18 Days Post-Op...still swelling but feeling good *new pics

I have always been the chubby girl. At my...

I have always been the chubby girl. At my heaviest, I got up to 300 pounds. After spending a hot miserable July at Disney World with my 5 year old, then coming home to see my pictures and realizing how out of control my weight had gotten, I decided it was time to make a change. I have always had low self esteem and confidence. Some of this got a little better after spending a year and a half losing over 100 pounds. I came home and walked on the treadmill relentlessly everyday. Sometimes for up to an hour and a half. I also started watching what I ate and cut out sodas...but the stomach was always there. Anytime I put on any kind of tight fitting shirt that hugged my fat rolls, anytime I walked outside and the wind blew my shirt up against it. I'm tired of wearing tents for shirts and looking like I am twice as big as I am.

I still feel like the morbidly obese girl because of this stomach. I've lost all this weight and while I was in a 22 before, I'm still in a 14-16 because of it. I could fit in a 10-12 if not for it. I am tired of not feeling like I can take my shirt off in front of my boyfriend because it's embarrassing. I'm tired of tensing up when he puts his arm over my stomach when we're laying in bed, making him uncomfortable because he felt me tense up and knows I'm uncomfortable.

Even my previous relationship of 14 years and my son's father, I couldn't take my shirt off in front of him. It's embarrassing to exercise and hear my stomach flapping in the wind becuase of all the loose skin. I am over it and so ready for this. I am begging borrowing and stealing (well not stealing) to pay for this and I don't even care. I have waited for so long and can't wait to finally be able to feel good about myself after all this time and all the weight I have lost.

I am currently scheduled for April 9th and am counting down the days. I will keep all of you updated on my progress and post pictures as soon as I have some after shots. Like most, I will feel much better about posting the befores then. I wish all of you the best of luck!

Sorry...Let me give you more information about...

Sorry...Let me give you more information about myself. I will be 35 in a few weeks and have one child, 9 years old. My max weight reached 300 pounds, size 22, in July of 2007. I have gotten down to as low as 170, and am currently at 215 and wearing a size anywhere from a 12 to a 16 depending on brand. I have always been one to carry my weight really well, even at 300 pounds you would have never guessed I weighed that much. I have recently put some of the weight back on due to being happy in a new relationship and I had started eating more and stopped working out. I also quit smoking 2 months ago and have since started exercising again and walking everyday. I also broke up with Ben and Jerry...that was a difficult loss in my life. And that brings me to today...hoping to get rid of this ugly thing in front of me so I can look at my bright future and not my fat roll. Counting down the days....

Everyday I am waking up and counting down the days...

Everyday I am waking up and counting down the days I have to look at this thing attached to me. Just the idea that I am finally going to have it done, makes me feel like I am dreaming. I know my friends and family are sick of hearing me talk about it. Thank goodness for this place. I feel myself starting to get nervous and feeling like I need to start nesting already. I have lists for everything over here and a spare room full of supplies! Will this day ever get here???

March 16, 2012 Starting to get nervous for my...

March 16, 2012
Starting to get nervous for my surgery. How will this household function without me? Do I have everything I need? Ugh! I am so excited too though, it seems like the day will never get here. Looking at everyones pictures makes me feel like I'm dreaming that it will actually be happening to me. It's almost like I feel like it's not actually going to happen to the point I'm afraid the doctor will tell me he's can't do it or won't at my pre-op appt next week. Is that when they do bloodwork, cause he hasn't mentioned anything about this to me. I am finally posting before pictures. They are terrible. I try to find people with shapes like me to try and get an idea of what I'll look like after. A little over 3 weeks to go waking up with this muffin top.

March 24, 2012 So I had my pre-op appt 2 days...

