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Completely of my meds! Why am I peeing so much?

Well I went in for my consultation today and I can...

Well I went in for my consultation today and I can get my surgery as early as next month (they had some available this month but that is to soon) and I am so excited!!! I have one child and he REALLY did a number on my stomach, a whole 9.6 lbs worth of damage lol! I gained 55 lbs during pregnancy (starting weight 137) and lost all but 15, which I am happy with because I have great curves now but my stomach with separated muscles and skin under my bra strap are a mess due to sagging and fat I can not get rid of. I haven't felt comfortable in clothes ever since and I am beyond ready to get my body back! I have been reading reviews and experiences from this site for about 2 years now and I have finally have the courage to go through with it. Everyone has been so supportive of one another and everyone gives the real details of what to expect, which I love. I am still in shock that I only have a month to prepare for this. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy on op day?

Call the PS today and my tt has been scheduled for...

Call the PS today and my tt has been scheduled for March 18th now. So this gives me more time to prepare. Everyone has been so nice so far and I can't wait to have my body back!

Well I have my pre-op appointment set for March...

Well I have my pre-op appointment set for March 5th! Everything has been a breeze so far. My PS's staff has really been great. Well I guess I will do some shopping for some of the items I need. I have received some great advice on things I need to purchase (most of them can be found at the Dollar Tree, I'm always in there for cheap name brand finds!!!)

Well I got the ok from work today to take off 2...

Well I got the ok from work today to take off 2 weeks following surgery :). Now that I have that out the way I decided to do a little shopping today. I found two very sturdy ( Stage 1 garment crotchless and Stage 2 that unhooks) at Burlington Coat Factory for only $10!!!! And these pieces are the real deal, not those flimsy ones that wear out after a couple of uses. I'm not sure how the drains are placed, but there is a small opening in the back of the garment for an exit site. Both are full coverage and are sure to keep everything in place (I went to a medical supply store to compare the quality). I'm not sue if the PS will provide me with a garment or not or if it will be comfortable, so I kept the receipt just in case.

Well, I just went to my prep on March 5th! The...

Well, I just went to my prep on March 5th! The nurse made me feel really comfortable when I was there. We talked and went over the paperwork while laughing over funny stories. Everything as far as explaining the procedure to the recovery were kept simple. The last thing I want to do during recovery is remembering a million things while in pain. But if I have any question or concerns whatsoever, my PS has several contact options (office, cell, and home number). I was not told to buy any extra supplies, but everything that is needed will be provided for me which is a plus (except a pillow of my choice for support). This really made me loosen up before we got to the "PICTURES" lol. Oh my, do they show every little flaw that you never noticed before and that added 10 lbs. I noticed that pocket of fat between your arm pit and arm and asked for that to be removed also to complete the overall look. I have never seen myself like this before and it made realize how long I have not really looked at myself in the mirror. Anyways, I'm only a week away and can't wait for my new body. This has been three years in the making and I am so ready for this to be over.

Today is my last day with this loose skin!!!!!!!!...

Today is my last day with this loose skin!!!!!!!! I am so ready for it to be gone I can almost taste it lol. The only thing I'm really worried about is the anesthesia (which I don't do to well with because I feel so sick afterwards) but as far as the surgery goes I'm not nervous at all. I guess because I have wanted it for so long I'm more excited than anything. My PS does not recommend wearing CG after surgery so I called the office and asked them to explain to me why because I hear so many people talk about using them during recovery. He explained that the CG reduces the blood flow to the area (especially after lipo) and would hinder the blood vessels from reconnecting faster in the areas operated on for better blood flow. So me being me, I went to investigate that claim on my own and it makes sense nowso no CG for me. I didn't have to get to many supplies for surgery either. I just got my botton or zip up gowns, thick socks, slippers, and a boppy (from Burlington Coat Factory for $24), cotton underwear, and light foods I will be eating after. I know I haven't updated to much but my main goal is to update on the recovery process (the real and raw haha)! Stay blessed everyone :)

Well folks the time is upon me lol I will be...

Well folks the time is upon me lol I will be having surgery at 615am this morning. If possible choose an early op time so your not starving all day haha. Pray for me and wish me luck. I will updat soon. Stay blessed!

The surgery went well but the pain is no joke. I...

The surgery went well but the pain is no joke. I don't do well with anesthesia like I stated before so I was throwing up every little thing and I am extremely sore from it. The only thing I can seem to keep down are bananas at this point. I tried to eat some saltine cracked but my mouth was so dry they just tasted like crushed power and I wasn't able to eat them.
Fluid was leaking everywhere after surgery, it was quite nasty but part of the process but I am also very swollen right now.
The pain meds only help a little so that's pissing me off a bit but its somewhat manageable. Word of advice, if you are not prepared to be in pain like this do not get a tummy tuck. I'm just looking forward to my results so I'm doing ok. But some moments I feel like why did I do this to myself.
But I'm sure everything will work out. Thanks for your blessing!

