Still Healing

After 10+ years of contemplating a nose job, I...

After 10+ years of contemplating a nose job, I finally started looking into it this year. t's been an exhausting (and educational) process so far, but I am finally ready for my surgery! I tend to write a lot... so if you feel like reading super long amateur blogs, feel free to join me on my journey from humped, wide, bulbous tip nose, to something more feminine.

Lets start with my search for a doctor. I went to 4 consultations total. After a few days searching the internet, I got a consultation with a Dr. right away in Newport News. I won't say his name, but I think all his google reviews were fake! I was rushed during the consultation, the staff was borderline rude, and he didn't seem to enjoy his job. Um, yeah... not the kind of people I want cutting into me and having complete control while I'm asleep!! Next, I tried Dr. Carraway. Super knowledgeable guy! The consultation was rushed (I talked to him a total of 5 minutes before he was told another patient was waiting, and he left), and his nurse was extremely rude, but the surgery scheduler was friendly and answered all of my questions that the Dr. didn't have time for. I hoped that the Dr. and his staff would have more time for me at the next appointment because when I found out I could actually afford him if I took a cancellation, I was excited! As far as I can tell, he has a good reputation, and I was impressed with his knowledge. I was told I was first on the list for a cancellation appointment. She made it sound like cancellations happen all the time, so I waited a few weeks. Then I tried calling, but of course the scheduler wasn't in. I tried emailing and calling a few more times with no answer from anyone. I waited about 2 months, but never heard anything. So, I stared my search again. All I can say about Dr. Caraway is he is expensive, but they have all these discounts that make it easier (like if you get it done in the summer, or if you take a cancellation apt.). I think if they called me now and offered to do it for free I would turn it down. Who wants such a flaky and rushed office to do such a life altering surgery?! Not me!! They totally wasted my time. I could have recovered from a nose job by now. Also, the few before and after pics that the assistant showed me were very old. That made me a little uncomfortable. I want to know that my Dr. has done this surgery for years, and has done it recently. Anyway, I then searched this site for reviews on doctors because I was overwhelmed with all the options in the Virginia Beach area (and no longer believed the google reviews I was reading). I found one girl's review on Dr. Siegel from realself, and decided that was a good place to start. Dr. Siegel seems like a very nice guy. The staff was friendly, and he seemed knowledgeable. He has an in office surgery center that is certified just like the hospitals around here. I don't know all the technical terms, but I did learn from all my consultations, that in office surgery= a great way to save money! When you compare anesthesia costs for hospitals to anesthesia costs to the in-office surgery centers, it is about half the cost for the exact same job. Anyway, I did like Dr. Seigel and I was going to go to him, not just because of the amazing price, also because a friend of a friend knows him personally, and assured me he is a good guy. I went back to Dr. Seigel a second time and really had a hard time deciding what to do! I finally decided to see an ENT specialist as my last consult to compare what he said to the general plastic surgeons I had seen before.

Dr. Deutsch is the doctor I decided on in the end. My consultation was not rushed at all. In fact, he talked to me long after all my questions were answered. He personally showed me before and afters of old and recent surgeries he preformed. I could tell he enjoys his job and cares about what his patients feel and think. Everyone on his staff has been wonderful so far! Dr. Deutsch does cost more than most the other doctors I saw (Note: this is not because of the surgeon fee, as his fee was very reasonable, this is because Dr. Deutsch's surgeries are done in a hospital and hospital fees are crazy!). It was a very hard choice because I have saved up for 4 years, and it was tempting to have some money left over, but in the end, I decided I couldn't let money sway my decision. I went with the Dr. that I felt the most comfortable with. Also, the Dr. did his best to get quotes from local hospitals and find me the lowest estimate. I really appreciated that as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use him unless I wanted to go out of my budget.

I have one more appointment before the surgery, but I feel completely at ease. I wish I could do this tomorrow. Luckily, l only have to wait a few more weeks!!

1 Week to Go! Still deciding if I want the profile to be straight or slightly sloped...

Today at my appointment, we talked more about what I want. The only thing I can't decide, is to slope, or not to slope?! The Dr. said I can bring in a pic the day of surgery to show him just how straight or sloped I want the profile to be.

I like a slight slope on other girls, but I am not sure if it will look right with my face shape. While watching 24 the other night (the older ones, as I am just now jumping on the 24 bandwagon!), I was telling my husband how cute Kim's aka Elisha Cuthbert's, nose is. He laughed and said he was just thinking how strange it is, and that the new rule is... he has to approve the nose I am going for, since he also has to look at it the rest of our lives. Fair enough. I wouldn't want him to drastically change anything about himself without my opinion on it either. Anyway, I know its not your typical barbie nose, but I like the slight piggy/ski jump look on her. I believe she has had a nose job since the show as her nose is more narrow and less slope like in recent pics, but either way, I would gladly take her old or new nose.

It is my opinion that the slight slope makes one look more youthful. I think if I had a slight slope I would be very happy about it when I am older, but I am not sure if I want that for this decade. I am 30, and was recently asked if I had my parent's permission to take a sample at Costco lol! Granted, I am fair-skinned with acne, and I wasn't wearing any makeup, but still, do I want to look even younger? Do you think a sloped nose takes a few years off your appearance?

I will add some more before/after computerized photos and maybe you can help me decide. Again, I am not an expert at photo editing, so I hope my nose turns out much better than these photos, but if just focusing on the bridge and ignoring the nostrils and tip, does the computerized image look too sloped? Not enough? My husband says it looks pretty straight and he wouldn't call it sloped, so now I am wondering if my idea of sloped is also different than the Doctor's.