March 24, 2012

So I had my pre-op appt 2 days ago, on my birthday. And I finally paid for the surgery in full yesterday. woo hoo!!! I still felt like the doctor was going to tell me I couldn't get the surgery done for some reason, I was nervous as hell going in there. My nurse was the best! She took her time going over all the paperwork, she explained step by step what to do before, what to expect during, and what to expect after surgery. Even if I hadnt already done my research, I would have left there knowing everything I needed to. I felt like I was able to stop her and ask questions at any time and she encouraged me to ask them. The doctor then came in and went over what he would be doing and what results I could expect. He even offered to lipo my vajayjay a little because it's kindof poofy and he said it would be more noticeable once my my tummy is no longer "hanging around" in the way. He has a wonderful reputation around here and so far, I can see why. The only thing I wasn't expecting was no compression garment...he said he has never had his patients wear one. It doesn't do anything to the results and it's just uncomfortable for the patient. I am so excited to see the new me! It will probably still feel like I am dreaming. Two weeks and 2 days to go! I have a stock pile of everything over here. I got gas-x, MOM, colace, protein drinks and shakes, comfy long dresses to wear around the house. plenty of pillows, healthy foods and snacks...I have a "supply box" set up and ready to go! .....just counting down :)

April 1st, 2012 One week left to go.....I am...

April 1st, 2012

One week left to go.....I am getting so very nervous. I still can't believe I am actually doing it :)

April 5th, 2012 Only 3 full days left to go. ...

April 5th, 2012

Only 3 full days left to go. Today was my last day at work. I had everyone say goodbye to my fat roll as I walked out the door....seriously. I had everyone weak. I took tomorrow off so that I could get a little grocery shopping done. I also have a massage appointment in the afternoon. I am looking forward to that, it's been a long time since I've had one. Saturday will be spent in the car bringing my boyfriends son back to his mother's house in Georgia...it's about 11 hours there and back. Sunday is Easter and we will just be relaxing around the house getting our last round of snuggling in and watching the final round of the Master's, and then Monday is my last morning waking up with this thing in the front of me. I layed in bed last night and found myself thinking OMG what am I about to do to myself. I am starting to really get scared to wake up and feel the pain. I know to keep on top of my pain meds, but I am worrying about that on top of everything else... I know I'll be alright though. I am a tough and determined woman. In between all this and my weekend coming up, I am just walking around the house "nesting". Laundering every possible blanket/thing I can find that can be washed so everthing is clean, dusting, scrubbing bathrooms....I know my loved one will be helping out, but I am anal about how I like things to be cleaned. I've been trying to slack off a little the past 2-3 weeks and let things go a little longer just to getting used to seeing it like that, but it didn't work out too well. WeLp...got all my prescriptions filled and everything I need. If I'm not ready now, I'm not gonna be. LOL Wishing all you April Tummy Tuckers and already recovering skinny girls the best. I'm sure this will be my last update until I am on the other side. :)

April 9, 2012 Today was my day. I was...

April 9, 2012

Today was my day. I was scheduled to be at the Aesthetic Center at 6:15am. I got there and was immediately brought back to my room. We went over some pre-op/post-op instructions with my boyfriend. My doctor prescribed a transderm patch to help with nausea since I have such a problem with anesthesia and always waking up choking on my own throwup, so I already had put the patch on before leaving the house this morning. They put me under a "warming blanket" which was hot as hell, but I dealt. Then the doctor came in and got me all marked up. Said he was going to lipo a few places for me too, including my vajayjay and pull up the skin nice and tight. Then the anesthesiologist came in and she was really sweet and nice. Put me right at ease. I must say my doctor and his staff have done everything possible to make this the best experience they can for me. I woke up about 11:45. It took a little longer than anticipated, probably because of the lipo, but I'm not complaining. My doctor doesn't believe in garments, he says they don't effect the outcome and are really just uncomfortable. For this reason, I was able to sneak a small peek and I like what I see so far!! My only concern is that I actually have a line down the middle like where my abs are and I'm hoping it doesn't end up looking like a butt. I'll be getting a much better idea tomorrow at my post-op appointment. As far as pain, it hurts. My stomach is so tght it's not even funny. My doctor sent me home with a catheter which he will take off tomorrow so I don't have to worry about peeing, but I am stilll up moving and walking around every 2 hours and staying on top of the pain meds. I'm about to take my first round of stool softerners and fiber supplements so I can get ahead of any problems. The doctor also sent me home with the things that go around your ankles and compress/decompress to prevent blood clots and some lovenox shots (anti-coagulant) to prevent clotting. I will start injecting those tomorrow. All in all, I am good. I told the doctor I was still scared I would wake up and the stomach would still be there and he would tell me he couldn't do it for this reason or that reason. I was even scared I would wake up in the middle fo the night last night and forget and dring some water. Can we say paranoid? Thank goodness I just got done walking around the house and can get back in the nest I prepared in my bed. Between the drains and the catheter, any movement is a fiasco! Take care everyone. I will take pics soon as I feel up to it. :)

Adding some photos....the best I could do at this...

adding some photos....the best I could do at this time :) More to come

April 10th, 2012 I have following doctor orders...