I'm doing better this morning. I started having a...

I'm doing better this morning. I started having a sharp pain in my groin area in the middle of the night and immediately called my surgeon just in case it could have been serious. He said its pretty normal because of the nerves but I'm going in today for a follow up so I will have him take a look. The leg stocking machine helps a lot with that so I will see if I can keep it longer

I feel so much better today. Besides the muscle...

I feel so much better today. Besides the muscle tightening I'm not having to much pain except in the groin area where it is swollen but nothing to bad though. And I can finally eat now.
I'm sorry if I alarmed anyone with my updates but my goal is to tell the truth about the recovery process. The first day was absolute HELL and there was no getting around that fact. But everyone has be encouraging me that things would get better and they are :). If your are considering this surgery just be prepared for the good bad and ugly.
On a good note, my tummy is flatttttttttt! Bam lol. I had a drainless tummy tuck and the skin was stitched down from the inside to keep the skin tight and reduce fluid buildup. I have swelling but its not to bad. Most of the fluid drained out of my lipo incisions (is was a lot of fluid by the way). I don't have a compression garment (it wasn't recommend by my PS so I could heal better from the surgery). But every thing is looking good so far. He made my incision very low so it is hidden away really nice. But my tummy looks really weird where he stitched down my skin because its swollen but I'm sure everything will look great!!!!!

Has anyone experienced this groin pain before?...

Has anyone experienced this groin pain before? Mine is on my right side and hurts so bad. My PS said it is nerves reconnecting and could be from damage from the surgery. Excuse my language, but this shit hurts!!!

Wow this swelling is intense but doesn't hurt as...

Wow this swelling is intense but doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday. Since I had a tubeless TT I had statures placed under the skin to keep it down, I can see the intentions of them from the swelling. Looks kind of gross. I can't wait until this swelling goes down so I can see my results. I'm pretty sure I will be happy with them it's just hard to determine when you have swell hell. I hope everyone is having a great day. Update soon!!!!

Everything is much better today! Sorry I haven't...

Everything is much better today! Sorry I haven't uploaded pics yet but I am not home to do so on my computer. Stomach still looks a little weird from the stitches user my swollen skin but the pain is low! I noticed certain smells make me nauseous though (only strong smells). But other then that I'm doing good. I was able to walk up the stairs with no help and little pain to help get my son ready this morning so it felt good to fall back into the mommy roll for a short period. My son is 3 yrs old he said, "mommy you look pretty", and gave me a kiss, I almost burst into tears lol. I'm a little emotional but who isn't after surgery lol. I hope everyone else is doing well with recovery and hope to read some new stories soon! Peace :)

Feeling better but still swollen :( can't wait for...

Feeling better but still swollen :( can't wait for that to go down a bit. But I only have bruising on my hip rolls from the lipo but not on any of the other areas. I also had lipo on the bra line to get rid of that roll (shown in pic 3) and it is nice and smooth with no bruising. Yay. I can't wait for my final results to come in. I am going to save up for a while so I can take myself on a shopping spree. I'm going to be one hot momma haha.

But lately I have been having really weird dreams post op. WTH? But, my tummy is really flat in all of them but they are just strange lol. One involved me being chased and I woke up a little worried because it was so vivid. Maybe that's just part of the deal when healing and taking meds.

Lol happy recovery everyone!

Day 7 post op! Very swollen but getting around...

Day 7 post op! Very swollen but getting around better. :( it's a little upsetting because my tummy isn't looking the way I know it should because its so puffed up, ugh. But on a good note my belly button looks normal and cute! I got in for my 1 week appointment today, so hopefully they explain this crazy swelling that's going on.

I'm completely of my meds. I have no pain, just a...

