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Im nervous,what should i excpect at pre op...

Im nervous,what should i excpect at pre op appointment?..i have 5 children and i am 5 ft 1 inch tall at 113,i worked my booty off to lose weight and get in good shape before even thinking about this procedure.I hope to feel more confidant in my body that ive worked so hard on,the only thing holding me back in achieving the feeling of triumph is my flabby tummy.Cant believe that the day is so close.Im so anxious and nervous,Help!..lol,.Anyone else plaing the countdown game?and i could really use some tips on how to calm my nerves without a glass of wine!..thanks=)

Pre op today..im feeling much more at ease..wasnt...

Pre op today..im feeling much more at ease..wasnt so bad except the picture part,but that was to be expected. I was told to have lotts of comfy clothes,so my wonderful hunny took me shopping.Yes i have to say without having my bestfriend helping me accomplish my goals and being so supportive, i would not be able to do this..So,now i try to get all the things i can get done before next friday..It is a big list but i think its helping to stay busy...Good luck to you all;0)

Welcome to the community.  You will be fine girlie.

Good luck to you!!!!

6 days tell the big day...getting nervous!

6 days tell the big day...getting nervous!

Ok so ive been trying to keep as busy as...

Ok so ive been trying to keep as busy as possible,but my nerves are getting the best of me.Have one more prescription to pick up tomarow. Now i know why they say your meds way ahead of time..Anyhoo,my big day is Friday Feb 22nd and im excited and very nervous at the same time...P.S...hope all who are having TT's have a great and speedy recovery.i kniw thats what im hoping for..(;..Your TT friend,Stina

Ok..i could not sleep last night .guess im to...

Ok..i could not sleep last night .guess im to excited..haha..tomarrow morning this time i will be on my way to the dr office..so ready to get my tummy back.after 5 gorgeous kids, and tons of working out to get into good shape.im completely ready but very very nervous aboutvthe recovery.ive heard nothing but good about my doc and i have to say when i first met him i knew he was guna be my doc.anyhoo..im ready..hope i dont lose any weight tho,im currently at 113 at 5ft1inch tall..ive worked very hard to get n stay where i want to be..my youngest child us almost 5 so its been over a long period of time.i love this site also very informative and its also nice to talk to other women going through the same thing..(;Good luck everyone!

Today is the day..im so freakin nervous..ugghh:/

Today is the day..im so freakin nervous..ugghh:/

Thinking about you and sending you hugs.  

Thank you so much.im trying to add a photo but my internet is acting up.ill try in a bit.

Ok well im home had my first check up with PS this...

Ok well im home had my first check up with PS this morning.he took off my bandage and said it looks good.pretty swollen but good.no drains either and im pretty happy bout that..just here in my recliner taking pain meds and colace and metemucil.anyhoo..im excited to see the final results..going to watch a movie and relax..xoxo
Happy Healing to you! :) I had mine done the day before so no what you're going through.
Oh thx,today i acsually showered unassisted which was so nice but a little difficult.slowly but surely im feeling better.hope your doing good;)
Showering makes you just feel so much more "normal". I am about to embark on my shower for the day soon as well. Better late than never. It's a process as you know, but feels so nice to be all clean and change clothes. Time to find a new pair of sweats. :) Hope you are able to enjoy the weekend and feel better and better each day!

Ok,so im pod11 today.been having burning feeling...

Ok,so im pod11 today.been having burning feeling on my left side,doc said its prolly the nerve..anyhoo,hopefully it will resolve itself in time.im still very early in the healing process..anyhoo,went to doc and got that big ster strip revoved and the stitches on each side along with my BB stitches.Now i can see my tummy and its looking good besides all the swelling..im pretty excited but wish i could do more.Im going to be patient though cause i want to heal nicely.

Not prolly,but it is the nerve.i have been very...

Not prolly,but it is the nerve.i have been very gratefil to have such a wondeful doctor.hes very good at asnswering my questions and listeningto all my concerns.He is just wonderful,and if i ever wanted anything else,i would not hesitate to go back..(;
Your doing and looking great!!! Happy healing
Thank you soo much!
Looking better and better each day!! :) Congrats!

6 1/2 weeks po....im kinda feeling blah about not...

6 1/2 weeks po....im kinda feeling blah about not being able to wear my jeans for a long period of time but atleast i can wear them right!..ive gained a few pounds or is it still swelling?!...who knows,but i have started running or rather jogging again.im working my way to three mile runs four times a week but for now im taking it slow..(;..i am already at two miles and plan on doing that for the rest of this week, and slowly doing more.BIG WORDS,listen to your body.I have also been doing some small weights after my runs,it feels great to be getting started,i just really want to be back to the normal me again.i still get aches in my abbs if i do to much and i have found that if it wasnt for the Gold Gym stomach wrap i wouldnt be able to run.it really helps hold you in..best 5$ ive spent in a long time..hahahaha..well,thats all for now..cant wait to be all done with the healing..happy healing friends.
WTG StinaMarie !!!! Ohhh how cool too see your new pics!!! You have come a long way!! Thank you for letting me know that you are a bit ahead of me and still have those spasms to me they feel like labor contractions, mild ones but they just don't stop ... You amaze me that you girls are already exercising- I've walked a few miles on my treadmill & thank god I have a best friend who has been so kind & understanding cause I'm sure I must be driving her bonkers with my complaints!!! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!!! You are a full wk ahead of me, I'm trying to stay positive thank goodness for all of you who have been honest and answered so many of my questions !!! Your bb looks great!!! Mine still looks weird! You have a great PS!!! Thank you thank you thank you !!! Xoxo
Thx so much..I love this website it has helped having other women who are going through the sane things ,to talk to...I am going to have before pics as soon as I go for a check up..I didn't have the nerve to take those myself..lol..keep in touch..you are looking amazing..(;..oh and if it weren't for the GoldGym waste band I don't think I could run.my doc never gave me a binder after surgery..I started my slow jogging at 6 weeks..just listen to your body and you will be fine(;
You look fantastic! Is this the waist trimmer belt that you are using? Just making sure I buy the right thing. I want to start back up with jogging but I jiggle and I swell up...
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