rock a bikini like you!
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Oh you will girl!! that will go away in time for sure! He took away the emergency c section vertical scar? how do they do that? amazing!
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It was really low, and I had a lot of loose skin!!! He definitely earned his money lol
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Looking good! How do you feel?
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Thanks!!! I feel really good about 85% back to normal. I can lay on my stomach now so I'm happy. ;-)
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Awesome! I forgot what that feels like! I'm sure I will join the club soon :)
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Did you have a medicine ball after your surgery???? I'm supposed to have full tummy tuck in 4 months. Might just give myself a heart attack with everything I continue to read. I've birthed two children completely natural. Is it worse than that?!?! I'm SCARED out of my mind. How long until you can fend for yourself?!?!?!
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Do you mean a pain pump?? Lol no I had Exparel which is injected during the surgery. It's supposed to last for 72 hrs however I think mine lasted longer. As long as you stay on your pain meds you should be fine. Don't wait until there is pain, take them as prescribed. It took me about 3-4 days post op before I was taking care of myself. Good luck with your TT
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It a device that delivers local anesthetic to the muscles. Will last about 2-3 days and be removed. THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying. I REALLY appreciate it! :)
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No problem!!! I read so many good things about Exparel, that I chose it over the pain pump or medicine ball.. I was pleased and pain free.
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Good luck in your recovery! It sounds like you are doing great! At first it seems like the swelling will never get better, but it definitely does.
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