Opinions are welcome!

One. More. DAY!!

I called the Dr. yesterday in hopes of getting an email address so I could send pictures. I started freaking out thinking that maybe I wasnt clear enough at my last appointment. Maybe he didnt really know what I wanted. I decided I would send him some pics and make sure he could SEE what I wanted. Yesterday his staff told me there was no email and I couldn't send him pics. I was a little distraught as I did not want to show him really quick before surgery and hope he remembers. I wanted him to see the pics today and really study them in advance. Luckily, being the caring Doctor he is, he called today and gave me an address to send my pics to. Wheew, now I can relax! I've done all I can do and it is in his (and His, meaning God's lol) hands now. I have triple checked my list of things for recovery and I am so ready to do this! 5 am can't come soon enough. I am fairly grumpy in the morning, but I have a feeling I will be all smiles tomorrow!!

Day 1. You don't even "nose" how happy I am right now!!

My surgery went really well. Recovery however, was rough. Even though I told the hospital that I had nausea from anesthesia in the past, they waited til I started throwing up before they gave me the patch behind my ear. When that didn't work, they put some anti nausea meds in my iv, and 2 hours later when I threw up again, they gave me a second kind of anti nausea med. Finally I felt better. I was in recovery from 11 ish until 3. I do not know if that is normal, but it seemed to take forever for my tummy to calm down. For those of you who are afraid of sneezing or throwing up, don't worry! My face was so numb and my nose was so packed that I did not feel a thing. In fact each time I threw up I felt better and better. It was all blood that I was throwing up, so I was happy to get it out of my stomach.

I've been home for many hours, I have had a variety of food (avacado, hummas/chips, juice, popsicle, and lentil veggie soup. I feel like I could eat almost anything right now, but I am trying to take it easy and eat mostly soft food because again, I am on pain meds so I can imagine I am not helping my nose heal by eating crunchy, chewy, or hard food. If I was not on pain meds I am sure my nose would hurt with each bite!

Cons: I am still coughing up blood. My upper teeth hurt. I don't know if it was from the tube or from the surgery, but all of my top teeth are sensitive and feel a little loose. When I get up to use the bathroom or eat, my nose starts bleeding again (apparently normal, but still... not fun!).

Other than all that, I feel almost normal. This is not nearly as bad as I expected. Unlike some people on here, my Doctor ordered the packing be taken out while I was in recovery, and I am glad he did. I am easily able to breathe and I can taste just like normal. This is surprising to me, as I expected I would be unable to taste food and lose a few pounds, but oh well. I am just happy I don't have to breathe through my mouth while sleeping!

I am not a medicine person. I hate taking meds and usually avoid taking them if I can. This is mostly because I am very in tune with my body and I like to experience my symptoms so that I do not over exert myself thinking all is fine. It may also have something to do with childhood memories of being forced to take yucky medicine. Also, I do not like taking pills. I am a baby when I have to swallow big pills, so I asked for my prescriptions to be in liquid form. The hydrocodone/ bitartrait stuff is easy to take. I have not started the antibiotic yet, but the pharmacist told me it is going to taste awful, so maybe I should have gotten the pill form of that, but too late now!

My splint comes off on Thursday, but I will probably update on here once before then. I just "nose" this is going to be worth it! Hahaha

Day 2

Today was not as wonderful as yesterday, but still not as bad as I imagined it would be. My nose is no longer numb. It was wonderful yesterday when I pretty much couldn't feel my face. I slept through the night and did not wake up to take my pain med. When I woke up this morning I could feel some pain in my nose. I was not in enough pain to make me immediately want my medicine though. I took my time waking up, using the bathroom, and changing out my gauze strip that I keep under my nose when I'm up walking around. I have not been taking my pain med every 4-6 hours as suggested so that should tell you the pain is bearable! I would say it is a 4 out of 10 when I am off the meds. My top teeth still hurt more than my nose does.

Still very little bruising and swelling. I am putting the arnica gel on every few hours and I have been really good about icing when I'm awake. For ice packs, I bought some little sponges (found in the cosmetic area of walgreens/walmart/rite aid type stores. I got them wet and put each one in a plastic bag. They work perfectly because as they defrost on your face, they don't drip all over, they just suck the water back up. When done with them, I just throw back in the freezer and they refreeze really fast!

From what I can see of my nose, the nostrils are very uneven. Thanks to all the blogs I've read on here, I know that is normal and that I should not worry. Things are going much better than I thought they would. Mostly I just miss my dog! He had to go to a sitter for the week so I could recover with out having to worry about him. He is still very young and likes to jump and be playful at times, so I thought it would be easier on me if I didn't have to worry about him. I do wish he was here to cuddle with and entertain me though! Reading would be my normal choice of activity when sitting around the house, but I find it difficult because I am supposed to keep my head raised and when I read I tend to bend my head down which causes the bleeding to start up again.

I have been using neosporin on my stitches multiple times each day, but I have not yet started the saline solution because I don't know how. I am supposed to squirt it up my nose, but how do I do that if my nose is bleeding? I imagine that it is going to be all bloody and full of saline solution, and I will want to blow my nose, but I am not supposed to. Any advice about the saline solution would be helpful!

Ill add a pic. I can't believe I am not all black and blue, but maybe because my eye sockets are normally very dark and hallow looking, so as they swell, the dips are being filled in.