April 10th, 2012

I have following doctor orders to a TEE. I went today for my first post-op and they took the big bandage off and cleaned out my belly button and took out the catheter. Thank goodness for that catheter. Although I still got up and walked around for a few minutes at least every 2 hours, I didn't have to worry about peeing. That catheter was definitely put to use! LOL I am hurting today, but not as bad as yesterday. I notice it gets easier the more I do walk, although when I first get up it's a little rough. I can't figure out if the muscle tightening hurts more or the spots where he lipo'd and its bruising. My sides are kindof burning where he did the lipo. My stomach is looking a little crazy today, there's a couple of dimples and unevenness. But it wasn't like that yesterday and I know this can be normal. The doctor said everything looks great though. I am feeling so happy I did this right now, I can't even imagine me getting the blues over this...but I guess everyone says that so time will tell. I probably be updating tomorrow during a nervous breakdown or something. But I know this is all part of the process. My boyfriend has been a real trooper. He got up with me everytime I did last night to help get the compression things off my feet, empty all my drains and catheter, getting me crackers and water and making sure I eat before giving me pain meds so I don't get sick.. I told him before my surgery that this will show if he's a keeper for life or not. LOL We always joke around like that. But seriously though, he passed the test. :) Hope all of you are doing well. I can only imagine how great it will be once I am through with all of the recovery. patience patience patience :)

April 11, 2012 Ugh...last night was not so good...

April 11, 2012

Ugh...last night was not so good. Ate only a couple of crackers, took a percocet, and had a little soup. Guess it just wasn't enough in my stomach because i was up sick most of the night. My bf even helped me with a suppository my doctor gave me for nausea after surgery...but it didn't really help. You want to know about pain, try dry heaving all night after a tummy tuck. Needless to say, I haven't taken a pain pill since. Not even Tylenol. The pain from the surgery isn't even all that bad right now. It's the gas causing me issues at this moment. I have my colace and citrucel I am still taking, and I also have gas-x. I think I just need that first BM and I will feel much better. Friday is my next post-op with the doctor, I guess to just look over everything. He said I can take a shower that day before I come in to see him. Guess he doesn't want me rolling up in there all ripe and scaring away other patients....I don't blame him. So, no pain pills for me today and I am struggling to get food down but I will keep trying because I know I need to eat and it's part of the healing. I'm ready to be feeling normal again now, but I still wouldn't change a thing regarding having the surgery or not.

April 11, 2012 I feel so much better than I did...

April 11, 2012
I feel so much better than I did this morning. I know it's only been 2 days, but I had to cut out the pain meds. I did take 2 extra strength Tylenol a few hours ago tho, and will take some Tylenol PM tonight. Hopefully I can get some sleep instead of dry heaving all night. My wonderful mother brought my son home today and a grilled chicken sandwich. That was the first real food I have had and it was delicious! I had a little extra pep in my step after that. I also had my first BM today. I had started the citrucel and colace the day of surgery and last night the pains of having gas and having to go along with everything else....no fun. But this morning I made me a colace/citrucel cocktail, waited about 2 hours, took a gulp of MOM and followed it up with an Activia yogurt. Needless to say, it did the trick painlessly and I feel much much better. Hope everyone is doing well :)

April 12, 2012 I guess this is my 3rd day...

