Open Rhinoplasty Septum over Growth Reduction\ Reduction of Dorsal Hump\narrowing of Nasal Bones - Virginia Beach, VA

I've only gone to one consultation, but I feel...

I've only gone to one consultation, but I feel very confident in this Surgeon. I have done a lot of research online and viewed many photos of other Surgeons, and I feel very strongly about Dr. Hubbard. Through my research I have learned that he is highly accredited for his rhinoplasty. He was enthusiastic about my case and he regularly attends seminars and discussions on rhinoplasty procedures. My consult was 2\12\2014 and I am hoping they will accept me for the surgery opening he has next week 2\21\2014.


I was accepted to have the surgery on the 21st of February! It was really unexpected to go to this consultation on Wendsday, February 12th and then find out I can have surgery next Friday, February 21st! I have my preoperative exam 8:00am on Tuesday, February 18. The only thing im anxious about is that my surgery is at 12:00pm, and because I am so used to waking up early for work, I am going to have a good bit of mine on my hands before surgery and I will have to avoid both eating or drinking anything!

Rhinoplasty Survival Kit

1. Pain Meds and Fluids
2. Nasal ointment
3. Hibiclense Medi-Grade Skin Cleanser
4. Q-Tips
5. Lip Balm & Sore Throat Spray
6. Ice Packs
7. Saltine crackers and juice for your ride
home from surgery
8. Soft food, fluids,
9. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures(before, after surgery, and along your progress)
10. Make sure your items are easily accessible and you do not have to bend over to get something.
11. Never Ever remove splint or bandages unless told to do so. You could potentially ruin you thousands of dollars investment!
** feel free to post any comments of other items you feel are necessary

When I Feel undeserving of My Surgery

Somet ok message I start to feel guilty for doing this, but as soon as I look at past pictures I begin to feel better about my decision to have this done! Im done with feeling absolutely horrified when someone takes a side profile picture of me, or having to not smile in my pictures because of the my nose bending and droopin.

more pictures

The reduction of the area between my nostrils is really going to be an improvement im looking forward to!

time off from work

I am a cosmetologist and 7 months ago I got my business license and started working for myself doing what I love. Having this Rhinoplasty done means taking time off, and I feel guilty not being able to be there for my clients at the exact time they request for service. I get scared they wont come back to me. My clients mean the world to me, I will even go to the salon on my day off, or open shop when its past hours or closed just because they want to buy a product or because they need something. I wish I could shake this feeling of horrible guilt for wanting to have my nose fixed.

Preoperative Exam

just returned home from my pre operative exam and went very well. I found out a very interesting thing that I haven't read anywhere on the internet and has to do with the removed- pieces of nasal cartlidge. He plans to "Bank" (stores in another location) my nasal cartlidge that he removes. He said he will either store it inside of my septum or make an incision on my scalp and store it there. He said that if for any reason I need it I will always have it and they wont have to disfigure another part of my body, such as my ear, or have to use donor parts, which my body could reject.I never ever read such a thing any where, but it makes sense! Oh and Dr. Hubbard donates $100 of my surgery costs to 3rd world countries and he gave me certificate to write it off on my taxes! Super cool!!!

Thinking too much

I hope that by having my surgery I dont cause permanent problems to my breathing........ I am a nose breather, I actually breath very well through my nose. Im just getting worried. ......

surgery took 4 hours.

I wasnt feeling well after surgery. I hang eaten in 24 hours is most likely why. I am a very petite lady. Im 5'2" and 97lbs. They had to put heating blankets on my and give keep me a bit longer than expected, due to low blood pressure. I had a small coffee cup full of oatmeal when I came home. It really did the trick. And then a few hours later I had another cup of oatmeal. I went in for surgery at 12:30 and I didnt arrive home until 8.
My sister got me a beach bum from tropical smoothie and that was very good on my throat.


My skin looks kinda blah. But thats expected.

day 1

Day 1 after rhinoplasty, he ended up having to break and reset my nasal bones. I look like a little piggy because if my swelling

day 2 after

Swelling has become worse. And being unable to go to the bathroom after taking laxatives is frustrating. I didnt know that both my face and tummy would be swollen

ice ice baby!

After a little tantrum I had because of the swelling, today has been a much better day I have been icing lots and I took a bath and washed my hair. Definitely made me feel better. My family and bf have been taking very good care of me. He brought me white roses. My client gave me some lavender oil to help me relax. My mom comes and layes in bed with me and we watch tv until I kick her out for making me laugh to much. My bf came by and wanted me to go for a stroll, in the back yard. He filled my humidifier and rubbed my legs and hips since Im swelling

day 4

Getting better. I just had my second checkup. Friday I get the internal and external splints removed


Just got my splints off! My nose feels a little numb and kinda stiff especially at the tip. My skin looks horrible I need to have a good shower with some steam. I will post some more pics once I cover some of these hideous blemishes. What does everyone think?


Heres some more pictures.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

2 & 3 weeks post operation

I have a bump developing!!!!

For the past few days I have been noticing a bump developing and increasing in height on the bridge of my nose, I understand that its common in Osteotomies to develop a "healing calus", but im just becoming very worried because its really causing a deformity. I loved my nose after the cast was taken off. I thought that I would just get to love it more and more, but now im kinda sad.

Bump Has gone down

I started using this clear medical tape that stretches and I will stretch the tape across my nose where the bump is. I do it before I go to bed and its made it all better. Its flattened out and Im very happy. Its all a part or the healing process
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Both him and his staff are great! Staff really goes out of their way! So Kind! I trust Dr. Hubbard completely, I didnt even need to tell him what I expect with my rhinoplasty results, He nailed it perfectly! My surgery is February 21st

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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