Day 3 and 4

Not sure what day this is. I was counting Friday the 30th as my first day as the surgery was so early in the morning, but I guess technically, this is only day 3. Still no black or blue to be seen. I'm just yellow and puffy. I was able to skip a few doses of pain med before, but today that is not possible. I hurt enough to stay on top of it. My top teeth still hurt, but I have been avoiding crunchy and chewy foods so they are getting better. Brushing my teeth has been a challenge as my top lip is so swollen and it is painful to get the toothbrush up in that area, but as long as I take pain meds first, I can do it.

The splint on top of my nose is lopsided, as are my nostrils. I was not worried about this originally, as I read about many other people who had lopsided nostrils and then as they healed they became symmetrical, but I am starting to worry about the splint. I do not know why the doctor would put it on lopsided. I wonder if the splint is helping to form the shape of the nose or if it has nothing to do with how the shape will turn out. Anyone know? I tried to call my doctor's office today and ask about if this is normal, but the lady in the office sounded confused, and was basically no help.

The pain meds really upset my stomach, so I have found that I have to eat something each time I take them. Since I can taste just like normal and my appetite is very normal, I can tell I am going to gain some weight (if I haven't already). I do not normally care much about my weight, but it seems strange to sit and lay around for days at a time. I feel so unhealthy. Still, this is all worth it!!

My dog comes back home tonight! I will not be able to move around enough to play with him or take care of him, but at least he will be here to entertain me and snuggle. My husband has been so sweet through all of this, and I am extremely blessed that he has had time take care of me. He went back to work today, but I have been fine on my own.

Day 4

Walking around a bit more. I can tell my husband and mom are tired of waiting on me, so I am trying to do more things myself. I only took one dose of pain meds today and I feel just fine. The tip of my nose is numb today and my tip teeth don't really hurt anymore. The really good news is, the doctor called yesterday and eased all my fears about my lopsided splint and nostrils.

Yawning Hurts!

The bad news is, yawning does hurt. The good news is, nothing else hurts. I can fully feel my nose now (maybe because I am 100% off drugs?!), and the splint/cast thing on top is starting to get annoying, but I am not in any pain.

I can't stop yawning! I worry that it is ruining my nose when I yawn because it makes my nose get all wide, but I am sure it is not as bad as I am picturing. Today I have been laying in my own bed (still propping myself up on extra pillows). Even though my reclining couch is comfortable, there is nothing like your own bed! I took a bath yesterday and that helped me feel a little more like myself. I feel drained but I am just so happy that I can walk around and do things all by myself. I can do basically anything I used to do except I do everything very carefully and slowly. I know my husband will be happy when he gets home from work as I have been so needy the last few days.

I still cant really smile and my face is a bit puffy, but if the cast was off my nose, I could probably go out into public today with a little make-up and not feel self conscious. Tomorrow is an exciting day! Just like most other people on here, I realize that it is not going to be perfect and it will be very swollen, but I figure it can't be any worse than it was before. Basically, it feels like there is something heavy resting on my nose and my nose feels dry and cold (inside and out). I hope that helps give some of you an idea of what day 5 is like ;)

Cast Off

I will give all the boring details so some of you know what to expect on this exciting day. ;)

By the time I woke up this morning, I could not wait to get my splint/cast off. It started to get annoying yesterday and the stitches were ready to come out as well. I got to my appointment 20 minutes early, but sadly, I waited 40 minutes past my apt time before I got to see the doctor. I have to say, getting the stitches out was the worst part. It seemed each stitch embedded into my nose. I used lots of neosporin over the week, but apparently not enough to make the removal of the stitches an easy process! Next, the doctor removed the sticky part under the splint, and that felt pretty good. Removing the splint as he went, I thought it was simple until he got to the tip of my nose. It was so stuck that when he pulled it off, it was like my nose grew like 3 inches. My eyes watered, but again, it was nothing compared to getting the stitches out. I would say the stitches were the worst part of this whole process (aside from when I was nauseous after the surgery), so all things considered, I would do this again if I had to.

When he handed me the mirror, I thought I had prepared myself for the worst. I pictured a very swollen and very uneven nose, but as I looked, I had to hold back some tears. I was surprised! The tip was like a balloon, and to make things worse, there were some large red zits and my nose was all shiny from just being cleaned. I think that is what threw me off. I wasn't expecting so many changes all at once. I looked for a few seconds and then gave the mirror to the doctor. I did not want to see it anymore. I decided I would avoid mirrors for the next few days while the swelling went down lol. But, that idea didn't last long because I really wanted to see what side by side comparisons would look like, so I started taking pictures and staring in the mirror when I got home. After looking past the thick, swollen, zitty, skin, it's growing on me!

When the splint first came off, it felt like I had a Rudolph nose. It was throbbing and hot and sore.
It still throbs off and on.
It feel very sticky and dirty even though it has been gently washed 3 times now.

I already like the profile.
I can tell the hump is gone because it used to kind of obstruct my vision at certain angles.
Even though it is far from my dream nose at this point, I think it already looks like it could be a nose I was born with, so even if the swelling doesn't go down, I could live with it :)

Not Much Change :(

I made myself get dressed, put on some makeup and go to church today, but other than that... I think I will hide out for the next few days until I have to go back to work. Although I am physically able, I am uncomfortable going out into public just yet. I do not think any of the swelling has gone down since I got the cast/splints removed.

I know I need to be patient and yes yes, I know the swelling will go down with time, but I have to admit, I did not think I would be embarrassed to run into people I know at this point. Maybe I set my expectations too high, but I do not want people to see my scar from the stitches and notice my swollen nose as I look very different than usual! I am worried someone will figure out what I did (only immediate family and a few friends know... And anyone who is reading this haha).