April 12, 2012
I guess this is my 3rd day post-op, not counting the actual date of surgery. I feel pretty good today. A little stiff and sore, but still not taking those pain meds. I don't like those at all. I've been up and about quite a bit today, even made a pot of coffee. It was my first cup since Sunday morning, I don't know how I made it this long. Anyone who knows me also knows I really wasn't feeling good if I haven't had my morning java. My drains are getting a little lighter, but I'm still putting out quite a bit. They aren't really bothering me though, my doctor put a lanyard around my neck and clipped the drains to it so they're not just dragging around. Tomorrow is my 2nd post-op appt and my first shower. I am soooo looking forward to that. It really is amazing how much of a difference a day makes. My swelling is really minimal and I really am not worried about it either. I still look waaaay better than when I had the belly. I still don't see me getting depressed or feeling down, even yesterday when I felt like crap, I still didn't regret it for a second. I am really looking forward to being back to myself and the summer. I live right by the beach and it will be so nice to actually feel like I can wear a bathing suit this year. I feel like I have all these options now....vacations in tropical places, hot tubs with my boo, not feeling like I have to cover up all the time. He's already seen my stomach more in the last few days than he has in the 3 yrs we've been together and the 14 yrs I was with my previous boyfriend. I am so excited and proud with the new me!!

April 13, 2012 Day 4 Post Op.....met with my PS...

April 13, 2012
Day 4 Post Op.....met with my PS today. He says everything looks great. A little redness around the drain site, but I should just monitor and keep putting the Bacitracin on it. Belly button is healing nicely. I am swelling a bit, but he says my swelling is normal. He was surprised to hear that I am down 14 lbs even with the swelling. I have yet to try on any pre-surgery clothes. I will wait to get rid of these drains first. They had to strip those because there was quite a bit of gunk and stringy pieces that kindof had them backed up although they are still draining. They don't really bother me that much either, but I should get them out Tuesday though....YAY! They are all quite impressed with my recovery so far. I have no problems getting in and out of the bed anymore or going to the bathroom. I took my first shower today and it felt like a million bucks! My muscles still hurt and I am still walking slightly hunched, but I can live with it. Although I feel great, I am still taking it easy in the bed and getting up just to walk, use the bathroom, or get some water. I know I'm still early in and have a long road travel but I guess I have had it pretty easy and for that I am extremely grateful.

April 14, 2012 Day 5 Post Op.....All I can say...

April 14, 2012
Day 5 Post Op.....All I can say about today is.....swole, swole, swole. I guess I am paying for that trip to the doctor yesterday, my shower, my run into subway, that 6 inch sub I ate along with 2 pieces of pizza later in the day. My appetite came back with a vengence!! I am taking it more easy today for sure, but I need to drink more fluids definitely. Also, my sides are real tender where the bruising from the lipo is. My only other concern is these drain sites that are a little red, but I am keeping an eye on it and putting the cream on. I am posting pics today so I can see me at what is hopefully my worst swelling and see where I am at when recovery is all done. Patience, patience, patience. I am still looking waaaaay better than those dreadful before shots and extremelly happy. I will be happy when I feel like a productive human being again though. LOL Still no after surgery blues :) thank goodness for that.

April 16, 2012 One week in....The last 2 days...

April 16, 2012
One week in....The last 2 days have been a little challenging for me. I have been extremely swollen and uncomfortable. Also, my drain sites seemed to get redder and I had been worried about infection. Then last night I notice that my left drain has been pulled out to the point I can see the air holes on the end of the tube that are supposed to be up inside of me sucking up the goo and the ball will no longer maintain the vaccuum seal due to the holes being exposed...do I had everything just draining right out of the drain site and the tube holding onto me by a thread. I slept for shit I was so worried about these dumb drains. I called the doctor and they had me come in this morning. So right before leaving, I went to use the bathroom and the whole drain just fell right out of me. The good news part was that since he was going to take them out tomorrow anyways, he just left that one out for now. He says the drainage sites look ok, and I have to go back tomorrow to get the other drain out. So, hopefully, tomorrow afternoon I will be drain free. These little drain sites have been burning. The bruising from the lipo is not hurting as much as the other day, but I am starting to notice hard lumps also. All of these things are no big deal according to the doctor and will go away, but it's just enough to make a happy girl go into panic mode. I am still taking it easy and walking hunched over per doctor's orders. I feel like I could walk more straight if I tried, but everytime he sees me he asks if I'm still walking a little bent and stresses the importance. I guess he would rather me walk that way as long as possible to ensure none of the muscle repair is damage....fine by me. I'll be sooooo glad when this journey is finally over :)

April 17th, 2012 Awwww man, I slept so good last...

