My Damon Braces Experience - Virginia Beach, VA

I want to start off by saying congratulations to...

I want to start off by saying congratulations to everyone who took the leap for a beautiful smile!!
I am a 44 year old adult women and I have always been ashamed of my teeth but I am a person who loves to smile and laugh, so for many years, I would place my hand over my mouth when I would laugh or smile (a bad habit that I still do). I thought long and hard as to whether I really wanted braces or not, in fact it took me 5 years to actually make the decision.
On the procedure date, I was really scared, I read so much about the pain and I am not a person who can tolerate pain. To my suprise, I had no pain! In fact I was embarrased because I fell asleep while they were putting my braces on! I thought this was great, then the orthodontist assistant told me in a few days, I will not like them as much as I do today because there will be pain. A few days passed and the only pain, I felt was from the braces rubbing against my cheeks and inside bottom lip, no problem I just caked the wax on. Three weeks later, I called my orthodontist because I felt something must be wrong because I was not experiencing this pain that I have read and heard from everyone. I have heard so often, "no pain, no gain". My orthodontis told me everything was fine and many people will not experience pain.
I was talking to another adult who also have the Damon braces and he said when I go to get my first wire change it was going to hit me then. Okay, I have had my first wire change and sure it was a little pressure but that was it!! By the time, I had my first wire change my gap was closed the tooth that was pushed to the back was pulled in the proper position. I was amazed at how fast these things were working.
The only thing that concerned me was after I had my wire changed my gap on the bottom teeth opened back up. The orthodontist said that was fine it will close again, it was part of the procedure. Well, I am going for my second wire change on May 31st 2013. I will keep you updated.

This weekend I will put some pictures up so you can see my progress!!

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Damon Braces

The first picture was the day before getting braces. In the second picture I had the braces on for about 3 weeks. The third pictures is my 5 month progress.


I'm curious to see where you are at now, 10 months later!
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Congratulations to you and your beautiful smile. I am an adult woman as well with Damon braces. My teeth were not crooked at all, just needed some small gaps closed and better alignment. I wanted them to be perfect. I had them installed in August of 2011 and they are coming off next Monday, 8/26/13. Two very long but exciting years. Best decision I ever made. I think Damon braces really are state-of-the-art. Happy Smiling!!
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Thank you so much when I think I am the only adult in the world going through this. I have had damon for 5 months now & cannot wait to see the final result.
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Dr. Wexel

Dr. Wexel has answered all questions that I have and is very patient, knowledgeable and understanding as well as Jennifer the Orthodontic Assistant. The staff is just amazing!!!

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