I guess I am starting to feel more like myself but it is really strange to wonder what my nose will look like every time I walk by a mirror. I mean, I did not like my original nose, but emotionally, things were better when I always knew what I would see reflecting back at me, even of I wasn't happy with it. I don't look like me and I look different every day, and I have found that difficult to deal with. Guess I'm getting all deep and negative lol... I probably just need some sleep!

Good night fellow rhinoritas!

Still Swollen

Not much has changed since my last post, expect that feel like my old self. Emotionally I mean, I am back to normal. :) Despite a slight scar from stitches, I am able to go out without make-up like I used to, and I've stopped obsessing about my nose and other's noses like I was for a few days there lol.

My nostrils are still very uneven and I don't want to post a pic of them because it makes me sad, so instead, I will post pics that hide the nostrils and show the parts of my nose that I do like. It's getting smaller each day and that is exciting!

Im Freaking Out! Help help!

Ok this is not about my nose. This is about a crazy hospital billing issue!! If anyone is in the medical field or has had a similar thing happen to them, please help ease my mind...

I've already paid my surgeon fee, hospital fee, and as far as I know I only have the anesthesia fee left to pay. I called the hospital today to pay it off. I assumed it would be close to the estimate my doctor gave me (so I'm thinking it is going to be between 1k-2k). The automated billing machine tells me my balance is over 37K. What. the. F?! I break down into tears, and start frantically trying to reach an actual person. I finally do, and she basically tells me this is the itemized total and that this sounds normal for a rhinoplasty, but that I should calm down because I havent even receive a bill from them yet. What? I thought the average cost of a rhinoplasty is like $6k. Second, I can't calm down because now I might owe the hospital almost 40K dollars!! I asked her to read me the name and costs of each item because something must be wrong, and she tells me that she is not a medical specialist and she will not try to pronounce these medical terms. UGH :( I don't understand. So, Im in tears trying to talk and figure this out... maybe someone stole my identity... maybe they mixed my account up with another persons? Again she tells me it looks right to her, and that I can apply for assistance if I want. In the end I really didn't get much help.

My insurance will not cover any of my surgery since it was only for cosmetic reasons. Why would my bill be so high? I don't think my dr/his billing department would quote me wrong, and his original estimates sounded very normal compared to the other consultations I went to. Will the cost go down when the hospital sees that this is self pay and insurance will not be helping? I saved up for the last 5 years just so I could pay this off all at once and not go into debt. This is scary. I no longer care about my uneven nostrils, nor do I care if my nose ever looks cute again, I just don't want to owe that kind of money!

Old Nose, New Nose

I thought I would make myself feel better by comparing pics of my old nose to my new nose. I hardly recognize my old nose! I think I look very different now. I love that my nose is now rounder, shorter, and has no hump. Yes, it's still a bit too round and swollen but looking at the pics helped me realize I would rather have this nose for the rest of my life than go back to my old nose! I am so glad I did this.

Stilllll Healing

I went to a my one month check up a few days early because I was worried about my nostrils. My doctor really helped to ease my mind about both my hospital billing issue and my nostril issue. He reassured me that he personally spent time getting me quotes from local hospitals, so he knows what I was originally quoted, and I will not be paying a 40K bill! I feel much better knowing my doctor is not going to make me deal with this on my own. Other doctors could just claim that what the hospital bills is not their problem, so I am very thankful!

As for my nostrils, I have to wait it out. I agree with my doctor that I should wait and see what happens as it is still so early. He mentioned I could try a steroid shot in the future if things don't balance out naturally, and if the shot doesn't work, he will have to do a touch up by taking a small chuck of skin out between my nostrils, stitching it up, and then as it heals, one nostril will get smaller and one will get bigger. I do not want to do that, so I will be walking around with uneven nostrils for probably the next few months trying to wait on things to heal naturally. I still think this nose (even if the nostrils stay like this) is wayyyy better than my old nose.

There were a few dissoluble stitches inside my nose still, so he removed them. I didn't realize that was what was tickling my nose this last week. It felt great to get them out. I swear I could breathe even better! Also, the scar under my nose where the non dissoluble stitches were taken out 1 week po, is a bit bumpy and swollen. He suggested I use a silicone cream to help smooth it out. I just got some, but it says use for 6-8 weeks, so I'm not expecting fast results.

Not much has changed from the front view, but I did not want that to change much anyway. I look very much like my old self from the front, except my nose might be a little more narrow (and will be even more narrow in a few months). My profile was the main thing I couldn't stand and now I love it. Hooray!

Ill post some front view pics. You can see the difference between my nostrils, but luckily, I am short, so most people don't really see them unless I look at the sky or something hahaha.


Here are some tips I picked up through my research, as well as things I experienced myself that I wish I had known years ago. A lot of this has to do with money because I feel like I wasted some time and money trying to figure out who to go with. If you have insurance to help you out, most of this will not pertain to you. I like to ramble when I write, and I am not a perfectionist with punctuation, so please forgive all my errors!