April 17th, 2012
Awwww man, I slept so good last night. I think the combination of worrying about that one drain that fell out all night the night before, with now having it out....idk, but it was great. I went to my PS this morning and was able to get my last drain out. WOO HOO! I actually put on some pants and a shirt, the difference is so amazing and I'm swollen. I can't friggin wait until this goes away but I can definitely deal in the mean time. I have all these stretchy pants from New York and Company that look like dress pants but feel like yoga pants. I had quite a few pairs and it's what I wore to work for my desk job. I put them on and they still fit, but look so much cuter without my stomach roll pulling them all tight in the front....and it actually looks like I have a butt now that my stomach doesn't stick out farther than my ass. I already feel so much better about myself and feel like this is really going to change me for the better. Just to be able to wear clothes and feel confident that they actually fit right and I don't have to keep pulling my shirt down over my stomach or even worry about that. It's funny though, I said to my boyfriend last night to look at me in the bed. He looked over and of course looked at me like I'm crazy with a puzzled look on his face. I said to him that didn't he notice I still sit in the bed with the blankets pulled up to my boobs because I'm trying to cover up my fat roll, which of course isn't there anymore and I don't need to do that....it's an adjustment. I put my hands there and find myself constantly surprised to not find all the lumps anymore. I am really loving this! Some things that I really miss right now.... Snuggling with my son and my boyfriend....omg, he usually holds me every night and to not be able to curl up in front of him and feel his arms around me is killing me right now.....I think that followed by a steak dinner are two things I would kill for right about now. I am so sick of cereal and fruit and tuna and veggies.....I need some meat and potatoes right now, I don't even care if I swell up for that meal. And by the way, the swelling is a bitch. I feel great the majority of the day and first thing in the morning...but by the evening I feel so my pressure from the swelling, it is very uncomfortable. It's a small price to pay though.....

Day 10 Post Op Just a quick update for ya'll. ...

Day 10 Post Op
Just a quick update for ya'll. The nurse told me when I got my second drain pulled that my recovery would really speed up, and she wasn't lying. I woke up this morning virtually pain free. And by the way, getting my drain pulled out did not hurt even a tiny bit. Even the one that fell out of me the day before didn't hurt, the drain holes were slightly red and irritated, but that's about it. I have been up and about doing a little more today than usual. Straightening up around here, folding a little laundry...still no heavy lifting and I'm still walking slightly hunched per doctors orders. I also still have a little soreness from the bruising from the lipo. I am so bored sitting at home. I have been really good though and staying in bed chilling all day as not to hinder my recovery. I think it really has helped. I go next week to get the surgical tape pulled off my incision. I was supposed to be out of work until the 30th, but I am thinking about going back early and doing a half day next Thurs/Friday just to break myself back in. Actually, I feel so good today that I'm sure that is what I will be doing. :)

April 20th, 2012 Day 12 Post Op.....Feeling...

April 20th, 2012
Day 12 Post Op.....Feeling pretty good. I still have muscle soreness and am still not completely walking straight. I went to Bj's with my boyfriend yesterday and walked while leaning on the cart. Then I ventured out to Sam's club for a few small and light items and Food Lion....left the unloading of the car for my son when he got home from school. Those little trips to the store wore me the hell out. I ended up sleeping from 6pm-8pm and this whole time I haven't really been able to take any naps. I notice I was more tired today too. I was also really sore last night from all the activity. Today I took it easy but we did go out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I wanted to treat them since they have taken such good care of me. That food was delicious, but I am feeling the swollen after effects right now. I don't care though, it was good to have a real meal...I'm still not up for standing in front of the stove cooking yet. Mostly, I wake up feeling real good and pain free but end up being sore at the end of the day. My BB is still scabbed up, but it looks good. I think it looks like a real belly button. I'm hoping to get more of that hourglass figure, but i know that can take alot more time, it hasn't even been two weeks yet. I go to my PS Tuesday to get the surgical tape pulled off my incision, it will be my first real look at that. I'll be sure to post pics. Hope everyone is doing well :)

I guess this is 2 weeks Post-op, not including my...