I'm completely of my meds. I have no pain, just a little sore with swelling still. But for the past two days I have to pee like every 30mins it seems. It's so annoying lol. Hopefully it's just the fluids exiting my body so this darn swelling will start to go down. I'm back home now (stayed with family the first week) and my home makes me feel better lol even my recliner feels better to me. Guess there's no place like home! I also made a trip to the devil's playground aka Walmart lol (I call it that because you always buy more then you need when you go in there) and got a few things before I got home. I'm still a little hunched over and my back is killing me of course, so I can't wait to stand up straighter soon. Im so glad i was able to get the drain less tummy tuck, i don't think i could have dealt with those in the beginning. Well, I hope everyone is recovering well or are getting ready for a new tummy in the near future!
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Your looking really flat in the PO pix! I know you must be thrilled with the results! The BB looks great! I still haven't seen mine yet. I hope to tomorrow. Hey we did it! So amazing'
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I need to put up more pictures because it has gone down more then this. I'm still swollen, especially from the lipo but everything is coming together nicely. I am starting to love my results!
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The increased urination could be from the pressure the swelling is putting on your bladder, or it could be a UTI. Are you peeing normal amounts when you go, or is just a little bit coming out?
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Its normal amounts. And I don't have a sense of urgency either so I figured something else was going on. I can't stand it because I have to pee eveytime I get comfortable. Ill keep an eye on it.
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Mine have been weird and vivid too. I definitely think its the pain meds. I to have cut way back, but it still feels more comfortable when I'm on them.
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I hated that! I'm off my meds completely now, but I would only take half a pill when I was in a lot of pain and a whole one right before bed to slowly get myself off of them. My first day cold turkey was a little rough because I felt nauseous but I didn't throw up so that helped. But today I'm so much better. I take Tylenol if I have any aches now.
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lol..... This is what pains meds do to some people. That was one reason i stopped taking 2 at night. I would rather be awake and uncomfortable then to wake up from nightmares!!! Hope your feeling good, happy healing!!!
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I slowed down on the pain meds as well as breaking them in half now. I was like wth is going on! Lol I have crazy dreams but not as often as I do after this surgery.
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can't wait to see your after pictures...I'm having a drainless TT on 4/23 and have been trying to find out more about it. Glad to hear you're feeling better!
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I like it because you don't have to deal with the pain from the drains and dont have to get them removed. My PS was really experiments in this procedure so I don't have overboard swelling and bruising from lip (I have swelling mostly on my hip rolls but not the other spots). I think it makes the recovery easier to be honest.
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I'm not getting lipo...my doc doesn't do TT and lipo at the same time
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Oh ok. Well yours shouldn't be too bad. If you get muscle tightening that will be the most uncomfortable. But your swelling won't be as bad because you are not receiving lipo.
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I am so glad your better today! Be glad you don't have drains! I had my TT yesterday and my PS did not give me a CG either, thankfully.
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YAY! Congrats, can't wait to see pics :) Keep us posted, mine is in 6 days so I am following recent tummy tuckers closely. Happy healing!
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Yes everything is going well, of course with some pain here and there. But my PS and his staff check up on me often to make sure I'm ok. The first day is bad but it gets better from there on out I promise. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. I would advise you to call your PS if you have ANY concerns (it would help you feel better and I'm sure they won't mind if they care about your health). I have all if my PS phone numbers to contact him at anytime. I called him 330 am one the first night and he stayed up and talked to us and even called back to see how I was doing in the wee hours of the morning. If you feel like they are ther for you, you are not as scared of the healing. I pray everything goes well for you.
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Thank you soo much! Wow what an amazing PS you have. I am a little nervous about my PS, I mean my consult was thorough, he was funny and put me at ease...but they do not have the conventional pre-op appt..so I asked for one, and although they readily gave me one and were super accommodating, I still feel a little put off by that. Also, I never got a pretty pre-op package, just some consents to print and mail back, add to that all the people who reviewed him (with 5 stars) have no pics. He has 2 pics on his site that are pretty good, but idk i'm a little freaked. Hope I get the same treatment you are getting, post op :)
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My preop was very thorough. They went through the whole process of what would be going on, going over risk factors, healing steps, medications, what to expect after surgery, and I had my preop pictures taken (ugh they looked horrible lol I never saw myself like I did in those pictures). But I really didn't have to many questions before because they went over everything. I was more concerned about the recovery. But they have been there since I left. They call me at least twice a day to check on me (I'm sure it will slow down after my second postop appointment).
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Sorry for all of the typos, I'm updating from my phone.
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I am getting my tt May 2nd with lipo of flanks and bra line. How is the pain on your bra line?
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I had my flanks, bra line, and the fat right under the armpit fold. Honestly, I don't feel to much pain it's just sore if it is touched to hard. But that part is not phasing me at all with the lipo. I did leak a lot of fluid out if the cuts though because I had a no drain tummy tuck and the fluid just came out of those I guess. I would say the most painful part is the muscle tightening if you get it.
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I am having a drainless tt also with mr. So, except for the arms we are having the same procedure.
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Just expect lots of leaking the first two days. It should be clear and red though not straight up blood. My PS called me several times my first night to make sure I was doing ok so I asked any questions that concerned me. Your stomach will look weird after surgery so don't be to alarmed with the drainless procedure if they tac your skin down.
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Ur scaring me !!! Did you ps numb your mid section ? I'm terrified even more with your update
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Yes my tummy wasn't my concern really it ached but it wasn't too bad. I was just nauseated so by my throwing up so much kept bothering my muscles which was painful but not the actual surgery itself,that is more uncomfortable then pain.
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