1. Some doctors give free consultations and some don't. Do not waste money going to a consultation unless you are already pretty sure that is the doctor you want. Look at the before/after photos and research the doctors education and experience first if at all possible. Sometimes before the consultation you can ask what the doctors average cost is to give you a better idea of what you are in for (this was always embarrassing for me, but why pay for a consultation just to find out you cant afford the surgeon?!). You will be surprised to find out the differences between each doctor and some of the silly charges they come up with to make money. One doctor wanted to charge an extra $800 mandatory fee to stay in a hotel next to the surgery center for one night and be monitored by a nurse. When I explained I live about 10 minutes away and would rather be taken care of by family, they said I would have to pay this fee even if I didn't stay in the hotel! Don't put up with crap like that. If there is any kind of pressure or something that makes you uncomfortable, don't settle! There are so many options out there!!

2. On that same note... Cost has nothing to do with quality. I have talked to (and seen) girls who paid over 10K and were very upset with the results. On the flip side, I went to a consultation with a dr who was only going to charge 4K and had great reviews, beautiful before/after pics, and a really happy patient on this website. You do not want to pick a surgeon based on cost alone, but don't pass up a doctor just because they aren't greedy! There are some skilled, honest, and inexpensive doctors out there, you just have to search!

2. The whole ENT specialist vs Plastic Surgeon debate is never ending. In my case, I decided to go with someone who was double certified to put my mind at ease. I have seen wonderful reviews for both, so I recommend you pick based on the overall education and experience of a doctor vs. just a title.

3. As I stated in my review, I was surprised to find out that surgeries in an in-office surgery center seem to be a lot less expensive than surgeries in hospitals. I found that most surgeons around here charge between $2K-6K for the surgeon fee regardless of where the surgery is done. Its all the other fees that really add up. Maybe the hospital costs around here are higher than in other cities, but my hospital fees were way more than my surgeon fee. I saw one reviewer who stated her anesthesia cost was $100.00 ish, where as mine was negotiated down from 2K! Anyway, at least around here, I recommend finding a reputable in-office surgery center over a hospital any day (if your surgeon gives you the option.)!

4. Decide what kind of packing/recovery style you want and pick a doctor accordingly. After reading hundreds of reviews and talking to other rhino-ritas in person, I've discovered each surgeon has their own style as far as how they like to tape, pack, splint, and bandage you up. Some doctors put splints inside your nose, some put a splint on the outside. Some doctors tell you to tape for weeks or even months and some doctors think taping is pointless. Some doctors want to check on you often after surgery (like day 2 PO, 1 wk PO, 2 wk PO...), where as some want to see you to get the cast off and then you are on your own for a month or two.

My doctor had my packing removed as soon as I woke up from surgery. I had dissolvable stitches inside my nose and non dissolvable stitches outside my nose. I had only a hard splint on the outside and some tape. I know all of that is not the case for everyone on here. After the splint was taken off at week one, I was not told to tape. Of course, my nostrils are not even, and I can't say if that has anything to do with tape vs no tape or not having splints inside the nose, but I'm just saying, figure out what you want before you pick a doctor. I am really happy my doctor took the packing out right away as sleeping up-right and drugged up was hard enough. If I had to add breathing only through my mouth to my recovery, I don't know if I would have made it through the week! Ask about this stuff!!

5. You may hate your new nose for weeks (or according to some, MONTHS!) before you love it! I must have read all the wrong blogs before my surgery because I was under the impression that when the cast was taken off, I would at least like my nose. I knew it would be swollen and that it wouldn't be perfect, but I really thought it would be close to perfect. I was shocked when I saw how balloon like the tip was, all the zits that had come up because of the tape, and how humongous and hard it felt in general. Had I known I would have to live life for almost a month feeling less than thrilled about my nose, I would have taken more time off work and I probably would have scheduled my surgery for winter so I could hide out easier. My nostrils are still uneven, I have a bumpy swollen spot where my stitches were under my nose, and the part in between my nostrils is a little crooked. Those things bother me, but I can say that I am still happier to have this nose than my old nose. Basically, just be ready to have a love/hate relationship with your new nose!

6. Every recovery is different!

Don't compare your journey to others or you will probably end up bummed in some way. Some of us don't get bruises, and some of us look like we were in a boxing ring. Some of us have a lot of swelling for a long time, and some have almost none. Some of us have crooked noses, and some get the cast off and already look like a barbie! You never know what your journey will be like, but I guarantee there will be ups and downs. It is an emotional process -much more than I expected. Sometimes its a very positive emotional process and sometimes a negative one. Just try to enjoy the roller coaster ride!


My nostrils are finally starting to even out, but they are still very differently shaped. One thing I am sad about is as the swelling goes down, my nostrils get bigger. Before this procedure, my nose was very straight and the nostrils were symmetrical so a crooked looking nose is hard to get used to! The thing is, it isn't crooked... Not the bone part anyway. The lopisded nostrils and the section between the nostrils is like an optical illusion that makes my nose look crooked at certain angles. I know that I am the only one looking at all the little details (aside from all my fellow nose obsessed friends on here lol), but I really hope it all straightens out more, and soon! I hate that I paid all that money and went through recovery and still have to walk around feeling self conscious of my nose at times. If it doesn't even out naturally in the next few months I will have to get it touched up by my doctor which means a little cut and a few more stitches. Eeek! The stitches were the worst part for me as far as physical appearance and when they were taken out. Prayers that God will heal me up more symmetrical like (w/ out using the doctor) would be much appreciated!! On a positive note, my nose is getting a lot more narrow on the sides and I still love the profile 20x more than my old nose. Maybe I just can't have it all?! We shall see...