I guess this is 2 weeks Post-op, not including my surgery date. I went today and had my surgical tape pulled off of my incision. There is a small opening or "wet spot" the doctor advised me to just put a bandaid over and replace it twice a day. The rest looks good. They gave me a grown tape and advised me to keep the incision covered with it at all times with exception to the "wet spot" for the next 3 months. My doctor does not recommend silicon strips, neosporin on the opening, or anything special. I am trusting him completely because he has a wonderful reputation so I am sure he knows best, not to mention he has yet to steer me wrong. I don't go back for another check up for 4 months and I feel really good. I still have some uncomfortable burning sensations, but nothing I can't deal with. One funny thing I have noticed, and maybe it's just my crazy self, but the couple of times I have been out since this surgery I have noticed that people seem to treat me differently...better almost. It kind of makes me sad for the old me, but I am still loving the new me! Good luck to all, you won't regret it!

16 Days PO....went back to work today for a 1/2...

16 Days PO....went back to work today for a 1/2 day. Another 1/2 tomorrow before returning back full time next week. I thought it would be good to break myself in. And I sure am glad I did. Luckily, I have an understanding manager, because I am still having to get up and walk frequently and my bladder seems to have gotten smaller. (As if it wasn't already small enough) I guess it's the same as with the stomach and those that can't eat as much, but it seems like I have to pee all the time. I'm sure the increased fluids I am still having to drink is partially to blame. I just hope people don't think I am taking advantage and getting up out of my seat more than I need to, cause I certainly am not trying to. I got really sore and stiff sitting in that chair and could feel myself hunching over more and more as the day went on. Not to mention, the bathroom is a mile from my desk, so my back got to acheing. Nothing I can't deal with though. I am glad to be back at work and not stuck in the bed....lol, for now anyways. Give it a week, I'll be ready for another vacation day probably. Other than that, everything is good here. Looking forward to all this swelling to go away so I can see my final results, wearing jeans again, snuggling with my boo, and a good long all over body stretch. Ugh, every morning I just want to stretch and have to physically stop my body from doing it. I can't wait to lay around and stretch out like a cat. Sometimes, it's the littlest things we miss alot. :)

18 Days today and feeling pretty good. I'm sore...

18 Days today and feeling pretty good. I'm sore and still swollen probably from being up and about working the last 2 days (only 1/2 days tho, so I can imagine what going back full time next week has in store), but I'm still happy. I still have yet to have my "blue" moment or even a brief moment of regret. I can't wait to be able to resume my walking and start working out! What a difference not having the stomach makes. I went to put lotion on my feet the other day, it is soooo much easier now. LOL I keep saying it though, I will be really glad when all this swelling goes away and the hardness from the lipo. I've got some knots on my sides in the love handle areas where he lipo'd an it's a little extra swollen and also right around my belly button. My hips are huge too. I keep drinking my fluids though, knowing it will only get better and better with time. For those still thinking about doing this.....do it!!!
Dr. Hubbard

