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So I have been thing about getting my tummy area a...

So I have been thing about getting my tummy area a lot since my third child. I went to a consult about a year ago to get lipo done and was told I would not achieve the results I wanted with lipo. PS said I would still have the hanging skin and suggested a mini TT and lipo of the flanks. I was completely taken of guard, talked it over with my husband and decided a commitment to a exercise routine would be a better option before I consider such a surgery. Since then I have been working out 4 to 5 day a week and have found a love for running in the past year. Still with my bodies changes I was not happy. So I decided to revisit the idea of a tummy tuck. Actually my mind was made up and I set the appt for the surgery and the consult. It was not turning back from here. I had my consult this Tuesday and just went over things like how long the scar would be, pain pump, how long I will be till I would be able to get around and such. Was not happy with how long the scar will be (to the middle of my hip bone) but there is not getting around that.

Still really nervous about it I like wearing string tie bikinis and I don't think that will be possible and still hide the scar. But guess I can have a scar or have my flab...so I pick scar. The other concern I have is my belly will be to flat and look really odd. With a mini you get to keep you own belly button which makes it look much more natural! I am hoping to hit the gym hard after and do like some of the other women here have done and have more cut abbs after TT! Well in 4 days I will have my new tummy and my mind will have a rest from all this! So overwhelmed with my thoughts and what if I don't like it afterwards...

It's Friday now and has surgery Monday afternoon....

It's Friday now and has surgery Monday afternoon. Yesterday I made turn, was able to use the restroom with the help of tons of stools sofeners and a enigma. Also was able to take a nice shower with help. Ended up putting a small folding chair in the stand up shower which made it very comfortable. Still fighting with the loud rumbling sounds and pain from the gas and air in my tummy, altough it's eased a lot this evening. Still tire quickly when get up and doing small tasks. I know I am progressing but getting antsy laying around. Hope to make it out of the house this weekend.

It's been a month from date of surgery. I'm...

It's been a month from date of surgery. I'm finally back in my size 29 jeans which is what I wore prior to surgery. I had so much swelling I looked 5 months pregnant (no joke). As the weeks days go on it gets better. Today I feel like I can see exciting results. My stomach is almost flat! Been very active with the kids but find once in a while a nap is good. Typically get tired and hit the bed about 8 or 9 after I put the kids to bed. I am finally able to pick up my 2 year old. I don't hold her for long periods but just enough to help her get in and out of things. Been sleeping in the bed for the last 3 weeks now. I can get comfortable but find my belly area getting stiff in the middle of the night and have to stretch in the am. Still wearing a garment faithfully. Only concern I have is belly button looks like a slit or sometimes a star (yes weird), depends on how tight the garmet is. It's pinching it shut. I assume it will find its shape again after the swelling is done and the garmet is off. Will speak to my PS about this today at my follow up. Oh and the most exciting part is my scar!!! Is almost faded in some places. have not done anything to it but plan to get the medical tape or silicone strips today.
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Who was your doctor? I'm looking for good doctors in VB area.
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Slept in the recliner last night, which was pretty comfortable. I have been very dehydrated so drinking a lot of water and peeing. Took a ambien last night but still work up every several hours for the restroom and pain meds. Also got very nauseous when I walk back from the bathroom by once Im back down I feel much better. Having more pain this am which I expected. Going to post appt today at 1:00 to get my drain out. That will release the pinch I will on my left.
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Got out of surgery say 4:00 today! So far it's not as bad as I amticipated! Was at about a 8 with pain when I woke up from surgery, has the tears rolling down my eyes. Nurse gave me more meds in my IV and pain went to like a 3. Not hard to walk I just feel nervous, walking and breathing. Feeling a little discomfort where the drain is on my left side but that's about it. Update you all tomorrow.
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Good luck with your surgery, you must be really excited!. Just to give you some good news: I just had a mini TT a week ago and my scar is soooo low that I could easily wear string bikinis. I liked that I got to keep my belly button too. It's exactly the same - depth and all, only on a flat tummy.
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Glad to hear you love your results! Not so nervous about the surgery just starting to think about recovery time. I have 3 kids to take care of the youngest 2 years old. I have a good support system but will feel guilty laying around and not being able to help. How is your recovery going? Are you able to go out of the house now and drive?
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Oh yeah. I'm practically back to my usual life, although I have to be careful with lifting heavy things, some housework and obviously, excercise. Very hard to do because you do so much on autopilot. I've been driving since Day 5 PO. I've been grocery shopping 2 x (we eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg so have to go often) since the surgery and had no trouble pushing the trolley around the shop although I unload every bag individually. (Normally I try to grab 4 or 5 bags at a time.) 2 is a tough age because they really are still babies, are so cute and rely on you so much. I know how you feel about feeling guilty lying around because I am exactly the same (my husband yells at me for it) but you really do need to try to relax and let others help you. Definitely no picking up your baby but snuggling is great :-).
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hola chica. i am not goin to fret at all lord. i was planning last spring here, for sure! but set back,wanted to get close to target weight,now i m SO READY and i wish you the BEST of luck,your going 2 come thru,God will make sure of that. Be sexier than ever with a nice smooth sexi flat stomach! adios keep us posted.gracia. god speed *Certified-Sexxxi-FlatStomach2013*
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Thanks for the nice comment! Excited & scared! Exactly 24 hours till the big day!
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