Front Comparison

I used to edit my nose in almost every pic, so it is hard to find a true before pic of me. I think this one looks like my natural nose. If I did edit it, I did a crappy job lol. I can see my nose is shorter and less harsh looking. It is rounder and softer and if the swelling would just go away, I might like the front as much as I like the side profile. I have a wedding at the end of this month, so I really hope it gets more definition and more symetrical before then! I wonder if my old college roommates will notice?!

Facing Reality

Today is an emotional day for me. I finally faced the fact that I will have to do this all over again. I am going to have to have a revision in the future, and after two consultations, it sounds like it will have to be an open rhinoplasty again. I really did not want to go through this process twice. I mean I guess I dont have to do this again, but since I hate my new nose more than my old nose, I dont feel I have a choice. It is devestating to have friends and family tell me "its not that bad". I mean I love honesty, but I paid thousands for this nose. I want to hear its "pretty, or cute, or much better"!

I am heartbroken. I did a lot of research, and thought that I picked a great doctor. He is an ENT and board certified in plastic surgery. I liked his before and after photos, and I really felt like he cared about his patient's results the first time I met him. Since then, and since the surgery, I have seen different sides of him (a rushed and doesn't have time for my questions side, and a not so confident side).

Over the last few months, I have been hopeful. Because of all the swelling, it was easy to tell myself my nose would eventually get narrower, smaller, and the nostrils would even out some how. 4 months later and it is actually getting worse. Since getting a few steroid injections, some swelling has gone down... just enough to see there is a dent on the top left of my nose and below that there is a large lump of cartilage. My nose looks so lumpy and bumpy now. Ever since I got the splint off, I have been worried about my nostrils. The columella was not straight and my right nostril was bigger and a different shape than my left. That has not changed. Now I have 3 or 4 issues that need fixed, and I wonder about what else will be revealed as the swelling goes down. With my original nose, at least it was straight and my nostrils were symmetrical.

My original doctor offered to do a touch up and try to straighten out the columella and do an alar base graft (or however that is worded) to support the left nostril that is collapsed and has a notch in it. But, I have gone to see a few other doctors in the mean time because I am not sure I trust the original doctor to do the touchup. Add to that, unless I want to pay more outrageous hospital fees, the touch up would have to be in office (no anesthesia, just numbing meds and some drugs :/) I dont think I can handle that. I dont think my doctor messed my nose up on purpose. I think he is a good person and has obviously made other patients happy with his work. I guess I am just one of the 5% everyone talks about that for one reason or another, has to get a revision. My original doctor did not sound confident to do the touch up for me, and was saying things that felt like he was trying to talk me out of it... that makes me both angry and nervous. On one hand I feel he should fix what he did, or at least make it better, but on the other hand, I do not want to take the risk. It could actually end up worse!

So, I guess I will be waiting about 8 months to get a revision with a more experienced doctor, which, on the plus side, gives me time to save up again, but on the down side, makes me want to cry. I am beyond shocked that this turned out worse than my natural nose. I didnt have any breathing problems and really it seemed like an easy fix according to all the consultations I went to.

I have been posting some of my better photo angles because this is embarrassing and I really thought my nose would turn out better than it has, but it is time to face the facts, and be honest about this. Here are some updated pics. Its not a good angle on anyone, but it really shows the issues Im having. I do not recommend Dr. Deutsch because I think my nose has more issues now that before surgery and because he doesnt seem to care.

Let me end on some positive points: I do like my right side profile more than my old right side profile. I do not have any breathing problems (although, I didn't to begin with). And finally, this is not some kind of inoperable disease, it can and will be better someday :) I am excited for the day I can look in a mirror or walk down the street and not think about my nose at all!! I don't need a cute little perfect nose like I once hoped for, all I want now is a more symmetrical nose without any lumps or bumps.
Norfolk Facial Plastic Surgeon