My surgeon is the best. He never rushed me and encouraged questions. He told me to bring my fav underwear or bikini bottom (yeah right, like i own one of those) and he would be sure to put my insicion below that line. He called me last night to see how I was feeling and had already given me his home and cell phone numbers in case I had ANY questions. I can't say enough great things about him or his staff and I can certainly see why his reputation is so impeccable around here and why so many people have heard of hm and have nothing but good things to say. Even if I moved out of state, I would still come back to see him if I ever want or need anything else done again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Lookin good girl!!!!
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You look so good! Swelling and all!
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Looking good, and it will keep getting better, enjoy that new sexy bod!
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Congratulations on such a remarkable transformation!
U look fantastic...It has been great to read your story and pick up some tips for my upcoming TT. Best wishes for the rest of your recovery.
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Thanks Aussie Mum....one thing that was suggested that came in handy was granny panties. I bought some big ones so that they would go up comfortably above my incision line versus sitting right on it. Also, some cheap comfy cotton dresses from walmart. You definitely don't want to be messing with pants when you have those drains coming out of you...trust me! Best of luck to you!
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You look so amazing! You must be thrilled about your results thus far! I'm having my consult in June, hoping to have surgery in September. I'm down 80 pounds over the last 13 months holding steady at 205....and have been stuck there for 4 months with exercise 5 days a week and tracking every calorie! I just hope the Dr. doesn't tell me he won't do until I lose more weight! That's my biggest fear right now is the unknown!
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Thanks so much WorkingHard. I too was nervous I wouldn't be able to have the surgery due to my weight. The doctor originally told me he would LIKE me to lose about 6 lbs prior to surgery....virtually impossible because I quit smoking in January and my metabolism was at a stand still. Needless to say, I did not lose the lbs and was scared to death when I went back 2 months later for the pre-op that he would say he wasn't going to do it. But all went well, he still did it more than likely because since I lost the majority of my weight several years ago my weight has pretty much stayed steady with the exception of a few seasonal and happy lbs here and there. You will be fine....and oh so happy! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
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Thanks Bejwelme....glad to know it's not just me with the bladder thing. I swear, I would walk all the way to the bathroom, go, and wouldn't even be back at my desk 30 min and I had to go again. UGH! Since I used most of my time off for this recovery, I guess I won't have to worry about car rides this summer cause my tail will only be going to work! LOL It is well worth it though. I told everyone, I would do this all over again and pay double....I don't even care about the swelling, it's still a 100% improvement! Glad you are doing well also. I know you are really looking forward to the summer with those cute lil bikinis you have stashed over there ;)
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GLad work was OK for you it is good to have 1/2 days I wish I would have taken another week off but it is what it is. I know what you mean about your bladder I cant wait more than an hour and I have to pee, I am dreading car rides this summer, but it is what it is I guess. Maybe once the swelling goes down there will not be so much pressure there on the bladder. Keep healing and get plenty of rest tonight, rest up for Monday!
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It is funny/ well sad how people's assessment of us is based on looks right off the bat. Noone gave me much of a second look with my brown hair, now that I have dyed it blonde I have had some stop and turn around and watch me walk. Makes me uncomfortable. You look phenomenal!! Healthy and happy healing.
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Thanks for the comment uniquelynoone...I thought it was just me. It reminds me of an afterschool special or movie I saw one time where a girl dressed in a fat suit and experienced how differently people treated her when she was in it. It really is sad, were it not for this maybe I would have never felt so bad about myself that I thought I needed the surgery and would have been comfortable in my own skin...oh well, I am not trying to blame it on society...just saying. In just my two outings I have probably had more people take notice to me than in the last 6 months. Ultimately, I did this to be comfortable and happy with myself though, not to please anyone else. I am so happy that I have finally taken this step and am sure I will get used to the positive attention :O) Careful with that blonde hair, we have way more fun! LOL
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Glad you are doing well, this is weird surgery almost all surgeries they tell you do more to feel better, this one the more you do the more tired and swlollen you get, makes no sense!!!! Keep up the good healing!
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Congrats u look great
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NO MORE DRAINS!!!! :) I had my tt on April 9th and we are experiencing the same things as most of our fellow tummy tuckers. I have to keep remindning myself to be patient. Happy we are on the flat side now!!!
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Yeah for no drain!!!! I hate the no snuggling too, that is killing me!
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You're looking great in and out of your clothes! Congrats and I am happy that you got your drain out! FREEDOM:)
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You look fabulous!! Good luck with all the swelling and thanks for the support.
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Nice results
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You look Great! I wish you a speedy recovery, I will be having my surgery on April 27th
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Thanks so much and good luck to you! It's tough, but I haven't regretted doing this for myself for a second!
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You look great even swollen! Hope everything continues going as great as it has and I'm happy for you that you have never doubted your decision for the surgery. Neither have I my tummy is too flat for the blues and so is yours:)
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You are going to look fabulous! Hang in there through the tout parts and stay in touch! We should do lunch after this is all over!
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Thanks so much Lady Teri! I am so incredibly happy right now! And it's amazing how much better I feel just having my drains out now! :) We can compare tummy tuck scars. LOL
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Thanks ladies...and trust, I'm taking it easy. I'm gonna milk these boys for all the help I can get. LOL! Hope you are all doing well.
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