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3 years ago I lost 35 pounds over a year's time. I...

3 years ago I lost 35 pounds over a year's time. I also worked with a personal trainer in a small group training program for 2 1/2 years. No matter how strong and firm I got I couldn't lose my spare tire. I finally came to realize the only way to get rid of it is a tummy tuck. So I'm on my way... I am scheduled for my tummy tuck and lipo in 6 weeks. After researching and talking with friends who have had the procedure, I decided on Dr. Richard Rosenblum. He has excellent credentials and I have a reference from another client of his who was very happy with her results and her experience.
Welcome to the community.  I am happy that you started your journey with us and I look forward to hearing more from you.  

Don't forget to take your before and after pictures:)

Before pictures ....uggh...

Well I finally took my before pictures and wow are they awful! This just solidifies my resolve to get through this! I have been reading all of your stories for months and it helps so much to hear about everyone's experiences. I am nervous, but I just have to go ahead and get it done. It seems everyone has a different recovery so I'm not going to truly know what to expect until I'm there. I had abdominal surgery 2 1/2 years ago and did well recovering (although I was in a hospital on a dilaudid pump for a week). I'm hoping that's a good sign:-]

I posted pictures of me in under wear, jeans, and a bathing suit so I can compare myself after. Hope I'm pleased!! You guys will have to check back in a few months. (finger's crossed....)

I also thought I should give you some more personal info. I have been married to the same sweet, wonderful man for 32 years, I have 2 adult children, am 5 feet 4 , 165 lbs. I would like to loose another 5-7 lbs before my surgery on Oct 10. I've been real strict about my diet and keeping active. Trying to keep my mind off of this until time is here. Any suggestions about what I need is welcomed. I am going to order a hospital bed to put in living room until I can sleep in my bed. It seems the simplest way to get in and out of bed while recuperating and several of you gals have recommended it. It is also close to bathroom and kitchen, and the tv and dvr. Oh boy, I wish this would hurry up and be over....

Sorry to ramble...Take care ladies, and anyone else who is on my timeline send me note. We can do this together!
Thanks for the encouragement! I finally got my pictures up...that is not fun to look at, but i will be glad I did when I'm all healed and see the beautiful results;-)
Thank you for doing that.  You are just fine and no different than the rest of us before surgery.  Proud of you:)

Can't stop thinking about surgery....

So does anybody else find themselves obsessing about your surgery date???
I still have 5 weeks but I cannot get it off my mind! Today I went to Target and got a couple of "wife beaters" on the clearance rack, and a zip up hoody to wear home from surgery. Many of you have suggested these items and seems like good advice...I'm waiting for my pre-op appointment to get remaining items...will follow their suggestions. I would love any suggestions from those who have been through this...what you guys found helpful!

I really wish I could do this sooner. now that I have mentally committed myself, I would like to get going. Sooner the surgery is done...sooner I will recover!
Also, anyone who rented a hospital bed...how much did it run?

Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!
Yes I know how you feel, I'm even going on youtube and watching the surgery's they have posted. I will not be having my surgery until next year and I can't wait. I will be following your journey. Congrats on your upcoming surgery.
Thank you all for sending your continued words of wisdom!! I too, am having my first of two surgeries in January!! It's all I can think about!!! I'm so excited, yet scared???
I may be looking into this procedure within the next year or so. I'm also in Va beach and would love to see your results and and may even call the same dr. Good luck with your surgery :)

Pre op appointment yesterday....10 more days till surgery!

I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday and now I just have to wait 10 more days. I'm nervous, but also really want this to be over.
They gave me all my prescriptions, and my directions for before and after surgery. Thanks to all your great reviews I kind of knew what to expect. They sent me to a shop where I was fitted for a custom cg...from shoulders to knees! The thing I'm most worried about is going to the bathroom (opening in crotch) !
Do any of you girls have any experience with one of these? There is no way I will be able to remove it to go to toilet. Really nervous about having a BM (sorry..tmi)

Next week I will have hospital bed delivered, get prescriptions filled, shop for essentials and generally obsess about getting every little task completed. I know I won't be able to do much for a while so my list just gets longer!

Well, take care ladies! till next time!
Good luck I will be following your journey as well, I'm also in Va and looking for a doctor.
Hi Hun, Best wishes on your surgery!

2 days post op

Well, I made it through surgery. Everything went well and no problems. Felt pretty good until middle of the night and pain really kicked in. Every 90 minutes or so I would have to go to the bathroom and with my hubbies help getting in and out of bed I could make it to potty by myself. But it hurt! I am using the walker and it helps a lot. Yesterday, was day 2 post op and it was the worst overall. I am taking a 12 hour time release combo of percoset and acitomenophen and it seems to stop working around 10 hours. Things turned around overnight as I was able to get up and out of bed without assistance and pain is easing up. A lot of the pain has been back pain. It's like having trigger points in your back while having to bend over with searing abdominal pain.

Today has been much better and I feel I may have turned a corner. So far it has been about what I expected it would be. I hope it just keeps getting better each day.

Oh, forgot to mention..had a fever last night if 101.5. Doc said to do some deep breathing periodically. I think all the pain was causing me to breathe very shallow. It did the trick.
So glad to hear you are doing well, I am 29 days away from my surgery date. I'm equal parts excited and and nervous.
Happy Healing and i am lad to hear all is going well :)

Drains out!!!

Sorry I haven't updated lately. I'll try to be more consistent:-]
I have to say , I have had a very good recovery. Although the first 3 days were painful when getting up and around , each day I saw improvement and it was temporary. Went to see the surgeon for my first post op appointment. He took off the cg and all the extra bandages and I was shocked at how trim and firm I was! He was concerned that my cg was way too tight and had me just wear really snug yoga pants until my appointment the following week. Drains still in. He also told me to start walking as straight as I comfortably could. I felt so good walking out upright!

Over the next few days I was up and about much more. The very worst part was trying to have bm. Eventually this resolved itself, but it was not fun. That pain medicine really locks you up. And speaking of pain meds...No more since day 4 post op. Just taking tylenol, when needed.

Today is day 12 post op and feel really good. Yesterday the drains came out. Doc told me I could shower and to keep wearing the yoga pants. No cg so far.

As far as swelling goes, so far I haven't had it too bad. The first week I noticed a lot at night, but by morning it's back to normal. We'll see how it goes now that the drains are out. Hopefully it won't be too bad, but I'm realistic enough to know it's going to happen.

I'm still using the hospital bed because it's so much easier to get in and out of. Tried sleeping in bed a couple of nights ago, but wasn't comfy. Tried sofa last night, but still difficult to get up. It would be nice to return that thing. Hopefully not too much longer...

I will get some pix and post them soon. Best of luck to all of you out there recovering!
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