I believed this was the best doctor (for me) out of all 4 consultations. He is an ENT and board cert. plastic surgeon, and I could not find any bad information about him anywhere. At the consultation, I got the impression that he is intelligent, really enjoys his job, and cares about each patient's satisfaction. My second appointment with him was a bit rushed, but he was more than willing to answer questions and look at pictures in the week before surgery when I contacted him. My post op appointments have been disappointing. I always feel rushed and a lot of my questions have gone unanswered. There are some issues that need fixed, and more seem to appear as the swelling goes down. I do not know if it is just how my nose healed and some bad luck, or if the doctor made mistakes.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Did the unexpected hospital bill ever get resolved? Just a error on in billing? Sorry to hear that you'll need a revision but you have lots of support here on this site. Best of luck to you.
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Yes, it did, thanks for asking! My doctor ended up calling the hospital and fixing the mix up. That was a very stressful few weeks! I guess I can be glad I have a nose with some issues rather than a 40K bill, but still, I hope someday to have neither! I am happy to have this site to ask questions and support others. My husband has been a huge blessing through all of this emotional drama, so I know I can do this with his support and the support of realself peeps :) Thanks
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I'm sorry to read about your disappointment. I sympathize with you and I can totally relate to your situation. I'm glad you had consults with other surgeons. I wouldn't recommend you go to your primary doctor for revision because as you said it might turn out worse. If he didn't get it right the first time he won't be able to fix it the second time. Revision is more complicated as you well know. You still have time to save and find the right surgeon. Please keep us posted.
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Thanks, Zooster! It is nice to know others have had revisions and are happy with the outcome. It gives me hope!! I do think that my original doctor is capable of fixing the crooked columella and making the nostrils more symmetrical, but because there are now 2 other issues (and who knows what else will happen as the swelling goes down), I have decided not to get anything done until I can do it all at once. I had no idea this process would be such a long and emotional journey. Had I known it would take 2 surgeries to fix my nose, I wouldnt have had the first one, but at least now I know what to expect and I know I am strong enough to handle it. Cheers to you to making it through your revision!!
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You're only 4 months post op - that's not enough time to know if you need a revision or not. Swelling fluctuates due to several factors (salt intake, climate, altitude etc) wait at least a year before you resign to the first procedure being a failure. Be patient :)
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Princess :) Thanks for your thoughts! I appreciate you trying to make me feel better and hopeful, but I am ready to face reality. The issues I am having will not change over the next few months. That advice works for some, but unfortunately, time is not going to help my nose. My collapsed nostril is not going to suddenly shape itself, and the dent and the large lump of cartilage on my bridge are not just going to disappear. The problem is as the swelling goes down, more issues are being revealed. I am currently trying to lay flat when I sleep and eat extra salt because my nose looks better swollen (it kinda hides the dent and the bump). I do not see this as a failure... I knew my nose wouldn't ever be perfect. I am just saying there are a lot of new issues that are showing up (and shouldn't be for the amount I paid and the amount of experience/great reputation the doctor has). It is disappointing, but I can now start saving and looking forward to a revision.
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Awww I am really sorry that your surgery was botched! I didn't see all of the pictures you posted (I guess my phone didn't load them).I was hoping it was just a matter of impatience, I am going to be 24 months post op in December and I am still experiencing a great deal of swelling, which my surgeon assures me is due to the thickness of my skin (which he told me would be the case pre op), but you are absolutely right, that isn't the case with you. I'm glad that you seem to be optimistic about a revision and hope you find/have found a wonderful surgeon. Though I am still swollen, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr.Spencer Cochran (from the Gunter Center) if you're interested. He specializes in and exclusively does rhinoplasty. He's located in Dallas (I live in LA) and you can find his reviews on this site. I was very nervous about altering my face and he put me at ease and my results, though not yet 100% look natural, my own brothers cannot tell I have had work done (and I didnt tell them). Thanks for sharing your experience and I am sending you love and light for your next procedure :)
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I wouldn't go with Dr. Spencher Cochran myself. He was one of the docs I researched for a revision and unfortunately he had quite a few negative reviews.
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I suppose we all have different experiences. I think a lot of people looking into rhinoplasty do not have realistic expectations, or want results that wouldn't look good regardless of who performed the surgery (Jenifer Aniston's nose isn't best suited for everyone's face lol). We took the 3D photos and I began to describe to him what I wanted as he adjusted my image on the screen in front of me. I told him I basically wanted a smaller version of my nose, and stressed to him it was not my desire or intention to have a more European looking nose. He honored my vision and I am pleased, I also breathe better than I ever have in my life- I had no idea just how bad my air intake was until then. I chose him based on reviews I read on here and was referred to him by a few other surgeons in the DFW Area who were not comfortable doing ethnic rhinoplasty. When I researched him I found very few negative reviews (but that was over 2 years ago and I was not looking into revision, from my limited knowledge scarred tissue is more difficult to work with so that is a whole other ballgame). In my experience he is a skilled surgeon and if you know what you want and are firm then I think the odds are exponentially in your favor. But good luck with whomever you choose :)
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I think that's the key right there. Revision is one of the most difficult surgeries to perform. The fact that you had a primary done by him gives you a greater chance at success. I'm happy you were able to achieve your desired result Rhino. The thing about this site is a lot of doctors have paid help / marketing agencies that put up fake reviews on their behalf so I tend to take reviews the majority of which are put up without photos and have a brief summary with a grain of salt. I try to get my information from multiple sources like ratemd, yelp, realpatientratings, etc...
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i feel your disappointment. When they tell you 5% of people need a revision they lie, otherwise if they told the truth no one would get surgery. I was told the same thing and guess what im in the 5% too. I find it hard to believe that we all total only 5%!! I wish u all the best in the 8 months to come, ive already started saving for my revision but i dont know when ill find a dr i can trust. Thank you so much for sharing your story
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I agree that the percentage of regretful patients is much higher than surgeon's and their office staff (sales people) admit. Even here on RS, current rating of Worth It states 84%. (used to be 78%) Well, even if that were true, that's about 2 out of 10 people that regret their rhinoplasty...sounds like Russian roulette to me. Now, how many of these over the top fantastic Worth It reviews with no photos or much details are real? My guess would be that a more accurate percentage of unhappy patients would be at least 40%. It's all about the money. Many surgeons use us for practice and to pay their bills.
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Thanks for sharing yours! I appreciate knowing there are others out there who did their research and also had less than happy results. It is surprising, but Im guessing as time goes on, I will notice more and more people who wish they hadnt had surgery. I wanted surgery so bad, maybe I focused too much on all the positive reviews!
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I agree that it would be about 40% its a real gamble. Too many dependant factors to get a good nose from this surgery.
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Hi Laura, I saw that you recently got a steroid injection and was wondering if you might be able to ask your surgeon a question for me? I was told by my primary doc that a steroid injection only brings down the swelling temporarily and that it always comes back a month or two down the line. Did your doc mention any of this to you / the risk of skin atrophy becomes greater with multiple steroid injections? If you could let me know I'd greatly appreciate it. I had a primary with Dr. Jack Sheen 10 years ago which looked amazing for 2 weeks and then grew into a blob and has stayed that way. Unfortunately for me Dr. Sheen retired a year later and I was unable to get it fixed. I've been told many things since then from can't do anything, maybe you're one of the ones that won't ever heal right to yes we can fix it and recently the aforementioned about steroid injections. Which I feel steroids would have been great for me at the time but now am unsure based on the last piece of info I received. If you could find out the answer to this maybe next time you speak to your doc and report back I'd greatly appreciate it.
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No, my doctor did not advise me on what you are asking. On here I have seen that many many people get steroid injections, so based off that, I would say that it seems to help. I can ask my doctor more for you in about it in a month when I go back for a check up, but if this is 10 years later for you... I do not know if the answer to that will really help. I am so sorry that you didn't end up liking your nose. I know how emotional this process can be! Have you found a doctor in your area that you trust to do a revision?
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Hi Laura, thanks for the reply! Yes I am thinking about going with Dr. Boahene for the revision. My original doctor was the #1 nose doctor in the world Dr. Jack Sheen who did noses for Jennifer, Gray, Jennifer Anniston, Al Pacino, etc... He was recommended to me by my local P.S. because he said if I wanted the best that's who to go to. He was the best and his work on me was amazing but the great nose only lasted two weeks before becoming swollen. I inquired about steroid injections with him but he said the results are always temporary with steroid injections and it would always swell back up again. I have a feeling this might happen again and if steroid injections only offer a temporary relief from the swelling than I don't really want to reinvest money into the procedure. That's why I was hoping to find someone who had success with steroids and the results were indeed permanent from the injections that maybe able to vouch for it here? Looking forward to following your progress Laura! Looks great so far!
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Johnny, The surgeon I talked to today advised me not to get anymore injections. He said injections work on some people, mostly those with thicker skin. I did notice some swelling went away the first time I got my injections (if you read above this has actually been a bad thing as now I am starting to see some major issues!). Anyway, the second time I got injections I didnt notice any change. So basically, I guess it just depends on the person. I feel your pain about needing a revision, and I wish you well!
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Yeah steroid injections can cause "saddle nose" or "collapse" if too much is used. I see you're looking for a second opinion. Might I suggest Dr. Jason S. Hamilton in California. He doesn't have any reviews but he does have excellent qualifications and great pictures on his site. Like your original surgeon he is both a P.S. and an ENT. I also believe he is head professor at some university but I cant remember for sure? If anything, I'd recommend going to him for a second opinion and if he tells you your original surgeon did indeed botch your nose and lays out exactly what he did wrong then I'd ask your original surgeon for your money back or to fix the issue free of cost. If he chooses not to respond then I'd recommend perhaps contacting an attorney and pursuing the matter through him. Nothing makes me angrier than a surgeon who washes their hands of the patient after they collect the money and perform the surgery. To me after care is just as important than the surgery... Please get a second, and third opinion and ask for your chart notes from the original surgeon and keep detailed notes yourself as well as obviously your before and after pics. Let me know how your second / third opinion turn out. Good luck to you Laura I wish you the best.
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Thanks Johnny. I have already had a 2nd and 3rd opinion, and I will go back again when more time has passed. I think I found the doctor I will go to for the revision though. It is the doc I should have gone to in the first place, but couldnt afford. Since I dont want this to happen again, I am just going to have to find a way to pay. Thanks for the reference, but if you didnt notice, I live in VA. There are plenty of doctors in this area, so I dont think I will be flying to CA for a consultation lol. I have to ask, what makes you recommend him? If you are unhappy with your original rhinoplasty and you have not yet had a revision (is that correct?), I am surprised you would recommend a doctor. Is he the doctor that will be doing your revision? I hope it turns out great. I would love to see pics of a great revision to give me hope!!
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For me I'm not looking for just surgical skill. I plan on confronting every doctor I see from now on about how much aftercare they're willing to provide and letting them know that I plan on reviewing them. If I find the aftercare to be inadequate and I consult 2-3 surgeons after who agree my nose was botched during a revision then I will be getting an attorney. Ive seen this happen to too many people and it has to stop. Doctors can't just keep taking peoples money and then throwing them away after the surgery despite the outcome. Oh and yes I plan on flying out and getting a consultation with Dr. Hamilton.
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I agree that after care is a very important factor! I am def going to ask more about that at all of my consultations. I think originally I had so much trust in my doctor that I thought after care wouldnt even be an issue. That was silly. I am learning that even the best doctors make mistakes, and it is important to know if a doctor is eager to fix their mistakes and make their patients happy or just wants to move on to the next patient. Thanks for your thoughts on all of this!
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You should try letting the doctor know that you reviewed him both on here and yelp to let other people know that you're not satisfied. Maybe after looking at this site and seeing the kind of bad PR he's getting he'll get worried and actually try to contact you and help you.
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Haha that is one idea, but well... its not like my nose is botched. It is better in some ways. Just to be clear, I am not trying to give him bad publicity, and I do not want to force my doctor to try and fix the mistakes. If he is not confident and eager to fix things, that makes me worry what could happen if he works on it again. He did offer to do a touch-up in office to try and make my nostrils more even, but that will not solve all the issues that have come up. I think I will just save up and get a revision with a different doctor. Plus, Ive heard the more your cartilage is messed with, the harder it is for the next doctor if you have a revision. I better just keep my nose how it is until all the issues can be worked on at once. Since you have gone 10 years before getting a revision, can you tell me what thats like? Do you start to get used to the new issues, and accept your nose like you once did your original nose? What are the issues that you had with your first rhino?
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The new nose gives you a softer prettier appearance - I have a big nose and noticed that sometimes it makes me look kind of mean LOL...
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